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KAM AIR review : 7 May 2009 : by Dave Stanley

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Dubai-Kabul-Dubai. The price of tickets is very high. It costs more to get to Kabul than to the UK from Dubai. Kam Air were OK on this trip. It was a MD-82 both ways and were were almost on time. The only problem was the return because of some stupid security procedures in the airport. They apologised for that, though it was not their fault. Neither flight was full, so was able to get a row to myself, which helps. Kam Air, along with Safi, is still the best way to get to Kabul from Dubai.

KAM AIR review : 28 January 2009 : by Dave Stanley

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Dubai-Kabul-Dubai. Not so good as my last trip. The 737 aircraft is not on this route, so they are using an ancient 727 or MD82. We were about 1 hour late each way. Ticket prices have increased a lot in the last year, so it would not be unreasonable to expect better. The food departing Kabul should still be avoided.

Kam Air - by Dave Stanley

24 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Dubai-Kabul-Dubai in early December. Kamair continues to be OK. Both flights were close to being on time - the only small delay down to Dubai air traffic. They are now doing the luggage security check in Kabul, which means you have to point out your case before it is loaded onto the aircraft. Don't forget to do this if you want to see your case at your destination.

Kam Air - by Ernest Mutwangaa

27 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Kamair could do a lot better with the Kabul -Dubai flight, the food is still lousy, the hostess busy closing curtains to do make up and laze around. That is the customer care side of things. On the security side of things, it looks they are finally waking up. My flight to Dubai on 23rd July 2007 was surprising, though our luggage was let on the rain as the loaders sheltered under the wings, the boarding well done under the supervision of two foreign looking gentlemen, a security manager and a safety manager, who though serious looking and thorough in their work, they smiled at us and even greeted passengers as they boarded. That was heart warming to say the least.

Kam Air - by Dave Stanley

19 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Dubai-Kabul and back in June. The outgoing flight was OK and on time (there are now 2 per day). The return flight was 4.5 hours late without any explanation. They should have called all passengers, but only a few got called. I was lucky enough to know someone who did get called, otherwise I would have been sitting outside the airport at 0700. No one is allowed within about 100m of the terminal building more than 2 hours before flight time. Kam Air need to do better than this.

Kam Air - by Rex Frummell

5 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Have flown Kam Air and Ariana Airlines for years and notice very little difference between the two in regard to their poor customer service, tendency to cancel or delay flights without notifying customers, leaving hours earlier than scheduled or making unexpected stops in random destinations (like Tehran on a flight from Kabul to Istanbul recently). Most recently was kept waiting in terminal at Kabul for 9.5 hours to finally leave for Istanbul, only to then make a stop in Tehran that was unexpected even for the Iranian officials that boarded the plane on the tarmac asking the flight crew why they had stopped there. The flight attendants give very little customer service, particularly to those in business class (unless you are paying for just the extra space, dont bother wasting the money), and usually spend most of their time applying makeup or talking to one another while they make each other drinks (but neglect their customers who are watching). Have had office staff give incorrect flight schedules to me, resulting in extra days of layovers in various locations and when I complained about this to management, we were openly laughed at by counter representative. It is this type of poor customer service that I had grown accustomed to from Ariana (and never cared for) but had hoped for much more from a non-government owned airline, but I have been disappointed time and time again with Kam Air's lack of regard for its customers.

Kam Air - by V Spence

4 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Dubai to Kabul. The food was fine and flight attendants very pleasant and helpful. The seats are comfortable. After reading a lot of reports which gave me some concern regarding times and luggage, we took off on time from Dubai and didn't have any problems with our luggage. Planes need to be newer but they were clean and got you to your destination.

Kam Air - by Michael Hartmann

24 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

The flight attendants try to do their jobs with a smile - food is not bad, and while it is perhaps faint praise - I have never gotten ill from the food after perhaps 20+ flights from DXB to KBL and vice versa. The seats are comfortable in business. Only once has my luggage been left behind, and in that case the next day I received a call from Kam that my bags had arrived. Kam is now running a second flight to eliminate the one downside of its DXB-KBL flight and that was the 0700 or 0800 departure time. Now they have a Terminal One flight from DXB leaving at 1300! Planes need to be newer if possible but they are clean and get the job done!

Kam Air - by Ahmad Ramin

12 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Kam Air is a fast growing company. Although operation in a country like Afghanistan is very difficult, Kam Air is doing well. Most of the time on time. Food is not bad. I heard they are going to buy a new Airbus. right now they are operating 737-800 leased from Pegasus airline in Turkey which is a very new aircraft. Dubai to kabul usually goes well for me but Returning from kabul to dubai it is awful.

