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LTU INTERNATIONAL review : 27 August 2008 : by M Childers

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Duesseldorf-Vancouver. $200 cheaper than Lufthansa. New aircraft. Nice attendants. Entertainment is very basic. Overhead screens, 3 movies. 2 euros for headset, 25 euros to choose your seat (before the day of the flight). Food very basic. 1 free glass of wine with your meal. After the dinner 1 Baileys or Brandy. Legroom minimal but OK barely. Restrooms out of soap and paper towels from the beginning of flight? Like I say if the price difference is significant then it's worth it. But for 1 or 2 hundred bucks I'd fly Lufthansa.

LTU INTERNATIONAL review : 25 July 2008 : by S Kelly

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Dusseldorf to JFK Business Class. Cabin was served by three very nice attendants. There were only 11 of us so they had it easy but were attentive and friendly. Food fine and plentiful. The seats are more like a premium economy but have a 55 inch pitch. I have flown twice now in their Business Class and would do it again. It is a good price.

LTU INTERNATIONAL review : 19 June 2008 : by Brett Smith

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

A mediocre flight from DUS to MIA in economy class. The plane was clean but I had never been on a plane where the TVs and light controls seemed like 10 feet high (you had to stand tall in order to turn on/off lights). Also, lots of kids going on vacation led to some excessive noise in the cabin, but I guess the kids aren't going to all fall asleep at 3:00pm. In addition, this was the worst IFE of any transatlantic flight I've taken. My audio connection only worked if I positioned the headphones in a certain manner. Also, they were showing these old TV clips. Is it too much to ask for some 21st century entertainment? Lastly, they only had customs cards in Deutsch and not English. Clean plane. Crew friendly and at ease in 2 languages. The foods and drinks were served in a timely, efficient manner. Cheapest flight available. No problems boarding or unboarding the plane. Overall, it was 2 stars. I would fly LTU again if I had to, but I would pay $50-$100 more for a better airline.

LTU INTERNATIONAL review : 10 June 2008 : by T Echols

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

So far, and my flight is not finished yet, this has been the worst experience in my flying history. I need to change a ticket bought and paid for through Expedia 6 months in advance. The flight to Rome was decent, however the audio did not work on my seats, at 2 euros for the earpieces one would expect the audio to work – no refund once opened. The leg room was pathetic and flight crew rude. Now I have to change a paper ticket, something that must be done at the airport, but, guess what, there is no LTU representation at the Fiumicino airport in Rome Italy. Trying to find LTU International website brings up AirBerlin. AirBerlin at Fiumicino was most unhelpful and sent me to Lufthansa for assistance. Lufthansa sent me to EAS which then sent me to ARE which does not handle LTU any longer. The information desk at Fiumicino was also unhelpful and sent me to yet another counter, FlightCare. They simply told me they couldn’t help me and even stated “Well it’s not our fault is it”. Never again will I waste my time or money on an airline affiliated with AirBerlin, Lufthansa or LTU International.

LTU International - by D Bolier

30 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Duesseldorf to Male. New aircraft and spotless. Seat pitch sufficient, while disposal inflatable cushion and blanket are preferred to the stuff that one can only hope to be cleaned properly. A variety of German) glossies to begin with. Simple German food, but tasty. Bottle of mineral water handed out after dinner. Friendly and efficient cabin staff. Only negative point is the confusion about which drinks are free and for which one have to pay.

LTU International - by Larry Wigerhall

23 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Copenhagen-Bangkok, via Dusseldorf. We chose that flight because the short transfer time, only to experience that we not allowed to check through all the way - had to go through all the security and boarding again and missed return to CPH. The explanation at the LTU service disk was that they only check through passengers flying with their affiliate company, eg. Lufthansa and AirBerlin. My trip was on one ticket, with SAS and LTU. I have requested compensation from LTU 2 months ago, but they have not bothered to answer. We did get a free hotel room in Dusseldorf and a meal, with a very helpful and excusing girl at the Airberlin service center helped us with. The airplane itself reminded me of some retired charter plane, with very poor standard and extra charges for everything. I would not recommend this airline to anybody.

