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Air Jamaica Passenger Reviews and Air Jamaica Customer Trip Reports


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AIR JAMAICA customer review : 21 October 2008 : by K Walters

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Air Jamaica FLL to KIN. Check in was chaotic because of the lack of space at FLL but otherwise the flight left on time and we had a hot meal and in flight entertainment. The return flight was delayed for about 2 hrs. Overall it was an average experience.

AIR JAMAICA customer review : 31 July 2008 : by Alison Williams

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

I traveled with AJ and was very disappointed. The aircraft was very old, the service hostile and rude, you were made to feel as if you were putting staff out of their way. On arriving at Montego bay airport and queuing for 20mins the check in desk was closed then reopened 10 mins later. In total my flight was meant to leave at 5.35 pm and it was delayed by 11hrs and 30mins and all the while no one came to tell us anything - even when we got on the plane it was delayed by another hour due to over selling seats. If I could I would give it no stars.

AIR JAMAICA customer review : 7 July 2008 : by L Harms

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Curacao via Montego Bay to Kingston and back. It was one of the worst experience I made. Both flights were late. The first one 6.5 hours and the flight back two hours. The service on ground was nothing. No information about flights. You were sitting all the time in the dark. In Kingston (capital of Jamaica) there are now screens informing about the flight situation. And if you ask any officials, also nothing. Nobody knew anything. If you have a choice take another airline.

AIR JAMAICA customer review : 7 July 2008 : by A McBride

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

My husband and I were travelling Montego Bay to Curacao on the 11:25 flight. We were told at check- in that the flight was delayed for about 2 hours, and were given a food voucher between us to the value of US$15. Several hours later we had still not left the airport. There were no public service announcements made about our flight. It was only by looking at the arrival/departure information boards that we discovered that the flight was delayed further. Then around 17:30 there was an announcement that the flight had been cancelled, without apology or any explanation. Passengers were then informed that they should go to the customer service desk. When we got there it was absolute chaos. Again there was no explanation as to why the flight had been cancelled and we were told that the next flight to Curacao was in 2 days time (1st July 2008). There were 3 members of staff there but only one was trying (badly) to deal with the passengers. In the end we had no choice but to give up, go back through customs etc, collect our luggage, and go back through to the check-in desks to be dealt with. The lady there was very helpful, reserving our flight in 2 days time, and booking us in at a hotel for 2 nights, with complimentary taxi. When we arrived at the airport on 1st July, again at check-in we were told at 9:30 a.m. that the flight was delayed about 2 hours and whilst we were checking in were then told that it would not depart until 17:50 In actual fact the flight did not take off until 19:06 and when we finally arrived at our hotel in Curacao we were 2 and half days late. The only apology we had was from the Captain addressing the whole plane who apologised for the delay on 1st July and explained that it was due to the fact that there was a shortage of planes due to maintenance issues. After this trip we are not planning on using Air Jamaica again.

