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PGA Portugalia - by M Preston

29 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Two short haul flights on this carrier, just after the takeover by TAP. Both flight operated by Portugalia and the usual friendly service. Comfortable leather seats, informative cockpit crew, and punctual timings. A drink, a hot sandwich and a selection of newspapers and a good inflight magazine made the time go fast. I had to change my return segment and the TAP call centre (to whom the Portugalia number is rerouted) were kind enough to do this for me without charge even though I was on a restricted ticket. A nice gesture.

PGA Portugalia - by Goncalo Rodrigues

9 January 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

LIS–MRS return Economy. Maybe because of high expectations I found both flights average. Both flights were operated with ERJ 145, the smallest plane I’ve flown with regular airlines, and departures delayed. Leg space was good if you count forward - sideways it was very cramped. The major downside was the food. It was lousy, tasteless and very “low cost”. Cabin and ground staff were efficient, nice and professional.

PGA Portugalia - by Joao Paulo Silva

27 December 2006   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Oporto to Milan return. Clearly , cost-cutting has hit PGA Portugalia as far as onboard service is concerned. Breakfast was cheese and turkey sandwich along with puny fruit salad (one grape and three pieces of apple/pear with rather bitter juice) plus two biscuits served in a carton box. Thought lunch would be better on return, perhaps something hot, judging by the airline's reputation (as recently as August was served a hot breakfast on flight from Barcelona to Porto) . No such luck! A box once again: yet another cheese plus slice of turkey sandwich, small packet of salted snacks; mini-pretzel style, plus a small tub of chocolate mousse and a smint. Softdrink and coffee. Not what we were accustomed to on Portugalia and that had earned it its well deserved title of Best Regional airline. Now it is poised to become just another airline indistinguishable from the rest as part of TAP - pity and a sign of the times. Even more cost cutting on the way?

PGA Portugalia - by Chris Pye

4 December 2006

AMS-OPO-AMS Return flights taken in late November on Embraer 145 aircraft. At the outset we thought the crews were very friendly and helpful, sweets provided prior to take off and aircraft were clean and comfortable but especially on the outbound flight of over 3 hours too small for the length of time. Flights more or less on time but we were disappointed with the food - on the outbound a tuna sandwich and nothing else for three hours; inbound - a tiny fruit cocktail, yoghurt and 2 biscuits. I suppose our expectations were too great and as ever safety is what really matters but reading other reviews we expected some different or hot food. Bar service was available. So, fly with this airline - it's great but either I've misread other reviews or they have recently cut back on what they provide foodwise.

PGA Portugalia - by H Casciaro

27 November 2006

Malaga-Lisbon return. Couldnt believe my eyes when I saw aircraft (19 seater beechcraft 1900). Old interior very worn, no cabin crew (just captain and co-pilot) and a cardboard box with a small bottle of water and an awful cereal bar (for a 1.5 hour flight) on your seat.No comments or a word from co-pilot who also acted as cabin officer. Outbound flight on time but return a real nightmare as due to fog at Lisbon aircraft unable to land and had to divert to a small airfield in Cascais where we were bussed. Eventual arrival in Malaga was delayed by 2 hours. Surely an airline with Portugalia's reputation and good reports can afford to offer a better snack (albeit in a cardboard box) and I notice they only have one aircraft of this type, which should really not be used (at least their SAAB would have been more acceptable on this low density route). Toilet on board was only fit for dwarfs as only half the height of the fuselage. Flight flies very low which is fine in good weather with good views, but dread to think what it would be like in turbulence. Overall not a pleasant experience at all, however am willing to give them another chance judging from the positive reports but sincerely hope they discontinue commercial use of this aircraft. If you are going to use a small aircraft at least make it the standard of an executive 18 seater jet especially when you are paying over 500 euros for a short return trip!

PGA Portugalia - by Chris Cassar

27 October 2006

I flew with Portugalia from Milan to Lisbon. This is for sure the best airline and I recommend everyone to use this airline - it is complete from the beginning to the very end. Staff is great, food amazing and the plane is comfortable. I wish all airlines would learn from Portugalia so they will make your travelling better.

PGA Portugalia - by Jose Miranda

11 September 2006

Paris - Porto with Portugalia. As I arrived 2 hours prior to take-off, it took me less than 10 minutes for check-in. Boarding by bus and we waited 20 minutes before access to the plane as it was being cleaned. Aircraft was a Fokker 100, quite dated but very comfortable. Crew were excellent, very professional, helpful and not intrusive. Meal was incredible : hot rice and meat, cold beverage, coffee, plenty of bread and was provided drinks during the whole flight when asked. How many airlines nowadays provide such a service, on European flights (1hour45) with crew enjoying what they're doing ? Arrived only 10 minutes late, baggage arrived 5 minutes later, just the best to start holidays. Thanks Portugalia, will fly them again and other main carriers should learn from them. Return to Paris on Air France. A single sandwich, coke and coffee. Crew then disappeared. Cabin crew, despite their kindness, looked very tired and willing to finish their journey.

