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Customer Review scoring : Midwest Airlines
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MIDWEST AIRLINES customer review :  10 February 2012 by B Hayes   (USA)


Trip Rating :  9/10

Score 9 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


I have used Midwest a couple of times, most recently Kansas City, Missouri to Boston, Massachusetts and back. Flight was comfortable. Our bags were a bit slow coming back to KCI. Drinks served onboard, with a good selection. You can buy snacks and alcoholic drinks, but only with a credit card. Staff were kind. The seat comfy enough. The flight only took 4 hours so there was no entertainment provided.

MIDWEST AIRLINES customer review : 9 November 2009 by Karen Troutman

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

We didn't realize that Midwest was actually now Republic and Midwest in name only. We had an awful, commuter plane for a 3-hour flight to New York. Coming and going, there was not room on the plane for our carry-ons. The attendants, coming and going, were surly. The seats are small - even for me, 5'2". The thing that really killed me is I thought if they checked our baggage at the door of the plane, they would at least have the luggage put back at the door. No! We had to walk down to baggage handling and wait for our luggage. What galls us is they have the nerve to call it Midwest Just the fact that they are trying to "dupe" us makes me want to try other airlines before I will fly them again.

MIDWEST AIRLINES customer review : 30 August 2009 by Carl Kaiser

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

I agree with Thomas Cooper's comments re Midwest becoming "just another airine". We usually fly Midwest twice a year from Grand Rapids to Seattle and return. Yesterday's (8/19) return flights were all late: 1 hr. from Seattle, I hr. 10 minutes from Kansas City, and 1 1/2 hours from Milwaukee to Grand Rapids. Lateness can be put up with, IF the flight attendants would at least show some understanding, but such was not the case on any of the flights. Get the job done, and forget the personal involvement: that seems to be the slogan these days. Since these twice-a-year flights must continue for some time, I"m scrambling to see what other options there are, rather than remain a dyed-in-the-wool Midwest fan.

MIDWEST AIRLINES customer review : 27 December 2008 : by Thomas Cooper

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Midwest used to be a jewel of an airline, one that I would recommend to friends and spend a little extra to fly. It slowly became "just like everyone else" and, based on recent experiences, has descended to a bottom of the barrel, one to avoid airline. The first class seating: gone. The meals on real dishes: gone. The nickel and diming: here. My flight was recently canceled due to the snow storms in the Midwest. After spending the entire day at the airport I finally got to speak to someone at the desk. I wanted to reschedule my flight for the next weekend and she told me that I could easily do that online and asked me to step aside to keep the line moving. I asked her to confirm her promise because I didn't want to get out of line without a new reservation unless she was sure. She promised again that I would be able to do it easily online. Of course I got home and found that I couldn't do it online and I couldn't get through their jammed phone system for four days. When I finally got through and booked my flight I was initially told I would have to pay an extra $700! This is for a flight that they canceled! That finally got straightened out, but then I was told that while they were straightening it out the last seats had been sold and I would have to rebook for yet another day! No apologies. In fact, in spite of my attempts to be polite the woman on the phone was incredibly rude, cutting me off and never listening to what I was saying. I asked her to pass along the debacle including the fact that the airport ticket agent was giving false information to passenger after passenger. Her response: I don't pass thing on, you'll have to call customer relations yourself and they'll probably make you wait son hold longer than we do. I'm originally from Milwaukee and used to take such pride in this airline. It makes me sad. Even relative to the major carriers, they have become an awful airline.

MIDWEST AIRLINES customer review : 24 December 2008 : by B Thompson

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

This airlines seems very uneven its service and comfort. It used to be a desirable choice for my travels, but they now seem to have gone the let's nitpick the customer for all they're worth route. First is the effectively bait-and-switch pricing for the "saver" tickets which may fill up and then left with only paying for signature service - ($100+ for a roundtrip.) Second is food for a fee but only with substantial luck. They seem to run out of the most popular choices half-way through the plane, and all the food about three-fourths through the plane. (Well maybe if you paid for "signature" service - you'd be in that first half). And now - like many other airlines (but not the economy Southwest Airlines, go figure) - you pay for baggage checkin. I guess they figure they will get the customer's foot in the door with a ticket price on par (or actually still above) some competitors, and then sock-it-to-them. Unless one upgrades, one is left with lousier service and lousier seats than most other airlines. What the heck is the pitch of the seats in steerage anyway. I'm 5'11" and thin, but my knees are into the back of the other seats.

MIDWEST AIRLINES customer review : 5 September 2008 : by G Nishihira

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

SAN-MSN-SAN. I selected Midwest as I wanted my spouse to experience the Signature Service seating and chocolate chip cookies baked on board. Purchased buy-on-board steak salad both ways - it was delicious. All employees friendly and efficient. Connecting in Kansas City was convenient - a wonderful airline.