LTU International - by G Shakespeare

6 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Travelled 1st Comfort from Dublin to/from Cape Town last week. A330 Business Class service with the seat quality and entertainment as it would have been 10-15 years ago on a scheduled airline - but to be fair its priced accordingly. Service good and very proactive - seemed to be 2 staff looking after about 20 first comfort passengers. We had our 3 year old with us, staff could not have been more helpful both out and back. There was a problem with the Audio on one of the films, turned out to be a bad video player, they took about 15mins to figure it out but otherwise the entertainment was fine (though limited to 3 movies and a few audio channels). We'd have no hesitation using the service again.

LTU International - by D Magee

23 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Dublin-Cape Town. Plane 15 years old at least; audio does not work on video in either first comfort or economy. First comfort is ok apart from that. Extended leg room on return is a nightmare: poor seats, inedible food, worst service I have seen anywhere. Food is literally thrown at you from a cardboard box; staff rude. One star it is then!

LTU International - by C Batchelor

15 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Bangkok-Dusseldorf. I was very grateful for LTU helping me to return to Europe but the ticket was very expensive (it was apparently the "last seat"). The plane was modern A330 Airbus - 13 hours with very little IFE in Economy. But the Cabin Service was disappointing - it was just a bit borderline unfriendly. It was an efficient enough flight but let down mainly by some unfriendly, unhelpful service.

LTU International - by Torsten Kaminski

10 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Berlin to Bangkok return on their nonstop service. This was a new experience for us Berliners where there are almost no nonstop intercontinental flight (only to New York and Doha, so far). Unfortunately this was the only luxury of this journey, otherwise it was very economy: The seating is indeed very uncomfortable. Not only is the seat pitch tiny, and recline minimal, but the seat itself lacks ergonomic design. Food ok and drinks plenty, beer and wine offered complimentary with hot meal, but had to be paid during the rest of the flight. Flight attendants were hard working, friendly and eager to serve everybody. Very cheap inflatable cushions were offered (and you were invited to take them with you, so they can reduce their garbage!). All in all a very mixed experience. We got a good deal and saved more than 400 Euros, but I am not sure, or would think at least thrice, to use this airline for long haul travel again. Whenever ticket prices get somewhere near to those of LH, BA or Thai, I would under no circumstances consider them again. I give them two stars due to the uncomfortable seats, otherwise it is a good three stars standard airline with safe, clean aircraft and efficient crews. Landing in Berlin Tegel was top!

LTU International - by J Ludwig

7 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

MUC-CPT return in economy class. Cramped! This was the most uncomfortable flight I endured so far. Seat pitch is so narrow it really should be forbidden by authorities. Food edible, drink supply was ok. Crew was present, but did not go out of their way to assist.

LTU International - by S Moffett

5 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Never again. We had extra leg room seats on flight from Dublin to Cape Town, because we were facing the bulk head the room was fine but the two rows behind us had only a tiny bit more than the economy seats. We had to fly home economy, the seat pitch is the least room allowed by authorities in the interest of health and safety. There were only 3 toilets for over 300 people on the plane. Give me a scheduled flight anytime.

LTU International - by Chris Peterson

30 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

JFK-DUS coach. Airbus 330 lacks personal tv screens or comfortable seats. Extremely cramped aircraft also lacks carry-on luggage compartments above the middle seats, creating a serious shortage of storage space if the plane is operating at more than 50% of its capacity. Food is okay but the staff can be a bit rough. I've seen a stewardess lecture a passenger who asked for a soda while she was passing out tea. I took this flight in spite of it costing me about $100 more than the competition thinking I'd get a premium here, I was wrong. never again.

LTU International - by Nicola Bleasby

9 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

DUS-BKK-TXL.7 New Airbus aircraft, no personal entertainment system in economy class. Seat pitch extremely small for such a long flight. It was very difficult to find a way to get comfortable and I'm only 175cm! Most passengers with aisle seats had their legs stretched out into the aisles for this reason. Was tricky to navigate your way down the aisle in a dark cabin! I'm pretty sure that the aisles were also narrower than with airlines, at least that was the way it felt. Food was edible but pretty tasteless.

LTU International - by C Kennelly

7 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Traveled LTU Dublin to Cape Town direct. Flight was excellent, service, food and drinks, all was top class.

