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Harmony Airways - by Ron Thomas
26 February 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

We travelled to Maui in Economy return. Our flight to Maui was only about 60% full so we were able to have three seats for the two of us. Check-in was smooth at YVR and the flight left on time. The cabin staff were not overly friendly but seemed efficient. The meals were typical airplane fare, just so-so. The check-in for our return flight was smooth and again the flight left on time. The cabin staff on the return flight were great and they made our flight enjoyable. Again the meals were so-so. We arrived at VYR ahead of schedule and had no problems with our luggage. We felt safe and comfortable flying with Harmony and will use this airline in the future.

Harmony Airways - by John Shields
26 January 2007

Maui to Vancouver Business Class. Check in at Maui took just seconds - Business class passengers can use the Aloha lounge which was filthy and should be avoided like the plague. Many people came in, took a look and left. No newspapers and one tv, without cable. At least one could see snow in Maui - on the screen, Tip - avoid the lounge and go to the bar. Back on the Harmony side, their gate welcomed passengers with trays of vegetables, meats and cheeses. On boarding, drinks were served. Service was excellent -constant attention, interesting snacks and great food. The kids loved the ice cream served in coconut shells. Flight into Vancouver arrived 35 minutes early with bags on the carousel before many passengers arrived. Seats in business class, while not reclining very far, were comfortable.

Harmony Airways - by John Shields
22 January 2007

Vancouver to Maui Harmony One Business Class. 16 seats in business class with 2 attendants means wonderful service, choice of meals and the attendants making fresh pasta for two kids with their choice of tomato or cheese toppings. An obscure but effective personal viewing system (the commercially non successful PEA system which, on an airplane works just fine). On Maui this airline is feted by passengers as a full service airline offering meals, great service with a positive attitude and fair pricing. If this airline can ever get above 4x757 planes and a relatively unknown presence, it should do well. It is finally offering business class lounge privileges in Vancouver (its home base) sharing with Alaska. The business class amenity kit is convenient, useful and come nicely packaged. Smiles from its personnel are free, generous and welcoming. This airline deserves to prosper.

Harmony Airways - by Robert Rancher
9 November 2006

Vancouver to Toronto. What a disaster! When I called to make my reservation I should have know. It took me three calls to get anyone that I could even understand. The girl I talked to guaranteed me of the carryon sizing, but when I got there, I had to check my bag. She also told me that the liquid restriction was gone and liquids are find as long as they are in a Ziploc bag. I asked several times if she was sure to which she said yes. When I got to security, I was embarassed as the guy took out my shaving cream a thing of Axe and threw them into the bad bin. I could have been saved this embarassment and my stuff if the girl had known what she was talking about. The Check-in process took almost 25 minutes both directions. Harmony didn't have a kiosk like other airlines and the online check in doesn't work. When I called about the online check in the guy on the phone didn't seem to even know if Harmony has online checkin. I had to tell him where it was! The flight itself left much to be desired as well. The legroom is a bit more than other airlines, but the seats have no width to them. The plane I was on to Toronto badly needs some repairs. Several of the seats had ripped cloth and the ceiling was marked up. From the minute I stepped on, it just felt dirty. I was at the window, but the shade wouldn't stay up without me holding it. The flight back wasn't any better.

Harmony Airways - by Corinne Hillman-Bickle
5 October 2006

Vancouver to Toronto 1430. First time flying with Harmony and what a delightful experience it was! From booking on line and printing our tickets to the actual flight ,it was an excercise in 'How to get it Right'. Check in was smooth; we were each given a Spa card worth $15CAD to make up for the fact that Harmony does not have a Club lounge at Vancouver. Once on board it just got better and better! The seats were huge, with loads of space between rows (Air Transat take note!) I am 6' and my husband is 6'6" and even by stretching my legs out I could only just touch the seat in front of me. Our names had been put on little place setting cards and were on the armrests - a lovely personal touch. The cabin crew were just brilliant - helpful and attentive without being too over enthusiastic. Once airborn, drinks were proffered and we were given our personal DVD players and earphones (good choice of viewing) The food was outstanding and after a coffee, it was wonderful to be able to stretch out in our armchairs and put our feet up. As a result, we arrived at Toronto feeling very relaxed and well cared for (plus, it was a brilliant landing!) Thanks to all concerned. Please would Harmony consider flying to the UK - here are 2 people who would be very regular customers!

