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My Travel Airways - by Sue Richardson
5 November 2006

Manchester to Orlando. Travelled Premiere gold. Service was well worth the extra as you don't have to pay for any drinks or to sit together also express check-in allows you to turn up 1.5 hours before departure and there is a dedicated desk for PG customers so little or no queuing. The biggest thing this airline have going for them is there fantastic staff (out of Manchester at least). They are friendly, attentive and pleasant. I would highly recommend and think it's worth the 159 (return) to upgrade. We did the same journey earlier this year with Virgin and it was twice the price to upgrade and staff are miserable although the room on the upper deck is fantastic.

My Travel Airways - by Frank Doran
22 October 2006

Returned from Sanford last week with My Travel on Airbus 330-200. Great flights, good standards of cleanliness/attentiveness. Can assure travellers there is enough legroom in the rear cabin for most- I am 6ft 2. Take a pen though for your green card, as the crew didn't carry any! Will travel again, though feel Premiair Gold is more to impress your friends, and add more margin to the airlines coffers, as though it is undoubtedly a better environment, the value element of your fare is severely dented. Don't travel with a charter airline if you want the frills!

My Travel Airways - by Andrew Williams
19 October 2006

Just returned from 1 week stay in Toronto booked via CanadianAffair. Flew both ways in Premair Class Cabin for the first time, but I have only travelled with MyTravel once previously to Orlando in economy class and the legroom was very small. I have to say that we received a first class service from cabin crew. My wife was 18 weeks pregnant and was very air sick on both flights as she could not take any medication to help. The staff were very attentive and were genuinely concerned for her. I would like to thank Anthony the Chief Steward for their outstanding service. I have very few gripes about the flight except that the cabin on the return flight was looking a bit too worn. Legroom and the seat width comfortable and well worth the cost of the upgrade. I will not consider flying long haul without it in future. I think it represents better value than flying standard economy on a scheduled flight and I have travelled with most of the US airlines.

My Travel Airways - by Bill Hartley
10 October 2006

Have just returned from Cyprus. 767-300 each way all on schedule food excellent crew both ways, excellent seats. First time on My Travel Airways so we were impressed.

My Travel Airways - by Dave Starkie
5 October 2006

Girona to Manchester, would have been happy, apart from the 22 hour delay, with several unconvincing reasons for the delay. Only bothered to put us in a hotel after waiting for 10 hours in the airport (hotel was 30min away from the airport) lots of upset passengers with very little information given out by the reps. As for the plane, it was huge and half empty with individual screens and all, but they did call it the emergency plane for stranded passengers sent from Gatwick, hats off to the Gatwick cabin crew and pilots, they were first class.

My Travel Airways - by Robert Hussey
2 October 2006

Travelled with MyTravel Airways to Sanford Orlando USA and returned two weeks later to Manchester UK. Both journeys with Premier Gold upgrade. I have travelled in this class for five years now, yet despite Customer Srvice being mostly excellent, with regular drinks and meals, there has been some noticeable lack of quality in the Premier Cabin itself. It is clearly due for an upgrade, on the outward flight, although the seatback screen was working it was heavily scratched, and on the return there were few reading lights working, and where they were working, they could not be turned off. I was told by a Cabin Crew member, that " They are not working properly. We can't reset the system until we land sorry." Whilst I appreciate that during a night flight there will be quite a few passengers that want to sleep, the remainder had to endure not so good Films, often crackly with poor vision, made even worse when the passenger in front reclined their seat. I have never complained about My Travel before. It is clear however, that they need to refurbish their Premier Cabins at least with New Seats for this product to remain competitive and sustainable against the rest, many who in the Charter world offer far better Cabins at least.

My Travel Airways - by Sian Trigg
30 September 2006

Flew to Puerto Plata from Gatwick return. both flights were great. Drinks and snacks are chargeable which is normal for a charter flight (some people think that because they are long haul it is like travelling with a scheduled airline).

