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Mesaba Airlines - by Mary Bradbury

27 October 2006

I have travelled weekly from Detroit to Champaign and back for 2 years. I find the ground staff in Champaign to be friendly and very professional. The aircraft are small and the seats not comfortable but for a short flight it is manageable. While the flights are not always on time due to weather and other delays the ground crew at champaign is always able to turn the flight around in record time and make up most of the delay. I have no plans to change airlines.

Mesaba Airlines - by Jesse Standifer

22 April 2006

Monore, LA - Memphis, TN, and back four times. Service is provided by Saab 340 turboprops. These planes are loud, very small, and the seats tend to be hard. The staff at Monroe is rather disorganized and unprofessional at times. That being said, all flights were on time. Cabin service, which included beverages only, was adequate considering the length of the flight (50 mins). The staff in Memphis were professional but not very friendly. All in all, an OK experience and one that is worth repeating if a direct flight to Memphis is needed from Monroe. However, if you have some extra time or are on leisure travel, stick with Delta and their regional jet service or American with regional jet service in nearby Shreveport or Jackson, MS.

Mesaba Airlines - by Giuseppe Gigliello

18 March 2006

Chattanooga - Memphis, departing on time from Chattanooga, after a quick and nice check-in procedure, with the wooden brakes still blocking the gear wheels. We saw an airport officer running towards our Saab Aircraft while we were just starting the roll-out procedure. The Saab airplane was small, quite a scaring flight because of the turbulence and the small size of the plane. Just one hostess as cabin crew, professional but not much friendly. I do prefer the Pinnacle Airlines operated connection with the Canadian Regional Jet, a great bird.



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