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27 December 2007

MAXjet ceased flights 24 December 2007 due to financial problems.

MAXjet Airways - by David Cooper

26 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

I have heard of their demise today, a great disappointment. My first experience with them was arriving with my wife at STN last year to hear of the last minute cancellation of our IAD flight due to supposed mechanical failure (underbooking, more likely). We were immediately flown out to NYC on Virgin Upper Class from LHR after an M25 dash, and transferred to Washington on the next day, following a dreadful overnight stop near JFK. Our return flight from IAD was excellent in every respect. Having taken up our initial experience with their PA department on our return, I heard from them three weeks later - with an offer of two free return flights to anywhere on their network. We took this up in June for a California flydrive via LAS. Outward flight was again excellent in every respect and Stansted was a revelation - but Maxjet let themselves down with a 3 hour delay at LAS on the way back because of a glitch over catering equipment that left them with the need to wash and sterilise the set used on the outward flight. Once we were in the air it was the usual good standard. Had they not gone under, we would almost certainly have flown with them again.

MAXjet Airways - by Bill Harvey

20 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Stansted to Vegas return - I was worried when Maxjet shares were suspended the day before my outbound flight. But both flights were punctual, food good, liberal quantities of champagne, comfortable seats, very reasonable prices. The plane was only half-full so I had a double seat to myself. Staff were helpful though seemed new to their jobs - I could see them reading from the manual as they made various announcements. I can't compare to full- price business class but compared to economy transatlantic flight this was an excellent way to travel for not a great deal more money. I hope Maxjet survive their financial hiccup because the service was excellent and I'd like to travel with them again.

MAXjet Airways - by Stuart Hawksworth

20 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Stansted to Las Vegas return. Check-in, fast track security and lounge were excellent at Stansted. Service and food on the flight was good (better food than Continental Business First out of Birmingham). Seats old but comfortable and did not mind manual controls. Outbound there was a lingering smell from the toilets in the mid section which the crew sprayed with air freshener a couple of times. Check-in was very good at Las Vegas - no massive line - and the lack of lounge was no big deal, given the cost of the tickets. Inbound was a good flight, very pleasant crew and altogether a great experience. A much better product than premium economy with other airlines.

MAXjet Airways - by Steven Neerkin

12 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

If you are used to flying economy you will love MaxJet. If you are a regular user of other airlines business class you will be less enthusiastic. On the upside, the checking in procedure in London and Las Vegas was a pleasure, completed in under 3 mins at both ends and staff very helpful. The seats onboard are fine. However, there lacks a certain polish one would expect from business class on other airlines. The staff are a little unorganised and they seem to run out of a lot of stuff - food, duty free etc. However, the price of the ticket does offer fantastic value.

MAXjet Airways - by P Naylor

11 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

STN-LAS-STN. Overall a very pleasant experience. STN check-in is quick and the Fast-track through security a bonus. The lounge at the boarding gate is a little small. Aside from that it offers all the standard biz-class trimmings. On time departures in both directions we also well received. The 767 cabin is bright and spacious. The website 'tour' of it doesn't do it justice. The seats are very comfortable, enabling a comfortable nap but they do not recline to horizontal. On board service is good and the food quality fine although the menu could have a little more variety. This is a better product than the various premium economy services available and I would use them again.

MAXjet Airways - by John Henshaw

7 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

We have just returned from our first trip on Maxjet STN Las Vegas return. A few more comfortable seats at STN would have been appreciated as we were sharing with a JFK flight and the room was pretty full, also a facility at Vegas would have been a bonus. However, the fast track check in at Stansted, facilities of the lounge, punctuality of the flights, comfort and legroom, willingness and friendliness of staff, and quality of the food could not be faulted. Excellent service and value for money.