AIR JAMAICA customer review : 5 July 2008 : by Pam Hicks

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Our flight experiences from "Hell!" My family and friends (21 of us total) flew from BWI to Montego Bay on Friday, June 27 for vacation in Negril. Having flown quite often previous to this, we arrived at the airport nearly three hours prior to the planned flight. Upon check in, we were told our flight was delayed by three hours because the originating flight from Jamaica the night prior had not arrived in Baltimore. Our reservations made nearly six months in advance, we planned to be in Jamaica by 12:30 pm, leaving lots of time for sun and fun upon arrival at our resort. As it turned out our flight did not leave until 12:30 pm (from our original 8:35 am time). The plane was old, the seats worn out with no cushion, and the bracing supports poked us in the back for our entire three hour flight. Upon arrival in Montego Bay, it took another 1 1/2 hours to collect our baggage due to Air Jamaica's backwards off-loading and lack of assistance with excess/unclaimed luggage. Sadly, our return flight home was even worse. Tired and ready to leave Montego Bay at 4:50 pm yesterday, we arrived only to find that our plane had been "down-graded," leaving 36 passengers without seats or arrangements for flights, food, or overnight accomodation. Only twelve from our group made it onto the flight, which was also delayed for some unknown reason and didn't actually leave the terminal until about 7:00 pm. The rest of us attempted to arrange other flights from the island to just simply get us back into the states. Myself, my husband and my two children were set to leave on a 7:35 pm flight into Atlanta, Georgia with an overnight stay and then leave this morning at 7:00 am for Baltimore. The remainder of our friends were to leave at 7:00 pm for New York with arrangements for transportation upon arrival from New York to BWI. At 7:00 pm, last evening our Atlanta flight was cancelled without warning or explanation! And, again leaving a very large, angry crowd trying to make alternate arrangements. In order to get our daughters home as quickly as possible to avoid further upset about not going home, we were forced to again change our reservations which would allow the four women to leave the island heading for New York. We boarded our plane believing we were "on our way." Unfortunately, we wound up sitting on the plane for an additional 1 1/2 hours awaiting passengers from an arriving flight from Kingston. Had the pilot refused to wait, the remainder of our families, as well as other families who were also previously bumped several times, could have been heading home. But, NO! We waited, arriving in New York at 2:40 this morning. We still had to drive 3 1/2 hours south to Baltimore to pick up our car and then an additional 1 hour to home. We finally arrived home this morning at 6:45 am, exhausted, frustrated, and discouraged about the whole experience. My husband, son, and our two friends unfortunately are still not home! Their flight from Montego Bay was further delayed this morning from 7 am until 11:40 am landing them in Miami at about 1:30 pm, but their connecting flight with American Airlines (set to leave at 8:00 pm for Baltimore) did not leave until 20 minutes ago (9:05 pm). They will not be home until about 1:00 am tomorrow morning, making this attempt to leave this beautiful island a horrible two-day experience and a terrible ending to a wonderful vacation. It is very sad that this type of experience is now the norm instead of the exception. We have received no explanation, apology, or other benefit from Air Jamaica, and probably never will. My advice - Be very wary of booking any flights with Air Jamaica!

AIR JAMAICA customer review : 17 May 2008 : by D Mauro

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

JFK-GND-JFK. Nightmare airline - canceled my flight from JFK-GND. Apparently, this airline cancels flights all the time when flights aren't full. They took all passengers on a roller coaster ride of lines, check-ins, lies, and miscommunication. I ended up getting out the next day with a connection in BGI. Boarding took almost an hour and was not at all organized; the flight was completely full because they combined it with yesterday's canceled flight! I chose Air Jamaica to avoid a connection and ended up having it anyway. FAs had an attitude both ways and the food was typical airline cuisine. Although, you get a complimentary plastic cup of cheap champagne (a joke). To sum up this airline - on the return flight (GND-BGI-JFK) the pilot announced that the plane was headed to Kingston by mistake! Fortunately, he corrected himself and we did get into JFK on time. If you take this airline expect cancellations- this is how they operate.

AIR JAMAICA customer review : 30 April 2008 : by Norma Faul

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

My husband and I were booked to Barbados on April 13th from JFK. The flight was canceled and we departed on April 15th, losing 2 days. Return flight April 28th was 2 hours late for departure from Barbados arriving JFK 0115am at an insane time, and no luggage on arrival. I am tired of hearing the reason was weight distribution when in effect it was making more money on cargo and sending the luggage with another airline. I should have taken the hint when our luggage at Grantley Adams Airport was checked in, that the check in handler asked if our name tags were on our luggage. This is the first and last time we will ever travel with Air Jamaica. We were treated as human Cargo. Rule number one, all passengers must check in 2 hrs before departure - obediently we did and people who checked in much later than we did, received their luggage and we paid for first Class service and received tourist class service.

AIR JAMAICA customer review : 30 April 2008 : by M Delaney

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Air Jamaica nightmare JFK-Barbados return. Too many inconveniences, problems, rudeness and lack of professionalism to detail here, but includes changing the flight times five times before traveling and not notifying passengers (when the flight was leaving an hour earlier than scheduled!), not seating families together (even those with small children). No headphones working, no film shown, oversold flight on the return leg that left scores of people stranded in Barbados on a Sunday night, and then to top it off, no luggage on arrival in NYC for approximately half the passengers. Any complaint to any member of Air Jamaica staff yields only hostile, rude, defiant responses - been traveling throughout the world for more than 30 years and have never encountered such a poorly run operation - stay away from Air Jamaica!

