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Maersk Air- by Brian Dell
2 October 2005

I flew Maersk to Athens, Cairo, and Amsterdam in early 2005. No problems - one of the better values to Egypt. I also flew them from Berlin in June and was impressed that I could get the 50 euro flight booking online just 48 hrs prior to departure. Check-in time appears to be flexible. Only hitch was getting a ticket at Berlin's SXF airport. It might have been the airport's fault since the kiosk served other airlines as well but my ticket was nowhere to be found. Eventually they gave up and I was rushed onto the plane just minutes prior to departure with no ticket so no harm done, I suppose...


Maersk Air- by Steven Mahoney
2 October 2005

Recently flying CDG-CPH, I arrived at the check-in desk 40 minutes before take off due to train delays and didn't catch my plane even though 30 minutes was the deadline. But getting in touch with any Maersk ground staff, was a joke, no one at the airport had heard about the airline. Finally some Air France lady told where they had their ticket office, but of course that was an illusion, being a low cost airline it probably wouldn't bother helping passengers needing help to get home!! I had to buy a new ticket, and was shocked to find out that Maersk's ticket costed more than double the price offered by SAS and Air France, who furthermore offered an open ticket and free food onboard. I'd never fly low cost again, certainly not Maersk.


Maersk Air- by H Tabar
2 October 2005

Outbound flight from LGW to Copenhagen was fine. In "small", space was OK, but then middle seat was free. Crew friendly, and provided tea and coffee, and I easily got away with extra handluggage. Flight arrived about 20 minutes behind schedule, with no explanation. Surprisingly, Maersk do not have e-tickets, and so even though I booked online, I had to pick up a paper ticket at Gatwick. Return was in "Large", which on the Maersk website claims to rival business class. This was a real disappointment, no lounge access in Copenhagen, much stricted hand luggage than from London (they made me check one of my bags). In flight, there was definitely extra legroom (36in), but the seating was 3x3 on a 737, so it felt pretty narrow. Food was served, with a big smile and was more than edible, but "large" passengers were completely ignored until we had been airborne for at least ten minutes. Flight was bang on time returning to LGW. Overall, "small" was a cut above easyjet etc, but not anything like as good as BA, "large" was largely a major disappointment


Maersk Air- by Abdel Khalik
24 September 2005

Copenhagen/Cairo/Copenhagen: small zone. Very clean plane, nice temperature on board. I haven’t figured out how to sit in the seats yet (also in the medium zone) - there is absolutely no room for people on board - don’t even think it would be legal to transport sardines instead of people in that plane. Meals were not included in the price, and were VERY expensive, so when I saw the prices, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I saw a person sitting near me being sick. She wanted a Panodol, and was told, that she had to pay first – both for the water and the medicine. Where is the humanity? The plane was very late in both directions. Although they are trying to promote themselves as a low-cost company, they are not that cheap

Maersk Air- by William Agius
28 July 2005

Zurich to Copenhagen. B737-700 aircraft which both looked really new and clean. Maerk recently introduced a new fare system, going by the names of small, medium and large. The size refering to the price you pay - the aircraft is divided into three zones accordingly with different seat pitches, obviously, if you pay small, you´re assigned a seat in the small zone of the plane. We were travelling on small tickets. When we got on the plane I was impressed by the cleanliness and quiet on board. But when the time came to sit down, I found the seat to be real agony. First of all, sitting straight, I still did not have enough space for my legs even though I am only of average height. The food was okay, but incredibly expensive. I certainly won´t be choosing Maersk!


Maersk Air- by P Hammaren

4 June 2005

London - CPH beginning of May 05 - first time with Maersk Air. Initial impression was good but when the breakfast snack ran out things were not so rosy. Meals from the menu were expensive so had to go without. Seats were cramped - pay if you want more space!. OK for a low cost airline but for comfort and decent snacks/food etc fly BA for starters. Return trip was not much better.

Maersk Air- by Pater Nielsen

3 June 2005

Copenhagen to Venice - new and clean Boeing 700. Great service from Airport check-in to drinks served, during the trip. Departure and arrival, was + - 1-2 min. To be recommended.

Maersk Air -by D Wilson

20 October 2004

Maersk are now touting themselves as a 'low cost' airline. Ticket prices seem to have actually increased and meals have been withdrawn. Put the price up, rebrand as low cost and take away the frills - funny recipie for success to me.

Maersk Air -by Mark Perry

11 August 2004

Billund to LGW (1st August 2004). Internet booking was very easy and straightforward. Tickets were dispatched quickly and efficiently. Check in staff were courteous and they were not only willing to make necessary adjustments to pre-booked seating arrangements, but offered to do so without being asked. Aircraft (737-300) very new, clean and bright. In 'medium' leg room class, and had much more than enough room (I'm 1.77m tall). Service good, though a sandwich in addition to the hot drink would have been pleasant. Given the very flexible ticketing arrangements (possible to change arrangements for low cost up to 3 hours before departure) I thought this flight was very good value for money.

Maersk Air -by L Robinson

1 May 2003

Aircraft clean and presentable, the seating is leather in Business / Economy and great in all aspects of its room. Food top notch, tasty, hot and generous portions on all flights - accompanying selection of drinks was impressive. All in all, a very good airline but still too expensive for the majority of us.

Maersk Air -by S Saad

12 March 2002

I was very surprised to read in the Lebanese newspapers that Maersk Air is going to start operating soon to Beirut. I have tried only once this airline on a trip between Copenhagen and Billund. I think Beirut is a potential destination to this airline especially during summer season knowing the big number of Lebanese flying between BEY and CPH.

Maersk Air -by Jeremy Brown

04 July 2001

On one sector of our London to Copenhagen return economy flight, we were lucky to be sitting 'behind' the Business Class curtain, in the remaining Business Class seats that were being used for economy passengers. As for the food ... dreadful and tasteless on both sectors.



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