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Olympic Airlines Passenger Reviews and Olympic Airlines Customer Trip Reports


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OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  9 September 2008 : by Keith Montgomery

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Athens-Skiathos-Athens It has almost become a cliché to complain that an airline "isn't providing any information", but Olympic employees truly seem to take a delight in keep the passengers in the dark. When we arrived to check in for the 30-minute flight to Athens, the Olympic flight didn't even appear on the departures screen. An agent from another airline pointed out OA offices, where I found a man sitting at a desk who seemed surprised that nobody had bothered to put the flight on the monitor. While I was there, I asked him if the flight was on time. He shook his head while looking at his computer monitor, but offered nothing more. I asked out loud if he know how long the delay would be, and he again shook his head again without even looking my way. When the flight finally appeared on the departures screen, it indicated a 20-minute delay. To make a long story short, two and a half hours later we were still waiting for the arrival of our aircraft from Athens, and none of the passengers had any information at all. The departures screen hadn't changed. Come ON, Olympic! It takes 30 minutes for the plane to get to Skiathos from Athens. Surely somebody had some idea of an updated departure time?! The plane seats a total of 29 passengers. Did it not occur to a single OA employee to even walk over to the departures lounge to give the 29 of us a verbal update? Are the passengers really that worthless to this airline?

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  3 September 2008 : by S Carr

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

LHR to ATH return. Late flying in both directions, Food ok, nothing exciting in either direction, entertainment system consisted of personal screen, though no movies played and no headsets available. Service, what you would expect from civil servants, only came round once so had to double order and never attended to anyone who pressed the call button. Will try to avoid flying with them again.

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  21 August 2008 : by T Maddern

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Santorini to Athens connecting on to Rhodes from Athens. The flight from Santorini was 40 mins late and we were worried that we would miss our connecting flight, but they got us to Athens. Flight Attendants friendly and helpful on the aircraft. As it was only a 30 min flight, only offered a drink. We told the flight attendants that we were worried about missing our connection and they continually reassured us that everything would be ok. When the aircraft landed in Athens, signs were clear directing us to where our connecting flight's gate / bus was and we arrived there with plenty of time to spare. The flight to Rhodes was on an ATR plane which was quiet although the cabin was looking a bit tired. Only 1 flight attendant on the aircraft and drinks and a small snack was served. The only thing that really annoyed me about these flights was Olympic airways feeling that people were not capable of walking 30m to the aircraft at Santorini and 20m from the aircraft to the terminal at Rhodes, so herding everyone onto those annoying sweat buses. It was only 10 mins between arriving inside the terminal and being in the taxi to our hotel with our bags, so whatever Olympic are doing, I hope they keep up the good work.

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  2 August 2008 : by Harry Economu

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

LHR-ATH-LHR. Excellent price, good food, decent entertaining system with personal TV on each seat. Good aircraft and polite FA.

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  1 August 2008 : by L Black

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

London Heathrow to Athens return. Easy check in at Heathrow, flight slightly delayed. Food inedible. There was no ice on a 3.5 hour flight. Drinks in economy only Red wine (cold) White wine (warm) and tepid lager. Crew ignored call buttons. Return journey delayed at Athens with no information for over 2 hours and no member of staff airside to ask. Similar journey, refused the food and asked for two wine, further into the flight (after 2 hours) asked for another drink and was refused (on health grounds).

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  22 July 2008 : by Martin Scott

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Athens-Joburg return Airbus A340. Full flight and very poor service. Inedible meal outward bound. Drinks trolley passes once so double your order as crew disappear as quickly as possible. Beer and wine only available in economy. A word of warning if you are in transit in Joburg for Olympic, as the handling agent is only available at certain times which leaves you waiting for hours in the bowels of the airport

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  19 July 2008 : by David Blake