My Travel Airways - by Shaz Wheeler
25 September 2006

Returned yesterday from Toronto with Mytravel, our outbound flight was in economy and leg room was not great, had to pay for drinks (after they took them in airport due to new carry on restrictions) and pay for any extra treats you may want. The flight was an hour late leaving and had to wait along time to pick up luggage in Toronto. The return flight we upgraded to premium gold - flight was 3 hrs late getting off the ground, But they did give us food vouchers at check in. Once we got in the air we were given a hot meal within an hour of take off (as it was now near 1am) The flight attendants were friendly and courteous. Once we landed back at Gatwick we had to for over 30 minutes just to see which baggage carousel we were to collect our suitcases. Once they finally figured that out we waited another 30 minutes to get ours, as we had paid for premium gold and it says that you get baggage preference - no we didnt. We have flown with Mytravel many times and this is the first experience we had with late flights and luggage. We would use them again, but think that charging for drinks and snacks is taking the mickey a bit.

My Travel Airways - by Lynne Greig
22 September 2006

Just returned from Las Vegas. We upgraded on the outward journey and to premier gold which was well worth it, for the leg room alone. However, we were unable to get the upgrade on the return journey and it is the worst flight I have ever done. We had been delayed in the airport prior to check in and had to wait for two hours in the baggage reclaim area. The only place to buy drinks from are machines which only took the correct money. This delay was unavoidable, however, when we boarded the plane we waited four hours before being served food. We were offered drinks and snacks which we had to pay for and this can work out quite expensive. The cabin crew on the return journey were hopeless. The passenger in front asked for some orange squash and was told that he had already had a hot drink and wasn't given any. There were some passengers who appeared to be either friends or relatives of one of the crewe and they appeared to be being given plentiful drinks throughout the flight. I know this sounds petty but on a 9 hour flight you would expect to be offered at least a couple off free refreshments. I asked for a glass of water on two occasions and really felt as if I was being a bother. Maybe the profits they are making from the drinks and snacks they are selling at stupid prices could be spent on sending some of their staff on customer care courses.

My Travel Airways - by P Unadkat
26 August 2006

LGW to Punta Cana. Had to queue for almost an hour before getting to check in desk. Then waited 40 inutes for conveyor belt to be repaired whilst checking in. In the end had to remove our part checked baggage and carry it through the crowds to cages that were brought in as the belt could not be repaired. Check in efficient otherwise. On the aircraft not enough leg room (an I am only 5' 4" tall! Crew service slow but efficient. Friendly crew but on return journey found one of the crew rather rude and unhelpful. Paid for the food but can not say it was value for money. Not sure if I would want to recommend to others.

My Travel Airways - by Darren Ellsum
26 August 2006

Just returned from Florida where we flew with My Travel to Sanford. Having always flown with Virgin in the past I felt it was comparAble in terms of seat pitch, inflight entertainment and meals. With 3 movies to watch on the way there and on the way back by way of seatback screens, I found the flight on this Airbus A330 went quickly. There were 2 hot meals on both journeys, although you did have to pay for drinks. We did manage with carry on bottles on the outbound flight, but with changes to regulations we had to purchase on the way back. The only thing the flight missed in comparison to Virgin was the games. I did struggle a little with the 20KG luggage allowance, especially as I brought less back but still weight 2kg more! Just a little warning to families though - you are not allowed to group the luggage allowance - it is strictly 20KGs per bag! A honeymoon couple on our flight took 1 case between them, but were charged 150 excess both ways as it was over the 20KG limit. Families were needing to redistribute their weight at check in. Other than that - excellent flight and would fly with My Travel again.

My Travel Airways - by Sybil Poon
3 August 2006

Travelled to Vancouver by Premier Gold, excellent value for money, no problem with leg room. Excellent service. However, you need to be careful when to fly with them, at peak time, no problem with extra stopover but if you are travelling off peak period, good luck, I have spoken to a few passengers on the plane & they all gave the same advice. It's worth paying the extra for Premier Gold, check in usually within 10 minutes, drinks & food all included. It cost us less to fly with My Travel Premier Gold than BA Economy. My only complain is only one toilet at the P Gold Cabin.

