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My Travel Airways review by R Lloyd

24 January 2009  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

My wife and I flew to Barbados on Boxing Day 2008. We were celebrating our 30th anniversary so we chose Premium upgrade to push the boat out. Service, food etc could not fault - the only thing wrong was because of the layout 2x3 x2, we were separated. We had booked our holiday back in September 07 and we had specifically asked for a window seat as my wife is claustrophobic. Travel agent said they could not guarantee this request but advised us to turn up early at check in - which was a total waste of time as the limited number of seats were were already allocated and the check in staff were unhelpful. My recommendation is if you want to guarantee seats together, go economy and save yourselves a lot of money.

My Travel Airways review by Robert Hellaby

4 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

I suppose you get what you pay for. London to Montego Bay. Very narrow and uncomfortable seats. Had extra leg room but this meant you could not see inflight entertainment without getting neck ache. Going to the toilet meant having to go for a walk round the plane. Food was pretty awful. Had soggy pizza as previously mentioned. Cabin staff were actually quite cheerful. Return journey was much the same.

My Travel Airways review by Julie Anderson

14 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

What has happened to Mytravel? Flew Gatwick-Manchester-Montego Bay 25 Feb 2008. Never again. Sat on the runway at Manchester Airport for 2 hours after leaving Gatwick (and being told it would only be 45 mins max) we weren't even offered a drink even though we had a five year old with us. We then took off at 10.15 and didn't get a meal until 1.00pm which consisted of a mini chicken fillet, 4 green beans, 1 baby carrot and half of one new potato. One hour before we landed we were given a snack of pizza which was so doughy it was barely edible. Seats cramped and the air conditioning wasn't working properly. We at the front were boiling hot and the rest were freezing cold with no blankets as there were only twelve on the whole aircraft. Needless to say there was nearly a mutiny onboard. For a flight that took off at 7.05am and landed 14 hours later the food supplied was totally inadequate (and we had paid for it). I am a frequent flyer and have travelled on most of the charter airlines, and never come across a flight such as this. The return flight was better but still not up to scratch.

My Travel Airways review by L Morris

5 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

I have just returned from the Dominican Republic. We had plenty of room and we could not fault the cabin crew - very pleasant and friendly. Food on board was nice.

My Travel Airways review by D Guy

4 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Gatwick-Toronto and because of wife's disability booked Premair seats. We were advised by My Travel staff that check-in was available the day prior to travel, and we patiently queued for an hour with wheelchair and suitcases. On arrival at the desk we were told that pre check-in does not apply to Canadian flights and that we would have to return the following day. We managed to strike a deal whereby they would book us in and take our luggage but that we would need to queue up the following day to collect our boarding cards. On boarding the aircraft we found ourselves being directed away from the Premair cabin and raised our concerns with the stewardess. To the young lady's credit she did work very hard for us but we had to accept that our seats had been allocated to other passengers. We were advised to claim a refund, but to be honest the more comfortable seats were more important than a refund. My travel agent took up the case on our return and eventually we received our upgrade money back, along with a brief note to say, sorry we overbooked! Well, MyTravel, we are also sorry, but you gave us holiday memories we could have happily done without.

My Travel Airways review by M Ayre

23 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

I would like to stand up for the comments that have been added by those people who have travelled with My Travel (Previously known as Airtours). I worked for this company back in the 90's as a Cabin Services Director. My Travel is part of the Going Places Travel Group and are known for cheap and affordable long and short haul travel. They are not, and doubt never will be a scheduled carrier, like Virgin or British Airways. Unfortunately the price you pay for your package reflects on the meal that is offered on board. As like many other charter carriers they do not upload or pick up any provisions when they are at destinations, due to high costs. If they run out of one thing they this is not replaced on the inbound flt back to the UK. As crew are not on very high salaries, they make a lot of commission on duty free products that are supplied on board. This is why duty free is mainly concentrated on.

