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Polynesian Airlines - by Peter Moore

12 November 2005

My wife and I travelled on the very last flight by Polynesian Airlines from Alofi in Niue via Apia in Samoa to Sydney. We were booked to fly on Friday 28th October but the sole aircraft broke down and we didn't depart Alofi until Saturday afternoon at 3pm. Nobody could tell us if we we going to Sydney or overnighting in Auckland and it wasn't until we reboarded in Apia that it was confirmed we were on the way to Sydney. Quite a few passengers, including us, had had their seats allocated to more than one passenger and it was very lucky the aricraft was not full.. Being their last flight, business class appeared to be full of airline executives who were having a very good time with lots of drinks and photographs being taken. The cabin crew struggled to look after the economy class passengers as they semed to have nearly used everything on the inward flight from Auckland. The only meal available was fish, which was cold, and they very soon ran out of wine and beer. My wife was given the last glass of white wine which the cabin attendant pinched from business class. It was a long hungry, thirsty, six hour flight from Apia to Sydney. It is no surprise that the airline has ceased operations from Australia and New Zealand. All the feedback we heard from Samoa and Niue was goodbye and good riddance and everyone is looking forward to the new service from Polynesian Blue.

Polynesian Airlines - by Linda Dean

2 August 2005

My experience rates it as the worst airline I have ever flown. Flights from Sydney to Apia and returning a week later were delayed almost two hours. On the return journey, Polynesian did not load any passenger luggage in either Apia or Tonga (except business class) - instead gave priority to freight. No inflight announcement of this. Although we probably would have committed mutiny on the FA's if we had known. Advice came after 45mins of waiting at the baggage carousel. Luggage took 2 and a half days to reach me in Sydney. Interstate and country passengers would have had further delays. Alcoholic beverages were only served with the meal and on demand. The only inflight movie shown on the return journey had prolific use of the "f" word. A poor example for families with children.

Polynesian Airlines - by Nisha Patel

9 September 2004

My daughter and I flew Polynesian last month from Sydney to Apia via Auckland, after a long flight from Los Angeles. I thank the flight attendants, they were great, the food was delicious and the service was the best. I enjoyed the time we spend in Samoa and Honolulu and I will never forget the great experience on Polynesian Airlines. Great aircraft, clean and tidy.

Polynesian Airlines - by William Little

22 January 2004

SYD - APW must say that the crew on board the flight were second to none, always helpful and willing to lend a hand. They sure have the Pacific flavour! Two thumbs up for Polynesian Airlines and the wonderful crew.

Polynesian Airlines - by Betty Myers Patterson

23 December 2003

A great trip to Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand and Australia. I have flown Polynesian airlines, Royal Tongan, Air New Zealand and Qantas. I have found Polynesian Airlines to be the best. The flight attendants were very helpful and friendly. The food was excellent inflight entertainment was great (good choice of movies) the best entertainment was the flight attendants. I can only wish our American carriers would give the similar services or even consider it. They would not have to go through difficulties because we Americans would always consider them as our priority instead of foreign carriers.

Polynesian Airlines - by M Fredland

15 April 2003

We bought tickets in Los Angeles to fly Qantas LAX-SYD-AKL-PPT and when we checked in, were told that our flight was operated by Polynesian Airlines fSYD-AKL-PPT. We were very disppointed with the Qantas service on our way to Sydney.  FA's not friendly at all, they were old and no smiles. On our flight from Sydney after we were told that we will be on another airline for our Tahiti flight, we wanted to drop everything and come home. As we approached the entrance of the Polynesian Airlines 737-800 a FA came out and greeted us - took our carry-ons and led us to our seats. I was so relieved -  why didn't we get this service from Qantas? The Polynesian airlines service was absolutely fantastic. The flight was full and everyone was having a good time with the FA's. I would ask Qantas to consider customer service as a priority or even look at Polynesian Airline crews as an example. We are forever sharing our fun flight on Polynesian with our friends and families. A well done job by Polynesian Airlines and we will fly on you again and use our frequent flyer points from Qantas.