PGA Portugalia - by Nuno Pereira

30 March 2006

OPO-LIS-BIO-LIS-OPO in economy. Everything is fantastic in Portugália: the leg room, friendly crews, meals, plane cleanness, boarding process.

PGA Portugalia - by Fernando Ramos

18 March 2006

March 13, flight NI 705, Milan Malpensa to Lisbon. We (a group of 11, a flight crew, but traveling full fare as passengers) boarded the aircraft after the flight was closed due to problems with the air tickets at check-in counter. At last minute we finally boarded the aircraft. We were told by the purser that we should know (as said by the catering agent) that there were no meals for us, as previously agreed by us, before boarding. Not true. After the meal service the crew gave up their meals and offered us. Everybody had something to eat and drink. My comment to PGA - Outstanding crew and service provided.

PGA Portugalia - by Norm Prestage

15 March 2006

Recently flew Toulouse to LIS unexpectedly with this great carrier operated in the fine tradition of the Portuguese. Clean, modern and efficient, I was made to feel welcome, and appreciated. Don't hesitate to use this gem of a carrier.

PGA Portugalia - by Jorge Rego

3 February 2006

Fizemos a viagem Porto-Barcelona-Porto num ambiente familiar, seguro, cómodo e de um serviço a bordo sem igual. Não deixo de recomendar a familiares e amigos a PGA.

PGA Portugalia - by Peter Simons

25 August 2005

The most human airline. I fly weekly BCN-OPO-BCN. Great booking centre. Very patient, multilingual and friendly people. Just cannot find anything bad. Good promotion for Portugal. Portugalia is like Portugal - relatively small but beautiful.

PGA Portugalia - by Luis Lima

4 August 2005

My congratulations to Portugália! They make the difference in intra-european flights. Very friendly crews, onboard and ground services - very good and comfortable planes! I can say they are the best at the moment and I am proud they are a Portuguese airline.

PGA Portugalia - by Joop van den Ouweland

23 May 2005

Another satisfied customer of Portugalia. Having flown with them on AMS-OPO-AMS leg for a long weekend trip and experienced the best service of all intra European flights. Large choice of (alcoholic) drinks, delicious meal and swift check-in on our way back to Amsterdam. The only downside is the self service check-in at KLM counter, considering it was a codeshare flight of Portugalia and KLM, during which an interfering KLM ground stewardess screwed up our seat selection.

PGA Portugalia - by A Jelin

18 May 2005

No doubt, the best airline I flew in the last few years. Everything and everybody are very nice, efficient and the food is outstanding.

PGA Portugalia - by Vinay Ranga

15 May 2005

One-way LIS-BCN. This airline is awesome- they deserve their Skytrax award for the 'Best regional airline in Europe 2004' without a shred of doubt. We got very reasonable fares from the 'Europeby air' website. The check-in, boarding and inflight service were all impeccable. There was an excellent breakfast on the plane (even catering to our vegetarian request), and the cabin crew were the friendliest I have ever seen ! Kudos to PGA !

PGA Portugalia - by Bill Forshaw

15 November 2004

Probably about my 15th flight with PGA Portugalia this year, always between Manchester and Lisbon. This has to be one of the best regional airlines around: check-in at Manchester and Lisbon takes minutes (compare and contrast with TAP!) PGA staff are well trained, courteous, professional and, yes, helpful. The normal hot breakfast was served on the way out, along with 3 or 4 servings of coffee. On the way back ice cream between Lisbon and Oporto, and a tasty fish dish between Oporto and Manchester. Cabin crew treat all passengers very well, irrespective of class chosen. None of this 'sand-wich' sung in a two-pitch voice! Perhaps they could teach BA a thing or two in manners.

PGA Portugalia - by Derek Howarth

20 October 2004

Flew economy MAN-LIS at the beginning of September for a short holiday to the bay of Cascais. Swift check-in and flight (was having liquid refreshments on the seafront just after midday). The return flight to MAN was slightly delayed due to a passenger having incorrect documentation but again this was swiftly resolved. There was one stop on the return leg, Porto. Haagen Daz ice cream was served during this 40 min. flight. Short wait on the apron (45 mins) whilst passengers travelling there disembarked and we took on new passengers and refuelled. On the onward flight to Manchester we were served with a selection of fresh cakes after we had had dinner. Crew were excellent, friendly, polite and attentive, unlike some airlines I've flown with. The Fokker 100 maybe a smallish aircraft compared to some Airbuses and Boeings but as PGA don't operate a 'pack em in' policy, we had no complaints over space and comfort. To sum up, the best economy I've flown for a long, long time. The only downside to our holiday was that the taxi driver ripped us off from the airport to Cascais (but that's another story). Take advantage of this airline before the bean counters take over and get rid of the cakes.

