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KD AVIA review :  10 August 2009 by Gert van Buitenen   (Netherlands)


Trip Rating :  2/10

Score 2 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Our family took a flight from Ufa to connect to KD771 to Dusseldorf. When we landed in Kaliningrad we were directed tot the check-in area. After 30 mins a ground stewardess came. She only spoke Russian and whispered so silently, the passengers near to her had to repeat what she said after she left. The flight was delayed "up to" 1900 from 1322. The same thing happened to flights to Munchen and Hannover. This meant that the small airport was cramped with stranded passengers. After a few hours we were told (only in Russian) that we could get a free meal at the canteen. Finally at 17:10 we could check in. Passengers from the three delayed flights all had to check in at the same time. Which meant very long queues at the 2 check-in desks and the few security check point at this small airport. We queued for 2 hours before we could board. When we boarded (at 18:50) the plane took an hour to leave since all three planes had to be refueled and re-stocked at the same time. No one from the staff bothered to inform the passengers what the delay was about or when we would take-off. Stewerdesses were very unfriendly during the flight. I never saw them smile. I would call their attitude towards the passengers rude. There is no KD Avia desk at their own home base of Kalinigrad. No-one at KD Avia speaks any foreign language. Frequent delays and cancelations. Only plus side is that is the cheapest way to fly from Germany to the smaller Russian cities.

KD AVIA review : 17 January 2009: by S Hunt

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Return flight to Ekaterinburg from Gatwick via Kaliningrad. I didn't experience any problems other than the flight being delayed by 50 minutes on return. Staff friendly, the 737's I used had seen life, but were okay. The cold food on the Russian legs of my journey were pretty average, but edible nonetheless. I would use this airline again.

KD AVIA review : 14 January 2009: by O Cuddihy

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

There aren't many flights connecting Europe with Russian provinces. My flight was London- Kaliningrad-Volgograd - the only alternatives are Aeroflot flights but then you have to change terminals in Sheremetyevo which is not very convenient with heavy bags or BMI/BA to Domodedovo and S7 from there. Very often there is long wait in between. KDavia flights are scheduled conveniently - not early in the morning/late at night, not much waiting time between the flights. Theoretically it's perfect although I wouldn't say it's very cheap - the price matched BA/S7 and Aeroflot. There’s a big but – the flights don’t leave on time. On the way to Volgograd we were first delayed in Kaliningrad and an hour later departed to Rostov! There we had to wait till another flight in 4 hours time. We were told that the weather was bad although it seemed completely perfect. Flying from Volgograd back to London flights were delayed again, rooted through Rostov (5 hour delay) by which time connecting flight took off – of which we were misinformed- told they would wait for us or, if not we’d fly next morning. Fortunately I checked the schedule and found out there are no flights on Saturdays to London. When we started boarding I asked the stewardess to find out if there are flights on Saturdays and she confirmed with the pilot – there were none. We would have to spend 2 days in the airport. The airline reps were very rude and unhelpful and did not appear to know anything. Worst of all, a check-in lady told us that the flights have been routed through Rostov since September – as they don’t sell enough tickets to fly 2 separate planes to Volgograd and Rostov.

KD Avia by C Whitehouse

17 June 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Travelled back from Perm to London Gatwick via Kaliningrad with KD Avia. The planes were old 737-300's but in an acceptable condition. The seating configuration is for short haul aircraft which was a bit tiresome with over six hours flying and the food was not good - given the price I paid this was acceptable. Kaliningrad airport bit chaotic but far less so than some other airports in the RF. The transfer process took about 90 minutes (including clearing passport control). If you're cost conscious then it's not a bad option.

KD Avia by Henrik Gustafsson

30 January 2008   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Travelled, or at least was supposed to, St Petersburg-Kaliningrad-Hamburg-Kaliningrad-St Petersburg. Chose KD-avia because of the cheap fare and convenient timetable. Bu, absolutely nothing went right. Late departure from St Petersburg, long delay in Kaliningrad airport, and late arrival in Hamburg (6 hours late). When leaving Hamburg one hour delay again, then they made a stopover in Düsseldorf to collect some passengers stranded there and late arrival in Kaliningrad. Missed the connecting flight to St Petersburg even though they said that they would hold all connecting flights for late passengers. No food or drink even though flight delayed. A catastrophe. Stayed overnight in Kaliningrad to catch a morning flight to St Petersburg, but when arriving at the airport again it was cancelled. Evening flight back to Petersburg, 18 hour delayed without compensation, food or drink. Missed a whole working day. Airport horrible, staff unhelpful. Avoid this company at all costs.

KD Avia by Sergei Nayakshin

5 January 2008   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

The airline provides connects Russian provincial centers with Europe, which is urgently needed. KD avia uses Kaliningrad as it's hub. The airline features cheap fares, which is obviously great. However, I found services very poor. I and my relatives made 4 trips with this airline, and in 3 out of 4 cases the airline made an additional stop or combined flights to get more passengers packed in one plane. We were late on one occasion by 2 hours. In another case the flight was re-scheduled to take off more than 1 hour earlier! Of course in the end they took off at almost the previously scheduled time. Passengers are kept in the dark about flight changes. We were told the plane will make an extra stop when we already boarded the plane. The information screens in Kaliningrad's airport are very ineffective. Instead of showing the gates for the flights, flights delayed, etc., the screen shows temperature at destination cities. Useful but not all that much considering people are waiting for hours to get on the plane. Some of the planes are old and should be replaced by more modern ones. Two trays in the seats I sat were just slightly skewed, seems not a big deal, but try spilling hot coffee or food on your clothes and you'll see why this is something the airline should fix right away!


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