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Lithuanian Airlines - by B Nagy

13 May 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

LGW-Vilnius. The plane was a bit tired. The airline offer buy on-board service which I did not understand as I paid the same price as I would pay at another scheduled airlines with full service. It was punctual and cabin crew seems to be well trained. For less money I would fly with them again.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Arturas Jakutis

17 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

AMS to VNO. I haven't flown with this airline for years since their service used to be unfriendly. I the company has changed attitude to passengers. Friendly service, comfortable SAAB aircraft which had more leg space than normal Boeing 737. Food reasonably priced (low priced airline) and smiling stewards.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Malcolm Andrews
10 October 2006

AMS - VNO in Business. Small fleet of 737's, but row 1 A/C has exceptional legroom as there is no cloaks cupboard. Operated as a code share with KLM on this route. Choice of Orange Juice or Champagne pre take off, printed drinks menu then a hot meal service, salad, beef with pasta and veg, choice of bread, chocolate mouse desert, choice of wine. Hot drinks plus choice of more alcoholic drinks if required. Staff very courteous. On board magazine had interesting articles about Lithuanian history, and changes since Independence. Vilnius airport is in process of enlargement but immigration was efficient.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Christina Berrick
12 August 2006

Amsterdam-Vilnius with FlyLAL and the experience was a pleasant one. Both flights on time and comfortable. I bought a cheese sandwich on board which was not particularly great though! But overall you could not fault the flight and the flight attendants were fine. Just a basic European flight really. The one downside is that as we originally flew from Manchester, on the way out we could check in right through but when we checked in at Vilnius we were told they could only check us for that flight and we had to check in again in Amsterdam for the Manchester flight. This resulted in a mad dash in Amsterdam and only 1 of us being allocated a seat and the other being told to wait at the gate to see if one was available, not the best.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Mike Boogaard
30 April 2006

AMS-Vilnius. Business Class and as a normal economy traveller this was a luxury. Good food at the early sunday morning flight, nice service but with one other BC traveller this was an easy flight for the staff. Boeing 737-500 (I guess). Smooth flight, recommended for any other BC flight (I paid €400).

Lithuanian Airlines - by Doris Wine
2 October 2005

Recently flew Amsterdam to Vilnius (and return) and have absolutely no complaints about the booking, flight attendants, airports, food, or anything. While the plane was late arriving in Amsterdam, making an hour's delay in departure, that's not so different from other airlines. I found the seat spaces roomy and comfortable. Food was okay. For a two- hour flight, I don't believe passengers can expect a whole lot more - and compared to United States carriers on short flights, it was not much different. I actually couldn't believe the other comments - except the one who said it's difficult for Lithuanians to smile (see below). My experience was satisfactory.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Hans Schenk

29 August 2005

Couple of weeks I flew LAL from Amsterdam to Vilnius. Not the first time on Lithuanian, but I think the last one. Although the flights are generally more or less on time, the service is decreasing rapidly. Horrible, unfriendly staff who make the flight a trip to remember. I do not understand this since Lithuanian people are generally very friendly are really try to do their best. Quickly they dispatch of the sandwich and then disappear in the galley. Smiles are unheard of. For me, if I can avoid it, never again.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Florian Eberth

11 March 2005

Paris to Vilnius and back to Frankfurt. On the flight from Paris, they used a 737-500, ex Air France (with AF seats) which was ok. They still serve some food (economy), but usually some sort of Lithuanian cold meat and some chemical cake, not very nice, but however... still some food. On the sector Vilnius-Frankfurt it was an older 737-200 which was offered less legroom than the 737-500 (ex AF), the seat back was actually a bit too short, so it was hard for me to put my head back for rest. Check-In in Vilnius airport took some time, especially as the check-in desks opened for that flight only around 1 1/2 hours before departure. The flight from Paris was delayed due to late arrival of the aircraft, but for the price I paid (around 100 EUR per leg), I cannot really complain.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Paulo De Oliveira

11 February 2005

I spent a weekend in Vilnius and flew with Lithuanian Airlines in Business Class. I found it to be quite a poor service comparing to the extremely high fare of around 600.00 return. Flight attendants are not welcoming and service can be a bit abrupt sometimes. They do their job badly and quickly so to retire to the galley area for chatting with their colleagues until the flight lands. Their command of english is average to good. Seat are standard in economy and business, no blocked middle seat on business class. Food is below average, no options at all, they just give you a tray with food looking like its from economy class. Food is tasteless and with a re-heated appearance, nothing looks fresh. Service is hurried and without anything special to make your 600 worth. Their 737-200 is very old and in urgent need of retirement as some bits in the toilets are glued with white silicon sealant!! Lithuanian Airlines used to have the monopoly on the route from/to London however nor there is competition from Air Baltic on the same route. I have flown with them before and they are much better as they are backed up by SAS.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Brian Maunder

