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Lloyd Aereo Boliviano - by Mark Downham
4 April 2007

I have made six visits to Cochabamba from the UK in the last 3-4 years. Twice I have taken the Madrid-Santa Cruz flight with LAB and all other times have involved flying LAB, at least for a domestic leg. On every single return flight LAB have messed up or delayed me. My most recent trip involved flying Cochabamba-Santa Cruz, then SC-Madrid. The outward flight trip to SC went OK, but then my scheduled flight on to Cochabamba was inexplicably rescheduled, producing a delay of five hours. Several days before my return trip, my agent warned of rescheduling of the SC- Madrid flight. Many phone calls and two trips to the LAB offices eventually produced the concensus that this flight would leave SC at 16.00 Wednesday, instead of 23.45 Tuesday. I had to get an early morning flight Wednesday from Cochabamba and expected to wait around 7 hours for the afternoon flight. This got delayed first until 23.45 Wednesday, then 02.00 Thursday and eventually took off 03.30, a total wait at SC of 18 hours! I had long since missed my connection on to London and had to pay not only for a new flight, but a hotel in Madrid Thursday night. Never was there any attempt to explain or say sorry, let alone offer any kind of compensation. As I say, never, ever fly LAB.

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano - by Iirma Cassano
13 February 2007

SF-Miami- Santa Cruz- Cochabamba, Bolivia. When we arrived with tickets in hand at Miami's airport counter we were informed that we had no seats reserved. After a lot of arguing the staff finally found seats, but only because I got so upset and was ready to do so for hours, if needed. After boarding the plane we were informed that the flight was going to make a stop in Washington DC, this was NOT in our itinerary. It was a 3 hour delay to our final destination. My husband was ready to get off in Washington DC and cancel this trip to visit his family. We have two young children and they would not allow them to get up and walk while we waited while the passengers to boarded. On the way back, it was worst, the flight from Bolivia to Miami was delayed, they stopped in Brazil for another stop that was unplanned. This delayed us for 6 hours. We missed our connecting flight to SF and had to spend the night in Miami. What a disaster! The tickets are not cheap and are not on sale, so why do they add these stops and delay the flights so much. I am sure that if we would have been informed of these addition stops before hand we and other people would choose other carriers. For our next trip we will fly with another carrier. Lloyd's service is awful and we would never recommend them to anyone.

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano - by Antoine Bastien
26 January 2007

My wife and I flew Lloyd from La Paz to Cochabamaba, and back to La Paz. We were very pleased with the service. The staff friendly and competent, flights left and arrived on time. Next time we fly to Bolivia, we'll take Lloyd from Miami, instead of American Airlines, which was a nightmare.

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano - by Donna Stewart
29 December 2006

Our LAB flight Lima to La Paz was cancelled for no given reason and without advance notice. Of course the extra night of hotel in Lima was at our cost. When we asked to be transferred to another airline this was refused and a refund was :"not possible". When we asked to be allowed to buy ,at our expense ,a flight to Cuzco with a transfer to LAB Cuzco to La Paz we were told this would be treated as a cancellation and subject to a cancellation fee. We pointed out that we were only doing this as LAB had cancelled our Lima-La Paz flight but this had no impact. In general they were rude and unhelpful! Fly someone else if you can!

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano - by Heinz Kohler
28 April 2006

EZE to VVI and LPZ return in J-Class. B727 stretched version was a bit aged. Service was great to excellent, better than some other carriers in South America. Would fly LAB anytime.

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano- by Ana Uriona
28 July 2005

Santa Cruz - MIA using LAB was a terrible mistake, not mentioning the fairly attention during the fly, thinking in my kids ages 8, 5, 2 and 10 months old , we decided to expent a lot more $$$ buying First Class seats for a better seats and a pleasant fly, but that never happened. Runnig out of sick bags during the fly was ridiculos, no headphones, no TV in a day time fly was even worse, plus the extra stop we had in Panama, that nobody told us about. There were people compleining about that in the airplane, that stop took almost 2 Hrs - on ground inside that old B-767. If only they will be kind letting you know about those stops sure will never buy from LAB. For that extra stop we also miss our connetion fly to DC, we needed to wait for the next flight which was the next day . Of course having our kids with us we needed to go to a Hotel. Well, who ever decide to fly with LAB better think about it twice, having this awful experience myself I will never recommend flying with LAB.

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano- by Jay Richard

30 January 2005

Be prepared for the worst. While in Bolivia for 2 months heard some horrendous tales of discourteous treatment by Lloyd personnel, equipment delays, lost bags etc. If you want more certain travel, go American Airlines. I was sure to arrive at the airports much ahead of time. And was sure to get to the front of the lines. Seat reservations are a sometime thing - never assume that you will get that seat. It often happens that Lloyd will declare open seating after handing out seat reservations. Would I travel Lloyd again? Yes, but would do so only because I would not be traveling on a tight schedule.

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano- by Dan Wilson

15 January 2005

MIA to La Paz via MAO and VVI on LAB. The antique B-767 left MIA 2 hours behind schedule, our 1/2 hour stop in MAO turned into a 2hour stop due to late cargo. In MAO it was raining heavily and I noticed that water was leaking from the ceiling of the airplane. We arrived in VVI only to see the AA flight taking off to Miami, a flight that left one hour after us and had the same number of stops. Upon exiting the plane we learned that the La Paz connection had already left, so we waited 3 hours for the next flight, which LAB then cancelled. So we waited another 3 hours for another flight that was cancelled, before another could be cancelled I had my ticket endorsed to AeroSur (the other Bolivian airline). The way back was not better, when calling to confirm we learned that the flight was going to leave 5 hours late. When we boarded the plane we learned that another couple was also assigned to our seats, this took almost an hour for the ground crew to figure out. In the end we left over 7 hours late on an antique B-727. Unknown to the passengers until takeoff, we learned that we had to make another one of those 1/2 hour stops in Panama City. We arrived to MIA 7.5 hours after leaving VVI. The customer service in MIA was average, the customer service in VVI was fair below average. I do not recommend this airline unless you like to spend your vacations waiting.

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano- by Mauricio Imana

7 December 2004

MIA to VVI (Santa Cruz, Bolivia) in LAB. The airport staff at MIA was friendly and efficient and the flight departed on time, detail that surprised me since I was warned by acquaintances that LAB had a reputation for delays. The FA were friendly and attentive and the meal served was OK. The B-767 was nice and clean and the seats fairly comfortable for someone my height (5’10”). I flew to Bolivia before using AA thinking I was getting better service. I was wrong. The fly stopped in MAO for about one hour and then continued to VVI. Sadly I noticed a change of attitude in the ground staff in Bolivia. The check- in airport staff on the flight back in VVI made me feel like I was being a nuisance to them. They were somewhat rude. The flight to MIA was delayed for 2 hours without explanation and it stopped again in MAO. Same type of aircraft was used. I wish at least it were an overnight flight since I almost lost the entire day flying. By the way security check in VVI is 100% more exhaustive that in the USA.



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