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Jetsgo - by David Carson

2 March 2005

Flew with a colleague from Toronto Pearson to Calgary and paid the bit extra for 'club' which for us was worth the money. Wider seats, more leg room, first to board. The Econ seats looked OK as well though. Both flights in and out left bang on time and the crew were courteous and efficient. Limited food and beverages on board but what was on offer was fine and not overly expensive.


Jetsgo - by R J Boyle

1 March 2005

Travelling to/from Toronto to Sarasota with 2 kids, a wife and mother-in-law on Feb 5 and 13 and the flights were flawless. We left exactly on time and arrived early on both trips. The staff was very friendly, easy check in at Terminal 3 at Toronto and Sarasota airport is very manageable. I am completely sold on this airline and would use them again. Major savings (4 tickets return to Florida with all taxes was less than $1300CAN). In flight food prices are reasonable and while no movies, you can keep the kids busy with activity books and just looking out the window.


Jetsgo - by Elvee Bavel

27 February 2005

I have been flying Jetsgo weekly for the past three months between Quebec and Toronto and I am a happy customer. Occasional delay, but nothing to call my mother about. Their $1 fares are stacking up to savings of $4000 per year for me compared to Tango ! ($190 vs $290 two-way 40 times a year). Yesterday I checked in late - traffic jams - only 15 minutes before departure time. Not only they accepted me (Air Canada will insult you if you show up less than 30 minutes before the flight) but my bags made it to the airplane as well. I was sure they wouldn't in such a big place as Toronto.


Jetsgo - by Jan Lukas

7 February 2005

Absolutely fabulous experience with Jetsgo staff flying to Fort Myers from Toronto and back with twins:) Staff were helpful, friendly and they dressed so excellently - what fabulous uniforms. The ground staff was very helpful as we were travelling with a cat, twins and a twin stroller -  could not have gone out of their way more to help us make the flight easier. yes there were some delays but for heavens sakes - look at the price.


Jetsgo - by Jesse Helms

31 January 2005

I have flown as a passenger on JETSGO many times. The price I paid for trips from Vancouver to Toronto were worth the delays I encountered. My advice with discount airlines is to give yourself more time. They only have a certain amount of planes and if one has a mechanical problem or encounters bad weather, then there will be delays! That is why they are cheap. If you are hard pressed for time - choose Air Canada, but there is no saying Air Canada can guarantee on time performance either.


Jetsgo - by B F Yeo

17 January 2005

We flew from Vancouver to Halifax on Jetsgo in December and all we can say is "What a fiasco." 30 hours to get a 4 hour flight done. Rude, unhelpful staff, total disregard of safety features, ruined baggage, added expense of a hotel room as the flight arrived at 2 am instead of 7 pm as contracted.


Jetsgo - by Steve Cooper

7 January 2005

What a total waste of time! My flight that was to leave at 3:55 from Toronto to St. John's was delayed to 11pm for no reason. When we asked, we were told that the incoming flight had mechanical problems. As compensation we were given a $15.00 food voucher and sent off to wait. At 12:00am our plane finally landed and we were sent on board to wait yet again. By the time we actually lifted off it was 1:45 am. We were told that we would get complimentary non-alcoholic beverages but found out on the plane that this was limited to one plastic cup (if you wanted the whole can you had to pay and snacks had to be purchased as well). Also, as compensation for our delay we were given $50.00 towards another jetsgo flight (50 bucks that I won't be using). On the return flight, we were again delayed but this time by only 45 minutes. not too bad at all considering it was the holiday season. When we arrived in Toronto we waited by the baggage carousel only to discover that our bags had not been loaded on the plane. We should have guessed as much given the fact that terminal 3 had about 300 pieces of unclaimed Jetsgo luggage sitting around the baggage area. I was told that it would be arriving on the next flight and couriered to my house the next morning. Guess what?!? No flight the next morning, the only flight in arrived at 6:25 last night and I've yet to hear anything concerning my baggage. I've been trying to contact them all day and the numbers on the web site are either busy or just ring continuously before cutting you off. I have no idea where my baggage is, when it will arrive or anyway of finding out. You may save a few dollars on your ticket but you will be in for a hell of a ride. I will never fly this airline again and will strongly advise anyone considering it to look elsewhere. I've spoken to a number of friends who also flew with them this holiday season and have yet to hear anything positive. If you don't value your luggage or your time then by all means enjoy this 'service'.