My Travel Airways review by S Venus

21 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Just flown to Trivandrum in India with My Travel Airlines and have to say it was awful. Tiny seat pitch, unhelpful staff, dirty plane, no seat back TV's and very poor food sums up our flight experience. The seats are so uncomfortable with headrests that tilt your head forward in an unnatural position. I'm only 5ft 5in yet I felt cramped for 11 hours, so I really felt for taller people. Staff just didn't give a damn about you and made you feel like a pain for asking for some water. Only one hot meal and one snack was served during the 11 hour flight, hardly any drinks or snacks were available to buy on board either.

My Travel Airways review by E Looije

26 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

MyTravel flight from Vancouver to London was a nightmare. This was not our tour's scheduled airline so we had no choice. I have 4 major complaints: surly crew, food; toilets; and the lack of leg room. We were two hours into the flight when we finally got water and squash. The crew seemed busy and running about but not concerned with the passengers. When the food was served, talk about an unbalanced diet! Where in the world did you get the golf ball-sized bread rolls? When the lady on the aisle asked for a refill for coffee, the attendant snapped at her "One cup!" Most of the crew time was spent after dinner flogging duty-free, over-priced alcohol and some sort of lottery. The downstairs toilets were a mess; tissue ran out and was not replaced. My major complaint, however, is the lack of leg room. I'm not overly tall but when I sat up straight and my knees dug into the seat in front of me and did so for nine hours, I was not impressed. The space is designed for children or very short people. MyTravel has given the word economy a completely new meaning.

My Travel Airways review by A Prescott

5 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Belfast to Orlando. Sat in premium gold on way out - they could do with more cleaners though as cabin was on the grubby side! Extra leg room and seat width was worth the 100 upgrade charge. Staff not overly friendly with kids but we had great flight. Economy on return was fine and got the hot meal even though we hadn't paid as they apparently supply one per passenger from Sanford so dont be fooled into forking out for this welcome, but not great, meal.

My Travel Airways review by Mark Ormiston

28 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

After a nightmare of a flight Manchester to Sanford with My Travel - long haul in a plane configured for short haul, and not seat back TVs. I decided to give them another go to Las Vegas, I was promised by the agent it would be the 2002 Airbus 330s because of the length of flight. So boarded the plane and it was an airbus, and the seat pitch was about 2 inches more. Seat back Tvs and then it stopped there. Left 40 minutes late, the service from the cabin crew was adequate, but nothing more. The food was terrible - after being charged 17 for food it was an absolute disgrace. The return journey was not much better. My Travel claim a huge innovation with these flights is the downstairs loos! what they don't tell you is if you sit near the stairs your whole flight will be disturbed by other passengers going to the toilet and queuing at the side of you.

My Travel Airways review by J Naylor

29 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

To and from Antalya. In many years of flying I have never flown a carrier with such a small seat pitch. From the data available on the web it appears to be the smallest seat pitch of any European carrier? While I am 6/1 and would not consider this excessively tall and yet sitting fully upright my knees dug into the seatback. This was partly relieved by removing the magazines in the seat pocket or sitting sideways. The seat in front was so close that I could not stretch my legs under it as strangely my knees only bend forward. On the return flight we checked in early and asked if the emergency exit seats were available and were told these would cost us an additional 20. We declined the offer and accepted an aisle seat which made life marginally more tolerable until a trolley ran over my foot. This apart both flights were pretty much on time and the crew did a good job. However if you are long in the leg or above average in height then think twice about booking with My Travel

My Travel Airways review by K Leech

29 July 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Flew to Jamaica with My Travel and upgraded to Premiair Gold. I doubt very much that I will ever fly with My Travel again. We were supposed to get called onto the plane first - this never happened. We were supposed to have free champagne whilst being seated on the plane and only water or grape juice was offered. We were told we would have a choice of meals - this never happened :the same food as the rest of the plane that hadn't paid the 240 a head extra. We did get free drinks on the plane but in nine and a half hours they only came round 3 times. Exactly the same on the way back. Needless to say, I've written to My Travel and told them how disgusted I was with the whole flight. Plane was filthy - were rips in the seats, just nowhere near Premiair class.