Harmony Airways - by Anthony Perl
16 September 2006

YVR-JFK-YVR Coach. Check in smooth, but Harmony enforces strict cabin baggage limits (lower than Air Canada) with secondary inspections by gate staff. This led to gate checking a roll-aboard bag that has made it onto every other flight I've taken used it as cabin baggage. Flight itself was smooth and timely. Full hot breakfast served, followed by drinks a snack mid-flight. Coach seating on this B-757 was reasonable. Landing at JFK, HMY uses a remote stand that adds at least 15 minutes to deplaning. Luggage including both counter checked and gate checked pieces made it off ok. JFK-YVR : Check in again very smooth, and this time we gave them both bags at the counter. Aircraft an ex-ATA B757 that was in much worse shape than the outbound flight. Seats highly uncomfortable due to worn out cushions. Cabin walls and ceiling dented and scuffed. Cabin crew was tired on this long YVR-JFK-YVR run, over 12.5 hours due to delays on ground at JFK. Food quality is significantly worse from JFK's flight kitchen than YVR's. HMY's 3 star rating is about right based on our experience.

Harmony Airways - by Vincent Liou
26 August 2006

Harmony on Business from Vancouver to Toronto. Chose Harmony because it was only $1500 round trip and AC Executive was $2300. As a die hard international passenger on AC, I knew what I could expect. However, after reading those horrible reviews of AC when flying domestic, and because of the higher costs, I went with Harmony. Harmony was great! Food was delicious (had two servings), had a few glasses of wine. Their coffee machine broke though, and it was an AM flight, so you can imagine how cranky people were! ONLY gripe I have is those seats. Lots of pitch, but didn't recline far enough and leg rest didn't come up. Also, seats aren't powered, unlike AC. No lounges as well, but the SPA voucher did come in handy for a little stupid aromatherapy thing.

Harmony Airways - by W Mark
12 August 2006

Vancouver to Toronto on Harmony and was impressed by the level of service. In comparison to Air Canada Tango, Harmony includes in its fee: 1) no charge online seat selection; 2) a good, hot meal; 3) no charge blanket/pillow; 4) no charge headphones; 5) newspapers; 6) moist towelette at end of flight. All this was provided at a better price than Tango. The inflight movie was "Mission Impossible 3" and there was also an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" to fill some extra time. The flight crew were very pleasant and we arrived half an hour early. I normally fly Air Canada for business because it has better schedules, but for personal travel, you can't beat Harmony!

Harmony Airways - by Judy Dickson
24 June 2006

I travelled from Kelowna to Honolulu and was most appreciative of this convenience. I have no complaints about the food or service - quite the contrary! I have booked another flight to Honolulu in September, but I keep getting seat sale messages from Harmony which I check out. Much to my dismay, the fares continue to drop on a regular basis, and I am "stuck" with a much higher-priced fare with no recourse for a credit/refund. Watch out folks!!

Harmony Airways - by John Hunter
22 April 2006

We just completed the round trip to Honolulu from Victoria and I wanted to add my name to those who complimented the airline for the pleasant attentive staff on the ground and in the air, the on time service and the convenience and in flight food. We commented on how like the old Wardair days it was and see that there are numerous posted references to them. Great job Harmony. We will definitely use you again.

Harmony Airways - by Ed Goodridge
25 March 2006

Our trip to Hawaii and return was fantastic. The service and staff were excellent. We have not had service like this since the days of Wardair. The situation of being able to leave to and from Victoria is great. This eliminates a lot of hassle of having to change planes in Vancouver. The only gripe is the long walk at the Honolulu airport from the Harmony check in to the departure gate at the Honolulu airport

Harmony Airways - by Doreen Tweten
29 January 2006

Calgary to Honolulu and the flight home on the were wonderful. We were so impressed with the service and the staff of both flights. Free headphones, TV that you could hear, a snack and a couple of soda beverages, and the lunch and supper meals were very impressive. We made new friends on those flights also.