3 January 2005

Been flying Lithuanian Airlines monthly for almost 2 years now back and forth Manchester - Amsterdam- Vilnius. Only once has there been a delay, 8 hours at Amsterdam, not the worst place in the world to spend such a long time. The airline is fine, staff are helpful if you ask.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Alex Bremer

28 November 2004

BER-VNO-BER a couple of days ago. I decided to try them as they offer a direct flight, which saves up to 3 hours travel time. The flight from BER to VNO was not bad at all. Friendly check in staff and a great leg space compared to LH or LOT, which I usually fly on this route. The flight back was still not bad, except that absolutely unfriendly and rude flight attendant! I asked her for a cheese sandwich, as I'm vegetarian. She told me they run out of cheese and I should order a vegetarian meal next time. Well, guess what, so I did! It's not the first time I fly! As the other FA served the drinks I asked here why they have such a small amount of cheese sandwiched and why her colleague has such a bad attitude. Surprisingly a couple of minutes later the 2nd FA came back with a cheese sandwich. So what's that, a miracle? She told me it's taken from the food for the return flight. That's the way to get people fly the airline again, making small requests possible!

Lithuanian Airlines - by Andrius Uzkalnis

31 August 2004

The catchphrase should be "not quite the worst", especially after major upgrade of aircraft (now operating 737-500s on most routes, plus a few grotesquely unsuccessful Saab 2000s which probably had more emergency landings than their passengers had frequent flyer upgrades; they blame "too sensitive" warning systems but should really blaming themselves for buying these lemons, the lowest point in the whole of SAAB's aircracft engineering history). The airline is tolerable in most respects: food is now better than it used to be (a few years back, voted "the worst in Europe", now just about better than Alitalia, which is not saying much); legroom is fine - at least better than on Czech Airlines, notorious for packing passengers like sardines, but it ain't no Emirates. Service is OK - they try but smiling to customer does not come naturally to Lithuanians (I am a Lithuanian and I can say this with impunity). They come on time and check-in at Gatwick, done at BA and One World desks, is usually quite fast. Amber Miles loyalty programme is generally a joke and about ten years behind the times: no internet access, ugly-looking statements and you practically have to walk to their offices in Gatwick to get a redemption flight. On a plus side, their miles never expire, like AA or BA. The biggest problem is that the airline is overstaffed. Despite adequate aircraft, well-trained pilots and average flight attendants (all the best have been already poached by Emirates, who seem to like their Nordic-Baltic looks), as a business, the airline is run like every incompetent state-owned business is run in the world. 

Lithuanian Airlines - by Pete Hussey

5 August 2004

Flew a return trip this summer and I was very pleased with the whole package. I sat in the front few rows on both flights and as a 6'2" man I found plenty of legroom. The service was very attentive and both meals were small but very fresh and certainly tasty. One flight had older flight attendants and these were difficult to understand but the younger women on the return flight were much better. Vilnius Airport is very small but friendly (as much as airports are) with good safety checks and minimum delay. I will certainly use them again for the convenience of direct flights.

Lithuanian Airlines - by Bruce Myers

7 January 2004

Flew in one of their 737's from Vilnius to Gatwick in Feb 2003, and had one of the forward seats with plenty of legroom. Great bottle of Spanish red wine accompanied the meal, and the window seat with fantastic views from the clear skies were the perfect end to my Baltic trip. Joined Amber Miles for a souvenir!

Lithuanian Airlines - by Mark Robertson

14 April 2003

Check in via BA so was very smooth if not a little lengthy (BA's fault). Plane looking a little tired now but will be having newer 737-500's on lease manufactured in 1996 from May onwards. I was a little concerned flying with this airline but flight was decent enough with no surprises. In flight service was very attentive. "More Tea/Coffee" around 4 times for a 3 hour flight. Seats don't recline from rows 10 onwards so get the front rows for leather and recline. Plane seemed very spacious considering it was a small plane 3-3. Interior a little tired and carpet worn which made me feel this plane had been a bit of a work horse for the airline for a good while but as I said, newer planes will be in operation from May onwards. Food very bad, who wants fatty slices of gammon I don't know - but I have had nearly just as bad from the main carriers. Announcements are in Lithuanian and English although their accent is a little hard to understand. A small announcement from pilot and that was it. Very smooth flight with no delays both ways. A little bumpy on outbound with the pilot putting the seat belt sign on and off around 5 times but I felt everyone was in control and new what was going on. Considering it is the only direct flight from London I would say that I would recommend them instead of going Czech Airlines/Lauda Air via their hubs.



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