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Impulse Airlines - by Lynn Lee

16 September 2003

I read with surprise the comments about Impulse Airlines. I will be flying Melbourne to Hobart via Impulse ( flying in from Malaysia to Melbourne).  I had never heard of this airline and was very worried until I saw the comments and positive feedback. Now I can fly with a light heart!

Impulse Airlines - by T Dames

28 July 2003

I would have to agree with A Hinglebert!! I recently flew MEL - MCY return and also MEL - HBA return on Impulse Airlines Boeing 717. Both flights were fantastic! Crew were very energetic and professional. I was seated in the 3rd row for MEL-HBA and in the 1st row for MEL- MCY. The first 5 or so rows of seats were large and leather (must have been what Impulse used for their Business Class or something?). Since these flights are all one class services - I had to pay no extra for these seats just request for a seat up the front. Great food (even for the snack boxes) and regular offers of soft drinks, tea, coffee and offers from the bar. Safety announcements very professional and nothing seemed to be to much for the crew to handle. The crew came through the cabin just before the descent on both flights with trays of individually poured glasses of water and chocolates for all passengers - I have never seen this on a regular QF flight before (except for Business class passengers who pay for it!) It's really nice to see that the Impulse crew have kept that "special touch" in customer service that just make the passengers want to be on the flight - not just cause they have to be!

Impulse Airlines - by A Hinglebert

20 July 2003

Just came back from a holiday to Tasmania flying Qantaslink (Impulse Airlines) both ways (SYD-HBA).; I have flown Qantas many times in the past and was never overly impressed by the attitudes and service provided by most of the crew who operated these flights - so my husband and i were pleasantly surprised at our Qantaslink flights and the service and attention we received from the crew. Aircraft was a 717-200, operated by Impulse Airlines the regional carrier. Boarded on time, only three minutes late to pushback (which wasnt a big deal) but the captain still advised us of it and apologised for the delay (which wouldn't of happened on a standard QF flight)! There is no inflight entertainment on the 717 service but aircraft are brand new, clean and roomy. Seat room is excellent, I think there is actually more legroom on a economy seat on a 717 than a standard Qantas 737. Flight Attendants were young, fresh and genuinely friendly and polite. Nothing was too much trouble and their attention to passengers was fantastic! They really looked like they loved their job and were happy to be there. The mother in front of us took her baby out of its seatbelt on takeoff and as soon as the crew were let up they came up to the mother and made sure she was comfortable and the baby had a seatbelt on. Meal service was great, soft drinks and juice and a full bar service offered on the top of the carts and the crew made sure that everyone had a drink and was comfortable. We had afternoon tea ( Snack box,) which was quite nice and seems to have improved somewhat than on my last flight. Tea and coffee came through and there was even a seconds which is unheard of on a normal QF Flight. Landing into Hobart was lovely and crew helped us and chatted with us as we disembarked, I was so surprised I thanked them and was looking forward even to my flight home! Flight home was again on a 717. This time we had seats in an emergency exit row. We were briefed by a flight attendant who made sure we all were happy to open the doors and read our safety cards, One passenger didn't want to sit there (or didn't want to open the exit i think) and needed to be moved to another seat, again this was no problem for the crew who did not make a big deal of it or look inconvenienced at having to swap passengers around. I really like that they are safety conscious and the way they brief the exit rows to make sure only competent people are sitting there as i have read a lot about how important this is in an evacuation. I have never been briefed sitting at an exit row on a 737 and now i wonder why Qantas don't enforce this as it is a big safety issue and doesn't cost anything to do. Our return flight had the same excellent level of service and crew even came through with water and peanuts towards the end of the flight. Flight attendants were always busy, always smiling and talking to the passengers and children and most of the passengers had a great flight. I will be definitely paying more attention to my flight bookings in future, to ensure i fly on the 717 services if I can. Overall i rate them a solid 10/10. I could not fault the service or attitudes of the crew and personally those two flights were better than all my citiflyer flights combined! Its funny how on a flight with no entertainment crew can keep all the passengers happy and content and make it look so easy and seamless... i think it must be their professionalism and service. Most Qantas flights are a nightmare if the IFE breaks down and crew have to give the passengers more attention and talk to them more. Mabye Qantas need to send some of their domestic cabin crew over to Impulse to work on the 717s occasionally to learn a thing or two.



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