MAXjet Airways - by Alan Stamp

27 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Returned from Las Vegas and found the experience a revelation compared to economy class. The leg room is very good (60" seat pitch) with nearly flat seats (160 degrees). The lounge at Stansted was very good and would have been appreciated at Las Vegas, where there is not a lounge. Food much better quality than economy. Service on the return flight a little slow due to training of new personnel, but not bad enough to ruin the experience. Overall, very good value for what you pay and I would not hesitate to recommend this airline to anyone as a superior, and cost efficient alternative to economy or prem/economy with major airlines.

MAXjet Airways - by Peter Park

27 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

JFK to STN. The good - easy and efficient check-in (check in opens at JFK at 4:00 PM for 8:15 PM flight); Good lounge shared with other airlines - good food and amenities and beverages; Good escort through "fast track" security - basically you go to head of reguar security line; Good seats - a little dated, but quite comfortable with perhaps 80% recline; Good but not great food served tray style - not like mainstream business airlines. Skip the greasy 3 cheese omelet for breakfast Fruit plate is a better choice.The "not quite up to business class": Crew do not work as a team, and appear not to have worked together before; Plane is a little dated (we got the one that had been with some Asian airline given the signs in Chinese characters as well as English) We were kept informed of delay updates (see below), but helpful staff coordinator suffered from lack of information from others. The bad: Captain did not show up but either the original one or another was flown in from Charlotte NC while we waited -- 8:15 PM takeoff became 11:45 takeoff. Would I fly MaxJet again? Yes, at the $521 (including taxes) one way fare, The key is what others have posted: If you are used to mainstream airline business class you will be disappointed, but if economy or premium economy is your experience, you will be impressed.

MAXjet Airways - by Derek Hill

12 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Las Vegas to Stansted Be warned, there is no Maxjet lounge at Vegas - and no lounge-sharing arrangement. I was forced to purchase a day-pass to the United lounge. Maxjet have let themselves down very badly in that respect. One of their managers at Vegas told me in response to my complaint, that they have been trying for over a year to get some space! Otherwise the trip was satisfactory. I've used them several times before for the STN-JFK-STN route, but they always let themselves down with the catering - certainly not the "gourmet" meals that they claim. But overall, as on my previous trips with them, Maxjet are extremely good value for money.

MAXjet Airways - by Hugh Bostock

12 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Return STN-JFK. Until this trip, always flown economy class. The experience of not having my knees under my chin came as quite a revelation as did not having to pay 3 for an inflight sandwich. STN to JFK was excellent: fast track security then free drinks and food in the Maxjet lounge. On the plane the cabin crew were attentive and efficient, plane left on time, food was nice and we arrived 20 minutes early. The return night flight from JFK was not so good: the plane left 2 hours late and the cabin service was amateurish and haphazard. But who's complaining?

MAXjet Airways - by Adam Warburton

7 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

STN-JFK yesterday was a pleasant enough flight. Aircraft a little old but clean (apart from WCs) and very spacious cabin with excellent seats. Food and beverages good as too was entertainment system. The let down the crew. Hopelessly disorganised and unprofessional. Laughing and smiling behind the galley curtains - short, sharp and inappropriate in front of the customer. Most well dressed but a couple of the guys very scruffy. Two of the female crew excellent and great ambassadors.

MAXjet Airways - by Alistair Mutch

6 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

I was due to fly from Stansted to Washington and the flight never got off the ground after them keeping us in the lounge for 5 hours. The ground crew were polite and worked hard to help us but it was clear they were struggling. We were all shipped off to LHR for a Virgin flight (the only partner they have for transfers it would appear) the next morning. They organised taxis, hotel and dinner as well as tickets for VS next morning. When I arrived at Virgin next morning they did not have our tickets, just as well I left plenty of time. They got some people into Upper, some into Premium Economy and the rest (me included) were offered Economy and "2 free return tickets on MaxJet as compensation" - I figured this would let my long suffering wife have a moment of luxury and selected this as they had also run out of Upper tickets ! I have now been chasing these elusive tickets for some 2.5 months, 3 emails, 5 calls, constant promises but no action or return call. Shortly I will lose patience and visit the airport to confront them. The return flight was 5 hours late due to "a technical fault on the place" and they had to move the NY flight out to pick us up. They appear to have no spare capacity at all and a number of old, worn 767 units. Other aspects of the flight, food was okay, service polite, seat excellent, I would use it if it was reliable but judging from comments in the lounge from other travellers it might not appear so. Add to that the crummy post sales service handling a problem and I cannot recommend them if you need the route for business. Allow for error, it would seem likely based on evidence. Sad, good idea, polite people on the ground, under funded, poor service record. I only hope that if they do go out of business that this does not stop other people executing this idea more effectively.

