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MyTravel Lite- by Keith Wood

25 July 2005

We travelled with this airline to Gran Canaria. For the whole four hours I had great difficulty forcing my six foot three frame into the seat and had to stretch my legs out into the aisle, only to keep moving them because of the cabin staff moving up and down with their trolley. I refuse to pay the excess for extra leg room. When we arrived our luggage (along with approx 50 other passengers) was missing so my wife, daughter and I had to do with any clothing until lunchtime that day when it was delivered. After enduring the nightmare return journey 14 days later, they had lost another suitcase which has not yet materialised. Now I know where the 'lite' comes from in the name! Never again will we travel with this company


MyTravel Lite- by Kevin Lynott

25 July 2005

As a regular commuter to a family home in Spain we have tried the various 'cheaper options' so for flights BHX-ALC on 19/5/05 and ALC-BHX on 27/5/05 it was MyTravel Lites turn. Booked in Jan 05, pleased with the total cost for the 3 of us. 19/5 flight departed on time, full flight, reasonably priced drinks in flight, staff cheerful and helpful, toilets working and clean. 27/5 Flight departed on time, 75% full, staff cheerful and helpful, toilets working and clean. One suitcase lost at BHX, (we had seen it being loaded onto the a/c in ALC) delivered to home by courier 2 hours after we arrived. As a family we have agreed to use the 'cheaper options' for these trips knowing that what we pay for is what we get and one day it may all go wrong.


MyTravel Lite- by John Wilson

6 June 2005

In May 2005 my wife and I took a holiday in Cyprus using Aspro as the agent and My Travel as the airline. The outward flight was changed from an early morning flight to a late evening, and the return flight changed from a lunchtime to early hours of the morning. The company failed to provide any modification to this drastic variation and commented that the original times were only a guide, A pretty inaccurate guide! Whilst the flights and service were most acceptable in most ways, the space allowance with the seating was appalling. I spent the 4.5 hour return flight stuffed into a space that would have been cramped for a child. If as I suspect this financially adept state of affairs will be perpetuated by the airlines, will someone please introduce a ban on seat reclining. I am amazed at the regularity that I seem to sit behind a half wit who wants to utilise my meager ration of space with his reclined seat.


My Travel Lite - by Herb Booth

20 October 2004

Just come back from Chania in Crete on a Monarch flight. We paid the rip off charge of 15 each for extra leg room on the way out only to find there were 80 empty seats on the 360 seater aircraft. On coming back the extra leg room charge was even greater at 24 Euros but there were none left (I tihnk this must have been the people going out had experienced the "normal" leg room). So I had to squeeze my 6ft 1 ins into a "normal" seat which was very uncomfortable for the 4 hour flight. When the taking off info was being played & it got round to the "brace position" I shouted out "impossible" & a lot of others agreed. I also explained this to a fight cabin staff when getting out. I think this type of limited leg room is unsafe. Has anybody got an email address of any place I can write to complain? I have already complained to Monarch but all they send is automatic replies saying it is being looked into.


My Travel Lite - by Laura Paterson

10 October 2004

I have flown with MyTravel a few times, but after the last experience, I will not use them again, unless absolutely necessary. On the outbound flight, the staff attitude was apalling. As an example, a fellow traveller asked for a tissue and the steward pointed to the toilet, and said "The toilet's there". A polite explanation would have gone down well. On the inbound flight, the plan was so cramped for a long haul flight, it was unreal. 3 usable toilets for a full flight, 2 of which were at the back of the plane and I was in row 19, seat F and was told not to use the toilet at the front as it wasn't practical for the location of my seat!!! When you got to the toilet, you had to queue in the galley, due to the lack of space. They are totally more concerned about packing the people in, than giving a little comfort. I tried to book Prem class for the extra room, but this is not available for flights into Birmingham. I would, however like to praise the staff on the inbound flight. They were 'more mature', and they delivered great customer service and were very friendly. Shame their staff are not more consistent in their customer service skills.