Air Jamaica review - by J Otterman
23 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Had quite an entertaining flight on Air Jamaica Ft. Lauderdale to Montego Bay on 12 April. After a 60 minute delay taking off, the captain apologized saying that there had been a "maintenance issue" that had been taken care of. Twenty minutes into the flight, we do a gradual 180 degree turn, the captain says "we are returning to Ft. Lauderdale because we cannot pressurize the aircraft." OK... thank God it was discovered, and we were able to land safely. Great discretion on his part. Here is where it gets good... after being left in the dark inside the FLL AJ terminal for nearly an hour, we are told that busses are on the way to "drive us to Miami for departure". OK... Air Jamaica is too cheap to fly the jet from MIA to FLL and pick us up, so it's time for a 45 minute bus ride. There was obviously no plan in place for this as everyone's luggage was being thrown around and the FLL baggage staff was cursing the passengers - it was incredibly unprofessional. On the bus, I asked the female AJ representative if they would provide us with meals, etc., to which she replied "Yes". I since learned that they say yes to anything to keep everyone calm. Nice trick. Inside the MIA terminal, they require us to go through the check in process again - guess who I get to deal with? The same lady, who now says we will get a "snack" in flight. Air Jamaica are a low class operation that need to maintain their fleet and train their staff or they will be joining the growing list of airlines being put out of business.

Air Jamaica review - by H Powel
9 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I booked round trip tickets from Fort Lauderdale to Barbados. The day before our flight Air Jamaica cancelled the flight out of Fort Lauderdale. Since we were staying overnight in Fort Lauderdale, we could either get Air Jamaica at 7am or we could fly out of Miami on a nonstop. So we had to be driven to Miami in Friday rush hour to make the plane. Then 2 days later Air Jamaica cancelled the return flight. They said we could fly with them all day or take the flight to Miami on American, but they wouldn't give us similar tickets (1st class). They'd give us a partial refund. We had to pay $640 to get seats on AA in row 33. And then go through Miami on a Sunday night. The airport was a madhouse. We then had a driver take us back to Fort Lauderdale to spend the night before heading home the next day. What was supposed to be an easy trip turned out to be a nightmare and expensive to boot. We will Never fly on Air Jamaica again and I strongly suggest no one should book Air Jamaica for flights out of Fort Lauderdale.

Air Jamaica review - by B Cavendish
13 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Baltimore to Bonaire via Montego suffered from excruciatingly slow check in. Seats were terrible seats on both legs -- holes in the middle and an uncomfortable bar across the back. Headphones didn't work. But that was the good half of the flight. Coming home, huge delays in Curacao caused us to miss connection in Montego Bay. All during the delay, the posting claimed "on time" until it said "departed" when no plane was still in sight. Three calls to the 800 number resulted in no rebooking help. I was told they'd accommodate us in Montego Bay. No luck. They handed us tickets that would have gotten us in at one in the morning the following day. I got on the phone and found much better tickets, getting in closer to home, at 9 pm. The promised pick up at the hotel never came; we were on our own. Multiple agents at customer service, but not multiple people working. Delta ended up bringing us home and they'd be the ones to patronize, not Air Jamaica.

Air Jamaica review - by Andrey Gerasenkov
28 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

JFK-MBJ return in economy onboard A321. Good onboard service with hot dinner and sparkling wine, served by smiling and helpful FA's. Legroom acceptable for a 3.5 hour flight.

Air Jamaica review - by N Clark
18 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

I have flown JM mostly between Ft. Lauderdale and Kingston, but never long-haul. Business Class seating is comfortable and the service is courteous and correct, but not memorable. Check-in at FLL is usually chaotic, due to inadequate space in FLL's infamous Terminal 4. Check-in at KIN is usually very efficient and friendly, notwithstanding all the unpleasant aspects of Norman Manley International Airport, which is currently undergoing massive expansion. The big negatives with Air Jamaica, at least on this short, heavily travelled route, are flight delays and cancellations (frequent) and cabin conditions in coach (frequently filthy). Fares are low from FLL, so one can usually afford Business Class for about the price of coach on AA from MIA. It's worth a few additional dollars.

