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Lauda Air customer review :  31 January 2012 by Alan Cook   (UK)


Trip Rating :  9/10

Score 9 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Bristol to Innsbruck. Superb service. The cabin was clean and tidy and staff were attentive. On the return we took off from Innsbruck into an extremely heavy snowstorm. At all times we were made to feel safe, the captain and crew were professional and behaved as if it were a routine flight.

Lauda Air customer review : 9 April 2010 by I Odanga

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

VIE-FCO-VIE B737-700. Had made reservations with Austrian Airlines. Comfortable airliner- leather seats in Economy and well kept. Basic refreshments on board. Both ground and inflight staff very sensitive. Had a problem after my passport was erroneously stamped by passport officer at VIE. Prompt assistance from the Austrian Airlines ground staff at Vienna International got me the useful "UNGULTIG" stamp that allowed me to pass through the Domestic Counter in good time for the flight. On return leg my suitcase was significantly damaged- contents intact. Luggage officer at Vienna said carrier would pay for repair. I explained that I had an AMS connection flight to catch in less than two hours and he offered me a new suitcase after I filled out my details (all this in less than 20 minutes).

Lauda Air customer review : 26 September 2009 : by Kim Krister

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

VIE-BCN in economy. Tight legroom at front of the B737-800, no smiles from FAs, poor sandwich service, a wine included. After one and final service round FAs disappeared to galleys. Only positive side was that flight arrived ahead from schedule.

LAUDA AIR review : 18 August 2009 : by G Telman

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Although now in Austrian team, Lauda still deserves separate reviews. I was very much pleased with the flight VIE-FCO (very short one though) operated for Austrian with 737-800 which I enjoy flying. The plane was clean, FA's were attentive and a female captain gave enough information about the flight. Usual selection of "Salty or Sweet" ie. nuts or chocolate bar was on offer as was the soft drinks. I managed to book myself a very comfortable seat just behind the exit row so there was no seat in front of me and I was flying on a Red Ticket (the cheapest ever) fare. We were delayed for about an hour and a half for late arrival of the aircraft but explanations were given in professional manner.

LAUDA AIR review : 9 February 2009 : by Anna Friman

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Vienna-Helsinki. Was pleasantly surprised about legspace, seats were ok, food ok, personnel friendly.

Lauda Air - by Ian Sinclair

9 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Amsterdam-Dubai via Vienna Business Class. AMS-VIE, only passenger in Business Class, attentive crew, reasonable service for short flight to Vienna. Lounge in Vienna rather dull, nothing of note in the way of food (as much branded alcohol as one wanted). Small, cramped 737-900 to Dubai, laughable business class cabin - with seats that did n extes pitch impossible in 1st row. Food excellent, not sure how they achieved such a high standard in the tiny galley area on this aircraft. No room for hand luggage in overhead bins, these were full of newspapers/blankets etc. Amenity kit not really worth having, basic contents, low quality and fairly useless. Only IFE was a monitor attached to the bulkhead after 30 minutes this broke down. Constant walking up and down the aisle by crew and friends of crew members having loud conversations in the galley for most of the flight. Children given visits to the flight deck (I thought that this had all been stopped since 9/11?). Extremely uncomfortable seats, while reasonably priced, I will not use this service again.

Lauda Air - by Michael Hartmann

18 June 2006

DXB-VIE Lauda 737 Biz class May 2006. Terrible for a long haul - seats uncomfortable. Could not even get the foot supports up as not enough pitch and space in the first biz class row. One month and my (Gold-card = Senator) note asking for a response and handed in to flight attendant has not been answered. No entertainment except for a joke - they hand out old super 8 tapes and personal players with a screen the size of a large postage stamp (2" max). Lauda could buy 6 or 8 personal DVD players for a few hundred each! The earphones were the budget economy type (mine were broken) that you have to assemble. This plane and its seats are 15 years out of date. It should not be called business class. FA were nice but they are not given any product. Lauda will never get my business again. I've flown Austrian over the Atlantic and in Eastern Europe - much better than this worn out plane. The bean counters have won at Lauda and it will kill them.