Harmony Airways - by Brenda Nieuwland
2 November 2005

I just returned from Vancouver to Toronto via Harmony Airlines. I was very pleasantly surprised. The service was incredible. There were no line ups, the flight left on time and arrived early! The staff were friendly and very helpful. There was a complimentary meal service with 2 choices and served with wine. There were snacks and beverages served twice. I simply cannot say enough positive remarks about this airline! It reminds me of what Wardair used to be. I will definitely be flying with them again. What a great experience!

Harmony Airways - by Bryan Nelson
15 October 2005

We returned from Hawaii using HarmonyOne service. Extremely friendly ground and flight crew, As breakfast was being provided on this early AM flight we were given the choice of having a fruit and cheese plate with our breakfast which was to be be served about one hour prior to landing or having the fruit plate immediately. A wide variety of drinks were available. We were offered individual entertainment centers which played a wide selection of movies, music or grames. The only problem I had was with the seats. Although they are wide with plenty of legroom I felt they did not recline enough nor did the foot rest come up high enough to be comfortable. As I am 6'4" I found this to be quite a problem. Flight staff to the rescue - a Stewardess placed her roll-on bag behind the seat in front of me and blankets on top of it

Harmony Airways - by Paul Vernall
22 July 2005

Just completed a flight with Harmony from Vancouver to Honolulu in their new Business Class called Harmony One. All I can say is what an excellent product and a potentially super airline. The check in was great, fast and the agent was just a pleasure and could not do more. They give you a gift (leather ticket wallet), silk flower lei and a bottle of cold water at check in. Also, they give you a $25 voucher for the Azure Spa which was useless as it was closed and you can't get much for $25 but never the less a nice touch. The seats are roomy and service is very good. Food is just fine but the absence of a menu makes it hard to know what you are eating. Meal service is slow but who's in a rush anyway. Drinks are OK but nothing special. I asked for champagne and got a half glass of warm sparkling wine. Also, drinks are mixed from large bottles and are very, very weak. Staff are good but seem to struggle with the service. I think they are still ironing out the problems. Really strange amenitiy kits were handed out. They stank of cheap rubber and were solid and shaped like a can of tennis balls. Very odd indeed. Anyway, a good flight and a much needed improvement on the competition.

Harmony Airways - by Bruce Schuster

19 July 2005

We just flew on Harmony Airways Vancouver to Toronto return. Harmony Airways is a great airline similiar to how Canadian and Wardair were. The cabin crew were friendly and actually seemed sincere when they spoke to you. A passenger beside me didn't speak english, but the flight attendant noticed she looked cold and got her a blanket without her asking for it. I like the little extras, a choice of 2 meals (the food was actually very good!), hot towels and two drink ,snack rounds. The flight left on time both directions, and we arrived 30 minutes early on the return. I also liked the notice board at the gate, displaying the movie and meal service to me provided. Great work Harmony, keep it up!

Harmony Airways - by Nadine Sauve

16 May 2005

We recently travelled with Harmony from Vancouver to Honolulu. The group of us travelling together were all incredibly pleased with both legs of our flight. We were impressed with the food and all the extra snacks that were given throughout both flights. The ground crew in Vancouver and Hawaii were very friendly and helpful, as were the airline attendants.

Harmony Airways - by Faye Hodson

26 April 2005

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the many wonderful services offered by Harmony. My husband and I traveled via Harmony from Vancouver to Hawaii on the 10th of March and returned on the 24th. Harmony service coming and going was incredible. Upon checking in we were offered bottled water, given a silk lei and the offer to change our seats to the back of the plane where we could have three seats between us. This turned out to be a godsend as my husband was very ill with a cold when we left and this gave him the comfort he needed to get a a good rest. The on board service was above reproach, courteous, professional, and helpful in all aspects. I particularly enjoyed having my salad prior to my hot meal. A little touch, but meant a lot. Everything about our flight to Honolulu was great! Our return flight on the 24th was equally enjoyable. Our seats had lots of leg room, service was impeccable, food great, and an all around terrific flight. We would not hesitate to recommend Harmony.