MAXjet Airways - by M Harwood

3 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I have to say how terribly disappointed we all are having had to cancel our vacation to the USA for next year. We live in London, very near to Stansted and were excited about travelling from there rather than Gatwick. Our plans involved Washington DC. We booked our seats early May. I specifically asked about the Washington flight and I have an e-mail guarantee this would not be suspended again. Lies. Suddenly by e-mail, not even personally addressed to me, I receive notification that our flights home have been cancelled. Offered the alternative of JFK. However we had plans to fly on from Vegas, which was our first stop, over to Florida and then fly up to Washington for a weekend visit. Our internal flight and hotel was booked on a non-refund basis. So we have lost money big time because of Maxjet Airways. I asked Maxjet for compensation regarding this but all they would offer was $100 per person and then we needed to get to JFK instead. Result = cancellation of flight from Florida to IAD, lost 550 ($1000+) - cancellation of Washington weekend hotel & trips 600 ($1200+). We would then need to book a Jet Blue flight from Florida into JFK, currently costing $319 per person (total 850 or $1941). Sadly we could not afford all this, with just $600 compensation from Maxjet - so our plans are over, finished. Maxjet took ages to refund our original ticket price. Reliability and honesty is the key for success. Judgement is out on Maxjet as far as I am concerned. Back to Virgin Atlantic from now on.

MAXjet Airways - by B Catling

3 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

First time using MaxJet. Very good service and meal going to Washington (Dulles), staff very friendly and helpful. Return flight delayed 1.5 hours so meal not served till late at night. Would consider using again - shame they dont fly to Atlanta, which is where I was travelling onto. I believe the flight I came back on was the last one to Washington.

MAXjet Airways - by P Phillips

29 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LAX-STN return7. The flight to STN was 75% full and there was plenty of room. The plane appeared tired and old and in need of a good cleaning. The crew was pleasant but so disorganized it was almost comical to watch. They appeared to need a good training class! The food was average. As previously noted, it is very difficult to get in or out of your seat if you have a window seat and the person in front has the seat all the way down. The lounge in LAX was a little inconvenient but very spacious and comfortable. Check in was very easy with no lines! The return flight was on a newer plane and the crew was 100% better in their organization. This flight was about 80% full. Stansted lounge was convenient and well stocked. We would definitely fly Maxjet again because we loved the extra space, semi-flat seats and the price was right. The fear of cancellation is the only major obstacle so we will always add time on both ends of our trip. We would rate them 3 stars outgoing and 4 stars on the return.

MAXjet Airways - by P Cook

28 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Travelled Maxjet to Vegas, return from LA to Stansted. With cheapest fare about same as that offered by BA in their sale for Premium Economy there's no contest. There are better business class cabins and seats out there, but at what cost. Our flights were on time, food and service were good both in the lounges and onboard, so I would have no hesitation using Maxjet again. Only worry was LA flight half empty.

MAXjet Airways - by K McKeggie

26 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Very Annoyed. Maxjet cancelled our flights (via e-mail) on Oct. 9, and they also cancelled the entire route (Stansted to Dulles) so that we couldn't rebook. They suggested an itinerary that would involve a 4.5 hour layover in JFK and a midnight arrival in DC. We're travelling with a 10 month old infant, so this was impossible to contemplate on top of a long journey already. I wrote to "customer care" at Maxjet about this on Oct. 10, and also complained about the late notice. Our travel is less than a month from the cancellation date so now we have to scramble for flights and reasonable fares - not easy. Have I heard from Maxjet - despite several repeated requests for "customer care"? NO. Nothing. I'm really just disgusted. I don't think I'll ever hear from them. Very, very poor service.