Air Jamaica review - by J Riddle
9 August 2007

JFK- St. Lucia Executive Business. All in all a pleasant experience. Without question the biggest surprise was the Business lounge at JFK. It's shared with Thai, Aer Lingus, and others, but at this time of the morning it was just us, and had a great selection of drinks, snacks and breakfast items and it offered plenty of comfy sofas to stretch out on. Flights slightly delayed both ways, no big deal. Seats comfy, a bit more so on the A320 return flight. (Outbound flight on A321). Biggest disappointment was the meal service, both breakfast out and dinner return rather bland and tasteless. FA's pleasant enough, offered unlimited drink refills, a special kudos to the outbound ladies who kept us refreshed during our stopover in Barbados (you are unable to get off here, and the cabin gets rather stuffy). Hot towels given out before meal service, a nice touch that is disappearing from many carriers. IFE did not work on the return flight, and the A320 in general looked like it could have used a refurb. All in all though a good way to get to the Caribbean, and Executive Business is definitely worth the modest upgrade price!

Air Jamaica review - by D Jenkins
13 July 2007

I have been using Air Jamaica for eleven years now. I travel each year from Atlanta to Montego Bay, Jamaica. I have experienced a delay or two, but all airlines have hindrances from time to time. Onboard the aircraft, service is welcoming and pleasant as well as professional. I consider Air Jamaica’s fleet top notch. I even consider the quality and taste of the meals above standard, for airline food. I encourage you to give Air Jamaica an opportunity if your travels take you to the Caribbean.

Air Jamaica review - by David Townsend
21 January 2007

LHR-MBJ-LHR in First/Business Exec. I had booked this seat on a combination of transferable Delta miles and cash payment for the upgrade to what at the time of booking was still termed First Class and has now been rebranded to Executive Business. The rebranding exercise is obviously aimed at cutting costs - and with it reducing service levels. I had not flown JM before and was somewhat apprehensive given their high levels of delays and warnings from friends living on the island about the level of service. Despite the ordeals suffered by fellow reviewers below both flights left and departed bang on time. On the outbound LHR- MBJ cabin crew were essentially indifferent with one notable exception. The inflight amenity kit was pathetically poor, cleanliness of the aircraft was sub-standard notably the washrooms including the dedicated one for Exec Business passengers and the inflight entertainment derisory. This consisted of two movies, one of which was Home Alone and of such poor quality it was unviewable. Only two of the audio channels were working and the system (such as it was) had to be rebooted five times during the flight. On the return the IFE was better in that it had three films working properly. Meals outbound were only of a high charter standard - nothing more - drinks were available on request but given reluctantly. Water/juice was never offered. The pre-arrival meal consisted of two dry finger sandwiches and an inedible scone. The food was actually worse on the return - and the breakfast was pathetic - I have had better in economy on US carriers - and that's saying something. Flying JM from LHR entitles you to use the Virgin clubhouse - the return gets you to JM's business "cupboard" in Montego Bay. Two hours before departure there was no more food available apart from some potato chips. Staff were unhelpful and unfriendly. Air Jamaica's First/Exec Bus class seats are fine although dated - they do permit some form of sleep but I cannot see how anyone would justify spending a large amount of money for what is truly poor service. I wonder how JM will survive now Virgin is flying the route. I think they need to buck their ideas up. The JM crews were very indifferent to passengers and are obviously seriously demotivated.