MIDWEST AIRLINES customer review : 23 July 2008 : by R Hill

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Midwest Express just canceled a large percentage of their flights and didn't notify their customers of the changes. We found out via the press release we sent out to media, and couldn't get any confirmation off of their Web site regarding our flight, and had to wait on hold for two hours - call never was picked up. Finally got through to customer service for after dealing with repeated busy signal, and although I tried to be nice about everything, the customer service worker didn't bother to apologize for the inconvenience. Luckily I was able to book a flight with another airline, but sadly, will be paying more. I've used Midwest Express for years, and have always recommended them for their customer service, even paying extra to use them at times. This experience has soured me completely. Best care in the air - maybe. Worst care on the ground - definitely.

Midwest Airlines - by Kathy Willis

28 June 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

My daughter and I were on Flight 211 from Milwaukee to Boston. I want to commend the flight attendents for a professional job. There was a passenger in seat 6C that was not being very cooperative with the seat belt laws. I thought that they handled the woman very professionally. I and my daughter had a wonderful experience. Of course the warm chocolate cookies were great too!

Midwest Airlines - by Rick Sager

13 June 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

I have flown this airline about six times. The ease out of Milwaukee compared to O'Hare is unbeatable. The planes are clean and comfortable, staff onboard always been friendly and professional. The leg room and seats can't be beat for comfort.

Midwest Airlines - by Hugh Friel

23 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Flew Midwest San Diego to LGA with connection in Kansas City. By far the best airline I have flown with. Ground crew excellent, cabin crew,superb. Wide leather seats on aircraft. Lots of legroom.

Midwest Airlines - by James Wells

8 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

By far the best airline I've ever flown . I've flown hundreds of flights on them and have had no problems over the years minus a few understandable delays here and there.

Midwest Airlines - by C Chavez

11 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

I enjoy flying on Midwest, fresh cookies on board and roomy seats are a plus - if you fly their signature service. I fly LGA-MCI route frequently and have never had a bad experience, I only wish they adjusted schedules by about an hour on some route to fit in better with some of the MCI shuttles and they also lack a morning flight on Sundays. FAs are usually polite, baggage service is average.

Midwest Airlines - by Mike Clark

2 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

I recently flew from one side of the country to the other with Midwest Airlines, transitting through Milwakuee and Kansas City. My first flight leg was from Baltimore to Milwaukee with Midwest Connect on a Canadair CRJ200. Check in was very smooth and so was pre-boarding. Our flight attendant onboard this flight was Meagan. Wow her attention to detail was second to none. Congratulatons Meagan on some great service. My second leg was from Milwaukee to Kansas City. This was a 1 hour and 25 minute hop on a Boeing 717 fitted out in an all signature class configuation. The seats on this type of aircraft are very comfortable, they are 20 inches wide and have approximately 34 to 35 inch pitch. The first two flight departed and arrived within 5 minutes of their scheduled times. My last leg from Kansas City to Los Angeles, was delayed for 3 hours this meant an arrival into LA afte 1.00am in the morning. As you could imagine this was not the best news that I had heard. The delay however was not the fault of the airline, but due to weather in Boston which is where the aircraft on this leg had original departed from. The airline staff at Kansas City was informative about the delay and tried to keep everyone updated in regards to the status of the flight.

Midwest Airlines - by David Fulcher
7 August 2007

DLH-MKE-WAS and return WAS-MKE-DLH. Very nice onboard staff with very comfortable seats. We did experience a delay on the return trip from MKE-DLH we had a "mechanical problem" and had to wait about 2 hours for our flight. It was a little frustrating, but what airline doesn't have a few problems today. Overall flying with Midwest was a pleasure. I will certainly fly them again in the future.

Midwest Airlines - by Richard Smelser
15 February 2007

OMA-DCA. We were transferred from a Northwest flight (OMA-MSP-DCA) onto the nonstop Midwest Airlines route. The Northwest flight is about $100 cheaper than Midwest, so we were pleasantly surprised when it was no extra charge. The leather seats on the Boeing 717 were very wide and roomy. The fresh cookies and friendly FA on the flight helped cheer us up from a bad Northwest Airlines experience. Overall, an excellent experience with Midwest Airlines. We fly with them every opportunity we get.

Midwest Airlines - by J Weller
3 December 2006

Fly Midwest whenever I can, usually MCI-PHX, on 717s. It's a really pro operation...I'm a nervous flier but I feel at ease on Midwest flights because the FAs are competent and friendly, the planes are clean and well maintained, and the pilots actually talk to the passengers...not a quick gruff greeting. Just makes me feel much more comfortable about the whole experience. And Milwaukee is a beautiful and clean airport too, I never mind connecting there. Highly recommend Midwest!!