My Travel Airways review by Rebecca Southgate

15 July 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

This company do not even deserve one star. My partner and I recently flew to Cancun with them. We had to wait 2 hours to check in. Some people were charged for excess baggage (8 per kilo over) and some were not, it was luck of the drawer. The staff were openly arguing about whether or not they should be charging baggage in front of the customers queuing. Some were charged for exit seats, some weren't. Leg room and seat width was worse than Ryan Air/Easy Jet and it was impossible to move. Once on board, the air conditioning was turned up to very high, and if we wanted a blanket we had to pay 5.00. On a 10 hour flight we only received 1 meal, any other snacks we had to pay for. When we complained we were told "what do you expect, this is a budget flight". Service and attitude were disgusting. Neither of us smoke, however, on the return flight we heard the flight attendants discussing that they had kept all the good duty free cigarettes for themselves and so only had limited availability of the less popular ones left. My advice is that for the extra money you end up having to pay during the flight, it would be cheaper overall to get a better flight company in the first place. I have never experienced such dreadful service.

My Travel Airways review by J Almond

11 June 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Just returned from Spain. We flew out there with Mytravel & it was the worst flight I have been on. I am only 5ft 2 but i found it cramped, I felt very claustrophobic & both myself & husband had trouble putting the seat trays down comfortably. The staff were nice enough but I kept getting my arm knocked everytime they went up & down with the trolleys. We flew back with Thomson & it was lovely, total opposite. We have booked to go to Goa in November, we were told it was a Monarch flight & we were pleased as we have flown with them before but we have just received a letter saying the flight has changed to MyTravel & we are not pleased.

My Travel Airways review by A Delroisse

20 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Manchester to Sharm el Sheikh on MyTravel A330. We were pleased with every aspect of our trip - leg room was more than adequate for a mid-haul flight, food was the usual for a charter flight, service was excellent, camera under the plane on takeoff which I haven't seen before and was a bit of a novelty for the kids. Seat back screens and good choice of films throughout the flight. Pilot kept us well informed when we hit some turbulence. Overall really impressed and wouldn't hesitate to fly with them again.

My Travel Airways review by Jacqueline Smith
29 March 2007

We were booked on a GB airways flight from Malaga to LGW but the flight went tech so we had to fly home with MyTravel. The flight was excellent. The cabin crew were efficient and friendly. We were served a hot meal which was nice and free drinks (as per GB). We would not have received a hot meal with GB. We also had a movie to watch which we would not have had on the GB flight. All in all a very nice surprise and the extras were a bonus.

My Travel Airways review by John Davies
20 March 2007

Have just returned from Goa with My Travel as it was our silver wedding anniversary decided to upgrade to Prem Gold at 159pp and what a waste of money. The legroom is nominal, entertainment was poor and cabin crew service poor. Seating allocation out bound was a joke as at least 3 couples were sitting apart they were not happy but eventually was sorted out. The only priority baggage collection was on our return to Manchester where our bags were there before we got there. Overall not happy with the service would not do it again.

My Travel Airways review by Charles Russell
1 March 2007

LGW-Salzburg-LGW Economy. Flight was supposed to be a Monarch each way but due to managment problems this was not not possible. 9 across A330 was compact but relatively comfortable. Both flights were 1 hour late due to the plane issue. Food hot and edible. Tea, coffee and squash were all free but you had to pay for alcohol and soft drinks.

My Travel Airways review by Sue Cox
26 February 2007

Gatwick to Goa return. We paid for the premier gold service and on the way out we had a decent flight, on time, and comfortable seats. There was however no pamper packs as offered on other premier seats by first choice or monarch. The outbound flight was on a 767. The return flight was a different story. The plane was an A330-200. The plane needed a good clean. The seats were smaller than on the way out and not up to a premier standard. Again, no pamper pack and there wasnt even a newspaper for all the premier passengers. A very disappointing standard on the return journey.

