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OzJet - by Jim Ruhe

2 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

One the BNE-HIR route you are lucky to get 1 drink/can of coke and if you are lucky you may have 2. Bar closes at least 1 hour before arriving in HIR. Do not travel with children on Ozjet! I now travel with Our Airline as the service there is far more civil than OzJet. As residents of Solomon Islands my wife and I travel to and from Australia at least 10 time within one year.

OzJet - by Daniel Kisliakov

29 March 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

NLK-BNE Delayed and frustrated by the weather on Norfolk Island, and further frustrated by the fact that we couldn't make our connecting flight to Sydney. NLK to BNE was supposed to be at 800AM, but is now only leaving at 1000PM. Staff at NLK airport were on the ball every day, providing announcements, expected times of departure, and then apologising for further delays. Moreover, they even rang Virgin Blue to make sure that our connecting flight was changed twice, despite the fact that we were on a non-refundable fare. Now relaxing at NLK airport with wireless internet that doesn't rip you off, $40 a week unlimited download from Norfolk island data services. A bargain by Australian standards! Norfolk Island has become the Australian businessman's best kept secret, offering everything the savvy 21st century businessman needs. And the service on the plane? Full service with free drinks and alcohol for discount internet purchase fares? I don't think it gets much better!

OzJet - by Judy Vandenberg

26 February 2007

I am thrilled with the news that Ozjet will be doing direct flights to Norfolk Island from Newcastle as of 5 May 2007. As a frequent visitor to Norfolk I always enjoy my flight with Ozjet. My husband works over there as a musician and we take groups with us. Thank you so much we won't have to do that long boring trip to Sydney to get our flight.

OzJet - by A Kattula

18 May 2006

It has been announced in papers today that OZJET will be back as a scheduled carrier operating for the Norfolk Island Government between Sydney, Brisbane and Norfolk Island with aircraft fitted for one class service with 120 seats. Service to be at least 3 times per week.

OzJet - by Carsten Balzer

13 March 2006

MEL-SYD return and very impressed. Clean plane, seats excellent, great crew, nice meals. Had several changes to my travelplans and the call centre staff answered calls promptly. I was travelling during times when QF and DJ had tickets for around $180 in Economy - for a couple of $ more I was "in Business" with OzJet. If they can keep fares this low, I will not go fare hunting anymore - I am hooked. Printing your own boarding pass is easy and taking up to 20kg luggage into the cabin, crew more than happy to stow it for you (!!), and you are in and out of the airports in no time. I wish them well and they have my custom as all the staff give you the feeling they want to make OzJet a success.

OzJet- by Marilyn Rogers

14 February 2006

SYD- MEL. My husband and I were truly impressed on our first flight with Ozjet. The entire journey was a pleasure. Couldn't fault anything at all. Fine food and great service. The cabin crew were immaculate and extremely professional and attentive. It's an airline that will surely soon be leading the way for the astute business person. I think the media should be heralding a wonderful breakthrough for the Australian traveller. We shall certainly travel with Ozjet again. Hope they soon expand their routes to other states.

OzJet- by Rohan McCarthy

13 February 2006

SYD-MEL-SYD. It's hard to fault their in-flight service. 60 seats, all business-class. Their pre and after-sales services needs refining. Having already had a schedule change notification a few days before the SYD-MEL leg, I was annoyed and frustrated to wake up on the morning of the flight, driving from Canberra to Sydney, to get another message they had left very late the night before telling me that the 9am flight had been cancelled - and I'd been put on the 8am flight instead. That might have been fine if I'd lived in Sydney, but it made the drive up to Sydney from Canberra fast and furious! I tried many times to contact OzJet's customer service line after their 6am opening, but couldn't - it took them to call me at 6:45am before they realised their incoming call line had not been activated for the morning! When I arrived in Sydney, I had to use valet parking ($139) in order to make my flight. Before the return leg, I logged on to check the flight details only to find the MEL-SYD portion had mysteriously disappeared from my online itinerary. After ringing them, I was told that it had been a mistake; they had deleted that portion instead of the cancelled flight a few days earlier! I was put back on the flight, but really, business won't wear this sort of inconvenience.

OzJet- by Jarrad Brown

26 January 2006

MEL-SYD return. 737-200 both ways. Clean aircraft. Nice big seats. Meals good and full bar service. Cabin staff very friendly and always around - but they only had about 20 people to look after as the plane was mostly empty. I would fly OZJet again.

OzJet- by Graeme Read

12 January 2006

MEL-SYD. The jet was immaculate as was the cabin crew. The seats were huge - same as traditional business class seats, and leg room was more than generous. We received a glass of champagne and a choice of other drinks. A full meal was provided - great quality. The cabin crew were attentive and nothing was too much trouble. There were only 12 people on the flight which was a bizarre experience - we got a really good deal on the flight and I'm shocked that more people aren't trying it. It made flying fun and enjoyable again, it really did.



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