Midwest Airlines - by Shawn Ulrick
5 November 2006

I fly this airline every time I can. They usually are a little more than NWA to fly from DCA to MSP, but it is well worth it. It is also worth the stopover in Milwaukee. The seats are very large and comfy - every seat is a 1st class seat on the Boeing jets in most routes the airline flies -- and, most importantly, they treat you like people!

Midwest Airlines - by Brandon Peskar
13 September 2006

Twin Cities to Louisville via Milwaukee. Was extremely impressed with the planes and service. The flight from Milwaukee to Louisville was a 19 seat turboprop plane. But, despite the shortcomings of a turboprop, the flight was highly enjoyable. And leather seats too. I plan on flying with them every chance I get. Now only if they would open a route to Portland.

Midwest Airlines - by Bob Vernola
22 August 2006

DCA to MCI. First time on Midwest. Flight aboard MC-80, leather seats and warm cookies. My granddaughter enjoyed this very much. Was extremely surprised when told that they had run out of food. We were seated midway on aircraft. This happened on the return flight also. Was looking for a really upscale trip, based on many reviews I had reviewed, however didn't see all that much of a difference from the other airlines. The FA's were friendly, not overly. We did depart and arrive on time with a short turnaround to retrieve luggage. Overall a good flight experience.

Midwest Airlines - by Nike Kleiger
1 July 2006

Midwest airlines is truly a breath of fresh air after flying airlines like American and USair. Flying BWI-DEN-BWI by way of MCI on American was a real hastle- their flights were continously delayed, especially in MCI. Inbound we eventually got to DEN after hours of delays but on our way home, our flight out of DEN was delayed so much (with no explanation as to why) that we missed our connection in MCI, and American basically told us there was nothing they could do for us because we should have made the flight, which was total BS. Fortunately, there was a Midwest flight leaving for BWI soon, so we were able to transfer to that and it made all the difference. The staff at the check in counter were incredibly understanding and very very warm and kind, even joking with us about our rough experience with American. When we boarded the flight, I recall it was an MD-80, we were pleased to find all the seats leather with plenty of legroom. As we had been transfered onto the flight at the last minute, we were seated in the back a few rows in front of the engines, so it wasn't the quietest flight ever, but I had my iPod so it made no difference. After take off the pilot came on and warmly welcomed us and introduced himself. The FAs came around with hot towels, an act that almost made me forget the incredibly long day at Denver International airport we had just had. Soon after they were back with warm cookies. The FAs were also very kind and understood what we had been through and one of them even stopped to chat with us for a while. Touched down in BWI about 25 minutes early and sincerely thanked us for flying. Will definetly be flying midwest as often as possible - love the all business class arrangement. Thanks Midwest!

Midwest Airlines - by Chris Hines
26 June 2006

SFO-MKE-SFO return. Outbound with a stop at MCI, nonstop on the inbound. Midwest operates their old workhorse MD80s on this route under the Saver Service brand. Seats are covered in cloth rather than leather, but the seat pitch is nearly identical to what you would find on a Signature Service flight. For inflight entertainment, digEplayers are offered for USD10...for an additional USD2, you can purchase a earphone "splitter" and share the player with a companion. I didn't see too many customers renting the players. Sandwiches, salads and snack boxes were available for purchase. I would advise anyone traveling on a flight departing SFO not to buy the food on board. The quality of the food was poor. Catering on the return flight from MKE, however, was notably better. Inflight service was pleasant, and all flights were on time.

Midwest Airlines - by J Kapper
25 March 2006

MKE-LGA and return flight. Outbound flight delayed nearly two hours due to weather, however excellent YX hub facilities in Milwaukee make it painless. Boeing 717 seemed brand new, 1st class style signature service seating the reason why i try to fly YX whenever possible. Excellent $5 meal far superior to the offerings of mainstream airlines. Very fast baggage service at LGA, out of the terminal within 5 min. On the return flight LGA-MKE there was also a two hour weather delay. B concourse at LGA was overcrowded and there was no seating in the YX gate area because of 3 delayed flights. Next time I use YX to the New York area I will fly into Newark. Midwest has an excellent product, but their location at LGA can't handle the crowds. In flight service on return was just as good, also on a newer 717.

Midwest Airlines - by N Prestage
12 February 2006

Plush leather seats, friendly knowledgable employees, on-time performance, fresh new aircraft that are immaculate and well maintained, and real meals on board! Who said quality in-flight service is a thing of the past? They're doing everything right. Give these fine folks a try. You won't be disappointed.

Midwest Airlines - by Joe Kadri
24 August 2005

I flew Midwest LGA-MKE-LAS. The LGA-MKE flight was on their Signature Service, big leather seats and service with a smile. Which was good considering we had a 6:45am departure... MKE- LAS on their saver service, seats werent leather but the legroom was really good and the seats were very comfortable.