My Travel Airways review by Colin Prior
26 February 2007

Faro to East Midlands. The reps on the transfer bus text the airport to find out what check in desk the passengers on the bus go to and the passengers then rush to the check in. Trouble is, if you go by taxi to the airport and look at the departures board you will be the last to know where to check in! And you're at the back of the queue even though you got the the airport first. This airline always serve cottage pie on the flight out and sausage and mash on the flight back - it's terrible food! But beautiful packaging which sums up the company - all front and no substance. Due to the new security restrictions the drinks trolleys on the plane are very busy, blocking the aisle, which stops passengers from using the toilet. And with this airline you get - six - yes six! interruptions in a 2 hour flight : earphone sales : drinks service : scratch card sales : meal service : duty free sales : charity collection. MyTravel is an airline you endure, not enjoy. They get you there but with lots of stress.

My Travel Airways review by Alison Leith
19 February 2007

People often write and complain about a holiday or a flight not being up to scratch etc. I wish to congratulate the cabin crew of flight from Las Palmas. They really went out of their way to make the passengers as comfortable as possible on a flight delay of nearly 3hours, due to a baggage handlers go slow in Las Palmas. We were sitting on the plane for most of that time and the children were getting restless. The cabin crew were great. The captain too kept us well informed and was very witty which also helped ease the situation.

My Travel Airways review by Lorna Watson
1 February 2007

Have just returned from Goa with My Travel airlines. 4 hours delay on outward flight, 3 hours on return flight. Very uncomfortable seats for long haul. Worst, on return journey our luggage was left behind due to having to lose weight as runway was damaged. Were fed a load of flannel about why they took that decision rather than delaying the flight and returning us to hotels until runway was clear, or offloading fuel and refueling elsewhere. 48 hours on there is "no information available" as to when baggage will turn up. I doubt much thought was given as to how they were going to get the luggage back. Nothing on earth would persuade me to set foot on a My Travel flight again.

My Travel Airways review by Monica Kirby
19 January 2007

Have just returned from Goa with MyTravel. The flight was delayed 24 hours. Second time in 4 weeks this has happened. No MyTravel flight to Goa has arrived on time recently. The seats are very narrow and uncomfortable for an 11 hour flight. The only way to be able to move if you are slightly wider than most is to have arm rests raised all the time. As the flight should have been on Sunday many people were very stressed about being unable to fulfil work commitments on the Monday. The flight was chosen by many for the weekend element. I will not travel with an airline this unreliable again. An occasional delay is expected but this is every week at the moment

My Travel Airways review by Roger Speak
9 January 2007

Gatwick-Agadir return. Cabin crew friendly and helpful, aircraft clean. Food mediocre. Major anti was that my wife's Gluten-free meal, despite being pre-ordered, was not available on either leg, despite reminder being sent in by outward leg crew. Wife suffers from Coeliac condition: even minute amounts of gluten in diet causes her to become significantly ill within an hour. Why cannot airlines acknowledge Gluten-free diet when they happily supply vegetarian meals?

My Travel Airways review by Sue Richardson
5 November 2006

Manchester to Orlando. Travelled Premiere gold. Service was well worth the extra as you don't have to pay for any drinks or to sit together also express check-in allows you to turn up 1.5 hours before departure and there is a dedicated desk for PG customers so little or no queuing. The biggest thing this airline have going for them is there fantastic staff (out of Manchester at least). They are friendly, attentive and pleasant. I would highly recommend and think it's worth the 159 (return) to upgrade. We did the same journey earlier this year with Virgin and it was twice the price to upgrade and staff are miserable although the room on the upper deck is fantastic.

My Travel Airways review by Frank Doran
22 October 2006

Returned from Sanford last week with My Travel on Airbus 330-200. Great flights, good standards of cleanliness/attentiveness. Can assure travellers there is enough legroom in the rear cabin for most- I am 6ft 2. Take a pen though for your green card, as the crew didn't carry any! Will travel again, though feel Premiair Gold is more to impress your friends, and add more margin to the airlines coffers, as though it is undoubtedly a better environment, the value element of your fare is severely dented. Don't travel with a charter airline if you want the frills!

