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Primaris Airlines by Khaleeb Ali

16 February 2008   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

POS-PTY-POS This airline was chartered by a Trinidadian company to operate flights between Trinidad and Panama City, Panama. I was delighted as it opened a new destination to this small caribbean country. On the day of travel well actually the day before we were advised of a reschedule of twelve hours later departure, and the return remaining the same, so now my vacation of 4 days were cut short. The aircraft type was a Boeing 757-200 and I was lucky enough to get an upgrade to First Class. The new flight time was further delayed until 1 hour from the new departure time. The flight was making a stop in Curacao, it was a packed economy flight. Finally we were on our way. Very smooth flying, were served a nice cold turkey sandwich and a drink. Upon arrival in Curacao all remaining passengers onward to Panama were told to remain on the aircraft. After about 20 minutes we were told to disembark and make our way to another gate. Out in front I saw an Insel Airlines aircraft MD-83 the newest airline to emerge out of the Netherland Antilles. 40 Minutes passed before the boarding was called. Entered the aircraft to see an all economy seating. The seats were small and the general feel in the aircraft was stuffy. The one thing I like about the MD-83 is that they give you an 2-3 seating configuration, it's nice to have just one person besides me especially for those washroom breaks and since I dont travel unless I get a window seat. The flight with Insel apart from the seat was smooth. Late arrival but at least I got there. Return the flight - Original schedule departure was 3pm however we were advised of a 1100pm departure. okay more time. .Got to the airport bewildered as to where the check in was since nothing was noted on the Departure board and no counter seem to have any indication as to where to be. Eventually got to the counter after walking the length of the check in area which was very empty and eerie and airport staff was just as confused as we were. Checked in and told it was now midnight departure. After 15 minutes 1am departure then 130am then 2am by now it seems as though the airport staff had not a clue as to where the flight was or when it would eventually get here. The plane finally got in at 215am the few passengers came out then we had to wait - 45 minutes passed when the pilot came out to the front of the gate to get his word to passengers that we would not be able to board until the one verbal passenger quiet down. At 315am we left Panama. It was such a relief, outside the weather was terrible with constant lightening but surprisingly no turbulence. Arrival in Curacao was a quick turn around with most passengers voicing their disgust with the service. The FA was probably just as tired as the passengers as simple request were not heeded and over-all it was the worst in-flight I have received to date. At 830am the arrival this service into Trinidad was most wanted and I was extremely happy to be back home.

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