Midwest Airlines - by D Fraser
10 August 2005

Just flew Midwest for the first time this weekend. It was the WORST experience I have ever had flying anywhere. We were delayed 10 hours one way due to a mechanical problem and 6 hours on the return due to "weather" problems even though every other airline was flying. Beside form being constantly lied to about what was going on we paid for Signature Service seats, yet they put us on Super Saver planes which are rubbish. Once on board the Flight Attendants were rude and downright disrespectful of our children who were extremely well behaved. We would not ever fly Midwest again even if we were given free tickets.

Midwest Airlines - by Thomas Lamb
4 July 2005

In the past two years if I could fly Midwest I always do. Ticket prices are very good, seats are GREAT (I'm a large guy and need the extra room), it's CLEAN and most times I get a direct flight. I've fly out of Kansas City (MCI), to San Antonio TX, San Francisco CA, Oakland CA and Orlando FL and it's always been a pleasure. I wish some of the other airlines could live up to Midwest's standard. This recognition is well deserved!

Midwest Airlines - by Michael Gaffney

6 May 2005

Flew round trip from Kansas City to Orange County CA in March '05. Flew round trip Kansas City to Boston in April '05. Ticket prices were comparable to Southwest (inexpensive), and the wide seats and newer, cleaner cabins were marvelous. Service was efficient and pleasant. Used to be a Southwest fan, but now am a Midwest fan. Flying economy class never felt so upscale. From now on, Midwest will be my first choice, & depending on availability of routes, Southwest will be my second choice.

Midwest Airlines - by Manjunath Gopal

25 January 2005

MKE-PHL RT on January 14-16th. On time service both flights. The E-Kiosks in Milwaukee are a blessing and even allow baggage checking facilities. The seats are the best in the US. And now they are even offering low fares, which they did not do 4 years ago. Flight to Philly 75 per cent full. Have been taking a lot of flights on this sector, since I am currently avoiding long term bookings on US Air, the only other airline on the sector. Chocolate Chip cookies baked onboard are a nice touch.

Midwest Airlines - by Faith Gilhuber

4 November 2004

I would like to thank every member of the Midwest team, from Pilot, to "rampers" with whom I came in contact as my handicapped husband and I attempted our first flight. Each and every Midwest representative was respectful, helpful and extraordinarily kind. I was apprehensive, frightened and uncertain. They made us feel so secure as they all demonstrated "the best care in the air". I thank each and every one of them.

Midwest Airlines - by Barb Wingfield

8 September 2004

I had the opportunity to fly Midwest out of Orlando to Milwaukee and on to Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 2, 2004 just as Florida was preparing for Hurricane Frances. It was a very chaotic time at the airport. The staff (Scott and Maria) at the Orlando Airport could not have been nicer or more helpful. The crew on the plane were friendly, polite, and focused on the passengers at all times. The plane was roomy, comfortable and the warm cookies were certainly a very nice added touch. Thank you Midwest for being so customer focused! It was a pleasure!

Midwest Airlines - by Debe L. Zurawski

27 October 2003

Midwest Airlines and it's cousin Skyways are the best airlines around, I always try to fly either one of them when traveling, and avoid any other airline if humanly possible.

Midwest Airlines - by Justin Saffell

28 September 2003

My whole family has flown Midwest and we haven't gone on any other airline since. Their service was great and the planes are as clean and fresh as they can get. The meals are great and the on-board baked cookies melt in your mouth. 

Midwest Airlines - by Anthony Agadzi

01 October 2002

Midwest Express has by far the best service and onboard catering of any US Airline - phenomenal! Real, hot meals on china in all-premium coach class seating. On-time performance, warm cookies and complimentary liquor.

Midwest Airlines - by B Caniff

23 September 2002

We recently flew Midwest Express, from Boston to Los Angelas and returned from San Francisco. Both flights connected through Milwaukee. I have to commend all the staff at Midwest. Their flight attendants are on strike, and they never passed their dissatisfaction of their contract breakdown on to the passengers. Their service as always was above and beyond all other carriers. I have flown other carriers during strike times, and they can make your traveling miserable. Our travelling allowed us to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, the service was outstanding, the food was excellent, the planes were spotless, the on-time performance was right on. I was amazed to find out that the flight attendants were on strike, because their was no disruption what so ever, at any of the airports, and on-board. Go Midwest, you are the Best. Other airlines could use you folks as an example of how you can be on strike, and still give your job 110%, in hopes that everything will be resolved peacefully. Congratulations on winning the award for the Best of domestic. You truly are "The Best Care In The Air" Thank you for giving us great service.


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