LTU International - by Franco Forghieri

9 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Munich-Bangkok and Bangkok-Duesseldorf-Munich in Business Class. Seats very primitive and with very limited space for legs and knees. I was sitting at window and when the person in front of me reclined the seat to sleep, it was for me physically impossible to stand up without having to jump over the other seat! For the same reason extracting the video screen was also very difficult. Food was served with a very long delay and food quality was economy level + 2 pieces of cheese and one salad as appetizer! Drink was offered several times apparently to take time between appetizer and main course. Service was friendly onboard and at the service desk in Duesseldorf. They helped us to get a connection to Munich. A washbag was handed over on every flight. LTU is now upgrading all seats in the Comfort Class. This was our worst business trip and we will avoid in future to fly with this carrier.

LTU International - by Carsten Rossenhoevel

18 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

MUC-BKK Economy class A330-200. Seat pitch was awful and seats old style so the bottom of the front seat got in the way with my legs/knees. Luckily I had an aisle seat otherwise I would not have survived the night. Going through the plane I noticed that more aisle seat guests than usual slept with their legs completely blocking the corridor. The crew ran a cart over my feet or stepped on my shoe three times that night. The economy class crew was kind of relaxed and making jokes all the time. However this did not convert into discipline or friendliness to passengers. The service was slow (diner started two hours after takeoff, and drinks for diner were served only when we had almost finished eating). The diner was very poor - both quality and quantity were bad. Even a very simple german white wine was charged 4 EUR. No free snacks were available during the night - even a Snickers/Bounty bar had to be paid for! No stewardess was spotted going through the plane with water throughout the whole night. I had to ask actively even for the most basic apple juice - no self service or prefilled drinks in the galley. Breakfast was served a full 2.5 hours before landing so that we all had to wake up early. After it had been cleared up, we sat in the cabin for another hour before landing. Only a single bun was provided - no refill service. Four bathrooms for around 190 economy class guests was definitely not enough. LTU has to learn a lot if they want to become Air Berlins professional long haul carrier. Service, seats, menus - nothing can be compared to regular European long-haul airline flights yet.

LTU International - by S Rudow

5 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Munchen - Cancun return in business class. Seats are first generation and not comparable to premium airlines lie flat seats, but ok. The service and catering was excellent. A useful washbag was handed out on the trip to Cancun, but not on the return flight which was a night flight. Everything was on time.

LTU International - by L Schmidt

18 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

FRA-ACE-FRA. Outbound flight without any problems. The return flight had a delay of about five hours due to a defect at the aircraft. At check-in all passengers received a voucher (6 EUR) for all restaurants at the airport. Later on a warm meal was offered to the passengers for free. Brilliant service for a holiday - carrier. Seats are narrow. For 15 EUR extra you can reserve a seat at the emergency exits - great legroom also for me with height of 192 cm.

LTU International - by U Krebs

21 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

DUS-LAX. I used the Late-Night-Check-In at DUS, which made things easier the next morning. Ground staff friendly and helpful. Airbus 330-200 seemed to be the new one. Seat pitch is narrow, but I (6'4 tall) managed to fit in. Inflight service very good. FAs offered drinks frequently and in a friendly manner. Food good. Inflight entertainment okay (2 movies and a couple of short stories). Unfortunately they do not have PTVs on their planes.

LTU International - by Anna Pohjansalo

27 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

München to Bangkok and Bangkok to Düsselldorf. The price of these flights was cheap, so because of that, I didn't expect anything special. But in spite of that, I can not recommend this airline. Customer service was worse than any other airlines I have trevelled. Our stewardess didn't want to speak english to us (we told her many times, that, sorry we don't speak german), which I think is improper at international flight. There is no space enough between seats and it was quite hard even to me (164 cm) to sit there during these long flights. Food was ok, but the quality was also not as good as at other airlines I have tried.

LTU International - by Jutta Courtenay

5 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Since AirBerlin takeover the service card is no more useful. I always pay "upgrading" at airport due to quicker check-in. Travelling in Business class is more relaxing and peaceful, but as this is no longer available (Alicante-Munich return) and the onboard service has already suffered. I shall in future try other airlines. Maybe this Service could be started again?

