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Independence Air - by A Pelletier

16 November 2005

Recently flew Orlando - W Dulles - Portland Maine. and return. I was totally excited about the prospect of being able to avoid the horrors of changing planes in Atlanta. This airline is doing everything right - it was a most pleasant experience from start to finish for this reluctant flyer. I'm actually looking forward to my next flight with them. The people and the hardware were both 'comfortable'. Flying into Portland Maine has always been an expensive proposition. Independence Air has made it easier on the pocketbook. Hope they see that people will support them - they've got to hang in there - we're passing the word around as fast as we can. Washington-Dulles and Independence Air made my trip a delight.

Independence Air - by Bill Johnson

15 November 2005

I have flown Independence Air over 25 times in the past year. Every trip was an excellent experience. They set a wonderful on-time example others should follow. When they entered the Huntsville market they brought a breath of fresh air to a stale market. Delta and American thought they had a strangle hold on passengers, but FlyI loosened that hold.

Independence Air - by M Restivo

14 October 2005

I recently flew Independence Air from San Francisco to New York JFK through Washington Dulles. I was impressed with this airline. The A319 aircraft were new and had comfortable leather seats with ample leg room. In flight service was way above those of major carriers. Nice to see employees trying to make flying an enjoyable experience again. The hot towels and mints towards the end of the flights were a nice touch. First that I have seen for a us airline in coach. I am rooting for Independence Air and wish them the best. United Airlines executives might want to fly this airline and take notes on the way customer service should be.

Independence Air - by L Chandler

10 October 2005

CRW to LAS via IAD and was very concerned with all the bankrupty buzz about this airline. I was pleasantly surprised with the service and overall experience. The aircrafts were new, comfortable and very roomy compared to having recently flown United, which I found to be very cramped. With the exception of a short departure delay due to weather on the last leg of the trip (understandable), the overall experience was very good. Only negative was no in flight movie due to cut backs, bought a magazine for the trip back.

Independence Air - by M Linton

7 October 2005

Wonderful experience! Flown form PBI to JFK and the agents were warm and welcoming. I hope this airline can keep afloat from the other "giants" because we need more low cost carriers that will offer the superb services that they do. I have flown several carriers over the years and personally I believe the service and attention I received supercedes that of AA and US Air.

Independence Air - by Doug Sprei

2 October 2005

I've used Independence Air from Washington Dulles four times over the past several months and also have a few flights booked with them upcoming. It's been a pleasant , efficient, and economical experience each time. The service has been more than adequate and is delivered with a bit of refreshing personal flair. Bookings are very simple to make on the web and I was able to make flight modifications easily with a customer service rep. My wife just returned from a round trip between Dulles and Buffalo and was beaming about the experience. By contrast, it's always a bear to deal with larger carriers, not to mention considerably more expensive. I REALLY hope this Independence Air survives the pressures assaulting its industry, because it's a refreshing standout. I wish them much success.

Independence Air - by Andrew Levy

2 October 2005

Have flown Independence Air between Dulles and ATL, GSP, and CHS. One delayed flight (more than 60 minutes late) out of IAD; otherwise on-time for the most part. Ticketing personnel were friendly, and the in-flight crews offered significantly better service than their counterparts at other airlines out of IAD. I would grade IA as follows: ground personnel, B - ; in-flight personnel, A - ; terminal faciltiies at IAD, A (some grade-inflation here, since the alternative, United Express operating out of IAD Terminal G, is horrible and should be avoided) ; CRJ fleet, A ; value for price paid for fares, A+ .

Independence Air - by Betsy Nelson

22 September 2005

I have flown Independence Air several times from Jacksonville to Washington, D.C. with my six year old daughter. I can't say enough about how easy this airline is to fly. From online booking of tickets to boarding the flight, it seems they have really come up with ways to take the hassle out of flying. It can be a bit confusing boarding multiple flights out of the same gate, but if you pay attention, everything is fine. I love being able to gate check your bag and avoid baggage claim hassles. Staff and crew have all been friendly and helpful. This is definitely our new favorite airline and I hope to see them succeed.

Independence Air - by Elizabeth Jurey

12 August 2005

Ditto Brian Cashwell's comments! 2 cancelled flights (one with no crew from Knoxville to DC the other cancelled flight from DC to Newark} was just too much to take. Wrecked a great weeks vacation in the Smokies. No reimbursement for extra night in DC (did get a discount voucher for hotel) or meals in Knoxville, or extra parking in Newark & took our lives in our hands with a Dulles Taxi driver who turned down Rt 28 the wrong way. Also, 1/2 the planes luggage was MIA when we got in to Dulles! This was truly a Day from !!!! Will never fly FLYi again.

Independence Air - by Brian Cashwell

9 August 2005

I recently flew this airline, and it was the worst travel experience of my life. My wife and I got up at 6am to catch a 10:20 ATL-Dulles flight. We checked in online and went straight to the gate. When 10:20 came around there was no plane, no crew, and no one to tell us the flight had been cancelled because the pilot "called in sick". When we went back through security to the ticket desk to find this out, we also learned that they had booked up all of their outgoing flights that day and we wouldn't be able to fly out until 4:30 the following day. We received no sympathy, were not offered hotel or food vouchers, and were ignored by the staff who continued to completely disappear for hours at a time from the ticket desk. This airline absolutely did nothing to get us home for our jobs on Monday morning, was not apologetic, and just did not care about our situation.