MAXjet Airways - by D Blackall

26 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

STN-LAX return. Outbound excellent with smooth checkin, fast track security at Stansted and through to lounge. Very good lounge with great food and drinks. Flight left on time as plane was half full. Crew ok, friendly enough but definitely not polished like BA. Way back was painful. Our reserved seats were given to a separate passenger but after my partner had a strop they were given back. Lounge at LAX is pretty awful. Flight left on time but it took 2 hours for dinner to arrive. Digiboxes are a pain. Not sure Maxjet will survive as the plane outbound was 50% full and the flight the day before was cancelled which occurs regularly. Still a better product than BA or Virgin premium class as its a lot cheaper and fantastic legroom. Could be a great product if they get it together and advertise their concept.

MAXjet Airways - by B Miller

26 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

STN-LAS-STN. From fast track at Stansted to excellent leg room and attentive flight crew, I can't fault the service. I thoroughly enjoyed the flight (my criticism being the noisy aircraft). Okay, it may not be proper business class in the eyes of some, but you get what you pay for in this world.

MAXjet Airways - by T Wilson

23 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Flew Maxjet to Los Angeles and back from Las Vegas, have to say the experience was disappointing, feel MaxJet jet offers economy class service with old fashioned business class seats. The cabin crew were the worst I have experienced. The digiplayer means you cannot use your tray for meals or work and watch the TV. No pre take -off drink, first proper drink offered one hour after take-off, meal took forever which on a night flight to wait two hours for the meal to be served is stupid, we took off at 19.30 by 22.00 we were still only being offered the dessert. Breakfast was the same slow service and slow to take away the trays which made many of the passengers impatient. Shame as the quality of the food is very good. The basic problem is lack of interest by the cabin crew who seem to respond to people asking for what they want rather that actually knowing what people want. The cabin steward serving our side of the plane went down the isle serving one drink at a time - I had a glass of red my wife had glass of white, he went to the front came back with my wife's white wine went back and came back with my red! Why no drinks trolley? If you wanted another glass it was not offered it had to be asked for.

MAXjet Airways - by Gary King

23 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Washington to London Stansted. Excellent check in then directed to Northwest lounge in terminal B, which was packed out and only offered limited snacks and drinks. After the scheduled departure time had passed I requested an update from the rather miserable Northwest lounge agent who then told me that the flight was 1.5 hours late. So much for keeping your passengers informed. The flight finally boarded nearly 2 hours behind schedule. The aircraft, a Boeing 767-200 is fitted out in a 2x2x2 business class configuration but was only about 50% full. The seats are of the old fashioned business class style so not lie flat, but plenty of leg room. We departed for the active runway only to park up with the engines shut down due to adverse weather. So there we stayed parked up at the end of the runway for over 2 hours. The crew did what they could to keep us happy. We were served soft drinks and fizzy wine and were allowed to use our mobile phones. Eventually the aircraft was allowed to take off with a new flight plan whch avoided the bad weather. By that stage I decided to sleep for the rest of the flight and managed 5 hours kip with a reasonable degree of comfort. In the morning I enjoyed a light breakfast with tea, prior to landing some 4 hours behind schedule. Maxjet offer a very good and well priced business class product but their timekeeping is questionable.