My Travel Airways review by Andrew Williams
19 October 2006

Just returned from 1 week stay in Toronto booked via CanadianAffair. Flew both ways in Premair Class Cabin for the first time, but I have only travelled with MyTravel once previously to Orlando in economy class and the legroom was very small. I have to say that we received a first class service from cabin crew. My wife was 18 weeks pregnant and was very air sick on both flights as she could not take any medication to help. The staff were very attentive and were genuinely concerned for her. I would like to thank Anthony the Chief Steward for their outstanding service. I have very few gripes about the flight except that the cabin on the return flight was looking a bit too worn. Legroom and the seat width comfortable and well worth the cost of the upgrade. I will not consider flying long haul without it in future. I think it represents better value than flying standard economy on a scheduled flight and I have travelled with most of the US airlines.

My Travel Airways review by Bill Hartley
10 October 2006

Have just returned from Cyprus. 767-300 each way all on schedule food excellent crew both ways, excellent seats. First time on My Travel Airways so we were impressed.

My Travel Airways review by Dave Starkie
5 October 2006

Girona to Manchester, would have been happy, apart from the 22 hour delay, with several unconvincing reasons for the delay. Only bothered to put us in a hotel after waiting for 10 hours in the airport (hotel was 30min away from the airport) lots of upset passengers with very little information given out by the reps. As for the plane, it was huge and half empty with individual screens and all, but they did call it the emergency plane for stranded passengers sent from Gatwick, hats off to the Gatwick cabin crew and pilots, they were first class.

My Travel Airways review by Robert Hussey
2 October 2006

Travelled with MyTravel Airways to Sanford Orlando USA and returned two weeks later to Manchester UK. Both journeys with Premier Gold upgrade. I have travelled in this class for five years now, yet despite Customer Srvice being mostly excellent, with regular drinks and meals, there has been some noticeable lack of quality in the Premier Cabin itself. It is clearly due for an upgrade, on the outward flight, although the seatback screen was working it was heavily scratched, and on the return there were few reading lights working, and where they were working, they could not be turned off. I was told by a Cabin Crew member, that " They are not working properly. We can't reset the system until we land sorry." Whilst I appreciate that during a night flight there will be quite a few passengers that want to sleep, the remainder had to endure not so good Films, often crackly with poor vision, made even worse when the passenger in front reclined their seat. I have never complained about My Travel before. It is clear however, that they need to refurbish their Premier Cabins at least with New Seats for this product to remain competitive and sustainable against the rest, many who in the Charter world offer far better Cabins at least.

My Travel Airways review by Sian Trigg
30 September 2006

Flew to Puerto Plata from Gatwick return. both flights were great. Drinks and snacks are chargeable which is normal for a charter flight (some people think that because they are long haul it is like travelling with a scheduled airline).

My Travel Airways review by Shaz Wheeler
25 September 2006

Returned yesterday from Toronto with Mytravel, our outbound flight was in economy and leg room was not great, had to pay for drinks (after they took them in airport due to new carry on restrictions) and pay for any extra treats you may want. The flight was an hour late leaving and had to wait along time to pick up luggage in Toronto. The return flight we upgraded to premium gold - flight was 3 hrs late getting off the ground, But they did give us food vouchers at check in. Once we got in the air we were given a hot meal within an hour of take off (as it was now near 1am) The flight attendants were friendly and courteous. Once we landed back at Gatwick we had to for over 30 minutes just to see which baggage carousel we were to collect our suitcases. Once they finally figured that out we waited another 30 minutes to get ours, as we had paid for premium gold and it says that you get baggage preference - no we didnt. We have flown with Mytravel many times and this is the first experience we had with late flights and luggage. We would use them again, but think that charging for drinks and snacks is taking the mickey a bit.