Air Jamaica review - by Kim Farminer
7 November 2006

With reference to the comment on 5th November, we flew out with them Heathrow to Montego Bay on 21st Oct. Flight 25 minutes late, thats okay. Flight was okay, just wish the flight attendants were more cheerful and smiled occasionally. Plenty of leg room. Our flight due to return at Heathrow on 1st November was cancelled also. We only knew when we got the hotel to check if we would be going via Kingston, as previous flights had earlier in the week. They then told us the flight was cancelled. We battled to stay in our hotel rather than going to Montego Bay as Air Jamaica wanted us to. We were told our flight would be the next day going via Kingston. We eventually landed back at Heathrow 26 1/2 hours later than we were supposed to be. The transfer to Kingston was a nightmare. AJ had chartered another plane which when we boarded was filthy. Two passengers hadnt got on the plane so we had to wait 1 1/2 hours on the plane whilst their luggage was taken off- all for a 20 minute flight. There was no safety talk on this plane, only this where the emergency exits are and oh by the way read your safety cards!! The AJ flight was at night. They came round twice in 8.5 hours with drinks! I was worried before going about using Air Jamaica, never ever again will we use them. We loved Jamaica, we just couldnt get over how friendly and helpful the people were. Unfortunately they dont seem to work at Air Jamaica. What is especially worrying is that they seem to have cancelled the same Montego Bay to Heathrow flight twice in one week- or does anyone know any different?

Air Jamaica review - by Ben McIntosh
5 November 2006

I flew to Jamaica in Oct 06 with Air Jamaica, the outbound flight was 15 mins late which did not make much of a difference. Once on board the flight attendants were courteous and efficient which made a long flight bearable. On my return the flight arrive at London 15 mins early. Nothing major happen. I fly to Jamacia yearly and I've used other major airlines and quality of service on Air Jamaica is equal to others. May I just add that the leg room on Air Jamaica is excellent for tall individuals. All airlines suffer from delays from time to time.

Air Jamaica review - by Ian Mitchell
5 November 2006

Reference the comment on 27 October, the Montego bay flight was cancelled again for our return trip to Heathrow on 4 november resulting in major delays.

Air Jamaica review - by Michael Ng
27 October 2006

My wife and I flew Air Jamica From LAX tom Montego Bay. The flight over was fine except they where boarding 20 minutes early at LAX, we had gone for something to eat in the terminal and almost missed the flight. Air Jamaica did not announce the early boarding. On the return flight the inflight movie did not work. (well ok not a big deal) We had a little rough air so the bar cart did not come out(well ok no big deal) The air smoothed out dinner was served then picked up. After that we did not see the cabin crew until just before landing to pickup the trash. The crew did the what to do in an emergency bit on final as we where touching down (safety first ?) After getting home I wrote to AJ about the poor performance of the cabin crew good luck getting a response. Email returned after two weeks saying give us your home address we will contact you if we feel it is necessary, after 60 days no reply, another email, no reply, fax to head of customer service, phone call to customer service no reply. If you have a problem with AJ you will get no reply.

Air Jamaica review - by Rebecca Saunders
27 October 2006

Orlando to Montego Bay. We sat on the plane for 35 minutes with no A/C and cramed in like sardines. We were waiting for 6 people. We watched as t thier luggage was taken off the plane then again as they put it back on 30 minutes later. I have never flown with an airlines that waits for that amount of time for late people. All passengers were then late for connecting flights. On our return it was horrible. We were delayed over an hour in Montego Bay to call our flight. Air Jamaica sent us from Gate 6, then to go Gate 3 then finally to gate 5 (customer service) . There was a horribly long line and after much waiting in terrible heat, our tickets were changed to Kingston,Ja. It was a nightmare. When we arrived in Kingston, we were immediately shuffled off the plane. Again we were directed to one incorrect gate to another.

Air Jamaica review - by Vera Williams
19 October 2006

Flew to Montego Bay from London Heathrow return. All staff I encountered were efficient and courteous. Very short duration check ins in both England and Jamaica, in spite of the extra precautions and luggage restrictions because of heightened security. Staff onboard very helpful and pleasant. Flight very comfortable. Seating is excellent, plenty of leg room and I am tall. I would fly Air Jamaica again and certainly recommend to friends and colleagues.

Air Jamaica review - by Keith Houghton
15 October 2006

London Heathrow - Montego Bay. Check in was great, extra leg room seats allocated to us. Flight was on time and we were looked after by friendly staff - food great and drinks free, even aerobics before landing. Inflight entertainment was good. Holiday was great, and check in at Mo Bay was efficient and staff friendly. Again extra leg room seats allocated and flight left on time and arrived back in UK ahead of time. As on flight out everything was great - Thank you Air Jamaica for comfortable stress free flights to and from Jamaica.