LTU International - by R Brooijmans

24 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Overall a fine airline. Had my doubts about them flying KLM cityhopper from Amsterdam to transfer at Dusseldorf on to BKK, but apart from some confusion on my KLM boarding pass which couldn't be introduced into their boarding computer all was fine. I did feel a bit lonely, as most of the other passengers were German holidaymakers with a bunch of Thai women visiting their family back in Thailand. So, crew will talk to you in German, but they were very friendly and polite. Pitch was not good, worse than China Airlines and KLM, no personal inflight entertainment but can't really complain too much regarding the fare I paid. ALso, KLM check in machines printed out onward boarding pass for the DUsseldorf BKK trip so very convenient (in spite of some confusion on my KLM issued boarding pass in Dusseldorf). Not bad at all!

LTU International - by Ron Kuhlmann

8 September 2006

LAX-DUS return in Business. Good service and very attentive crew, especially on the return. The seating and amenities are equivalent to the first generation of business class with about 40 inch pitch, good recline but not competitive with the current flat bed standards, and no on-demand IFE. But the price is also much lower and definitely provides value for the fare collected. The food was tasty and the crew, as mentioned, was very pleasant.

LTU International - by Volker Beck

6 September 2006

Düsseldorf - Cancun in business. Check in in Düsseldorf LTU business class check in counter 2 minutes, security cheque also in 2 minutes, because for business class passengers separate security. Lounge very good. Airbus A330-200) 6 seats in one row and about 1 m distance to the row before. Service good, starting with champagne, lunch (choice of 5 options). The price is very good in comperation with LH etc, 325.-€ extra).

LTU International - by Ralf Faltermann

23 January 2006

Dusseldorf - NYC JFK - Dusseldorf in Economy in Jan 2006: The beginning of the journey was really "late": Check In in DUS took 1.5 hrs because of late passengers for another US flight to RSW/MIA. Then catering was late as well and so we departed with 1h delay. Seat pitch in the Airbus A 330-200 was only 30" thus I was glad to disembark after this 8 hrs flight. Onboard services were well. After a free welcome drink they served a hot meal and prior to landing a cold snack. Beverages were available all the time. Due to a full pax load the cabin crew was really busy on the entire flight. The leg JFK-DUS was operated by an Airbus A330-300 with a much more comfortable seat pitch.

LTU International - by Vivienne Will

17 January 2006

We flew to Germany in December returning to Namibia four weeks later last week. LTU is generally efficient and clean, but the seats! There is absolutely no space in the seats in economy; they really seem to be designed for tiny people. We were totally miserable, unable to sleep (it was an overnight flight). Quite honestly, it was a form of torture to try to survive this 9 1/2 hour flight, and even the food was pretty miserable this time as well. I pity the tourists arriving for their expensive safaris. It takes a day or two to recover from this flight, even though there is relatively no time difference. Come on LTU. Even the cheapest short haul airlines in Europe have more leg room than your long haul flights do. We have done this journey quite a few times, and it seems worse and more uncomfortable each time.

LTU International - by A Zakharchenko

17 January 2006

Sharm-el-Sheik – Munich – Frankfurt. Comfort (Business) Class. New A330 from Sharm : Seats are wide and comfortable leather seats with built-in IFE, in 2x2x2 configuration. Service is reasonable but a bit modest on food and drinks. The food is more like a basic economy hot-meal on a standard intercontinental flight. And so are drinks (two kind of wine: red and white). But the price is modest too, so no complaints. Good value for money for that comfy seat. Due to an utter chaos in departure hall of Sharm airport, the flight was more than an hour late. However, the connections in Munich waited for us and it was a short and reasonable transfer to Frankfurt on a brand new A319. Overall, very happy with the transfer. Very comfortable business class seats worth paying a bit extra. Local flight – an easy “bus” ride on a coach A319.

LTU International - by Marco Echtle

30 November 2005

LTU First Comfort Class FRA-PUJ-FRA on A330-300. Poor Lounge in Frankfurt. Seat pitch is only 104cms with configuration 2x2x2. The quality of food was good and a good choice of drinks. Cabin crew Frankfurt to Punta Cana only interested in chatting in the galley - on the way back superb and caring. The First Comfort Class cabin was quite noisy on both legs, because LTU puts all the babies on the flights directly behind this cabin. And we had the bad luck that a baby cried nonstop from Punta Cana to Frankfurt and even the headphones could not avoid some noise! Quite comfortable flight, but not comparable with other scheduled flight carriers.