My Travel Airways - by J Davidson
30 July 2006

Gatwick-Calgary return via Canadian Affair. Elected to use Premair Gold. Check-in very quick. Seats very comfortable and cabin staff were friendly and helpful. Food reasonable and IFE helped pass the time. Flight on time. Return flight check-in quick, but take off was delayed for 50 mins. due to the aircraft being "unexpectedly heavy"? and had to take on extra fuel. Staff again friendly and helpful. Main complaint there was only one toilet for the Premium cabin, which resulted in queuing and the area became quite niffy after a while.

My Travel Airways - by Andrew Maynard
5 July 2006

Manchester - Vancouver on board one of their A330-200s. Premium full, so had settled for an extra leg room seat for 25 OW. Departed on time, arrived early. Cabin crew politely efficient. Good on board IFE. Seats rather narrow & slightly worse, being the leg room seats -having tray table & video screen at the side of the seat. However, would never contemplate flying on a My Travel Airways A330 long haul in a bulk standard economy seat as it's seriously uncomfortable. With premium, or the extra leg room seat in economy, they are acceptable. So you really do get what you pay for. Wish they had a larger Premium cabin, as this was booked up months before departure.

My Travel Airways - by Ray Chapman
1 July 2006

Travelled on My Travel to Brazil (Salvador) from Gatwick. Check in efficient, boarding efficient as boarded by seat rows. Only paid 189 return so good value for money. Aircraft clean and modern. Did not pay 15 extra for meals but everyone got one anyway so the Airtours computer system maybe cannot identify who has paid for them. Seat comfort poor but only what you can expect for a charter. You can upgrade to Premier Gold for 199 return. Emergency exit seats are available for 30 each way I believe by calling customer services they were not offered during the on line booking process. I found a seat plan on http://www.mytravela and printed it off to chose seats at check in. From other comments I selected the seats at the rear where they are in a 2+4+2 config as opposed to 3+4+3. Unfortunately I chose 46G and J although they are a 2 they are by the toilets and people stand behind the seats in the queue leaning against them causing alot of shaking and juddering. Its worth noting that all seats A and J have restricted leg rooms as under the seat in front is the entertainment system. In G,H, B and C you can tuck your legs right under the seat in front of you. On the return we took 39A and C which were far more spacious but I would think 40-43 A and C and G and F are the best as the C and G aisle seats you can stretch your legs down the aisle as the aisle is wide here. It is also worth noting that if you do pay extra for the emergency exit seats row 32 people will stand here queuing for the toilets. Whilst row 9 doesn't have toilets again people stand in this area stretching their legs. The flight on the return operated via Manchester I guess they didn't have enough bookings to operate a different aircraft however the flight was full in both directions. I really think that My Travel should consider taking out several rows and increase all their prices by 70 on long haul destinations or so just to give better comfort I am sure the market would stand this. The check in at Salvador started 4 hours before departure at the far right of departures (Air Europa check in next to BRA check in). You also have to pay a departure tax of 77 reals or US36 this is at a different desk just before the check in area on the right. I would recommend that one person stands in the queue whilst the other pays the tax. When the coaches from the hotels arrived the queue went right out of the terminal, I would recommend getting to the check in before they arrive 4 hours before.

My Travel Airways - by Denise Shaw
18 June 2006

Vancouver - Manchester. Check in was fine, cabin crew friendly and helpful. Wish that I could say the same positive things about the comfort, the seats were very cramped, Myself, being an average size, could barely move, to get anything from my handbag on the floor was hard work, if anything was dropped on the floor, forget it! there were no foot rests, hardly any room between you and the person sat next to you, temperature was to hot and stuffy, in fact I would go as far as saying, this was the most uncomfortable flight I have ever taken, I am warning people, be prepared!

My Travel Airways - by Tracy Pearson
29 May 2006

LGW to Punta Cana on A330-200. The check in was efficient and boarding well organised. We were in the standard seating and had ample leg room. The food was good, cabin crew helpful. The seatback screens offered a good choice of films and other programmes on both legs of the journey. Would use MyTravel again.

