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Nordic Airways- by Claire Fletche

15 October 2006

Stansted-Palma Mallorca. Just arrived back from Mallorca and am very impressed with the service I received from Nordic Airways. I didn't know anything about this airline before my holiday but I can definitely say I would use them again. Not only were the staff happy and helpful (including the exact flight details of our journey), the courteous inflight meal was pleasant and enjoyable - and something that makes this airline different from the other low budget airlines. Both flights were comfortable and the one piece of advice I can give is - ask to sit near the front of the plane as the back can be rather loud! I recommend this airline and hope to travel with them in the future!

Nordic Airways- by Sheldon Dyer

6 September 2006

Paphos to Stansted. The flight was delayed owing to problems on the outbound from Stansted. When it came to providing the in-flight meal the captain advised everybody that they had no food and had had to buy some from Paphos airport departure lounge. It consisted of a sandwich, a packet of crisps and a piece of stale cake. The crew were excellent and apologetic and did all they could given the circumstances but upon returning to the UK, the airline failed to answer any e-mails I sent them to complain. No refund, full or partial, was offered by the airline for the cost of the "meal" and no apology issued. Not good enough really is it! I could not fault the cabin crew or the standard of the aircraft but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Nordic Airways- by Mike Tuckwell

26 August 2006

Stansted to Paphos. What a change in attitude to other airlines. Nordic are new to the UK and their service was excellent. My wife who is disabled could not have received better treatment. We certainly would fly with Nordic again and would recommend them.

Nordic Airways- by Carlton Davey

30 July 2006

Stansted-Palma De Mallorca return in Economy. Aircraft MD83 with Nordic Leisure as the logo. Arrived at departure gate and when flight was ready for boarding, we had to walk down stairs and board aircraft using aircraft own stairs not via jetty. Flight attendants very helpful and smiling. Did not expect to be fed but chicken meal outgoing, Sausage and Mash on the return. Drinks a bit expensive, 2 beers 6. Was surprised at the amount of legroom - more than we got with Monarch last year. Seating configuration was 2x3. Overall, very impressed, would certainly fly with them again.



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