Air Jamaica review - by Don Drew
12 September 2006

We flew from LHR to Montego Bay and found the aircraft more comfortable than previous flights with other companies, food was okay. Staff would not win any personality contests. Having said that, we would fly Air Jamaica again.

Air Jamaica review - by Rob Brown
22 August 2006

A truly awful experience! I was wary of travelling LHR – Mon Bay with Air Jamaica having read some of the comments on here but surely they couldn’t be that bad? Trip out of Heathrow was pretty uneventful, but the air con couldn’t be turned on on the aircraft until the engines were started for some bizarre reason. Loading of the passengers in temperatures in excess of 30 degrees C was pretty unpleasant as you can imagine. Finally got under way after a couple of hours delay to find that the TV screen in front of us was broken. I pointed it out to the cabin crew who shrugged and said “yes it has been for a while”, oh that’s ok then! Great, 9 hours with an 8 year old and no TV for him to watch. The food was nice and the drinks flowed for free, no complaints at all there. Return however was a different story. Arrived at Mo Bay airport at the required check in time to see that the LHR flight was cancelled. I went to the AJ information desk to ask what was happening, “don’t know – get in the queue over there”. Joined queue snaking out of the door and not moving. 2 hours later still in the same place in the queue, no announcements or any information forthcoming. After 4 hours I managed to get hold of the AJ manager after at least 6 requests to speak to her. Apparently we are to be flown to Kingston to wait for a plane, no apologies and the manager was rude beyond belief. After 5 and half hours we reach the front of the queue to be shouted at by check in staff for complaining! After going through the hell that is Jamaican security arrive in departures with our food vouchers to find everywhere you could spend them was closed! Eventually get on a plane for the short hop to Kingston. The only reason I booked AJ was for the direct flight to Mo Bay! Once again through security and immigration another hour queuing in 35 degrees of un air conditioned air with an 8 year old – oh what fun.! Still no information as to what is happening. Finally board the plane and fly back to the UK uneventfully. The pilot is the first person who apologises and states what had happened. Our A340 had gone tech and a part had to be put on the other A340 and flown down from the UK, fitted and tested before we could depart. Arrive back to LHR and missed our connections to MAN by hours, thankfully BA (god bless them) put us on the last flight of the day for free. What is so disappointing about AJ isn’t that flights are delayed, it happens, is the attitude of staff in Jamaica. You really can’t believe how bad they are, they let the whole island down. We had a fantastic holiday soured by our last contact with Jamaica.

Air Jamaica review - by William R Tinch
12 August 2006

MCO-MBJ return in F Class. Check in for both flights was below standard for F class but this was the only fault. Flights on time, nice aircraft interior and excellent service. No problems with baggage reclaim or Immigration at MBJ, in fact, these formalities took much longer at MCO! This airline provided as satisfactory a service as any other on this occasion and proved worthy of more than its 3 star rating.

Air Jamaica review - by Craig Easterbrook
24 May 2006

Having read many bad comments on the forum regarding Air Jamaica, its fair to say I really wasn't looking forward to the flight. However to my surprise everything was great. Good service at Heathrow, pleasant cabin Crew and lovely food and on time. Was this all to good to be true, Yes!! On the return, the inbound aircraft from London arrived at Montego Bay on time, but the farcical boarding of the ground staff was terrible - we boarded to be met by a dirty plane, and passengers sat in our seats. We then had to dis-embark at Kingston so that the plane can be cleaned etc. The procedure for processing transfer passengers was terrible. One man checking each passengers passport against a print out - it took over an hour. Then the plane was delayed for a technical fault making us 3 hours late. The food on the return wasn't fit to feed animals with. Its obvious that when flying from London the food is catered from there, and likewise from Jamaica. I feel sorry for the Cabin Crew, they obviously work very hard and are mostly very nice and professional - they are badly let down by the ground operations in Jamaica.


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