Lauda Air - by William Agius

2 August 2005

Lauda Air from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney in Business Class on a B777-200. The seats in Business Class are old fashioned and do not recline to a flat position. But at least they have big pillows. Inflight entertainment is not up to date either. Nonetheless, Lauda Air is a really pleasant airline to fly with. Flight attendants are motivated, efficient and friendly. The flight was nearly full in Business Class and while they took care of all the passengers in a professional manner, they still found the time to chat and joke. The food service is more like First Class on some airlines. The quality of the food was good - due to the fact that a lot of it is freshly prepared. The presentation of food is also fantastic. Flight arrives in Sydney in the middle of the afternoon, instead of early morning - this IS rather convenient because there aren't many international arrivals that time of day, so you get through the airport in a short time. I enjoyed flying Lauda Air although they need to get better seats in Business Class.

Lauda Air - by Sascha Menzendorf

29 June 2005

DXB-VIE on a b737-800. flight delayed by almost half an hour. pretty rude and very unexperienced staff. no hot meal served after take off, only a very meagre breakfast which, in addition, didn't taste at all. however, i got the seat in the exit row with plenty of leg space. but a drawback even here: the seats could not be declined so that i was cramped in my seat without getting any sleep. compared with my previous lauda air experiences on the oz-routes, this trip was rather wimpy. overall 4 out of 10!

Lauda Air - by Erik Wiklund

29 May 2005

SYD-VIE Business class. First of all, I must say that the seats in Lauda business are not up to date with the competitors. They are still comortable, but no flat position and do not recline ideally for sleeping. Inflight entertainment is not fantastic. Not available on demand and there was only one film I had any interest of watching. However Lauda offers the most spectacular dining service. They have a chef on board who prepares everything during the flight. The menu and wine list was also excellent. 4 main courses to choose from. The steward takes personal orders "restaurant style" from all passengers. The dessert trolley offered some fantastic things as well. The dining set was quite stylish and had a very smart design. I was always approached by my name, something which gave the whole experience a very personal feel. Breakfast was equally delicious. If you appreciate great food and excellent service, then choose Lauda! If you are more concerned about seat comfort and getting a good sleep, then choose one of the competitors on the route.

Lauda Air - by Paul Meerman

28 April 2005

Flew twice AMS-VIE-BKK vv in Economy Class. The intercontinental flights were superb. The flights between AMS-VIE vv were just ordinary, but good.

Lauda Air - by Paul Budd

12 February 2005

LHR-KUL-SYD. 777-200 in Business (Amadeus) Class. After an early flight on Austrian airlines we settled into the Business lounge to wait for the flight to KUL. The Senator Lufthansa lounge was rather small for such an international departure, but adequately equipped with snacks and drinks. After a three hour delay I boarded the plane to be welcomed by a smiling F/A who greeted the premium passengers by name. I settled into my seat with a nice glass of champagne and a magazine, good start! Take- off was flawless, not one bump on the way up in the big 777. Lauda pride themselves on their inflight service, which must be said is second to none. Numerous healthy sumptuous lunch choices, for whch I chose the king prawn salad, entree was a Thai red curry with asparagus. The food was all personally prepared by the inflight chef and I cannot stress how fantastic the qaulity was, I did not know food at 35,000ft could taste so incredible, but it did! Dessert cart was attended by the Chef who asked each passenger their view on the lunch, everybody appeared as content as myself as he served us hot white chocolate crepes. Lunch ended with coffee and port, I would fly Lauda air again just for the service and food. Unfortunately the seat has taken 2nd priority to that of the Service. The seats were a little hard and the lumber support was inactive on my seat, in addition the leg rest does not come up nearly far enough, however adequate recline and 50" pitch allowed a few hours of nap time. The inflight entertainment was showing some age, limited films and bad quality screen would not satisfy most premium passengers. After arrival at KUL we waited around for an hour for re-fuelling and cleaning. Re-boarding was swift and we got underway for the 7 hours into Sydney, smooth take off again, at cruising speed breakfast was served, unfortunately I do not eat eggs, and just my luck, everything had included eggs in some shape or form. I was rewarded with a hot cheese and ham role with salad garnish, completely adequate after such a fantastic meal only a few hours earlier. Due to it being the middle of the day I was unable to sleep nd decided to try my luck with the inflight entertainment, which proved to be sufficient to kill a few hours. Lauda is owned by Austrian and offers chartered flights as far as I know. Because of this it offers the best deal on Business Class flights to Aus. I would recommend them to anyone, the inflight chef and crew were first rate and provided the best Bus service and food around. However their cabin interior and seat need to be brought up to speed to compete with the flat beds that are creeping into the route with many bigger carriers.

