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MYAIR.COM review : 28 July 2009 by D Ronald

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating

BXL-BRI. Good flight, on time, no complaints. BRI-BXL, all flights cancelled as from July 24th. License has been taken by the authorities. What's next? My wife and kids are "grounded" in Bari. No single signal from MyAir.com.

MYAIR.COM review : 20 July 2009 by F de Stales

Customer Rating :  0/5

0 Star Rating

MAD-VCE round trip. Leaving Venice flight delayed and operated by Air Adriatic. The aircraft, an old MD-80, seats of different colors. Flight uneventful but flight attendants were not happy to be on the flight. Return a nightmare, flight was scheduled on time at 9 pm, then delayed by 30 minutes, then by 1 hour, no information was provided at all, the call center of the airline (very expensive to call from outside Italy) was unable to provide an estimate of the time in which the flight was scheduled to arrive. The worst thing is that in Barajas everything closes at 10 pm. Nobody came to provide us anything, nor they did when we boarded the flight. Flight attendants were ashamed we could tell, but did not try to provide any help. I arrived in Venice at 8:30am finally. I was given a 100 euros voucher with no explanation, plus the voucher was valid for 3 months. I did not even use it, I preferred not to fly anymore with this airline. However, I got to know that this airline has something like 7 aircraft which fly all over Europe like buses - if one is broken, all the flights are delayed. I do not understand how can they be still in business, they're not even cheap!

MYAIR.COM review : 19 July 2009 by R Cheng

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating

Paris Orly to Venice, received e-mail with schedule change which ask for your acceptance. I refused and eventually took Easyjet instead, so I have not much to comment with MyAir.com on board service. However, I would like to share my story for the re-fund with MyAir.com. The story starts like all the other's comment, MyAir.com just ignore you and you are like sending e-mail to the "AIR". Then I contact the local Embassy of Italy, they help with sending an e- mail to MyAir. Then suddenly this company got alive, with e-mail asking me if I accept to keep my money with them for my future travel. I refused, then they send an e-mail inform me I will have a re-fund.

MYAIR.COM review : 9 January 2009 : by Sanjin Vukojevic

Customer Rating :  0/5

0 Star Rating

Venice - Barcelona. Flight delayed for two hours. Barcellona - Venice : flight cancelled with no prior communication! On BCN airport there was no authorised personnel to receive complaints or offer help, so we phoned their call center only to be told that all we can do is send our complaints by e-mail. Outrageous behaviour! We plan to send a formal e-mail with scanned bill and tickets of our substitute flight.

MYAIR.COM review : 8 January 2009 : by Judy Jones

Customer Rating :  0/5

0 Star Rating

This airline should not be operating. I am hearing of more and more customers who have had their flights cancelled but have not received any form of refund as per our group. Calls and emails have no effect as they are ignored. Does anyone know their holding company and is there any other recourse for those of us who have had their money stolen by this company? How do we find out if they come under a governing body like ABTA or something similar? If anyone is thinking of booking with them - please don't!

MYAIR.COM review : 20 December 2008 : by Jackie Burchell

Customer Rating :  0/5

0 Star Rating

In March 2008 we booked Bordeaux/Bologna return, travelling in October. On 9 September we were notified by e-mail that the booking had been changed to Bordeaux/Venice. We had already visited Venice with Myair in October 2007 and as travel from Venice to Bologna was totally impractical, we declined the offer and asked for a refund. Despite innumerable phone calls and e-mails from members of our party, to date we have received no refund. Customer care - what customer care? Myair can add 6 more names to the list of those who will never use them again.

MYAIR.COM review : 23 October 2008 : by Catherine Pelisse

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating

Same as Mr John Stone - we booked Marseille/Venice return in march; were informed by e-mail of important schedule change. Were offered to accept or cancel - we cancelled and still expect our 650€ refund - we get no reply from My Air, neither by mail nor on phone, and even sent postal mail. We just don't know what to do, this company shouldn't be able to steal customers as it does.

MYAIR.COM review : 21 October 2008 : by John Stone

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating

In Feb 2008 booked and paid for flight from Marseille to Venice travelling in September. August 2008 received an e-mail saying the flight has been cancelled. Despite numerous telephone calls there has been no refund of the monies paid - e-mails to the customer care are ignored. Would never use Myair again.

MYAIR.COM review : 25 September 2008 : by D Ronald

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating

BXL-Bari-BXL: Minor delays. My wife and kids flew Myair last summer without any comments. Strict policy on the maximum luggage weight 18kg. We paid 10€/kg for the excess weight. Next time double check maximum allowable. Good point to have at least 1 company flying directly to Bari out of Brussels.

MYAIR.COM review : 12 September 2008 : by M Nevot

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Paris Orly - Venice return. Very good flights on CRJ 900. Landed on time. Quick and efficient check in. Luggage delivered very quickly. Nice cabin attendants.