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Heathrow-Athens-Chania return. Website booking OK, telephone reconfirmation a nightmare - waited on the line for an hour before being answered. Reconfirmation for return journey done in person through Chania office and fine. Rather concerned at the emphasis put on having a phone number for me in case of changes - understandable, I suppose, but they would not accept my mobile number and preferred a local landline - what if a message to my hotel hadn't reached me? Some people met at the airport had been switched from a later flight which had been cancelled. Inconsistency in checkin times - on emailed ticket and website it said 45 minutes, on the phone I was told 2 hours. I was concerned about whether the London-Athens plane would reach there in time for my connection. Checked their website for several days before I flew and it never left on time. On the day I flew it was an hour late but the connecting plane to Chania was delayed - not sure whether this was for us. On the return journey connections were fine. Inflight service reasonable and infinitely better than most charter flights. Food quite good, free wine. Staff reasonably helpful. Rather strange that the drinks trolley came along after the meal arrived - why not before? I usually take a charter from Gatwick, but wanted a day flight and Heathrow is nearer. Given that I normally have to stay down at Gatwick the night before flying (extra cost, plus greater transport cost), the cost of flying Olympic is about the same.

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  16 July 2008 : by M Shipley

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

We found out the night before our departure that our third leg Athens - Chania was cancelled. When we got to the airport the next morning (to start our holidays), we were told the first leg of the return trip Chania - Athens had been cancelled as well. We were given a room, dinner and transfer the first night in Athens without any problems. For the return flight, the Olympic Airlines employee was rude and tried to refuse the hotel accommodation to us. He kept asking "Who told you that you could have a hotel room?" I had to point out the EC261 regulations to him. Service onboard was miserable. Among many other things, I was handed a cracked plastic cup of Coke with the beverage sprayed all over me and no comment from the steward whatsoever. Instead of being served a bag of peanuts, it was tossed onto our tray from behind. I have never experienced anything like this before.

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review :  9 July 2008 : by J Cunning

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Booked two flights in Europe this summer with Olympic using web, and recently via email was notified that both were cancelled!!! High fuel prices I suppose. I had to book new flights on other airlines. Now, chasing Olympic for my money back and they are telling me to wait 40-60 days!! Watch out when booking with Olympic.

OLYMPIC AIRLINES review : 19 June 2008 : by Peter Bedson

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Its not that bad! OA seem to be trying to get their act together - on my last flight they even handed out customer satisfaction questionnaires! They have a long way to go and some of the FA can be really boot-faced old bags (apparently as civil servants they are basically unsackable so customer service is optional) but they do seem to be trying harder. Food is good and plentiful but you may have to fight the FA for a drink (do they pay for it themselves or what?). A lot seems to depend on the Purser - if you get a good one then they are OK, but if you get a bad one then the crew seem to take their cue from them and snarl at you. Some of the aircraft are looking a bit tired around the edges but A340s are generally good. I would rate the airline as about half way to good.

Olympic Airlines review by S Bower

17 June 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Athens to LHR. Staff come round with drinks and indifferent quality food early in the flight, collect plastic detritus, serve coffee and then disappear. Several people rang for service but all calls were ignored. I lived in Greece for 15 years and got used to the lazy, grudging time-serving attitude of OA employees, who are civil servants and therefore cannot, under Greek law, be fired. Now I would never fly OA again if I could avoid it.

Olympic Airlines review by L Pantaleo

10 June 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

JFK to Athens in May 2008. We flew out at 4-30pm, they served us a very healthy dinner, the crew cleaned up the trays and asked all of us to close the blinds at about 6-30pm. After turning off the lights, I realized my TV unit didn't work, my headset jack didn't have power and the overhead lights didn't work. I was in a section of about 10 rows that had absolutely no power. Well, needless to say all of these people started to complain. We were in total darkness for the next 8 hours. The flight was full so moving us around was not an option. The staff were initially friendly, at first speaking both Greek and American. As the the flight progressed they became very rude and only spoke Greek. Too bad they don't like their jobs but don't take it out on the customers. The flight back home was a different plane, different staff and more pleasant.