LTU International - by Asanga Wedisinghe

23 October 2005

Flew LTU business class (First Comfort) from Male to Frankfurt. Checkin in Male was a breeze, with the staff being being professional, courteous and efficient. However, the airline did not have a lounge, but compensated with a food voucher to the restaurant. Take off was 10 minutes ahead of schedule. On board, I was surprised to find that I had the cabin to myself! Quite a treat being the only person served. The staff were friendly and courteous, and the food decent. There was only a choice between "red" or "white" for the wines, but that is probably to be expected from a charter airline. Overall, for the money spent, it was well worth it.

LTU International - by J Miller

20 October 2005

Flew economy class FRA-LEI-FRA. Check in staff was quite tired and unfriendly. All planes were 100 % clean, safe and brand new Airbuses. Staff on board was 50% friendly , 50% not taking any notice from the economy passengers. Space for legs in economy class was very little, tall people had a real problem sitting in their seats. Like described by another comment above, seats must be the cheapest offers. Both meals coming had a very poor quality.

LTU International - by Susanne Wille

16 September 2005

Since me and my family often fly to Mombasa, Kenya from Munich, Germany, I want to congratulate LTU for the super service. Vegetarian Food, Childrens' service, everything is available and everything works! Even when my children fly without me, they are perfectly cared about until they are in grandmother's arms. Price is fine (I almost never had problems to get a Last Minute Flight when necessary).

LTU International - by Ingo M Reich

16 September 2005

DUS to BKK and back in economy in August 2005. First 'international' airline where I had to pay for drinks and headset. No private screens in the backrests. Dinner was ok but breakfast just sub-standard. Seats are narrow, no legroom. FAs where attentive and did a quite good job. Cabin was clean but seats must be the cheapest Airbus is offering. Actually there are much better flights for less.

LTU International - by Martin Platten

13 September 2005

Fuerteventura/Canary Islands to Düsseldorf in European Business Class on brand new Airbus A330-200. Very fast check-in at european comfort class counter. Quite spacious and comfortable leather business class seats with extra legroom. Professional and friendly cabin crew - hot meal with choice of two different main courses served 30 minutes after take off. Served Italian prosecco and wine from South Africa and even a tyipical German licor (Killepitsch). Crew smiling and very charming made sure that you always had enough to drink. All the perfect service for a supplement of only 95 euros for an upgrade at the departure lounge. And you can collect miles with the LTU bonus programme as well which are valid 5 years.

LTU International - by Karl Banke

12 July 2005

DUS-YVR on 2005-06-19 and back on 2005-07-03 in economy class. Aircraft (A330-200) was clean. Outbound flight departed on time and arrived about half an hour early, inbound flight was slightly delayed (around 30 minutes). Both legs were only half full, so even though the seat pitch is what you expect nowadays in economy, there was plenty of room. The A330 has a rather noisy cabin by design, but you can hardly blame the airline. I managed to grab an exit row seat for the outbound leg, which was quite a treat. On the outbound flight the crew supplied a minimal ammenities kit (about what several European airlines now give you in business class). Entertainment was not personal but was quite okay. Movies and travel stuff throughout the flight as well as several audios. Audio was okay if you are German, but would probably leave you a bit puzzled otherwise. Food was slightly better than what you get with most carriers in economy on the north atlantic. Crew attitude was friendly and helpful. LTU supplies late night checkin for flight out of germany which I found extremely convinient. Also the flight was extremely good value compared to anything I could find from the major carriers at just EUR 530 incl Tax for the round trip. DUS is now a small but efficient and comfortable airport in every respect. In YVR we did not arrive in the international terminal but were brought there by bus. Deplaning took about 30 minutes in its own right and the airport is clearly not equipped to move people around using busses

LTU International - by Jochen Walter

15 January 2005

PMI to DUS on LTU A 320 and was quite impressed by the service the crew provided. Although the aircraft arrived very late, the departure back to DUS was on time. Crew offered German as well as Spanish newspapers to all passengers while boarding. During this 1:55 h flight a cold meal consisting of cold meat, rolls, butter and a dessert was served and the FAs served drinks twice. This flight was much better than my inbound flight with Hapag Lloyd.



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