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Jazz Customer review :  25 April 2013 by Juraj Kovac    (Czech Republic)

Rating : 8/10

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EWR-YUL late evening flight. The 45-seat CRJ200 was half-empty, so I managed to get two seats to myself. It still does feel very tight, though. The overhead bins won't even take a smaller backpack, and the seats are very confining in terms of personal space, plus you really can't see out of the window due to its low position. There was a single FA serving the flight, which she managed with grace and efficiency, even with a drink run and some small snacks served. The service in general is OK, but to spend more than an hour aboard the CRJ would be a torture.

Jazz - by Richard Malsbury

12 August 2006

YVR-Prince George return. Checkin fast both times and all onboard and airport staff were pleasant. Only downside was our daughters new suitcase got scuffed up pretty bad and the logo ripped off. The agent at YXS was quite condescending and couldn't care less when my daughter showed her the suitcase. Told her she should have put it in a bag. The plane was a CRJ and both aircraft clean with comfortable leather seats. Drinks and snack served both ways. The windows are quite low and the curvature of the aircraft makes it a bit tight if you have the window seat. I was able to move to 2 empty seats for the return flight. But for a 1 hour flight it was fine.

Jazz - by Paul Browne

3 August 2006

For not much less money than you'd pay for a 5 hr AC flight from YVR to YYZ, I took a 40 min Jazz flight from YVR to YKA (Kamloops) early morning July 29 on a DH3. That said, for the exorbitant fare, the ground service at YVR was good once I had checked in by kiosk - unable to check in on line - tried several times - and the onboard service was excellent. The pleasant FA made 2 complimentary coffee/juice/water/cooki e/snack runs during this short flight and we arrived into YKA early to boot! An enjoyable experience once I'd gotten over the shock of the price

Jazz - by Adrian Jelly

27 March 2006

YCG-YVR, older but clean 50 seat Dash 8-300. Check in very smooth with very attentive ground staff that managed very well considering they appeared to be understaffed (only two employees working, including both check-in the ramp). No hassle boarding and the plane left a couple minutes early. Complimentary newspaper, drink and snack once we reached cruising altitude which I though was a nice touch for such a short flight. Pilot gave frequent updates. Arrived in Vancouver 10 mins early -- luggage beat me to the carosel. Nothing to complain about.

Jazz - by Ales Pesl

5 February 2004

I had a chance to fly Air Canada Jazz on many occasions and I can say that it is a good airline. Always on time, small inflight refreshments are offered as well. Very efficient airline with polite people. I love the DASH 8-100 or DASH 8-300 aircraft. 

Jazz - by M Snyder

27 October 2003

Baltimore to Toronto on Air Canada Jazz and although the flight was a simple non stop terminating in Toronto, my checked bag was "lost" for 5 days. When reporting my "lost" bag to Air Canada Agent at Toronto Airport, the agent was very rude and uncooperative. (I asked him if he had a radio he could use to check with the folks on the ramp to see if all bags were removed, he advised me yes (he had a radio), No - he would not use it to check on my bag. All he wanted to do was to fill out a lost luggage report. When I asked for his name he hesitated then replied - "uh, I dont think I'll tell you my name". Later I asked once again and this time he replied "we're not allowed to give out our name (or employee number). Obviously this employee was lieing to me as he changed his story! After 5 days my bag "suddenly" arrived at my hotel (no call from the Airline advising me that it had been found/would be delivered). Upon my return home I wrote to Air Canada asking where did they find my bag, "what went wrong" etc and they replied that their records had no information as to where my bag was located and/or why it was "lost" in the 1st place. This was my 1st flight on Air Canada and hopefully my last.



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