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Mt Cook Airline - by Jesse Beacham

25 January 2002

I have recently travelled with Air New Zealand links "Mount Cook Airline". I flew from Dunedin to Christchurch and flew with link again the following day to Rotorua. The aircraft used for both journeys were the old Ansett New Zealand and Qantas New Zealand Bae 146 whisper jets. The service was quick and efficient and I could not believe that three cabin attendants could serve a tasty meal...tea and coffee...a complimentary wine and beer service and THEN clean up all in 45 minutes from DUD to CHC! I think it is the first time I have really taken any notice which is why I write this message today. The Flight attendants were very friendly and professional. Unfortunately however I overheard a conversation between a flight attendant and another passenger. The flight attendant Sue explained to this gentlemen that she had worked for Ansett NZ and Qantas NZ and now Air NZ. Sadly however Air NZ were about to get rid of the BAe 146's and again Sue and her fellow colleagues were going to be out of a job!!! It became obvious to me that Sue and maybe even the other two flight attendants had flown for a number of years now and dedicated a lot of time to the various airlines. Sue did mention that she was very grateful for Air NZ picking up QF New Zealand after its failed attempt at "flying New Zealand skies". But she did feel a little let down. I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the flight from Dunedin and my second leg from CHC to ROT. The service was commendable and I am amazed that these people can still deliver such an amazing service with the thought of losing one's job looming over one's head. Apparently Air NZ are not moving these guys onto other aircraft either. I have flown a lot both domestic and international with Air NZ and have never really had any complaints...I just hope that Air NZ honour all the ex-Ansett NZ and Qantas NZ crew both on the ground and in the air. Good luck to them all and thank you for being great frontline advocates for our national carrier.



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