Harmony Airways - by Barnie Cowan

6 April 2005

I have used Harmony since it's inception and it is always excellent. I have flown to Toronto and have used Palm Springs this year. It has always been on time and the crew are most courteous. I really enjoyed having a hot meal and music and was most pleased to recieve a brochure that they will be continuing their flights next year but would have liked an earlier start in November, but very happy to see the service is continuing next year.

Harmony Airways - by Constance Snyder

6 April 2005

My son and I recently flew Honolulu to Vancouver via Harmony for the first time. You can be guaranteed it will not be the last. The service was excellent, the crew from check in to inflight was courteous, efficient and highly professional. On check in my cane was noticed and without having to ask a wheelchair was provided in Honolulu and was available on landing in Vancouver and for the return flight. Thank you Harmony for a very pleasant trip.

Harmony Airways - by Donna Bell

26 March 2005

Our flight from Honolulu to Victoria on March 22 ended on a very unhappy note. Whereas the ground crew in Honolulu on departure had been helpful & pleasant, the ground crew of Harmony airlines in Victoria was not the same. They were not pleasant (one was even argumentative & rude for no reason) nor helpful & we were left with the impression at 10:30 pm that they would be glad when we were gone so that they could leave too. I wonder what the job conditions are & why these crew members were so negative. The flight to Hawaii had been pleasant & of good quality in all ways. We were disappointed by the attitude of ground crew on our return. Due to lack of competition we will probably fly with them again but our view has been tainted by a few not very nice people.

Harmony Airways - by Jessica Ling

11 March 2005

I agree with a majority of the individuals who have said good things about HMY. I have flown with HMY a number of times, and each time - their service has far exceeded my expectations. A hot meal, wine and beverages at reasonable prices - what more can I ask for? The staff were helpful and friendly and efficient. I even got complimentary hard liquor the very first time I flew with HMY - YVR to YYZ. A scheduling error on their part resulted in less leg room on the plane that I boarded. They even acknowledged their error - imagine that!

Harmony Airways - by Liz Astill

15 February 2005

We flew to Honolulu over the New Year from Vancouver. Great flight , excellent service and added extras like free ice cream, wine, hot towels .God food too and no delays A great airline we'll use it again!

Harmony Airways - by Phil Stevens

2 December 2004

Harmony Airways on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto. Check-in was smooth, friendly and quick. The on-board service was efficent, we were offered a drinks round prior to breakfast, given headsets and treated very well by the crew. The meal was excellent, in terms of quality and quantity. Truly one of the better airline breakfasts i've had in Y class on any airline. Two options, eggs or pancakes with a "fresh" croissant, and seconds could be had, was also offered. Not the usual stale bun or bread as offered on AC or others. After breakfast another drinks round was offered, this followed by a snack service prior to landing in Toronto, with a hot sandwich and drinks round with free wine and you can purchase beer and hard liquor. All this service on 4.5 hrs domestic flight. I had some flash backs of the good old CP days. Return flight, was also excellent. A hot dinner was offered with two choices with bar service. Again we were offered headsets for the movie and a snack and bar service were offered prior to landing at YVR. Baggage also arrived safe and sound both times. Harmony offers a great product and I wish they would expand their network. Only negative, I wish they would consider refurbishing their aircraft interior or consider replacing their 757's with either 737-800 or maybe a A321 and providing personal IFE like Jetsgo's DVD player for rent and a loyalty program, that would just seal the deal for me!!! Interiors aren't bad, everything works, seats aren't torn unlike on some AC aircraft. Other then that, Harmony Airways wins hands down over AC, WestJet, Jetsgo on the YVR-YYZ route, they need to do more marketing! Excellent service, professional and smiling cabin crews, "delicious" meals, domestic duty free shopping all for a great fare. Good job Harmony, the good old days of CP are on the horizon again!

Harmony Airways - by Betty White

29 November 2004

My husband and I recently flew to Las Vegas with harmony airlines Our trip down was delayed 1hour 40 min because of a plane not passing inspection early in the day ( that's scary) Any way on our flight home flight 888 the encasing for the oxygen masks, life jackets etc fell down the flight attendants did not know how to get it back up so after a phone call (probably to maintenance) Then they came back to duct tape it closed (not good) We were in row 4 and in row 2 the same thing was happening.