My Travel Lite - by Kate Ockenden

20 August 2004

My experiences with MyTravel Lite have been utterly appalling. I would never ever recommend anyone fly with them. After losing my baggage, thay had me running round like a headless chicken trying to find it, having to phone THEM every few hours, and even driving to the airport with a false alarm that they thought they had found it. ( you have to collect, even though they made the mistake and lost the baggage) Eventually after 3 days, they found it, and when i got it home i discovered that it had been thoroughly gone through and items worth 120 GBP had been stolen. Their response?? Well it's been 4 weeks now, i have written to them 3 times, and still absolutely nothing. Not even an apology. And don't even bother trying to phone with a complaint, you won't get anywhere. So yeah, cheap flights, but when things go wrong, to be honest don't expect them to care , once they've got your money for the flight thats it!! Shocking experience. Also as a word of advise, I will be extremely careful what i pack in my bags from now on, these guys have access to an awful lot, and with the x-ray machines, obviously they can see exactly whats in your bag before they break in and it seems if they like what they see, then they just take it.


My Travel Lite - by Robert Luff

25 June 2004

I have flown MYT on 4 occasions now, all on the BHX-ALC route, and each time, the service was fine. As with other budget airlines, I am somewhat disappointed with MYT boarding procedure which at times is chaotic. Both at BHX and ALC, as soon as boarding was displayed or announced, there's a massive surge forward and a fight for seats. Other than that I'm happy. I only fly with MYT during winter months when the prices then are so cheap - in my case free for one flight (only 28 for taxes). Overall, you get what you pay for, and MYT provide a good value service.


My Travel Lite - by Bob Heath

19 March 2004

MTL customer service is unbelievably bad. I booked for MCR to Murcia in July 03 for a flight in Mar O4. I was advised by email a few months later that the time had changed. Early this year a friend tried to book a similar trip and was informed that all fights from MCR had been cancelled in March. They had not emailed me or phoned. My wife phoned and cancellation was confirmed by MTL. The reason we were given for not contacting us or refunding our money was thar the expiry date on my credit card had expired! It took three phone calls before they finally transferred money back to my account. The attitude of the customer service representatives was one of bored resignation. Its back to BMI Baby and Easyjet for me.


My Travel Lite - by Wendy Preston

1 March 2004

I had never flown before until this weekend. I booked a trip to Dublin with My Travel Lite. I am very nervous about flying and as soon as I saw the plane I broke down. Fortunately the Flight attendants were fantastic. They were very understanding and couldn't do enough for me. If it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't have even got on the plane. I am grateful to them for helping me to conquer my fear. We had no problems both to and from Dublin. What great service!


My Travel Lite - by Mark Osborne

8 February 2004

My wife and I fly have flown with various airlines and have never encountered many problems. Our first experience with My Travel lite has been the worst customer service I have ever come across. We received an email 4 weeks before departure of our flights from Manchester to Tenerife to advise our flight details had been changed and we were expected to fly from Birmingham instead of Manchester and at 14:30 instead of 07:00 . How this can be wrapped up as a flight change I have no idea. A different departure airport and a different time in my opinion constitutes a totally different flight. Customer services are a joke. We tried to contact them at least 10 times and were on hold for at up to 40mins without getting our call answered. I would suggest that anybody who wants to actually fly at the time and from the airport they need. Books flights with someone else.


My Travel Lite - by Michael Robinson

26 January 2004

I am disgusted with my travel lite,I booked 3 seats on the Manchester to Tenerife south flight back in september - it seemed too good to be true and so it transpired to be. A little over a week before departure received an email stating that my flight had been changed - instead of flying at 7am on a Sunday I was now departing at 3pm Sunday - the resulting effect on the return flight meant a further day off work for me my wife and a lost day at school for my daughter. This was just not a suitable alternative. I contacted the number provided and found that the email was sent shortly before the call centre closed on friday night, and the number provided connected to an answer phone message in French. When I eventually contacted a supervisor I was informed the flight had not been cancelled only delayed - despite the fact that the new flight had a different flight number and I was now expected to fly on a my travel flight departing initially from Birmingham and collecting passengers from Manchester. I requested a full refund which was refused on the basis that they considered the alternative to be suitable and that the cancellation conditions do not apply as it is only delayed . Needless to say I was unable to travel.



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