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OceanAir review : 21 January 2011 : by T Lyons

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Ranking

Porto Alegre-São Paulo. On time departure, and with proof of an international connecting flight they bumped my weight allowance up to that of United (my flight). Booking is an issue though, rather than deal with the phone hassle I just went to the airport in Porto Alegre to purchase my tickets. Extremely cheap ($40 one-way). Don't know if I would travel long-distance or multiple-connection with them, but for a frequent short-haul flight it was by far my best experience in South America.

OceanAir review : 15 July 2009 : by Frank Epple

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Ranking

I was flying OcenAir for the first time and expected some low-cost service as common in Germany. I was positively surprised, food and drink for free, even two drink runs on a 1.5 hour flight (GRU-CGR). Unfortunately, booking can only be done inside Brasil. Flight was on time, Aircraft clean, seats comfortable for a 1.5 hour trip.

OceanAir review : 25 May 2009 : by M Kutzner

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Ranking

Rio de Janeiro to Brasília. An overall pleasant experience. Flight was on time, check-in fast and efficient, service onboard was good. Considering the significantly lower price than the competitors (around 2/3 of the price I would have paid for a flight with Gol), I can recommend flying OceanAir.

OceanAir review : 2 September 2008 : by Martin Arida

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Ranking

I recently flew between CGH and SDU, downtown airports in Sao Paulo and Rio, respectively. Check in was quick and easy, boarding started promptly, and even though the MK28 is an aging jet, it was comfortable. The crew was courteous and friendly, and a warm light meal was served in spite of such a short flight (45min). This was my second time flying the same route, and overall I'd say the service was very good for the price.

OceanAir review : 23 April 2008 : by G Villela

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Ranking

First time on OceanAir. Brasília (BSB) to São Paulo-Guarulhos. Flight was initially said to be over 2 hours late, then cancelled, but by then I had already been placed on another one leaving at the same scheduled time, but with a stop in Belo Horizonte (CNF). The aircraft was a Fokker 100, a name they omit, calling the plane "MK 28" due to the F100's gruesome reputation in Brazil after many crashes and incidents on TAM. On boarding, they announced that allocated seats printed on boarding passes should be ignored and seating would be free. The plane was unusually full for such an airline, day and time (trust me, the BSB market has many peculiarities), so when I added 2+2 and recalled what I had heard about OceanAir, I understood: they really maximize occupation and routes! Their flight schedule has a lot of flights leaving suspiciously at exactly the same times. There are many stories of planes re-routed with additional or unexpected stops. They appear to operate barely within the limits of legal regulations for such "flexibility," but try to save every cent with just- in-time flight re-routing - at the expense of passengers' convenience, of course. At least, with the flight change I was left at São Paulo's more central Congonhas airport (CGH), so I was even saved time (free ground transportation to GRU was available if I had needed it). The crew, both on ground and on board, was very efficient and courteous (but attention, non-Brazilians: only Portuguese spoken!). Meals were a hot dog and a cheese and ham roll, but both were hot. And while the old Fokker seats were a bit worn, they are still spacious as in the good old times. So, the flight itself is not bad, but their apparent lack of respect for their own schedule make me wary of this airline.



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