Harmony Airways - by Raymond Onas

25 October 2004

I flew HMY to LAX/YVR last Oct.03/Oct/08, 2004 to attend my nephew's funeral (He was killed in Iraq) and I was quite impressed by the superb customer service provided by the ground staff and Inflite crew on both sectors. The inflite service was a 10 and the Tech. crew kept the passengers fully informed of the Flight status on both sectors. I worked at the airport for almost 22 years and I know if an inflite service is above average. To all HMY Airways staff, keep up the good work because even the US airlines on the LAX routes has nothing to compare to your superb inflite service. My compliments to the management of HMY Airways for the excellent training of your Tech. and Cabin crew. 

Harmony Airways - by Richard Malsbury

20 October 2004

LA to Vancouver on Oct. 3. The in-flight service was very good, starting with a movie and free headsets, free wine and non- alcoholic drinks. A while later there was a choice of light meals with coffee, tea and dessert as well as hot towels and duty-free. The cabin crew was very personable and efficient and the overall experience was good. As for leg room, my wife said it was ok, I had loads of room with a window seat behind the exit row! The last time we flew Air Canada (2002) on that run (1530-1830hrs) our meal consisted of bags of chips. The 2nd one they gave me had expired, so after that I swore off our so-called "National" full-service airline. So it looks like Harmony will be our 1st choice for the next trip to LA !

Harmony Airways - by Richard Solbakken

12 October 2004

Just got back from Las Vegas. Reside in Vancouver area. Nice Airline. Quick in flight service. What was booked as a 3 hour flight was cut to 2.5 hours both ways thanks to our pilot. Both ways I got a choice of meals, inflight movie with free headsets, complimentary glass of wine, snack and beverage, coffee and tea service, and a hot towel on the return flight. That was all on a 2.5 hour fight.

Harmony Airways - by Fran Goldberg

20 August 2004

Recent Vancouver-Toronto (return) flying experience was excellent in terms of schedule, service at all levels, leg room, cost, and even food. The inflight crew, one young man in particular, surpassed expectations in terms of accommodating our needs. I simply asked about the timing of the meal as my 9 year old son is a recently diagnosed diabetic. The flight attendant insisted on serving our meals in accordance with the optimal schedule for my son, although I advised we could work around the airline schedule. He also offered the option of a more private location for insulin injection if we wished. For the first time since the demise of "Canadian", I have a preferred airline again.

Harmony Airways - by H Rogers

14 August 2004

Recently took a flight to Honolulu and your service is superb, the staff at all levels friendly and catering. First class service there and back. Will continue to fly them and look forward to expanding destinations. All competing airlines should be wary of such good service for reasonable price.

Harmony Airways - by Andre Barrett

6 August 2004

We flew HMY Airways 3weeks ago and can I say what a good airline it is, You get food and drinks and a hot towel in the price, the cabin crew are friendly and they even had a movie from LAX to Vancouver.

Harmony Airways - by Robert Riddell

25 July 2004

Travelled to LAX from Vancouver, Canada with HMY (now Harmony) Airways in late May and had a good morning flight there complete with a hot breakfast and movie. Also received a complimentary pack of playing cards. Excellent value!

Harmony Airways - by Derek Mansfield

21 June 2004

HMY from Vancouver to Toronto a few days ago and would like to add my comments. This airline is great. It reminds me of Wardair in the service level and amenities. Their price was unbeatable, and when you compare ,say ,Jetsgo where there's no food, or entertainment etc for a 5 hour flight, well how can you not be anything less than impressed with HMY. They start you off with a message board informing you of the meal, movie, weather conditions etc featured on your flight and destination. They serve wine with meals, give out free headphones and playing cards, show movies, run audio programming and are very attentive and efficient in the cabin. Excellent airline, and a much better value than the competition! Highly recommended! One tip...ask for the seats in the "A" cabin (the front) - much more legroom.