Editor Note: After various ISP tests, we believe the above comments were submitted by a member of staff or someone directly associated with Polynesian Airlines - please take that into account when reading this.

Polynesian Airlines - by Con Stavros

17 March 2003

My wife and I just completed our first flight with PH out of Auckland to Honolulu and found the service of PH matching the 2nd place in the Pacific region behind Air Tahiti Nui. Their FA's are always smiling and never too busy for us pax. The service was competent and swift. Food was great, also great to see beverage top ups were done regularly. A bit unusual departing AKL that headsets were handed out when airborne. A/C clean overall excellent service. Safety demo video abit too long, but safety does come first.

Polynesian Airlines - by Tolu Efu

25 February 2003

Was recently on from AKL-APW on a midday flight. Pretty unusual that headsets were not handed out till airborne. Apart from that, I found the service from the FA's to be excellent - lunch was pretty good, but would praise the beverage service which continually came through the flight which went via Niue. Equally up there with Qantas if you ask me!

Polynesian Airlines - by Maciu Bower

8 January 2003

Thank God Polynesian Airlines are now flying out of Niue - before this we had to fly out of Hanan to NukuAlofa TBW on a tiny Royal Tongan Airlines aircraft to Fuamotu Airport then transfer for hours awaiting the connecting flight. Polynesian Airlines FA's, meals, legroom, interior etc etc all fresh & welcoming. The Pacific feel which you come to expect from a Pacific Carrier. 

Polynesian Airlines - by Nancy P Nielson

3 December 2002

I have flown Polynesian Airlines from Auckland New Zealand Papeete. I enjoyed myself very much, the service was excellent and the Flight Attendant were extremely attentive to each passenger's needs. I must comment on the service a Polynesian Airlines agent in Los Angeles offered me. When I called she was more than willing to help me. I give Polynesian Airlines two thumbs up for everything and for making my short vacation an event of a lifetime. A job well done to Los Angeles office and to Polynesian Airlines flight attendants.

Polynesian Airlines - by Michael Truong

12 November 2002

Apart from the rude check in agent in Auckland. Found Polynesian service good. FA's are smiling, service fast. Food was nice and the cabin welcoming. Good service throughout my flight to Papeete.

Polynesian Airlines - by Larry Makkas

27 October 2002

First time on J Class and I found the service surprisingly excellent - outstanding hospitality provided by the crew. It does not match the major carriers QF and Air NZ J Class, but it was great to see that service and product Polynesian offers is value for your money.

Polynesian Airlines - by L Cohen

25 October 2002

This was the first time we had been to a Pacific Island and the whole experience was amazing. Polynesian really took care of us. The flight attendants were friendly and helpful. Food was delicious - I am over 6 feet tall and found the economy cabin spacious to relax and enjoy the great inflight entertainment. I would highly recommend Polynesian airlines for travel around the pacific and beyond. The Cabin crew were professional and pleasant and genuinely looked like they wanted to be there and they enjoyed what they were doing.

Polynesian Airlines - by Lagi Saumani

22 October 2002

In response to S de Maria's comments. I am Samoan myself and would have to say you don't know what Polynesian Airlines was like only 5 years ago? far from what they are today. They have skyrocketed its service from then. You ask any Samoan and they would agree.  Also these names are far from Samoan ones too. As far as I'm concerned bias isn't an issue, as what you see on Polynesian comments is what you get.

Polynesian Airlines - by S de Maria

20 October 2002

I can't help think all the comments about Polynesian Airlines are from Samoans and a long way from reality. Polynesian Airlines is potentially a powerful South Pacific carrier yet is held back by political and cultural mindsets that will take generations to change. The double standard that is set by Samoans when comparing their own airline as against other regional and international carriers is biased. 

