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Southern Winds - by Sergio Bucovich

23 August 2005

While vacationing in Argentina, I purchased a ticket from SW from Mendoza to Aeroparque. Shortly after purchasing the tickets, we heard that they were having financial difficulties and were starting to cancel some of their routes. Sure enough, they cancelled the MDZ to AEP flights. When I went to request a refund or for the airline to re-book me with another airline, SW employees refused. At this time, I would warn everyone to NOT book anything with airline as they are so unstable. Despite talking to various people with the airline, they refused to provide any compensation and basically had a "too bad" attitude about the whole ordeal. As a result, we paid for two tickets and got nothing for them. I would not recommend this airline to anyone at this time.


Southern Winds - by Jan Willems

27 February 2005

Flew on various Argentine domestic flights with SW (Iguazu, Mendoza, Aeroparque), and SW was a good experience. Planes are old (ex-Varig B737-200), but well maintained and good legroom. Small but decent snack and generous drinks, also alcohol and all for free. One tip: when booking from abroad, book via their website and pay in Argentine Peso, do not book via their call center in Madrid, which is actually Air Europa's call center, where you are charged in EUR and where you pay much more.


Southern Winds - by Derek David Gollan

18 July 2003

We researched tariffs on Southern Winds for a forthcoming trip MIA/EZE and found they offered the best deal through a local MIA agency. They sold us a roundtrip in their so-called Surf Class which offers 43 inches between seats and a 110 degree recline for $967.90 roundtrip including tax. The agent assured us these are business class seats in a 2x2x2 configuration in the 767 cabin. Southern Winds also offers business class with 59 inches between seats and a 150 degree recline. We became familiar with the carrier last year while in Argentina but found a local agent in Charlottesville had never heard of the airline and one Miami agent said the surf fare was $1,600. We are looking forward to sampling this carrier next month.


Southern Winds - by Denis Tejedor

2 December 2002

Just last month I tried Southern Winds, expecting it would be a similar experience to that of flying domestic with them. It was even better. There was fair space, and the service was excellent, almost as good as the one I had received on Swissair and Sabena before (too bad the two of them are gone). The flight felt like a five hour flight instead of an almost 9 hours flight. Their 767s felt very smooth and clean. The catering was quite good, and the magazine WINDS is very entertaining .It would be nice if this airline got some rating even though its only international flights are to Miami and Madrid. I now recommend SW to everyone that goes to BUE.



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