Olympic Airlines review by J Makkidis

3 June 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Domestic flight KVA-ATH. Flight on time, plane 90% full. B737-300 leased from a Spanish airline. Crew pleasant and swift. Serving of coffee, juice and croissant is fine for a 40 minutes flight.

Olympic Airlines review by A Mitchell

27 May 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Athens to Larnaca in business. Lounge in Athens was very quiet in the late evening. Reasonable selection of snacks and drinks. Only two of us in business cabin. Stewardess asked if we wanted to see the safety demonstration or not. Replied no, to see what would happen, and low and behold, while giving demo to economy pax, didn't bother with business passengers. Hot meal served was pretty inedible, but I didn't have much of an appetite at 2am.

Olympic Airlines review by L Torrens

31 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Worst experience we've ever had. They had a severe maintenance problem, but rather than cancel the flight, they came out every hour and said they would have more information shortly. 5 hours after scheduled departure time they finally gave us vouchers at a local hotel, but the next morning, the cycle repeated - they said they would have information about this flight shortly. Shortly never arrived - and 22 hours later, the pax for this flight were still standing in front of the counter trying to get serviced, cancelled, or assisted onto other flights, which by and large, Olympic Airlines was unable or unwilling to do. They had several employees present but insisted that only one of them could offer aid to the over 100 passengers on this flight. Furthermore, they could not locate our baggage, and had sent it on to Cairo. We spent 2 days without clothes or luggage, then spent 4 hours in Cairo (when we finally arrived via other airline), trying to get the OA employee to show up and find out luggage. I finally found and purchased my own last minute tickets on another airline and two+ weeks later, am still waiting to receive our refund for the OA tickets. Never again for us.

Olympic Airlines review by Frederic Lamarche

27 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Return between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Athens. Airbus 340 for the onward journey and Boeing 737-400 for the return. Airbus cabin not clean. Meals ok for a 2h45m flight. The worst point for both flights was FA attitude. Not a smile from any of them. They gave orders in unpolite way to passengers. Overhead bins reserved for their own luggage. After meal service, they went to sit and chat. No welcome on board while boarding (not even good afternoon), no thanks or goodbye while disembarking. I have flown dozens of airlines and this is probably my worst experience in terms of FA behaviour.

Olympic Airlines review by Tony Kidman

12 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I have yet to fly with OA. I'm booked on London-Athens and then on to Preveza and return in three day's time. I booked on the website, choosing OA for their departure and arrival times, but the website doesn't tell you about tickets - many of the comments on this review refer to paper tickets - or baggage allowance, or check-in times. So I've been 'phoning the London office since last Thursday (it's now Monday and they're shut over the weekend) to ask. Have I got an answer? No, but a welcome message is repeated every minute, followed by a warning that tickets booked by 'phone are charged extra. The only other London office is at Heathrow. This 'phone isn't answered either but plays once, before hanging up, a message referring you to another number which turns out to be "not in service". The website has no email address for Customer Services so contacting them is not possible. How do I find out what I need to know? I'll have to turn up at the airport and hope all goes well but the portents are not good so far and I'm awarding 1 star to reflect this.

Olympic Airlines review by Ron Stalenberg

5 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Dubai to Rome via Athens & return. Every flight started late. Service generally indifferent - not as cheery and engaging as many others. FAs unkempt. Food was different - but slow coming on the return flight. FAs not very present - ie served - and disappeared! Both flights had limited inflight entertainment (headphones and ceiling screens). Amusing to see the Greek travelogue on the way home from Greece! Music selection was limited to hip-hop / Greek music from the archives / worst hits from yesteryear by unknown artists! Somehow, they've managed to put their seats about 5cm higher than everyone else and I actually had room to stretch my legs (I'm tall!) - a nice compensation!

Olympic Airlines review by M Konstas

11 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

JFK-ATH-JFK. Service friendly and efficient, Terminal in JFK better than Delta. Planes better than Delta - more legroom, personal TV, and food. Olympic is no Singapore airlines by no means. But it does gets the job done, cheap, efficient.

