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Ajet Aviation - by Gill Williams
27 October 2006

Teesside to Larnaca with Ajet. The plane was modern with comfortable leather seats and plenty of legroom. Meals were good - though no complimentary drinks! Staff were friendly (all Cypriot, but english speaking). Return journey was early morning and pillows and blankets were provided. Very smooth flights and would fly with them again.

Ajet Aviation - by Marian Gillespie
5 October 2006

My partner and I were due to fly to Larnaca - unfortunately the pilot on the incoming flight decided he could not land as there was slight fog. This despite other aircraft taking off and landing without any apparent problem. He diverted to Manchester and eventually returned empty to Larnaca as flight crew out of hours and returned (empty) to Newcastle for our departure at 9pm the next day. On boarding we received no apology or explanation for our 34 hour delay. We were kept at airport until 3.30pm with no explanation until we were told flight was cancelled and we would be given hotel accommodation. To make matters worse our return flight was brought forward 12 hours so we lost more hours from our much awaited holiday. I admit the aircraft was comfortable and food nice on outgoing flight although staff not particularly friendly. However on the return fligh the staff were very good but food was disgusting. We travel to Cyprus twice a year and will not use this airline again.

Ajet Aviation - by Patrick Richardson
16 September 2006

We have just flown to Larnaca with Ajet. The staff were friendly , nothing too much trouble. The food was good although as others have said not much choice. We were given complimentary drinks - 2 rounds outgoing and 1 on the way back which is unusual for a charter airline. We would definitely fly with them again. Lots of legroom and their prices were extremely reasonable.

Ajet Aviation - by Tracy Carr
6 September 2006

Ajet to Larnaca from Newcastle. We got extra leg room seats for me and my husband at no extra charge - legroom on other seats looked quiet roomy. The staff were helpful and friendly. It looks like when Ajet took over they may have had some teething troubles but they seem to have overcome these.

Ajet Aviation - by John Wilkinson
28 August 2006

Recent return trip from Luton to Paphos with them. The flights were on time, planes modern, and seat size and legroom quite reasonable for a short haul flight (much better than Monarch and Britannia and similar to BA and Iberia short haul). The cabin staff were pleasant and efficient, food was good (but no choice) and soft drinks and beer were complimentary. I'm surprised that they only have a 2 star rating, but I suppose with only three aircraft in the fleet, they don't have the resources to cope when delays happen.

Ajet Aviation - by Russ Gray
18 July 2006

I live on Cyprus but travel to the UK 2-3 times a year and insist on travelling with Helios as the past 10 or so flights have been comfortable, punctual, reliable and a pleasant experience. I have continued to book with Helios despite Cyprus Airways flights at reasonable rates. I believe this company should be applauded for breaking the monopoly that Cyprus Airways and British Airways had on the UK-Cyprus Routes and offering very well priced flights. The cabin staff are very good.

Helios Airways - by Heather Kenwright
14 July 2006

I have just flown to Paphos with Ajet (formerly Helios) and the journeys both there and back were a complete pleasure. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful, the flights were not delayed at all and the food was good. We also were given complimentary wine which is unusual for a charter airline. We had a good film to watch and I would definitely fly with them again. The planes were new with lots of legroom and their prices were extremely reasonable. Based upon my experience and the numerous experiences of my family I would definitely recommend this airline despite the numerous comments from other people on this forum.

Helios Airways - by Anthony Ellingham
10 June 2006

We were due to fly from EMA to Paphos at 1100 am on 17th May. We went to check in at 0830 and were told flight was delayed until 2130, as plane had technical problems in Manchester. We were not checked in, but instead were given tickets for hotels, and were told that buses would take us at 10 am. When the buses arrived at about 1130 we were not allowed to board them as the airline had not yet paid, and we would have to wait until they paid. Apparently the airline had knownn about the delay since 5am. We finally got on the buses at 1230, and were taken to a hotel in Hinckley, which was about a 45 minute journey. We were given rooms and received a meal at about 1.15. We were picked up again at 6pm, and returned to EMA. We finally flew at 1030 pm. 11.5 hours late. We returned on 24th May, and were put on an Air Italy flight, which I think was staffed by cabin crew who had failed their customer care course.

