The official SKYTRAX Airline Star Rating allows airline customers to check airline ranking for Product and Service standards.


5-Star Rating

5 Star rating - the ultimate Quality Approval for airline achieving the highest overall Quality performance

4-Star Rating

4 Star rating - a seal of Quality Approval, awarded to airlines delivering a good Quality performance

3-Star Rating

3 Star rating - awarded to airlines delivering a fair Quality performance, but with greater levels of inconsistency

2-Star Rating

2 Star rating - indicates a poor Product standard and/or poor and inconsistent standards of Staff Service

1-Star Rating

1 Star rating - signifies very poor Product and/or very poor/inconsistent standards of Staff Service


Unclassified - airlines that are subject to review or evaluation, and/or airlines where Star Rating has been suspended

3.5-Star Rating

Mid-ranking - selected areas may fit between the Star Ranking bands, and this is illustrated by the cut Star bands as shown here.


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