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MAT MACEDONIAN AIRLINES review :  28 May 2009 : by E Kodituwakku  (Singapore)


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I have never in 15 years of flying experienced such an unprofessional outfit. From the MAT office in Ohrid, the staff on ground in Skopje and Ohrid, you get straight faced lies. My flight which was confirmed the afternoon before was on one occasion delayed by 3 hours, making me miss my connecting flight from Zurich to London. The second time the flight was cancelled without any notice, and I had to spend hours in the Skopje Airport trying to get assistance and information. The facilities in the airport are appaling, the staff rude and dismissive of everything. My heart went out to fellow passengers in the same predicament who were travelling with children, and also elderly passengers. Macedonia is such a beautiful country and I would like to come here as a tourist, however I would never subject my family to this airline.

Macedonian Airlines - by A Naumovski

17 August 2007

The most unreliable airline I have ever travelled with - they have no morals or understanding of customer relations as I have just experienced with my family. They cancelled my flight with no explanation and made me wait with my husband and 3 children at the Skopje airport for 7 hours before I was informed that my scheduled flight was cancelled - meaning I missed all my connecting flights home. No-one offered any assistance nor did they advise us what was happening. Then they put us up in a hotel that was dirty with no facilities and sleeping arrangements and furthermore made me travel for 2.5 days (24hrs of waiting time at 4 different airports) with my family before I finally got home.

Macedonian Airlines - by Edwin van Boxmeer

22 July 2004

I use MAT frequently since Swiss stopped their daily flight to Skopje. The crew is okay and more professional than other Balkan airlines - food In economy is always the same and nothing special. In general MAT is ok and since the codeshare with Swiss, it is improving . Two things they have to change - the mostly not reserved seats and the small legroom is terrible.

Macedonian Airlines - by Annemarie Robson

30 June 2004

Have used MAT on many occasions, but this episode takes the biscuit. I flew Skopje-Rome FCO-Skopje this past weekend. Flight out was delayed by 90 minutes as they had to wait for the aircraft to arrive from an earlier delayed flight from Vienna. Usual friendly service on board, but food below par. Arrived Rome airport, Sunday afternoon, to find that our reservation had been cancelled- we had been bumped off the flight due to overbooking. Ground staff appalling - levels of service and communication are abysmal. Many people receiving rude, ill-mannered service. I was eventually given seating, and after running to the gate, as five minutes to spare between receiving boarding passes and departure time, arrived on board to find the seat already occupied! Appalling packed-to-the-gills flight, unrestrained children on mums' knees in business class!! Must say food in Business Class many miles better than the usual crappy sandwich, but still not worth the extra- I was only there due to a fluke/mess-up. I do not relish another (already booked, return segment ) trip with them to Amsterdam in September!

Macedonian Airlines - by Frank Schoenmann

9 March 2004

MAT-Macedonian Airlines Route Skopje-Hamburg. It was a very bad weather in Skopje, snow, windy, fog - I thought it will be difficult even to start! But the flight was on time and the flight was fine. The stewardesses were nice, young, helpful - the meal was not much, but okay.

Macedonian Airlines - by John Santone

4 February 2004

Macedonian Airlines from Rome - Athens - Rome and found the flight to be just fine. They're now operating as Olympic Airlines based on the names on the seats, as well as all announcements made both in the gate area and on board. Otherwise, the aircraft is still marked externally as Macedonian Airlines. The attendants were all quite friendly and spoke good English. The food was fine, though the meat was always served cold, and the price was much better than Alitalia for the same route. Neither flight was more than half full. I'd certainly fly them again.

Macedonian Airlines - by Thomas Schelling

3 September 2003

I flew MAT last week from Berlin to Skopje. The thing I didn't like is that the flight from Berlin took us first to Hamburg and then to Skopje. When I asked the crew why they said that's the route they always take and nobody told me that!  The crew is kindly, nice, young, they spoke good English - the meal was so, so. They need new aircrafts. I flew a relatively old B-737/300.

Macedonian Airlines - by Martin Josifov

10 July 2003

My last flight with MAT-Macedonian airlines was to Berlin. I have travelled several times with them and I must admit that they're getting better! We flew on a Boeing 737-300 which looked nicer than the previous flight in 1999! Enough leg space, clean plane! The crew (3 stewardesses, 1 steward) were kind, helpful and efficient. They spoke excellent English. In conclusion MAT's service and offer is rapidly getting better!

Macedonian Airlines - by Arthur Bjorn

17 March 2003

Flew MAT Macedonian Airlines from Goeteburg-Skopje- Goeteburg early this year. I was on a business trip to Macedonia for 3 days. I flew a B737-300 aircraft with a very nice livery. The flight was okay - everything was on time although I was skeptical at the beginning to fly with this airline but my partners from Macedonia assured me it were a very professional airline. I must say this Airline is cheaper but there is no real difference to the big one's like Lufthansa Austrian or Swiss!


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