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AIR IVOIRE review : 20 January 2009: by D McDonald

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Abidjan to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and was so disappointed by poor aircraft and punctuality on the way up - that when they inevitably cancelled the flight back for a full day I just gave up and flew Burkina Airways. Surly staff who don't care, and questionable reasons for cancellations (the aircraft has to "sleep" overnight) causes me to advise that you avoid this airline whenever possible.

Air Ivoire review by Ben Moussa

1 December 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I have been flying with Air Ivoire for the last 3 years. Business class is good (food, drink, staff). A big disappointment in Congo, flight was cancelled without explanation, no one to talk to at the airport. Went to the office in town, very rude staff. Stayed in Brazzaville 3 more days due to Air Ivoire flight cancellation at my own means. No excuse at all. Frequent flyer program very poor.

Air Ivoire review by A Fleming

17 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

I have used Air Ivoire a few times in recent months variously between Accra, Abidjan and Conakry. A small fleet of which the A321's are most comfortable and Fokkers quite old but in my experience less disconcerting than many West African flight options. When something goes wrong as they invariably do in this part of the world then the days schedule tends to get messed up considerably. In theres circumstances (as with most other regional airlines) there is little in the way of information but in my experience Air Ivoire is one of the better time keepers. Food and drink, at least in respect of the business product is at the top end in a regional context. Transiting Abidjan can be a pain because, as others note, the transit desk is not always open. Going land side without a visa can often involve a bribe being requested and may also entail a long wait before you can check in (again as noted not until two hours before departure). Landside has more than its fair share of hustlers. Back on the airside there is a business lounge where you are rationed to two drinks (they told me a mix of orange and bitter lemon counted as my two drinks one time. On the plus side the drinks come with a complimentary snack of either nuts or pastries. Before boarding any flight out of Abidjan you will be subject to an additional baggage search just before boarding despite comprehensive security screening after immigration. Not withstanding the minor annoyances flagged the hub airport is overall very pleasant.

Air Ivoire review by P Beighley

12 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I've recently left West Africa after working in the region for two years. Air I'voire was an airline I had to use frequently and was disappointed in with regards to a lack of response to problems I had with their frequent flier program (flew with them over 20 times yet couldn't get them to acknowledge my flights or upgrade me from the bottom tier). Some of their aircraft are newer but the flights between Abidjan Accra are on aging Fokkers which made me nervous. A solid 1 star airline with 2 star pretensions.

Air Ivoire review by S Niango

13 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Paris to Abidjan on Airbus 321. Food was good. Friendly staff onboard as well.

Air Ivoire review by Paul Beighley

20 December 2006  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

I frequently fly Air I'voire as part of my work in West Africa. The aircraft are aging with worn, unattractive interiors. Food is very basic and at times unappetizing. Wine/beer are available. There have been reports of two of their aircrafts experiencing decompression and mask deployment over the last year. Their hub airport in Abidjan is comfortable but sometimes there is nobody present at the transit desk and you must exit out of arrival hall then get your boarding pass issued at the main desk. Unfortunately they don't open the desk until 2 hours before each flight. Their frequent flyer program is poorly run with no partner airlines. Planes are frequently late and no explanation is offered.

Air Ivoire review by Sibiry Traore

18 March 2006

Accra-Abidjan-Bamako. Acceptable overall. Depart on time. Connection in ABJ fair enough, food on board is simple but fine. Three-leg ABJ-BKO- CKY-ABJ (flight VU808) was turned upside down (becoming ABJ-CKY-BKO-ABJ) as there was no jet fuel available in BKO, making the trip 1.5 hrs longer for Bamako-bound passengers (and 1.5 hrs shorter for Conakry- bound ones), but this was not the airline's fault. Air Ivoire's F28-4000 are really old, though. Hope they change airframes soon.

Air Ivoire review by  Conal Ho

17 August 2005

I flew from Accra to Abidjan to Cotonou to Douala return. The airline itself seems quite competent with friendly staff. The meals are nothing to write home about though palatable. They fly 3 Fokker F28 which are a bit old in the interior but it's all right.

Air Ivoire review by  Ian Walker

11 January 2005

In March 2004 I flew with Air Ivoire from Douala to Abidjan via Cotonou and I was positively surprised! The staff were friendly and competent and the flight left bang on time and arrived also spot on. Even the short stop over in Cotonou was kept to a minimum. The plane appeared well kept and clean. You hear a lot about african airlines, but Air Ivoire really offers the service that we expect in Europe.



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