Olympic Airlines review by J Anders

27 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Trip started with a mess at LHR. Had to pick up a previously paid for ticket at their small terminal ticket office. Staff indifferent - almost upset they had to do some work and print out a ticket. Once onboard, plane certainly showed its age. FA's not too excited at being employed with somewhat surly service. Only good point is OA feed you something unlike most other airlines these days. If you have another airline choice take it.

Olympic Airlines review by J Carp

14 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

You get what you pay for. I paid $700 from Egypt to Toronto with a stopover in Greece. That's not much. The staff on the flight are nice but rude in comparison to other airlines.

Olympic Airlines review by Nick Komninos

9 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

ATH-AMS-ATH in economy class. Boeing 737-400 on both legs. Service average but meal better than other airlines I have flown. Cabin crew disappeared after collecting empty food trays and appeared again just before landing. Same happened on the return leg. Olympic is an airline which I dont mind flying every now and then.

Olympic Airlines review by C Bastas

2 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Travelling on OA can be touch or go. My husband and I travel to Greece 2-3 times per year and choose Olympic since it is the only airline that flies direct to Athens from Montreal. This flight uses an Airbus which is nice, and econom y passengers have PTVs - except both my daughter and myself (Athens- London) had units that didn't work (1st time this has happened). Leg room is reasonable in economy and food is okay - particiulary when compared to charter flights. While the staff was friendly and helpful this past trip, in general we have found their manners poor,unaccomodating, and unprofessional - something they definately need to work on improving. On the positive side, we have seen a marked improvement with flights leaving on time, which certainly wasn't the case in the past.

Olympic Airlines review by B Henderson

28 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Flew four segments within Greece in late July / early August. The aircraft interiors need to be refurbished - they are old and dirty. Boarded in SKG. We were given boarding passes and seats in Row 4. Going thru the gate, the agent crossed out 4 and gave us Row 20. When questioned, she muttered something about a different aircraft. Once in the air, guess who was sitting in Row 4? The same agent who switched us back to Row 20. A warning - smoking is everywhere. Even the airport departure lounges that have No Smoking sections have ashtrays placed in those sections.

Olympic Airlines review by C Kottas

17 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

OA is on both economy and business than other airlines, meals are hot, and check-in staff more flexible (indifferent) with luggage weight and size allowance (to the extent that ovesize cabin baggage can delay the flight!). OA still issue paper tickets, and online ebooking option is lame. They boast recently of initiating e-check in (on domestic flights and for passengers with hand-luggage only). However, when I tried to board an ATH-SKG flight with a boarding pass printed at home, they "couldn't find me in the computer" and I nearly lost the flight. Not surprisingly, boarding takes always more time and is chaotic on OA. Once aboard, aircraft interiors on almost all OA aircraft are in urgent need of a good cleaning and upgrading. And flight entertainment is either non-existent or 15 years behind today's norm. Technology apart, the quality of service received from OA staff can range from barely acceptable to utterly shambolic. It is rather the rule to encounter indifferent or even rude ground and flight attendants. In brief, this company has been disintegrating to such degree for 20+ years now, that there is a canyon between OA and their European counterparts in professional attitude and quality of service.

Olympic Airlines review by B Francini

29 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Berlin-Athens-Mykonos. Olympic Airlines still uses paper tickets, and I don't think you have an e-ticket option. At best that's very retro, at worst, you had people on our flight who didn't understand the concept of paper tickets and wound up paying twice. Flight Berlin - Athens was fine. Legroom for coach fine and a full meal on a 2 hour flight, not bad. Athens - Mykonos leg. Should have been a turboprop, but flight was canceled and combined with a later flight to Mykonos on a 737. Unruly travelers were yelling at Olympic staff, who didn't seem to care, very odd experience. We did get a 6 Euro meal voucher, which just covered a value meal at the McDonald's. All in all, it was a mixed experience. I'd say avoid in general, but if you're flying around Greece, it's either them or Aegean (who were slightly better).



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