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Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter by Martin Rinker

30 July 2006

I have to fly STR DTM frequently for business and since LH does not offer any nonstop services on that route I was booked on LGW (HE) recently. Their nonstop service STR DTM is carried out by a very small Dornier aircraft seating merely 16 passengers. Due to the very low number of possible passengers there is free seating and no flight attendants on board. The co pilot helps passengers stow their delivery at aircraft bags before boarding the airplane. While embarking one finds plastic bags containing snacks. Furthermore there are baskets containing cans of coke and another one with coffee, creamer and sugar. Seating is quite funny, 1 seat left and another one right side from the aisle, so almost all seats are window seats except the last row. There is no cockpit door so you can see what the pilots are doing. The flying altitude is only 2 to 3 km so the flights are almost scenic flights, which is a completely new experience. I would recommend this airline to everybody who is in search for a new experience in flying, especially to bored frequent travellers. Their pilots are very nice and friendly. This is real flying !



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