My Travel Airways - by Colin Arnold
25 May 2006

LGW-SFB-LGW in Premiair Gold cabin - only flew with this airline as our original flights with Monarch were cancelled. I'm glad they were, as I couldn't seriously fault either flight. Paying the extra for the premium service was well worth it, if only for the dedicated check in which allowed us to walk past the massive queues waiting at both airports. The seating was comfortable with slightly more legroom and inclusive food/wine, drinks and headphones etc. Minor niggles - the IFE had no kids TV channel, which I think is odd There was a radio channel, but we couldn't find it and the crew didn't know either - so come prepared with plenty of distractions for junior! Would have liked a choice of hot food, but in the event what we were given was tasty. Both flights left roughly on time and the infiight service was OK on the outbound sector, but noticeably inferior to the inbound sector, which was excellent - plenty of drinks/snack runs, newspapers, amenity kit, kids comics etc. The outbound crew did their jobs satisfactorily, but didn't seem that interested. The inbound crew were cheerful and seemed eager to provide a good service. The only major irritation was arriving at SFB for the return sector and having to convince the check in agent that we were booked in to the premium cabin, as we didn't appear on their system. Luckily I had the tour operator's (Cosmos) invoice showing the upgrade costs and we were allocated the seats without further ado - however, had proof not been forthcoming, I have a feeling that we would have been in the rear cabin. I suspected that their might be problems and emailed MyTravel prior to departure from LGW to check that we had been transferred into the correct cabin, but was told that as I had booked through a third party, they coudn't assist - a bit poor really - as if they can't find out what passengers are booked on their aircraft! Other than that a very good experience.

My Travel Airways - by Barry Hamilton
24 May 2006

Manchester to Vancouver. As regular visitors to Vancouver we decided to upgrade to premier gold. On arrival at Manchester we were informed there was no priority check-in but "as it wasn`t too busy it didnt matter". We have travelled in the front on a number of times, my advice would be save your money as the legroom is not much better than the back. On arrival at Vancouver only one exit door was being used, an announcement was made that Premier gold passengers would be leaving the aircraft first, to do so we had to enter the rear cabin to disembark [this went down very well]. On the return journey we left Vancouver on time even though the inbound was late. When dinner was served, we were in row 7, the flight attendant said she was so sorry but there hadn`t been enough premier gold meals loaded to go round. The flight attendant brought us two meals, and said she would give us some snacks - she gave us a packet of Maltesers and a pack of cheese and crackers. Later in the flight they announced that they were 83 meals short for breakfast - whilst it didnt affect us its not right. We have grandchildren in Vancouver and visit once or twice a year and will not be using this airline again.

My Travel Airways - by Shirli Walker
20 May 2006

Gatwick to Toronto - 6 May 2006 - Premier Gold. Excellent service. Very friendly cabin crew. Nothing too much trouble. Seats were perfect, 1G and 1J. Best seats in the house. Bit close for the washroom queue, but not a problem. Toronto - Gatwick 13 May 2006 - different seats, and uncomfortable. I am 5'10" and the pitch seemed small. Cabin crew seemed to wake us every 5 mins with something - duty free, closing the blinds etc. Seemed like a very long flight. Overall, would travel My Travel again, but Premier Gold every time.

My Travel Airways - by Julie Moore
15 May 2006

Manchester to Dalaman May 2006. Check in fast and efficient. As usual the seats were cramped but you get what you pay for - got a very good deal for whole holiday package so you can tolerate a certain amount of discomfort. Cabin crew very friendly, efficient and did not show any irritation with people standing in the aisles trying to get circulation back in legs! Food was fine. Return flight was brilliant - aircraft only half full so able to stretch, walk around.

My Travel Airways - by M McGovern
21 February 2006

London Gatwick to Sanford USA. Seating was rather cramped on this 9 hour + flight. Given the choice I would have paid to upgrade. Service was reasonable on the flight but was aimed more at those spending. Drinks and food were so expensive so if you do travel with this airline be prepared. A small bottle of water was 1 so take drinks and snacks with you. Your purse or wallet will appreciate it. Crew appearance was rather ragged - one tie in particular had more stains on it than a fast food table. You pay your money so you take your choice. My choice would be to spend a little more and get that extra legroom and a decent service.




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