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Hewa Bora Airways review : 9 April 2009 : by J Schimarcher

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Ranking

I flew JHB to Lubumbashi via HB. Upon check in at OR Tambo, I was greeted by a very long queue and total chaos at the check in counters. This was 3rd world service at its worst. The plane departed 2 hours late. It was an old 767 that had seen better days, was grubby and worn out, the service was shocking and I must say that I felt very unsafe throughout the entire flight. My return trip to South Africa again left 1 hour late from Lumbumbashi. The pilot confirmed that HB are never on time. Again there was utter chaos at the airport. The return flight was again on the same worn out 767 and the plane was filthy and service unacceptable. I arrived late at OR Tambo and missed my return flight to Cape Town. One of my items of baggage never arrived and in this regard I still dont have it. I was left stranded at the airport with no money, late at night and ended up having an asthma attack. HB told me that are not responsible for my hotel accommodation as a result of their lateness and so far no compensation for the loss of my baggage.

Hewa Bora Airways review : 30 March 2009 : by Z Beard

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Ranking

All domestic flights were flown on Hewa Bora. Purchasing tickets was quite easy, and I boarded the 727 after arriving only an hour early. Check-in went smoothly, but customs was somewhat suspicious and very thorough. The aircraft was clean, cabin crew phenomenal, yet my French did me better than my English. I was served a free snack of crackers and cheese (odd for Africa) and given complimentary beverages. The toilet was in good shape, and clean as well. We landed in Mbandanka on-time. Aircraft used on other flights were 727s and DC9s. All flights were of excellent quality and I was satisfied with the service of Hewa Bora.

Hewa Bora Airways review : 28 July 2008 : by G Babungu

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Ranking

JNB to Lubumbashi. Vous arrivez a l'Aeroport de Johannesburg et bien qu'ayant ete reserve et confirme, on vous apprend que l'avion est plein (overbooked). Aucune excuse de la part des agents, aucun souci pour les passagers dont le visa pourrait expirer, aucune prise en charge. Unique message : L'avion est plein, revenez au prochain vol! Je vous deconseillerais fortement cette compagnie.



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