MAXjet Airways - by John Barnes

17 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

STN-LAS return. Outbound prompt. Return flight delayed an hour by minor mechanical defect but kept advised by crew. Planes are tired and seats old but they are very comfortable and crew generally try very hard. May not be up to true business class but close and at the price you cannot complain. Only problem with LAS is Virgin Atlantic out of LGW. Depending on slots and delays (appear endemic on VA) Maxjet can arrive just behind a 747 full of passengers so immigration can be a nightmare. First time in many visits to US I've found immigration agent with personality and at pains to apologise for the delays due to VA! Similarly, on return, if the VA flight is delayed the LAS terminal 2 can become very crowded in the absence of separate lounge facility for Maxjet. Would be delighted to fly Maxjet again. See they have finally acknowledged defeat and cancelled their IAD service from next month.

MAXjet Airways - by P Perry

17 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Stansted - Dulles return. We were absolutely delighted with the whole thing. Outward lounge at Stansted very nice and check-in was painless. The flight was comfortable and service exceptionally friendly with very reasonable food. The return flight was not quite as good due to the lounge at Washington not being up to Stansted standard and the flight was delayed a couple of hours due to "unscheduled maintenance" However the seats were comfortable, service friendly and we were able to sleep. This surely represents value for money and we will be using it again.

MAXjet Airways - by M Deba

17 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

STN-LAS and back and have in the past used Maxjet to/from JFK. Delays on both outward (ex STN) flights of 5 and 2 hours respectively but both returns on time. Aircraft old but acceptable, seats OK (typical 80's business class) and food only average (not gourmet). Beware pre-assigned seats can disappear for no apparent reason so it is still worth checking in early - our pre-booked seats were not booked when we checked in (despite being assigned when we checked a few days earlier) and handling agent unable to explain why. Tip - try and sit near the front, the service often deteriorates the further you sit from the forward galley. Attitude of Manager at STN to seat problem very poor - big false smile on her face whilst she said "seats are not guaranteed, we have six aircraft which often change". All the aircraft are 767's and even if configured slightly differently they all have a row 3! My biggest gripe is service on board. Whilst cabin crew in are friendly/polite they take an age to serve drinks, each meal course, clear up, replenish drinks, etc. On night flight LAS-STN last Thursday it was 4 hours after take off we got our last course, and then waited an age for coffee - not good if you wanted to sleep second half. Unbelievably on a full flight there was just 1 cart serving the cheese/dessert and the coffees making very, very slow progress down the aircraft from the front. I was in row 15 - so was getting very impatient. Other airlines run their meal service like a military operation and replenish empty wine glasses along the way routinely and often, Maxjet crew faff about and make painfully slow progress. Then whilst this is going on you'll see many of the crew chatting in the front galley, maybe clearing up but why not clear up on the second half of the flight when everyone has finished eating and will be asleep - giving the crew plenty of time to do what they want? And don't rely on the crew call button - I saw numerous attempts to attract crew's attention and on hearing the call button "ping" often the attendant(s) did not even look up yet alone look down the cabin to see who was calling. I tried six times to call them while I sat with an empty wine glass before someone bothered to respond. As I said - the crew are friendly and do try but they clearly need better training. It is not a "number of crew to passenger" ratio (though it is poor) because they are often standing chatting in the galley. People want a quicker meal service, especially on night flights when they want to sleep later - and there is no reason why you should not have the opportunity to enjoy the full three courses plus a nightcap. MAXjet crew just need to focus and get organised with the meal service and get it done quicker - then pay attention to drinks replenishment. Overall, comfortable seats, reasonable entertainment (though the content of the digebox a bit dated), reasonable food quality (when you get it) but enjoyment of meal really spoiled by one hour wait (with empty glass) between courses. If you are used to flying economy or premium economy you may enjoy MAXjet but if you usually fly regular business class don't expect anything like the service or attention to detail you have become used to. That said - MAXjet is often much cheaper so it is up to you, just know what to expect.

MAXjet Airways - by E Mount

17 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Our second trip on Maxjet this year: this time going to Washington. Again I have no complaints. We had no delays on our outward journey and only an hour coming back and this was spent in the lounge, so no real hardship.