PGA Portugalia - by Martin Brown

12 October 2004

Economy from Manchester to Lisbon, then from Lisbon to Porto to Manchester. The service was excellent and the food was spot on. In my opinion the service was better than in Economy on most transatlantic flights. On the short hop from Lisbon to Porto they served Haagen Daaz, which felt like a little bit of luxury. Only downers were I was not asked if I wanted window or isle at check in and we had to wait on the plane whilst refuelling at Porto.

PGA Portugalia - by Nick Williamson

13 August 2004

I flew Manchester-Lisbon-Porto and Porto-Manchester twice earlier this year - once in business and once in economy. Both were fantastic - food was plentiful and of a high quality, staff were helpful, everything ran smoothly. Can't praise them highly enough. The Haagen-daaz was a particularly nice touch! Business isn't much different - wider seats of course, and the meals a bit posher (nicer dishes/cutlery etc). What I'm saying is, don't feel you "have" to go business with them, because economy is really good as well!

PGA Portugalia - by J Laverkin

14 June 2004

I flew PGA Portugalia from Toulouse to Lisbon and it was excellent. In Economy class, the service was exceptional - smiles all around, food, particularly the petite pastries were fantastic.

PGA Portugalia - by Alberto Malerba

31 May 2004

I agree with all positive comments about PGA Portugalia. I've flown also recently with them from BCN to OPO and the service has been first class, even with a Y ticket. This is my 8th flight with them and they keep on giving me the best service

PGA Portugalia - by Paul Begg

16 January 2004

PGA Portugalia deserve their SKYTRAX award and they are proud to show it on the side of their planes. Rightly so. Excellent service, friendly smart crew and ground staff who are friendly and helpful and prepared to go the extra mile. It should be stated that they have kept this standard of service since they started flying. They have to be one of the better airlines. Portugal have two really good airlines now- as TAP also gives a service long gone in this industry. It makes spending money with an airline almost a pleasure.

PGA Portugalia - by Steve Fenton

10 October 2003

I have flown 26 flights in just over a month, mainly KLM and the Y product from PGA is better than the European Biz product from KLM. First class service from start to finish in every way possible.

PGA Portugalia - by Liam Connolly

11 September 2003

I recently flew MAN-LIS with PGA Portugalia (Economy Class) and it was easily one of the best economy flights I have had. The check in at Manchester was incredibly efficient, the Fokker airplane was in very good condition and the cabin crew could not have been more pleasant - they were also very generous with the drinks trolley!. My vegetarian food request had been received and I was pleased to find that my meal was very satisfactory. All in all, a very pleasurable experience - in sharp contrast to the appalling return flight I had with TAP Air Portugal (see their section for my review of that!).

PGA Portugalia - by A Macarron

4 April 2003

I flew MAD-LIS-MAD on the same day. Check-in at Madrid Barajas was fast and efficient, the agent being very attentive and smiling all the time. I was provided with my boarding pass for the evening return flight to MAD and was given a pass to the Spanair lounge although I was not flying business class. I have to say I was impressed with this brand new lounge. Nice, modern decoration, free internet access, breakfast. We were taken to the Embraer 145 by bus and boarding took 5 minutes. The aircraft look old outside but the interior was more than acceptable, leather seats and great pitch between them. I am over 6 feet tall and was surprised that I had more legroom than in bigger aircraft. It was very comfortable. The 2 cabin crew were very attentive and mastered Spanish. Breakfast was excellent, with big portions, very surprising for such a short flight. Arrival to Lisbon was on time and transfer to the terminal building fast. The return flight was as good although one of the cabin crew had an agressive look and didn't smile once in the whole flight, which was a pity. On both flights, the captain gave information on the route. Overall, excellent airline, great service, and a competitive alternative to Iberia and TAP Air Portugal.

PGA Portugalia - by P Bull

17 February 2003

As a regular business traveller to/from Spain, I would like to comment on the product and service of PGA Portugalia Airlines between LIS and BCN. I flew Economy Class on this route. PGA Portugalia Airlines at Lisbon Airport have their own separate check-in counters, important in this very dated airport, and check-in is efficient and fast. The onboard service is one of the very best I have experienced, a small aircraft with a crew of two highly efficient and charming crew on both sectors. Food is OK for a short hop, but the "can-do" attitude and genuine hospitality makes this airline shine and stand out from other European short-haul carriers.



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