Lauda Air - by B Naras

5 December 2004

Singapore to Melbourne on Lauda, empty when I went there, full on the return trip. Nice aircraft, (A B777-200ER) atmosphere and generally efficient inflight crew. I have one major complaint against them though. They serve warm beer, and handed me a glass of ice. Yuck! I thought it was just a mistake the air-steward had made so I ignored it. On the return trip, a different crew, did the same thing! They apparently don't believe in chilling the beer before serving it. Also, on the return trip the aircraft was full, and I was stuck in the middle nad was glad enough to get off in Singapore. Pity those who go through the entire trip to Vienna!

Lauda Air - by Ron Brown

22 November 2004

LHR-VIE-SYD Lauda Air, Business class Jan 04. Seats old style but the service and food on board make up for it. Avoid at all cost over-nighting at the Airport Hotel at Vienna, its the worst airport hotel I have ever stayed at - I cannot think of a single redeeming feature, apart from the fact it is close to the terminal.

Lauda Air - by Sascha Menzendorf

8 October 2004

MEL-SIN-VIE and return (economy). did not have much of a choice, so I had to flew with Lauda air. I hesitated to book Lauda since my last experience was quite disappointing. but, I was taught better: the flight was very pleasant. attentive staff, average legroom and all flights on time, only the old and worn seats need to be changed. still, good value for money (7 out of 10)!

Lauda Air - by Jim Hunt

27 August 2004

VIE-KUL-SYD, SYD-KUL-VIE. This was my first time with Lauda Air and I was extremely pleased with both flights. The only dissapointment is the seating which isn't so comfortable for the back but I had no complaints with the legroom. The service on all of my flights was excellent. The meals, although a bit on the small side, were fresh tasty and enjoyable. Lauda serve fresh, warm bread in economy class and you can have as much of it as you wish, which is great. They have a wide selection of drinks and the cabin crew were always coming round with drinks throughout the flight and not once did I have to leave my seat for a drink. That is what I call service. The cabin crew on all 4 sectors were fab. They were friendly, approachable and nothing was a problem. I also hold the IFE system in high regards as there was a large range of movies, music, and games etc. Enough to keep anybody occupied. So overall I think Lauda Air is a great airline. I would fly with them again and I must say that the flights were rather cheap.

Lauda Air - by Daniel Sinozic

26 August 2004

I travelled Amadeus (business) Class from Sydney -Vienna in April 2004 and was delighted by the way I was treated by the Lauda Staff at the airport, much the opposite to what I recieve when travelling Qantas business class. I started my journey by having access to the Air New Zealand lounge which was a quiet place to have a quick snack before the flight. When it was time to board all Amadeus Class passengers were called forward to board but it was difficult to get through the rush of all the other passengers, I was greeted at the door by the friendly staff who showed me to my seat and took my jacket to hang up. Once seated i was offered a drink of either water or orange juice and when the plane was boarded i realised that half of the business class was empty as was the seat next to me, this gave me the freedom to stretch out.  The service was very quick and the food was delicious as it had been prepared by the onboard chef. The seats could have been a little more comfortable.  Staff were very friendly and drinks were constantly being refilled during the flight, i never had to ask for a drink as my drink was always full.  All and all the flight was great, the service was excellent with Lauda's motto 'Service is our success' being shown to me.

Lauda Air - by Edward Congdon

2 August 2004

SYD-KUL-VIE Amadeus class. Very disappointed. Only 3 movies on whole trip - one of which was scratchy and useless. Same ones repeated over and over - at times the same movie on 2 channels simultaneously. Yet many empty channels. My first headset did not work properly. The business lounge in Vienna has only 2 internet booths and staff are testy. The lounge in Hamburg only has facilities for laptops, no computers at all. Only saving grace is the rush transit for Amadeus class in Vienna, as that airport is a nightmare

Lauda Air - by Simon Cheung

28 June 2004

I've not flown the new A340 so can't really comment. However, I've flown Business Class on the A330 on ZRH-JFK, ZRH-MIA and ZRH-YUL and on the whole it is quite acceptable. The new flat seat is progressively being installed on thier entire long haul fleet but the reviews I've seen have been mixed. If you get one of the old style seats it's not the end of the world. Even if it doesn't recline fully it does allow a very comfortable rest and comes with all the usual accessories such as in-seat TV, lap-top power-point etc. One thing I have noticed is that compared to other carriers like BA or Singapore, Swiss is falling behind owing to the 'blandness' of its product and that it has been quite slow in changing to the flat-seat. Still, on the plus side they do offer some excellent Business Class fares so if you do get a chance, try it.