Kam Air - by Gernot Friedrich

1 February 2007

Flew KamAirto Kabul last week (24 Jan) from Dubai - our flight was delayed by 31 hours. The information policy was poor and once KamAir told us that the flight was cancelled there was no help to retrieve my checked-through luggage. The next day we had to be at the airport at the regular check-in time (05:00) to find out by asking the KamAir staff in Terminal 2 (Arrival area) - that the decision if the flight would be cancelled again would be taken at 09:00. Once in Kabul I had to find out that my luggage did not make it. Once again the KamAir staff wasn’t a real help. There was no way to fill in an official Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and the only answer was that I should come back the next day at 12:00 to search personally for my bags. As I found out in Dubai on the return flight my luggage was sent to Dubai on an Ariana flight 3 hours before my flight, so it should have been there already.

Kam Air - by Robert Kinney

27 October 2006

I work for a very large International corporation, with hundreds of employees working in Afghanistan. At this time, the company uses KAM Airlines, but this airline loses passenger's baggage on a regular basis. When our company has a new group of employees set to fly from Dubai to Kabul on KAM Airlines, we always have to leave one company representative behind in Dubai for a couple of days to retrieve all of the baggage that has been lost.

Kam Air - by John Charlesworth

7 April 2006

DXB to KBL. Another seamless flight, food not so good this time and still a little musical chairs on boarding but arrived in Kabul on time. Why UN bans staff from this airline I don't understand, it seems to be run very professionally.

Kam Air - by Dave Stanley

27 January 2006

Back on Kam Air in November and January. Both internal flight to Herat and on Dubai/Kabul route. All flights apart from Herat to Kabul were on time. The food was edible, but I do not usually risk it from Kabul. It was the same 737 on all routes. It flies Dubai to Kabul then Kabul to Herat and back. The toilets were pretty offensive on the last flight. That could be the fault of the passengers though. Kam Air has just started flying Almaty/Kabul once per week.

Kam Air - by Mike Hartmann

20 October 2005

Have taken Kam Air twice now, DXB-KBL-DXB on a Tuesday with their 767 and then KBL-DXB-KBL with the 737s. Certainly better than Ariana from what people have told me of Ariana. Terminal 2 at Dubai DXB is for both, while all usual (LH etc) international carriers at Terminal 1, and you have to take a taxi with your bags from Term 2 to Term 1, or wait a long time for the shuttle. You should know that for $60 more each way you can upgrade to business, which will give you 2-2 seating instead of 3-3 in the 737s. Business return is $554. You need to get your tickets from Kam directly but they don't answer their website; see their agent in Dubai or kabul directly. Food I skipped as not sure is worth the risk. Older planes but clean enough and toilets functional. They do allocate seats, you may need to nicely remind someone who is used to open seating. Crew is apparently hired out of the Ukraine (all 3 Flight Attendants were Ukrainian) and nice enough.

Kam Air - by André Krummacher

7 October 2005

Various times KBL - DXB - KBL. Kam Air operates a leased (from Phoenix Aviation, UAE) Boing 737 and 767 on this route. Planes look ok. Flights normally left on time, were quite comfortable, food was edible (even on the KBL - DXB route) and service friendly. As already mentioned below, the boarding in Kabul is quite chaotic as everybody tends to take any free seat and sit down despite seat numbers on the ticket.

Kam Air - by Dave Stanley

19 July 2005

Back on Kam Air again to Kabul. They now have 6 flights per week on the Dubai/Kabul route. I bought my ticket this time at the main ticket agent in Dubai. They were closed when I arrived and I had to wait for someone to arrive. The flights themselves were OK. The return to Dubai left half an hour early. I guess the flight crew were as keen to leave Kabul as the rest of us. I would not risk the food on the return Kabul-Dubai leg.

Kam Air - by Dave Stanley

29 May 2005

Dubai to Kabul return. Quite pleasant flight both ways. We were on time each way. There were no problems with seat allocation on these flights. Do not use the online booking from the Kam Air web site. The agent is based in Canada and does not have any idea about the flight status. I was told the flight was full, then cancelled. Neither were true. Tickets can be purchased at Dubai Terminal 2 by credit card. Book in advance with the Dubai agent.

Kam Air - by John Charlesworth

21 April 2005

Dubai to Kabul return. Very comfortable flight with edible food. Flight arrived early both directions. Aircraft are a little on the old side, but clean and I assume well maintained. Will be happy to use them again. Great game of musical chairs before take-off. Seat numbers are in English and half the occupants being Afghans read Persian script. After looking round a little confused they have tendency to find free seat and sit down. Air crew resigned and allocate you another seat, which of course has been originally allocated to another still boarding etc etc.



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