Polynesian Airlines - by Paula Strathburn

09 September 2002

Very pleased to see Polynesian airlines found itself on the star ranking table! I would have to agree with the other comments on this carrier. I would recommend Polynesian Airlines to anyone flying in the Pacific/Pacific Rim. I recently took the famous Poly Pass that enables pax to fly around the the Pacific islands - where I truly felt the service of Poly.

Polynesian Airlines - by Gary Tsoupis

30 July 2002

On a recent flight from LAX to APW via HNL I found the service of Polynesian excellent! The 5 hour Delta flight from LAX to HNL was pretty standard with the service and all. On Polynesian I found the service to be of high standard. In terms of lumbar support in economy & roomy leg room I found the cabin more comfortable then Air NZ. I have to backup Hannicks comment on the restaurant quality meals. Sure beats the big guns. Overall I found the service friendly & FA's always there when you need them. Attentive & well groomed at all times.

Polynesian Airlines - by Andrew Peteru

28 July 2002

I travel often around the Pacific on all if not most regional airlines, and am surprised Polynesian Airlines has not received a star ranking with Skytrax. I've flown Polynesian Airlines several times over the past 14 years and have seen a transformation of inflight service that exceeds normal expectations from any airline. I've flown business and economy class recently and have been quite impressed with both. Business Class easily outranks Air Calin when it comes to entertainment and personal attention, while pancakes and bananas for breakfast is definitely more tasty and generous in economy than Air New Zealand. FA's without a doubt are friendly and attentive to safety procedures.  Business class service outranks Air New Zealand on short haul routes, and economy class services outrank Qantas, Air New Zealand, Air Niugini and Air Calin when it comes to FA attention. Probably one of the best short haul international airlines. 

Polynesian Airlines - by Lia Agropolous

10 July 2002

Despite the delay due to the weather on a recent trip from Sydney to Papeete. The service on Polynesian was still up to my standards in terms of pitch of class Y seats and inflight entertainment. Legroom was great & 34" gave me a lot of space as I am a tall person needing the space. I found the FA's to be more attentive than Qantas. Service of beverages was carried out far more than other major airlines - snacks etc etc came thru the cabin through out the flight After a change of crew in Auckland it felt as if the first ones were still there. Friendly smiles always there when you need something. I would agree with Singrid about the excellent service this airline is breaking thru. Possibly the smaller version to Singapore Airlines!

Polynesian Airlines - by Singrid Thornton

08 July 2002

After a speedy checkin from PH agents on my sector from HNL-APW the service on Polynesian Airlines was excellent. From the time you step on the spacious 737-800 new generation aircraft, you felt the calm cooling interior -  together the warm smiles that came with the FA as soon as you step aboard. Meals were great  - especially portions were more than Air NZ offer. Would like to praise the wide selection of wine & beverages also. Like to add great legroom & lumbar support seats in Y class prove to be a challenge to FJ & NZ as well. Overall would recommend Polynesian Airlines to anyone who are flying into the Pacific. 

Polynesian Airlines - by Hannick Sondram

02 June 2002

I travel the world with all types of Air Carriers.  Samoa is one place I love. This was the first time I have flown with Polynesian Airlines. I usually stick to Air NZ, but for a change I thought I would use the National Carrier. Would like to praise the service of Polynesian Airlines - the aircraft used 737-800 was smooth, very advanced plane considering a little airline with the nation in the South Pacific. The crew were very friendly & attentive at all times. Meals were excellent - restaurant quality. As soon as meals were finished with they were cleared - within 15 min we received top ups of more refreshments. Unlike Qantas & Air NZ you still see the Poly crew hanging around, always there. Whereas Qantas you don't see any flight attendants after meals, they hiding?  Overall Polynesian Airlines has an outstanding service in customer commitment & safety. Surely beats all the big guns out there. Like what they say Good Things Come in Small Packages! Well Done Polynesian Airlines.



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