Lauda Air - by Michael Studzinski

7 June 2004

VIE-KUL-SYD and back, in Economy Class. Very nice flights! B777 used on all 4 sectors is ok, but flights were half empty, so all 150-170 passengers have at least 2-3 seats to themselves. I can't imagine flying 24 hrs to Australia when the flight is fully booked - putting 344 seats in B777-200 is a nightmare! Seat pitch was very small and seats very narrow. But, flight was half empty, so everybody could sleep easily. Each seat equipped with personal monitor, IFE very good and interesting. Food outstanding! Main meals served on china, second meals - nice baguettes and salads in paper boxes. Many warm rolls and bread to choose from. All crews very young , but very professional. Maybe they didn't look too elegant and stylish, rather like girls and boys next door, but still, fresh and nice. Pity, that Austrian is changing everything - from next month they'll have even Austrian uniforms. Hopefully Lauda will keep its good and enjoyable spirit.

Lauda Air - by Stephen D'Arcy

31 May 2004

Brussels-Bratislava (direct): out on 20/5/04, back on 24/5/04. Flights use 737-300: a little cramped for legroom, but adjustable headrests and very good food, with beer/wine also a free option. Bought ticket on-line for E120 - but this fare is the cheapest and can rise to E310 in the days up to take-off! My first flight with Lauda, but not my last.

Lauda Air - by J W Leong

26 May 2004

Flight from VIE-LHR in Economy class. Vienna airport is very convenient for transfer, as the gates are quite close to each other; security check was friendly and polite. Flight boarding was late due to some "delays on the ground service" - ground crew need to be more polite; especially after making more than a hundred impatient passengers wait for them! No priority boarding for Business, family and disabled - nor were there any orderly queues. What stands out is the drinks service that followed, and a full meal service, (no, it wasn't a sandwich) consisting of grilled salmon and veggies on the side, all served on Lauda's trademark porcelain, not plastic. Service average, not as overrated as what Lauda Air is used to be famous for, however the meal service, as always on Lauda was excellent.

Lauda Air - by Remco Timmermans

19 March 2004

AMS-VIE-KUL-SYD-KUL-VIE-AMS on Lauda Air - Amadeus (business) Class, March 2004. AMS-VIE flight on OS delayed by an hour, so I had to rush in VIE to make connection. Just made it, so did my luggage. Messy gate, but good separate C-class entry. Seats were fine, but a world apart from business class with BA or SQ. However, in flight cook made up for the seat pitch by preparing outstanding fresh food, and plenty of it. IFE really below standard. SQ offers better choice and quality in economy! However, price is very competitive, and comfort is basic, but okay. On flight back service was of same quality level. Although all flights on time, my luggage got stuck at VIE, to be delivered home a day later.

Lauda Air - by Bernhard Hellmich

4 February 2004

HAM-VIE-BKK-VIE-HAM in Amadeus Class. All flights were in time. Check in and boarding was quick with separate entry for C-class. The gate is in fact crowded and horrible, so it was good to have the business class lounge nearby. Quality and presentation of food (flying cook) was outstanding and better than on many other C-classes I have used. Seat comfort was average, comparable to the old LH business class, although seat pitch in the 767 on the way back seemed to be smaller. IFE was OK. Staff was always friendly and helpful. Only one critic - no amenity kits on the way back, not even ear-plugs were available on request. Best argument for Lauda was the price which was almost half of LHs business class fare - for that fare I would fly with them every time again, really worth the money! Compared to the newer business classes (BA, Singapore) Lauda should improve their seats in the future to stay even more competitive.