MYAIR.COM review : 3 September 2008 : by Lorenzo Pasquini

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

BGY-CAG. The flight had a delay of 2:30 hours, no information communicated to the passengers. The flight has been ok. Low cost airline and low cost service even if other low cost competitors do 100 times better.

MYAIR.COM review : 13 August 2008 : by Adam Butt

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Istanbul to Milan. Would never fly with Myair again. Flight was rescheduled from 11:00 to 01:00 the next day. I was not informed as the email I booked the flight with was not available any more and Myair chose not to contact my mobile number until 18 hours before the original scheduled time of departure (when I was out of reception in the Turkish countryside). I arrived at the airport and contacted the airline who proceeded to very rudely tell me it was my own fault and would not offer any compensation whatsoever. Then had to stay at airport for almost 18 hours waiting for plane (which was 90 minutes later than the rescheduled time) and of course missed my connecting flight. I made an official complaint regarding the communication of the rescheduling but heard nothing in return. I suspect the flight was never planned to leave at 11:00 and was originally scheduled at that time to encourage more early bookings. The moral of the story - never fly with Myair.

MYAIR.COM review : 23 July 2008 : by James Walsh

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

BGY-BOD. Recent trip in new Saab 900. Very comfortable with good leg room and arrived 10 mins early. Excellent valve for money costing only 80 euros for 2 pax.

Myair.com - by Davide Greco

19 May 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

My flight from SOF to BGY was scheduled at 3pm but 3 days before departure I received an e-mail stating that it had been re-scheduled at 11pm. Also, the plane arrived in Sofia one hour later than expected so we took of only at 00:10. I was expecting some apologies from crew about the delay but no word was given. They looked tired and willing to reach home, even more than passengers. The flight was smooth and operated by a brand new CRJ-900 with excellent seat comfort and legroom. This time I have to rate 2 stars!

Myair.com - by Davide Greco

13 May 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

BGY-BBU served by a leased A320 (not yet painted in carrier colours) which was not brand new but with confortable seats and polite and efficient crew. Check in at Bergamo took less than 5 minutes and we arrived at our destination on time - cannot ask more for a 80 Euro ticket.

Myair.com - by Eric Laurent

11 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Paris-Venice return. All flights on time. I did not taste their food and drinks as there were no menus. Old A320 but ok for outbound and new Bombardier for inbound journey. Confort (pitch, legroom and seat width) was good in the Bombardier plane (only 90 seats). Check in at Venice and Paris was a breeze. I cannot ask more for 65€ return! I regret that online check in does not exist.

Myair.com - by Cristina Neagu

27 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Paris-Bucharest on Christmas Eve. The flight was almost 2 hours late, rude flight attendants and discourteous ground staff. No apologies offered for this delay. MyAir has a strange 15 kg baggage policy, which seems to never get enforced as people are used to the 20 kg standard in the airline industry and refuse to pay for the weight difference. Gives the airline another opportunity to make some money of you and is unfair practice in my opinion. Will not fly this airline again, as the constant flight delays on this route and the very poor customer service is just not worth the money paid.

Myair.com - by Gilles Guyomard

23 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Paris-Bucarest return. Because of the low rates, My company started to use this company starting september. The statistic of the 12 round trips that we booked September to November. Total 24 flights - 6 flights with 1/2 hour delay / 8 flights with 1 hour delay / 4 flights with 2 hour delay / 2 flights with 3 hours delay / 1 flights with 4 hours delay (departure at 2AM instead of 21H50). Service on board at the minimum, only a bad coffee, coke and beer not cold. Nothing to eat. The good point is the Price !

Myair.com - by Davide Greco

1 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

I flown Myair four time on the Milano Bucharest leg and it was a positive experience. Flights were on time and planes new : one of them in particular (CRJ-900) was brand new, so it was perfectly clean, confortable, and with a 2-2 seat configuration which is not common to find on a LCC. Check-in in Bergamo is fast and efficient while in Bucharest it took longer due to the large number of persons trying to check with huge baggage which are far beyond the allowed weight. Cabin staff polite and efficient on all flights.

Myair.com - by Victor Neagu

28 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Bucharest (Henri Coanda) - Paris CDG with MyAir. The flight, initially scheduled to depart at 18:10, took off from Bucharest at 20:30. No excuse from ground staff with regard to the delay. During our tedious wait, no information provided as to the whereabouts of the incoming plane or estimated new time of departure. Once on the plane had to wait for another 40 minutes for an apparent take off approval from Brussels, which obviously didn't apply to other airlines shooting off to the skies. I could feel the metal in the seatback for the duration of the entire 3 hour flight. Inflight cafe a joke, as nothing was available. Not to say that I was expecting much from a low-cost carrier and a price of 60 Euros one-way, but still some basics still need be in place if you want to retain customers. Definitely can't give more than 1 star.



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