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PRESIDENT AIRLINES customer review :  4 April 2011 by Ian Huffman (Spain)


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They overbooked our BKK-PNH, and offered no option other than BKK-REP and other weird alternatives. In the end, they got our money and provided no flight.

President Airlines - by Martin Yeomans

5 March 2006

REP-PHN return on Antonov AN-24. Arrived at check-in at Siem Reap to be told that our pre-paid ticket through Singapore Airlines could not be accepted and We would have to buy new tickets! The staff claimed there was no arrangement in place for inter-airline bookings. Aircraft was appalling - rattled, shook, seats broken and billows of white vapor filled the cabin from the aircon. Couldn't hear announcements and glad it was over! Spent hours in Phnom Penh trying to book return flight and ended up transferring to Siem Reap Airways. Never again!

President Airlines - by Brian Crowley

8 June 2005

PNH - Rattanakiri in January. It was an AN24 (which makes it at least 25 years old) but it seemed to be well maintained and the pilot seemed conscientious in his pre- and post-flight checks. The flight was very smooth and uneventful. The interior was basic but clean and in very good condition. I have seen interior shots of other President AN24's on and I know this is not always the case - maybe this aircraft had just had a re-fit. I found the seating pitch, while not especially generous, was OK for a short flight (I am 188cm so this matters to me!). No safety info it's true, and the seats are not what we are used to in the West - these ones folded forward like the front seats of a 2 door car, except there was no latch as far as I could see. The crew may have made a safety announcement - they said something over the PA system, but I couldn't hear a word of it. Service was genuinely friendly, and even the food was pretty good. How many airlines manage to serve tea which is not only hot, but also tastes like tea?

President Airlines - by John Petherick

6 June 2005

Recently (May 2005) flew President AN24 Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Comments re safety procedures from other entries correct. This aircraft showing major signs of aging. Staff friendly and offer cold towel and beverage. Seat pitch unbearable - beware - pitch so short you may not be able to sit in the seat if you are average height (caucasian) - at 180 cm I had both legs stretching into aisle - simply not possible to fit into space between my seat back and seat back in front.

President Airlines - by S Korprapun

18 February 2005

I just got back from a trip to Cambodia. I flew on AN-24 from Bangkok-Phnom Penh and Siem Reap- Phnom Penh-Bangkok. The aircraft is terribly aging. I don't think it's fit for travelling internationally - no safety procedures, no safety cards, and no inflight announcement for the take- off and landing. President Airlines is irresponsible for its passengers. The air-hostesses did not check whether the passengers fasten the seat belts or fold up the seat trays or lift up their seats to the upright position.

President Airlines - by Xavier Jochmans

9 July 2004

The flight to REP was done with a Khmer Airlines Aircraft, the way back with an Antonov 42. Both aircrafts show their age but it is worrying that in the Antonov no safety procedures were shown and no safety cards were found. FA friendly and provide free drinks and some peanuts and cookies.

President Airlines - by William Telliez

16 June 2004

Fly frequently with President on the PHN-REP route. They are doing their best with poor equipment. Still over priced compared with competitor on the same route.

President Airlines - by Michel Bruderer

15 February 2004

Flew many times PNH-REP-PNH ( August and dDecember 2003 ). Plane 737 and cockpit crew (originally from Serbia or Croatia ?) are okay and safe. Cabin crew and service very good. To recommend !

President Airlines - by D Konir

30 October 2003

BKK-PNH return. Mechanical problems before take off with the undergear, so late departure about 50 mins. Service - great Chinese cabin crew.

President Airlines - by Ryan Chao

8 October 2003

Flew on Siem Reap-Phnom Pehn sector. President used an old 737 which still has some European language characters (Slavic? certainly not English) on tray table. Seats pitch was okay and comfortable. FA's were Cambodian with a Caucasian in-flight manager. Meal served on 40 min flight. It was a short domestic flight. Things went well as they were supposed to. No troubles.



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