Lauda Air - by Michael Schnaufer

16 January 2004

Lauda Air to KUL (Kuala Lumpur) on their 777-200. Boarding was horrible, because the A-Gate section (Pier East) had been overcrowded due to other longhaul flights. I was queued in the wrong lane for minutes, because there wasn't a real separation visible. Vienna must be horrible for transfer passengers not going to a Schengen member country, because there is nothing to see in the Pier East! Access to the 777 was dispatched through two gates (no C/Y Class seperation). No assistance provided for embarking passengers. Departure took place with a delay of 20 minutes, what seems to be usual for a long haul flight. The aircraft used was one of the older ones being equipped with a 3-3-3 configuration in the middle with PTV. Lunch and dinner were delicious, and the entertainment was quite okay, but the interactive part did not work. Choice of movies was really good which entertained me until landing. I expected to get a hot tissue ( as served on OS long haul flights), but there was nothing served. I was a little bit disappointed concerning the attitude of some F/As. In my opinion there was no "real" Austrian hospitality detectable. Basically the flight was okay, but there should be made some small improvements leading to a better impression about Lauda Air. I personally don't like the 777 due to the seating configuration and lack of lavatories, I rather prefer Airbus aircraft. On the other hand the 777 seems to be very spacious and airy. Arrival in KUL on time. On my return flight the newest 777 was used. The PTVs were really huge (the biggest I have ever seen), but the aircraft is entirely equipped with a 3-4-3 seating configuration. The flight was fully booked which makes it more uncomfortable for all passengers (Flight duration ~ 12 hours). Dinner and breakfast were okay, but my neighbour ordered a vegetarian meal which finally contained a little meat. Interactive mode was working, and a lot of moves were shown. I have to repeat that the size of the PTVs was really impressive. Unfortunately it was impossible to switch on the personal seat light, it was blocked by the crew - very strange like military camp, no light after midnight! Some passengers complained, and finally it was released for them. Concluding I would like to say that I have expected more, although I was mostly satisfied with services provided. I would fly them again on this route. It wouldn't be really difficult to make these flights more comfortable if they would consider all the small complaints in order to improve their reputation.

Lauda Air - by Sasha Nikolas

16 January 2004

SYD - VIE Via KUL in economy class. I have been on Lauda previously in 2000 and thought the experience was good - so I decided to try them again. Same aircraft used B777-200, Economy seats are extremely tight and entertainment is not up to the standards of most other carriers. Service while efficient and consistent was cold. The decor of the cabin seems warm and very Austrian. Catering was good yet meal portions were very small and no menus were provided. There were also no snacks in between meals. However what I noticed on all my Lauda flights was that they don't have amenity kits. Transfer in Vienna is horrible. Overall Lauda is a very average airline

Lauda Air - by Vince Danz

19 December 2003

Ever since AUA took over Lauda the service has gone downhill with no sign of stopping. Lauda now charges for drinks and food on the short routes it operates for AUA group. If this continues, then Lauda Air should remove the logos "Service is our Success" from their jets. What service?

Lauda Air - by J W Leong

15 December 2003

KUL-VIE on Economy class. I got a seat in the forward Economy Cabin, where the seats are 3x3x3 instead of 3x4x3 in the back cabin. Interactive mode on in-flight entertainment not working, so only movies and audio. Service was quick and rushed. Upon boarding, crew did not seem interested to greet passengers what more assist in storing hand luggage in the overhead compartments. On other airlines that I have flown, crew will normally assist passengers - and greet them warmly while boarding. Attendant calls were not answered despite being called more than 3 times. One plus however, crew came around every hour with juice and water, and the food was very good. Some cabin crew are nice and friendly, others were not.

Lauda Air - by Jonas Steve Burke

5 December 2003

Just back from a gruelling 24 slog aboard Lauda's oldest 777-200 LHR-KUL-SYD. I really was expecting a little more from a Star Alliance member, and regret the lack of heed I paid to those comments regarding Lauda's chosen seat pitch. I am 6'2'' and expected discomfort but not outright pain, and three days on I am still taking paracetamol to combat an aching back and legs. The aircraft interior is drab, shabby and very worn - my allocated seat had a damaged head rest and hinge so that any pressure on the seat back resulted in the seat twisting uncomfortably. I couldn't get my legs behind the seat in front without my knees pressing uncomfortably into the tray handles, exacerbated when the seat in front was reclined 10mins into the flight. I also suspect the advertised seat pitch of 29" applies to those economy seats in a 3x3x3 configuration between business and the second galley, all seats aft of this are in a 3x4x3 configuration and are both considerably narrower and appear to suffer a shorter pitch. The inflight entertainment, whilst affording every passenger a PTV is very much antiquated by comparison to other long haul operators and I was unlucky in that my seat was audio only due to a malfunction on the return leg. The meals are sufficient to exist on, but there are no snacks between planned meals and drinks are very definitely collected rather than brought to you by flight attendants. Considering Lauda's mantra places great emphasis on service I didn't see a great deal of it, staff whilst efficient are very cold in their demeanour. To round off a thoroughly disappointing experience, the return leg was delayed and my baggage lost.



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