MAXjet Airways - by G Fiorino

11 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

IAD-STN return with wife and one kid. Overall a pleasant experience. The seats were roomy and comfortable, I didn't make a big deal on the fact that they're the old generation, all I care was the fact they I could sleep. The meal was average airplane food, we even had lobster tails on the way to London. Plenty of drinks. Both flights arrived on time. Good and responsive service from the flight attendants. The lounge in IAD is ok, maybe too crowded, the one in London was better. Check-in was fast, could access reserved lane at security clearing inspections in no time. Plane 75% full on the way to London, and 50% full on the way back to Washington. The only thing we hated was the long and slow line at the immigration in Stansted. Way too slow! We waited one hour in line before to be cleared. The 767 is a little too noisy airplane. I will use Maxjet again.

MAXjet Airways - by J Keller

5 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

My wife has flown Maxjet a number of times and raved about onboard comfort and service. So I decided this time to fly with her, IAD-STN, instead of on United, as I usually do. I had the opportunity to experience the main problem with Maxjet - our flight was cancelled on the day of departure. My wife was travelling on a free ticket from a previous flight which had been cancelled. Perhaps Maxjet's motto should be "A superb experience - if you get off the ground". It seems that cancellations are all too frequent on the IAD-STN route and always blamed on a "maintenance problem". I suspect, however, the real problem is lack of bookings. We were readily re-booked on Virgin Upper Class - a truly awful experience. My wife said the Maxjet service, food, drink and comfort were far above Virgin. Maxjet assured us we would have free ground transportation IAD-STN. I mentioned this at Virgin check-in, at the Virgin Lounge and twice to the flight attendant and was assured that everything was ok. When I checked at the Virgin limo counter at LHR, they had never heard of us and, upon checking, said we weren't entitled to transportation. Virgin could care less about solving our problem. I called the Maxjet UK number and apparently got a rep at the New York call center. She told me to go outside and get a Checker cab and tell the driver it was for Maxjet. I told her I was in London and had never seen a Checker cab there in the last 40 years! She didn't understand and disconnected me. We ended up renting a car at LHR instead of STN even though our destination was only 20 minutes from STN. Maxjet has great on-board service at a very good price - if you ever get a chance to experience it.

MAXjet Airways - by Jeremy Davies

5 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Just flew roundtrip STN to LAX for first time on MAXjet. As has been posted previously, if you're a business class passenger looking for a deal, forget it. If you're economy looking for a deal, it's not bad. STN lounge is fine, LAX lounge is a joke (being bused out from an airline gate to a business lounge made of prefabricatd buildings is so silly). The planes are old, I checked my return plane's FAA details and found it was registered as built in 1985. The seats are the old fashioned mechanical ones, toilets I experienced were not really clean, cabin noise is surprisingly high and the overall impression is not so good. The service was OK, they try hard, but food no way "gourmet", it's what you'd expect from airline food. MAXjet is a great concept, I support it but they need to do it on a less than creaky budget basis.

MAXjet Airways - by R Scorer

5 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LAX - STN and impressed with the service. Although the seats are old style, they are not uncomfortable. Food better than Virgin and cabin crew were pleasant. I will use them again.

MAXjet Airways - by Donald Whittle

5 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Stansted to Dulles. Stansted lounge as good as others reported, fast track etc. Only defect was 2 of the toilets were out of order, but as the plane was half-full that wasn't a great handicap. All on time. Recommended Maxjet to several folk in Virginia, especially musicians travelling to the Charlottesville Music Festival from Europe. But warned them of possible unreliability. Returning on 24th from Dulles - flight cancelled but an excellent and friendly check-in steward made sure we were on the Upper Class Virgin flight at 6.30 and arranged for transport to meet us at Heathrow and take us to Stansted. Virgin lounge even more luxurious and sampled the flat-bed system on way home. Our cab driver said he often did this run for Maxjet and another re-routed traveller had had both flights cancelled and re-scheduled. It sounded as if there had been more recent difficulties over parts/maintenance especially on the Dulles flight. Would certainly fly Maxjet again, hoping for the best and keeping fingers crossed.

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