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Polynesian Blue customer review :  14 June 2011 by L Simi   (UK)


Trip Rating :  6/10

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AKL-APW return. It's cheap, the planes are old and noisy, and staff are so laid back they're practically horizontal! But on the plus side, the flight is less than four hours, the crew are friendly enough, and the fare was half that of the other airline operating this route, Air NZ.

Polynesian Blue- by A Hope

15 April 2009

Polynesian Blue from Apia to Sydney to Canberra. Apia a nice quiet airport as the flight is about the only departure at a civilised time - 11am. Plane a fairly well travelled B737, was late arriving so take off was late. On checkin the attendant tried to charge me for 4Kg excess baggage but I told him not to be ridiculous as I had paid the Premium Economy fee. Apia airport does not feature any special lounge even if you want to pay to enter one - and drinks cost! A G&T was about $14, - but at least some respite was available! Onboard, the plane was only about 1/4 full so had 3 seats empty next to me. Everything cost and meals/drinks were only just ok. There was no face painting but the FA did keep everyone amused in the 'talking down to little children' mode. Worst feature was that the seats which have a very nice leather cover had very little padding on the seat base thus the seats were hard and unyeilding. I think this might be because the airplane seemed to be one of the older ones previously used on domestic Australian services and the padding has simply flattened over the years. The connection thru Sydney, to my domestic Virgin Blue flight was a pleasure with bags arriving fast and the transit counter attendants cheerful and helpful. The Canberra - Sydney flight was on a nice new Embraer jet which I found to be an absolute wonder compared to the 'other' airline that mostly uses hideous noisy little clockwork toy aircraft with knees under chin seating. I shall use this DJ service again. But I cant see the value of the extra $330 I paid for my 'premium Economy' fee, to be realistic - what extra did I get that I didnt already have to pay for?

Polynesian Blue- by David Zweck

3 August 2006

Sydney-Apia one class. Polynesian Blue has only been operational on this route for about 12 months. This is a very ordinary "no frills" airline experience that I will certainly not want to repeat any time soon. It is a one class airline using commuter 737's configured to provide a small amount of extra leg room for a 5 hour International Flight. The seats are the usual Virgin Blue (Australia) seats that are leather and just O.K. The service is ordinary, the Samoan attendants are friendly, but so very casual and everybody is called a "guest" or "boys and girls". Some might like this and some may not. I prefer to be called a passenger, and at the risk of sounding old fashioned, I don't want to have my face painted and I am not interested in the whole cabin celebrating my birthday. Everything has to be paid for including the portable DVD players that may or may not work at $A15 thankyou, The real crunch though is the food. One gets hungry on a five hour flight and my advice is to take your own. The food served on these Virgin Flights is very bad even by airline standards. With a choice of only 3 hot dishes at $A9 each, I chose the pasta with pesto and vegetables. It looked bad and tasted even worse and I would not have served it to my cat. Unfortunately it is the only direct flight from Sydney to Apia, but regardless of that, next time I will fly Air New Zealand via Auckland and enjoy the flight and the meals.



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