Independence Air - by James Ward

2 August 2005

I recently flew on Independence Air out of Raleigh-Durham Airport to Washington Dulles. The flight was very inexpensive and even though we departed on time, we arrived about 10 to 15 minutes early. Even though the flight attendant just happened to pass right by me when offering refreshments and seemed to get an attitude when asked a question the overall flight was OK.

Independence Air - by Anna Rowe

10 July 2005

Washington DC to Jacksonville. Waiting at the gate is not to be recommended if you're there for more than 30mins, although you might need to be there much earlier if you want a seat! 6 flights were being boarded simultaneously, so had to make numerous checks that I was actually boarding the correct plane! The plane was comfy, and leg room certainly wasn't bad. I'd prebooked a seat, which unfortunately was opposite the toilet - not normally a problem on short flights. But, the flight was delayed for 40 mins as we were waiting for a pilot from another plane! The seat next to me was empty so left plenty of room to spread out on. Refreshments were offered, almost a novelty on 'budget flights' (especially as i'm from the uk), and a choice of snacks. Despite the late take off, we only arrived 10 minutes late. Would recommend flying with them, especially if you get a special offer on the flight!

Independence Air - by Martin Mitchell

28 April 2005

Independence last week from Newark to Washington Dulles for only 100 US Dollars return. Cannot speak too highly of their in flight service - free drinks, a snack and sweets with the added bonus of a hot towel at the end of the one hour flight. The flight attendant on each leg was very friendly and had a personal word for each of the passengers - despite having to serve the entire - albeit small -plane on their own. This is how low cost airline travel should be!

Independence Air - by Gary Moore

9 April 2005

I have flown Independence Air about a dozen times in the past few months, mostly their CJR service from IAD to points in the Carolinas. Each has been a very positive experience. The ground and flight crews are friendly and efficient. The cabins clean. Most impressively, the costs are unbeatable.

Independence Air - by P Geaneas

8 February 2005

Roundtrip between Washington Dulles and Orlando on their new Airbus 319. Service was outstanding. Seats were very comfortable and roomy. Flight attendents were very friendly. Wonderful flight - Rest assured that I will use Independence Air in the future.

Independence Air - by F De Salvo

29 September 2004

My husband and I just returned from a weekend trip from ATL to Washington. The last minute fare was hundreds less than any other airline; even with connections. We found the onboard service second to none. In fact, we had recently travelled from ATL to ORD on Delta in First Class, and thought the service was better on Independence. The fare structure is simple and easy to understand, the planes clean and new, and the staff exceptional. We sincerely hope that this one can survive and be a much needed alternative to the old-line carriers.

Independence Air - by Adrian Leung

21 September 2004

A wonderful airline -- just flew them between JFK and ATL via IAD. The ground agents are friendly and helpful, and on my return, I asked about taking an earlier flight, and it was done within seconds, and the agent even changed my connecting flight to one earlier flight. The F/As are great, especially Cheryl on my JFK to IAD, and Chanel on the ATL-IAD flight, and on the longer flights, there was a beverage service with assorted snacks -- Sun Chips, cookies, pretzels, and cereal bars, as well as mints and hot towelette (moist napkin). The aircraft was very nice with blue seats and definitely most legroom that a CRJ can afford (I just flew American Eagle EMB-135RJ and noticed that difference on the legroom between Indi-Air and AA). I wish them luck and just booked myself on their inaugural IAD to Tampa flight on their new A319s.

Independence Air - by M Moore

9 August 2004

This airline deserves to succeed. I flew them as a last-minute alternative when my baby niece got sick and scuttled a drive from Washington DC to eastern North Carolina. A last-minute roundtrip airfare from IAD to RDU cost about USD 91.00 after taxes and fees (including a new-member iClub discount of USD 25.00). Amazing. The terminal renovations at IAD are attractive and interesting. The indigo leather seats on the planes are comfortable and have plenty of legroom. The staff were friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful - especially at RDU. Presently Independence's fleet comprises CRJs: the overhead bins were too small for my carry-on suitcase to fit, but checking it planeside ended up being a snap. I got the sense that as a newly independent carrier, they're still working out occasional glitches (for example, the FA on the return trip to IAD said "We at Unit- umm, Independence Air want to thank you..." etc) bit overall I was tremendously impressed. Convenience alone makes this airline a lifesaver for East Coast travelers, but if Independence can continue to provide this level of service (price, frequency of flights, staff attitude, on-time performance) as their route network expands, their competitors are toast.

Independence Air - by Danielle Shields

21 July 2004

I recently flew on Independence Air out of Washington Dulles Airport to Boston Logan. They are a new carrier in Washington DC. I was mostly impressed with my experience on the flight. They did have some minor glitches in the gate area, it seemed to be related to confusion over how the computer systems worked. But the airplanes were very nice~ I think they were brand new- with very bright purple seats. All of the pilots and flight attendants were very nice, and they made me feel welcome. Also the recorded safety announcements were done by Dennis Miller and Chuck Berry. Definitely out of the normal.



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