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Scot Airways - by Andrew Estefan
3 August 2007

SOU to AMS. The check-in was trouble-free, boarding quick and efficient. Onboard service friendly and more than adequate for such a short flight. We were offered newspapers, hot / cold drink and biscuits.Superb experience, will definitely fly with them again.

Scot Airways - by Colin Ip
29 July 2007

Dundee to London City this summer with Scot Airways and one of the most enjoyable flying experiences. Similar to the types of regional flights operated by South Africa Airways. Friendly, no fuss but personable. The in-flight selection was good (it was lunch time), can't recall whether you could now purchase wine in economy (see previous comments), but in business/premiere it was obviously available. Left on time, landed on time and luggage out promptly. A great service for those who commute from the region down to London.

Scot Airways - by James Hartley
16 September 2006

Strange airline, quite expensive but a weird mixture of service. Got the flight from LCY-EDI. Both outward and return delayed because of weather however the BA flights to/from EDI took off on time!! You cannot BUY wine/a drink in Econ only have a complimentary tea even though they have wine/drink etc for the 'premium' flyers, which seemed strange. You get complimentary sweets on take off/landing and the flight attendants couldn't be more helpful. It might sound wonderful but I have to say for the money on a friday evening flight I'd rather pay the BA fare (which is the same) and know what I'm getting rather than a mixture of full fares/budget and 1980s service. Shame really if they could slightly lower their fares and offer refreshments for sale in econ I'd currently be raving about them rather than trying to get my head about what market they are aiming for!

Scot Airways - by Andy Page
9 May 2006

Southampton-Amsterdam route VERY often for business & pleasure and it has always been an enjoyable relaxing experience. Being a small airline you feel you are valued as a customer and they offer a very good service - I have never been delayed. As the planes are quite small, it is such a different experience from the flying with the big airlines, there are no long queues at check in or for boarding and you don't have to fight for overhead locker space. They will take your bag at the steps when boarding and give it back to you as you leave the aircraft.

Scot Airways - by Alan Mitchell
1 July 2005

Flew Scotairways EDI-LCY business class yesterday. Collected handwritten paper ticket at EDI then proceeded to very pleasant spacious lounge with good range of drinks. Cabin on D38 was small with no class divider, but seat was comfortable and offered enough leg room. Sandwich and biscuit served on way down with sandwich and scone on way back (I understand that hot meals are served for breakfast and dinner though I'm not sure about lunch.).Reasonable selection of drinks, but alas plastic glasses and cutlery. Check in at LCY was farcicle on way back- a Dutchman was in the queue in front of me travelling to Amsterdam, though our check in was for EDI only. Despite being advised by check in staff he was in the wrong queue he refused to move and when he got to the front of the queue staff attempted to check him in along with several friends who had now joined him! I complained to supervisor who told me that as I had only hand baggage I could check in at the departure area( no business lounge at LCY). With ten minutes to departure I raced upstairs and was checked in by an efficient agent. All in all a pleasant experience with Scotairways and would definitely fly again with them- from getting off the plane at LCY to being in the bus queue took less than 3 minutes!

Scot Airways - by B Bould

12 February 2004

My wife and I often travel London City - Edinburgh, Service usually OK. What a pity those of us who travel the cheaper class are not able to buy a glass of wine! My wife needs a wheelchair and assistance ALWAYS given cheerfully and willingly; But a glass of wine? Is it out of the question for those willing to pay - come on even the cheapie airlines offer this service.

Scot Airways - by Nick Oldham

14 November 2003

Have travelled to London many times and always feeling hassled by it. I do think Scot Airways offer the most pleasant and enjoyable flight at competitive price and London City is the most direct and hassle free airport down south.

Scot Airways - by Les Upchurch

3 September 2003

My wife and I took a holiday flight from London City to Edinburgh with Scot Airways in June. The on- line (LCY) booking system worked flawlessly. Although the flight was delayed by an hour, this was not a carrier issue as the airport had suffered a major fire alarm that morning. The convenience of LCY for people like me who live in the South Essex area cannot be overstressed. Touchdown, baggage collection and drive home took place in less than 35 minutes. We would still have been circling around Stansted in that time! We have booked another flight to Edinburgh in September because the whole flight experience was so good last time. The only criticism I have is with the 'class' system, where you cannot buy a drink or food in-flight if you aren't 'club class', although in fairness you are offered a soft drink and biscuits.

Scot Airways - by Martin Milsom

19 November 2002

Comment to Andrew Sellon posting. Its Mrs Merlin Suckling, a most lovely lady and her husband Roy (its then Chief Pilot) based at Ipswich indeed did meet and greet their passengers personally, and knew most of them. The food then was utterly superb, and was freshly provided by local caterers in Ipswich known the Suckling's alas then the Souter family got a share of it.

Scot Airways - by Andrew Sellon

14 October 2002

It is good to see that Scot Airways is keeping up to the standards set by by their founding airline, Suckling. It was a real joy to deal and travel with them in their early days when operating out of Ipswich; ground services were superb, often handled by the owner's wife! (How about it, Mrs.Souter?).

Scot Airways - by P Floyd

28 August 2002

Have just made my first trip with ScotAir to Edinburgh. Excellent service and flight and would recommend them to anyone, be it business (as in my case ) or pleasure. I must agree with the person above and wonder how Servisair get away with such a poor service. Although I was not threatened with arrest because they were unable to follow their own booking procedures (I could have been as I switched to an earlier flight), I found many of their staff to be arrogant and surly. This did not detract from the overall excellent service provided by the carrier.



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