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LAM Mozambique Airlines Passenger Reviews and Customer Trip Reports


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LAM Mozambique Airlines customer review :  23 October 2010 by David Savage   (South Africa)


Trip Rating :  0/10

Score 0 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Shocking. 12 hour delay from Inhambane to Johannesburg, with forced stop in Maputo in middle of the night. No information on what was going was was given to passengers, staff were rude and unhelpful, bordering on offensive. Save yourself the trouble and never fly LAM if you can avoid it.

LAM Mozambique Airlines customer review : 1 August 2010 by M Banks

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Ranking

MPT-JNB, delayed for 1 hour, but once onboard the Embraer flight was fine. Clean well maintained new aircraft, snack and drinks offered during the short hop to Joburg. Announcements in English not too easy to follow

LAM Mozambique Airlines customer review : 5 October 2009 by J Antenucci

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Ranking

Maputo-Quelimane return. New plane (Bombardier), in-flight service good, was provided with a reasonable meal. Check-in Maputo-Quelimane no problem and plane on time. Return leg a little more complicated, flight delayed by about 6 hours due to mechanical problems. They finally replaced the plane in Maputo, and we ended up with the same Bombardier we'd flown up on. Again, once it arrived there was no issues with the check-in or service.

LAM MOZAMBIQUE AIRLINES review : 17 March 2009 : by R Thomas

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Ranking

One of the worst managed airlines that I have flown. I live in Mozambique and hence am forced to fly with this airline more often than I would like to. When there are delays quite often, there are no announcements, no staff appear to tell passengers what the situation is or when the flight would actually leave. They just ignore everyone. Inflight catering is a joke, you can expect a bun with processed cheese and juice. On a recent flight from Nampula to Maputo which was supposed to leave at 7pm, the flight left at 9pm with no announcements / apologies for the delay we ultimately arrived past midnight in Maputo. I was in business class and all they gave us was a small packet of peanuts and soft drinks. I understand that the economy passengers fared better with soft drinks and a bigger pack of potato chips. Seating is usually a free for all on most flights. The inflight magazine keeps harping about on time flights and quality of service which most readers find funny.

LAM MOZAMBIQUE AIRLINES review : 27 August 2008 : by I Vos

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Ranking

I booked a flight with LAM to fly from Dar es Salaam to Maputo. After 3 flight cancellations and 4 additional changes on the dates I booked originally, the airline offered a very round-about way to get to the destination, via Nairobi (which is the wrong way, and the capital of another neighbouring country), and via two small domestic airports, Nampula and Pemba. All in all this journey lasted for more than 8 hours, for a trip that should be just short of 3 hours. In addition, at all Mozamibican stop-overs, passengers were asked to leave the airplane and leave their luggage aboard. During one of these stop-overs, goods were stolen from passenger hand luggage that remained on board. On the way back, our tickets were cancelled by the airline for unexplained reasons, even though I was holding the originals in my hand. We spent hours at a desk trying to get our flights back (connecting internationally), which finally was successful due to supportive ground staff. The service onboard was fair, and we received assistance while travelling with an infant. The routing from capital to capital is unacceptable for a self-respecting airline, and the stealing of passenger's goods obviously ruins any holiday / business trip. I will not fly with this airline again, if I can avoid it, and would strongly recommend against flying with this airline.


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