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Air Luxor - by Luis Graça

20 August 2005

As a Portuguese I feel ashamed of this airline. I decided to visit a friend in the beautiful Sao Tome and Principe Islands (West Africa). I had two options TAP Portugal and Air Luxor. Because I was going only for five days I choose Air Luxor, as this airline has two weekly flights to Sao Tome and TAP only one. Air Luxor advertises itself has a low cost airline with great airfares - in the end I paid over € 1.000,00. The departure time was at 23.00h, but when I got to the airport it was delayed until 4 am next day (the airplane had a technical problem and was stuck in Dublin). Around the check in area for the flight to Sao Tome there were over 500 people, most of them weren’t even travelling, and they simple stood there and tried to force passengers to take extra luggage to relatives in Sao Tome. No Air Luxor staff member tried to stop this. We were constantly harassed for over 2 hours. Finally we took off on a small Airbus A320 for a 6.30 hour flight. Apparently they use these airplanes to do the Sao Tome run and only sell about 60 seats out of 150 so that the plane can make it to the Islands. The food service was horrible, full fare for low cost service - but at least the crew were friendly. The return flight was another nightmare, it left 1 hour late and all of the 3 toilets were unusable right from the start of the flight. You don’t want to travel for 6.30 hours without toilets.... I'll never fly Air Luxor (Air Lucifer, as we call it here in Portugal) again. I'm ashamed of this airline. Please don't fly it.

Air Luxor - by John Cooper

16 February 2005

I can say without doubt that Air Luxor's Customer Service is by far the worst I have ever experienced. In February 2004 we booked return flights online at 446 euros from Dublin to Faro, Portugal for December 26th; my wife checked the website in early December 2004 to check that the flight times had not been changed, only to find out that the flight had been cancelled in SEPTEMBER 2004! Air Luxor had not contacted us by either letter, Email or phone to inform us of the cancellation, nor did they credit with the flight refund. The feeble excuse for not giving the refund was that the expiry date on our original credit card expired at the end of September 2004 and the refund could not be automatically given on the renewed card. Even if that was so, the flight was cancelled in September and Air Luxor would have had sufficient time, if so inclined (!), to make the refund. After many telephones, Emails we eventually got a cheque for the refund in FEBRUARY 2005!!! We incurred considerable additional cost re-booking flights, hotels, etc. in order to go on holiday in Portugal and when we suggested that it might be proper for Air Luxor to contribute, they offered us 25% off a flight from Lisbon to Madeira ! As we live in Southern Ireland, it was rather a somewhat bizarre gesture! I strongly advise anyone thinking of flying with Air Luxor to think again; you might suffer from similar nightmares!

Air Luxor - by Jason Novotny

15 September 2004

Air Luxor is by far the worst airline I have flown. After being gouged 200 euro for a round trip ticket from Paris to Lisbon, they continued to charge an additional 11 euro just because I bought my ticket online. They are actually charging me extra for a service that saves them money! After boarding, my friend went to wash his hands and after applying soap, found they had no running water before the plane took off. Upon asking the stewardess she told him he would have to buy bottled water at a price of 3 euro. Definitely never flying Air Luxor again

Air Luxor - by Anne Martin

9 August 2004

Had the great misfortune to travel with Air Luxor. My son aged 11 is disabled and a wheelchair user. We flew from Glasgow - Faro and return. Never again will I fly with Air Luxor. They had no clue about dealing with my sons disability. Due to the very poor service I had to carry my son up a flight of stairs at Faro Airport same on return journey. I also had to carry his wheelchair. Staff were very unhelpful. We have travelled to Faro 10 times before, but we have never had a problem like this.  To finish it off today. We checked his wheelchair in at the hold as usual, but when we got back to Glasgow we were told that the wheelchair had been sent to the luggage carousel. How they expected him to get off the plane and to the luggage area I do not know! Luckily the staff were very helpful at Glasgow airport. Also on the plane it is very cramped, even more than usual charter airline and the food is very poor.

Air Luxor - by Neesha Stock

12 July 2004

I have to rate Air Luxor as the worst airline I have flown with. On a flight back to London we checked in at 07.45 for a 09.20 departure time to be told that there was an operational problem and the plane was scheduled to leave at 17.00. We were given new boarding cards and told to return at 16.20. The ground staff sent us away and said that the flight time was final and suggested going back into the centre of Lisbon. We came back at 15.00 to be told that the flight had left. There were 42 passengers in the same situation as us. The staff who had to deal with the 42 passengers were the most incompetent people I have ever had to deal with as they knew that none of us would be going home but decided to keep us waiting at the airport for another 4 hours before telling us that we would have to travel the next morning. Apparently this happens fairly regularly with this airline according to the ground staff working on the day we left Lisbon.



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