My Travel Airways review by Lynne Greig
22 September 2006

Just returned from Las Vegas. We upgraded on the outward journey and to premier gold which was well worth it, for the leg room alone. However, we were unable to get the upgrade on the return journey and it is the worst flight I have ever done. We had been delayed in the airport prior to check in and had to wait for two hours in the baggage reclaim area. The only place to buy drinks from are machines which only took the correct money. This delay was unavoidable, however, when we boarded the plane we waited four hours before being served food. We were offered drinks and snacks which we had to pay for and this can work out quite expensive. The cabin crew on the return journey were hopeless. The passenger in front asked for some orange squash and was told that he had already had a hot drink and wasn't given any. There were some passengers who appeared to be either friends or relatives of one of the crewe and they appeared to be being given plentiful drinks throughout the flight. I know this sounds petty but on a 9 hour flight you would expect to be offered at least a couple off free refreshments. I asked for a glass of water on two occasions and really felt as if I was being a bother. Maybe the profits they are making from the drinks and snacks they are selling at stupid prices could be spent on sending some of their staff on customer care courses.

My Travel Airways review by P Unadkat
26 August 2006

LGW to Punta Cana. Had to queue for almost an hour before getting to check in desk. Then waited 40 inutes for conveyor belt to be repaired whilst checking in. In the end had to remove our part checked baggage and carry it through the crowds to cages that were brought in as the belt could not be repaired. Check in efficient otherwise. On the aircraft not enough leg room (an I am only 5' 4" tall! Crew service slow but efficient. Friendly crew but on return journey found one of the crew rather rude and unhelpful. Paid for the food but can not say it was value for money. Not sure if I would want to recommend to others.

My Travel Airways review by Darren Ellsum
26 August 2006

Just returned from Florida where we flew with My Travel to Sanford. Having always flown with Virgin in the past I felt it was comparAble in terms of seat pitch, inflight entertainment and meals. With 3 movies to watch on the way there and on the way back by way of seatback screens, I found the flight on this Airbus A330 went quickly. There were 2 hot meals on both journeys, although you did have to pay for drinks. We did manage with carry on bottles on the outbound flight, but with changes to regulations we had to purchase on the way back. The only thing the flight missed in comparison to Virgin was the games. I did struggle a little with the 20KG luggage allowance, especially as I brought less back but still weight 2kg more! Just a little warning to families though - you are not allowed to group the luggage allowance - it is strictly 20KGs per bag! A honeymoon couple on our flight took 1 case between them, but were charged 150 excess both ways as it was over the 20KG limit. Families were needing to redistribute their weight at check in. Other than that - excellent flight and would fly with My Travel again.

My Travel Airways review by Sybil Poon
3 August 2006

Travelled to Vancouver by Premier Gold, excellent value for money, no problem with leg room. Excellent service. However, you need to be careful when to fly with them, at peak time, no problem with extra stopover but if you are travelling off peak period, good luck, I have spoken to a few passengers on the plane & they all gave the same advice. It's worth paying the extra for Premier Gold, check in usually within 10 minutes, drinks & food all included. It cost us less to fly with My Travel Premier Gold than BA Economy. My only complain is only one toilet at the P Gold Cabin.

My Travel Airways review by J Davidson
30 July 2006

Gatwick-Calgary return via Canadian Affair. Elected to use Premair Gold. Check-in very quick. Seats very comfortable and cabin staff were friendly and helpful. Food reasonable and IFE helped pass the time. Flight on time. Return flight check-in quick, but take off was delayed for 50 mins. due to the aircraft being "unexpectedly heavy"? and had to take on extra fuel. Staff again friendly and helpful. Main complaint there was only one toilet for the Premium cabin, which resulted in queuing and the area became quite niffy after a while.

My Travel Airways review by Andrew Maynard
5 July 2006

Manchester - Vancouver on board one of their A330-200s. Premium full, so had settled for an extra leg room seat for 25 OW. Departed on time, arrived early. Cabin crew politely efficient. Good on board IFE. Seats rather narrow & slightly worse, being the leg room seats -having tray table & video screen at the side of the seat. However, would never contemplate flying on a My Travel Airways A330 long haul in a bulk standard economy seat as it's seriously uncomfortable. With premium, or the extra leg room seat in economy, they are acceptable. So you really do get what you pay for. Wish they had a larger Premium cabin, as this was booked up months before departure.


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