Jetsgo - by B Ray

6 January 2005

I have never had so many difficulties with an airline in my life. In fact, I would have been happy to pay regular airline prices just to get back the 20+ hours I have wasted on Jetsgo in the last 3 weeks. (And I'm not even the passenger!) I flew my young son as an unaccompanied minor from Toronto to Moncton this Christmas. I would have loved to make the arrangements on-line, but Jetsgo requires some information over the phone when the passenger is an unaccompanied minor. I booked the flight 5 days before the travel date. I called Jetsgo to give them the info they needed every afternoon and evening between the booking date and the flight date, waiting hours (yes, HOURS) at a time without success. The afternoon before the flight I got desperate, knowing my son couldn't fly without me getting this info to Jetsgo. So I got back from lunch, put my phone on speakerphone, dialed their number, and joined their phone queue. 3 hours and 45 minute later, I had to go home. No lie. After almost 4 hours waiting in their queue without a response, I had to hang up. I have never been that furious. (At least I got in the queue - now I can't even get that far!) I finally left an message with a receptionist at their corporate office, who had someone help me. They called me back the following morning (travel day), and I was finally able to provide them with the info they needed. They required me to provide the names of the people dropping my son off at the airport, and the names of anybody who might be picking him up at the other end. My ex-wife dropped him off, and my mother and her mother were going to meet at the airport to pick him up. When my ex-wife dropped him off, she was asked to put down the name of the person (only one name, mind you) that would be picking him up. So she chose her mother, knowing that she (along with my mother) would be there. Her mother couldn't make it. My son gets to Moncton, and so does my mother. My mother's name wasn't on the form that my ex-wife signed (since they only let her put one name down), so they weren't going to let my mother pick up my son! BUT I GAVE THEM BOTH NAMES ON THE PHONE! Was it for fun? Was it an exercise? Apparently, because the info I absolutely had to give them over the phone didn't appear to matter. I eventually convinced them to give my son to my mother, and had a heck of a time doing it. But they did, and we enjoyed our visit. Things have changed, and he won't be flying back on Jetsgo. Their website doesn't allow a cancellation of a ticket for an unaccompanied minor on-line - it MUST be done over the phone. So here we go again. I started calling them 3 days ago to cancel this ticket, and the flight is supposed to happen tomorrow. I have called at least 30-40 times over the last few days, and 90% of the time I get either a busy signal, or a message saying "all circuits are busy". Every once in a while I get through to their phone queue, and each time I sit and wait for an hour or two with no success. The corporate office number that I had called last time is no longer answered (at least not when I call it), and the voice mails are not returned. The ticket counter in the Moncton airport is not answering their phone, and their administration office in the same airport can't help me, and keeps telling me to call the ticket counter. (Voice mails there are also not returned.) Now I get the busy signal or the "all circuits are busy" recording 100% of the time. I haven't been able to get through all day. Their website says I can contact them by e-mail or fax, and that most (not all, just MOST) of their inquiries get a response within 48 hours. If during a normal time only MOST of the inquiries get a response within 48 hours, what luck do I have of getting one by tomorrow when they can't even return voice mails days later? None. And I didn't plan to write them days in advance, as I expected to get through at least ONCE on the phone this week. Disaster. This, combined with the other things I've been reading, leads me to believe that this airline is a complete disaster. Even if it's due to unexpected growth, the problems they are experiencing are all surmountable. They could at least have the courtesy to hire a couple of dozen temps from a temp agency to take calls and prioritize call-backs, but they don't. Very disappointing. I have sent them a copy of this feedback, and I would bet money that I will not even hear back. And how much do you want to bet that I won't get a refund for this ticket, even though it's impossible to cancel it?


Jetsgo - by A Millward

4 January 2005

Jetsgo gets the blame for ruining our otherwise lovely 6-day skiing holiday in Banff between Christmas and new year  - after hearing about the total chaos the airline was thrown into by weather problems in Toronto on 23 and 24 December, we tried to be understanding of the 5-hour departure delay on our flight TO to Calgary on 27 Dec. No weather problems, just poor logistical capacity and complete lack of information, support or apology by [elusive] representatives and staff. Five hours wait in Pearson Airport, is, however, trying. Were therefore less understanding about the further 1.5-hour delay once on board (and furious that we would end up in Banff around midnight and unable to enjoy our single hideously expensive special treat night at the Fairmont Banff Springs!) and tired, grumpy and hungry when we did eventually arrive in Calgary. No word of apology from any Jetsgo representative at any stage . Mellowed by a pleasant 5 days in between, set off yesterday morning from Banff to Calgary to catch the 12.20 Jetsgo flight back to Toronto with confidence. Upon checking departure time with the automatic telephone information system, couldn't believe our ears when we learned that the flight was delayed until 02.00 am, no explanation. On the road, with no internet access, we waited 1 hour on the cell phone in the queue to speak to a real person to confirm, eventually without success. Quick stop at an internet cafe showed that other flights were having no problems flying in and out of Pearson, and we were eventually told that the delay was due to technical problems in Vancouver on a previous leg. Again no apologies, curt demeanor of check-in staff, but we were offered meal vouchers (for use in the airport) and "a day use room at the airport hotel if you want it." At 12.45am, hotel advised us on checkout that the flight was now delayed until 04.00am - we finally took off at 05.00am and only the sole polite, apologetic and helpful Jetsgo gate agent in Calgary prevented major eruptions from 104 exhausted and disgruntled passengers. We arrived some 15 sleepless hours late, all memories of our wonderful holiday erased by this disaster. Clearly this airline has major problems: weather and technical delays can affect the best carriers in the world, but a complete inability to communicate with passengers (or staff, for that matter!), at the very least to show compassion or offer an apology, never mind compensatory treatment, calls into serious question the company's ability to operate to the very minimum standards of a scheduled airline. None of our four-person party will ever set foot on Jetsgo again and I would strongly caution anyone considering the experience.