Harmony Airways - by Melanie Monk

31 May 2004

We travelled on HMY Airways from Vancouver to LAX on March 10th. One of our suitcases was left in Vancouver while the other made it to LAX. There was no HMY rep at LAX airport to talk to about our situation. As we were scheduled to depart on a Baja Mexico cruise that same afternoon, a rep from the Carnival cruise line offered to liaise with HMY on our behalf. Despite assurances that the luggage would arrive at our first port of call (Catalina Island) the following day - and despite waiting at the dock and wasting our day - it did not arrive. It ended up getting to our ship about 15 mins prior to leaving for our next destination. We never did hear from HMY nor were we offered any compensation. We will not fly HMY again.

Harmony Airways - by Christina Zietsman

24 May 2004

Vancouver to Toronto and back. I was very impressed with HMY, both ways the flight was ahead of schedule, the staff was friendly, the price was good, and was even served a hot meal including a glass of wine. The aircraft spacious, and the staff even offered me a better seat as I have a bad knee. I will be going back to Toronto in August for my daughters wedding, that will be attentend by several family members and friends from Vancouver, I will promote HMY, and hope even in the summer the prices will be affordable, this is what gives you repeated business, I often wonder why prices double in the summer, it is the same distance and the same amount of fuel that is used in off season. Because I have a bad knee how far in advance to I have to book to get in the first seat at the door, so that I have no one in front of me, to be able to stretch out and elevate my leg?? I always book online, do I have to go through an agency for this request?? Keep up the good work and keep the fare low and you will always have full flights

HMY Airways - by Deb MacKinnon

19 March 2004

We travelled to Las Vegas on Feb 29 and returned March 4, 2004. We found the trip very enjoyable - lots of leg room, the food was good and the attendants were friendly. It was the best flight we have had in a long time and we look forward to flying HMY in the near future.

HMY Airways - by George Klima

9 March 2004

HMY Airways is a budget airline that only recently began scheduled service and it shows. Although they are a budget airline, they offer two movies and a meal. However, the good news ends there. Check in at Toronto and Vancouver was handled by untrained personnel. Toronto check in did not ask standard security questions and overlooked baggage tags. People checking the boarding passes were inexperienced and inconsistent. Waited 1.5 hours for luggage in Vancouver - 45 mins in Toronto on the way back. One piece of luggage was lost, then found, then lost again. Boarding pass contained errors. Bathroom floor had urine and disinfectant sloshing around on the floor, right next to galley. On return to Toronto we were let out in the international area, not the domestic area, which caused confusion when we arrived in the customs hall. Customer service people do not take telephone calls

HMY Airways - by John Shields

26 January 2004

We have had some fabulous flights on HMY : Vancouver - Toronto - Vancouver and Vancouver-LA-Vancouver. This airline tries hard. There are unexpected little things - a handwritten sign on checking in with destination weather and a welcome; wine in economy; food which is becoming more and more rare; and friendly service with a young, interested and surprisingly professional (for young staff and a new airline) service. Their 757s are clean, quiet and on time. If only they would change the name of the airline to something that would roll off the tongue and change the colours to something more creative and less hard on the eyes. Their website is easy to use; prices are fantastic; and their premium economy (same seats, slightly better pitch, and better service) not bad at all. They need a frequent flyer program in order to get more business travel between Vancouver and Toronto and start serving the Vancouver-Maui route which started the airline (the owner was marooned there for hours and decided to start his own airline) and which is badly served by Air Canada (horribly late night flights staffed by senior - disinterested - staff. HMY - we need you to Maui.

HMY Airways - by Kevin Jones

22 January 2004

My flight from Vancouver, BC to LAX Airport was rather disappointing. The staff at the check-in counter were unhelpful in answering my questions and had exhibited highly poor attitudes towards their jobs. The flight itself did not get any better. Seats were uncomfortable and narrow, leg room was tight, and the overall cabin was unclean. Inflight entertainment on this flight was one of the worst that I've had. Headsets had to be bought just to hear the movie, and I probably would've if it had not been for the television turning black- and-white, and then eventually not working altogether. The breakfast meal served was small in portion, but satisfactory to say the least. I don't always expect much when it comes to airline food, so the meal wasn't much of a problem for me. In conclusion I was extremely unimpressed by the service provided by HMY Airways. Even for the low fares I think anyone flying this airline should expect a lot more.



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