Jetsgo - by Stan Gibson

20 December 2004

I have flown JetsGo about 20 different legs over last 2 years. Only 2 delays and both times I emailed them and they gave me a credit. Flights were smooth. I did not find the seating that much different from a smaller Air Canada plane. I love the prices - like going to Vancouver for $99 or Halifax for $69! Baggage never late, although on any airline I never keep valuable stuff in checked luggage.


Jetsgo - by George Pappas

31 October 2004

My wife, 2 year old boy, and myself recently flew Jetsgo on Vancouver-Toronto late Sept, returning on Thanksgiving Day. I have never flown to T.O. on a small aircraft such as this. I must say we were pleasantly surprised. The staff was friendly. I felt they charged too much for their food but being a low cost airline the price of the tickets was great. We brought our own food going, and a feast fit for Henry VII on the return leg to YVR. We also had our own portable DVD player and the little guy was happy all the way. The MD-83 was fery clean and nice inside and surprisingly quiet. Seats were comfortable but the legroom was a bit on the shorter side. Both flights left on time. I would fly Jetsgo again as they made a good first impression.


Jetsgo - by Nicole Xinader

16 August 2004

I for the first time traveled Jetsgo as I hate Air Canada's flying - my trip was from Vancouver-Winnipeg. The flight down was fine cramped as all airlines seem to be nowadays, unjust and unfair to someone who may be a bit over weight. The flight back was a nightmare unfortunately I did not call ahead to check if it was leaving on time, I get to the airport there is a 5 hour delay - I got up at 6am! They had a light out (or something like that) my question is do they only have one plane - hmm. They were a bit rude about the whole thing as well. Thank God I did not have a connection to meet. On the good side they did give me a $8.00 CND food voucher usable anywhere in the airport, and I am a sucker for a free meal.


Jetsgo - by V Congiusti

5 August 2004

On July 4, 2004 we returned with Jetsgo from Punta Cana Dominican Republic. During the flight we were offered a complementary meal. Unfortunately we were seated near the back of the plane. the flight attendants realized that they had only seven meals left but there was more than 20 people to serve. We were asked to share a meal or to simple take a snack instead of the meal. It's a little difficult to explain to a seven year old and two teenagers that there is not enough food. Luckily our friend had some cookies with her which she was willing to share with us and other passengers. Other than that the flight was okay.


Jetsgo - by Robin Fullard

16 June 2004

Usually fly Air Canada but wanted to try Jetsgo's new Comfort Plus seating as I was taking a red-eye back to YYZ from YVR. Flight left at 11.10pm but check in staff seemed in no hurry to check passengers. even tho there was only 2 hours till the flight. Plane left and arrived on time (no traffic to worry about at 11.10pm). Comfort Plus consists of the LHS of the aircraft taken up with 10 rows of twin bright blue leather seats. The rhs consists of the usual narrow 3 seaters - I couldn't think of a more uncomfortable way to travel (except mabe Air Transat). The leather seats were quite comfortable if a tad narrow, leg room was quite good. Bad news about this flight was the yobs sitting behind me intent on getting drunk who wouldn't shut up for 3 hours (remember this was a red eye and sleep was important). The FA's cut the yobs off for booze and one of them became very belligerent. He was well handled however by one of the male FA's so kudos to Jetsgo (and Louis) on that. Even tho this was a low cost flight I just might stick with Air Canada from now on.


Jetsgo - by J Dupont

11 June 2004

I flew JetsGo on a segment from YVR to YUL, I thought it was great, the flight was on time (even landed early) in YYZ, FA where friendly and the aircraft was clean. I love there prices and the fact that they are so affordable.


Jetsgo - by Jim Taggart

31 May 2004

My first flight on Jetsgo was in Nov/03 from Wpg to Montreal via Toronto. Since then I have used Jetsgo 5 or 6 times on the same route. I don't recall anything negative about any flight. Service has been overall quite good and the airplanes clean. No lost baggage either. Paying a buck for a can of pop or cookie is fine by me if it keeps my fare lower! Thank god we have a descent option to pathetic and ungrateful Air Canada.


Jetsgo - by M Brelsford

31 May 2004

Toronto to Vancouver May long weekend. 2 hour delay leaving Toronto, sat in those tiny cramped uncomfortable seats on the runway with little information coming through as to when we might take off. We were not allowed out of our seats to even use the washroom. We arrived in Vancouver at midnight our luggage did not. Filled out a lost baggage claim and was told that my baggage should be arriving the following day. It did not. two days later my luggage was located in Winnipeg. It had to be sent back to Toronto in order to be shipped to Vancouver. There are two flights a day between Toronto and Vancouver and 4 days after I've landed, 2 days after my luggage was located, I still do not have my luggage. Jetsgo does not phone me to keep me up to date with what is happening, I have to call them and 9 times out of 10 I get an answering machine. When they return my call they always give me the same answer "Maybe it will be on the next flight". Of course, as seems to be the norm with these jokers, my departure times were changed on me on both my flight in and out, and the flight attendants were just plain rude. I will never travel with JetsGo ever again.



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