Helios Airways - by Nigel Spencer
10 June 2006

My experience with Helios was unpleasant and I cam away with a very negative view of the competence of the management of this airline My wife, daughter and I flew Helios from Luton to Larnaca on 26 May. We initially booked a daytime flight, about 5 months ago. A couple of months before departure we were told that we had been switched to an overnight flight but as we were travelling half-term and other flights may have been hard to find, we accepted the change. Arriving at Luton at 18.45 for the 22.00 flight we were told that we would be bussed to Birmingham as the incoming flight was delayed and would not be able to take off from Luton before the airport closed at 12.00; it was landing at Birmingham instead. We were told to wait in the hall for a bus at 1930. Requests for food vouchers were declined as we would be on a bus and would not have time to use them. The buses finally left at 20.00 during which time we were left to stand in the hall with no information from Helios staff or contractors. The flight finally left Birmingham at 01.30. The plane was hired from Lat Charter and was uncomfortable with little leg room, shabby, noisy, with no inflight entertainment, no blankets or pillows; totally unsuitable for an 4 hour overnight flight. A pasta dish, that I would not have fed a dog, appeared at 0300 and that was the catering. We arrived in Larnaca to find that no information on our arrival time, or if we had even left the UK, had been made available to those meeting people off the plane: no-one from Helios could be contacted.

Helios Airways - by I Stockdale
10 June 2006

Larnaca to Humberside. It could have been a lot worse judging by other entries. We were only about seven hours late, and we did fly direct to Humberside. We were picked up from our Limassol hotel at the scheduled time of 1550 but were taken to a hotel in Larnaca after being told there were technical difficulties - we never did find out what they were because no real information was given out by anyone. The meal we were given at the hotel was first class - no complaints there. But then we had to hang about at the airport until the flight finally took off at 2am. We walked into our house at 6am on the Thursday instead of at about the previous midnight. The plane was fine and the crew also. The food was pretty iffy. But it became clear that we were held at Larnaca because Humberside would not have been able to receive a night time arrival. Is it too much to ask that between them the airline and the tour companies keep the paying customers properly informed?

Helios Airways - by Joanne Read
3 June 2006

Paphos to East midliands on 31st May 2006. Flight was a complete nightmare. Arrived at airport at 4.30am ready to start checking in for our 7am flight, everything on the screens said it was on time. Woman finally arrived at desk at 5.20am,20mins after desk should have opened to say flight was delayed as there was no aircraft and they were waiting for a brand new one to fly down from Larnaca but they were waiting for its paperwork. We were taken for breakfast at a hotel at 6.30am. went back to airport and got on the plane at 1.20pm. We were left sitting on the plane for 2 hours on the tarmac and the explanation was there was no safety cards in the seat pockets and they were waiting for them to be brought in by helicopter and could not take off without them. finally arrived at EMA at 5.30pm 7hours and 20mins late. I was talking to another passenger and she told me some of them were informed of delay night before via a note put under hotel door so they did not turn up at airport till 10am. Will never fly Helios - or whatever they now choose to call themselves - ever again.

Helios Airways - by M Brown
3 June 2006

My wife and youngest daughter have just returned from Cyprus. As my wife suffers with bad circulation we use Helios a lot due to the slightly extra leg room. On the outward flight she was switched to a Monarch airline flight with no explanation why. When she asked, all she got was a shrug of the shoulders!! It was 3 hours late departing. The return trip was just as bad and the food was appalling. She was 4 hours late on the return flight. I will not be using Helios again.

Helios Airways - by C Haddow
3 June 2006

All I can recommend to potential passengers, do not fly with this company if you can possibly avoid it! I too flew on the 14th May 2006, like P. Wheeler, but I actually flew from Glasgow. I can only say that the Luton flight wasn't held up because of Glasgow- it had already been held up coming from Larnaca. What this airline tends to do is to try and bunch up as many passengers as possible on its return flights to the UK. For example, the flight from Glasgow had come from Larnaca with both Glasgow and Luton passengers- it flew to Glasgow, dropped off and picked up passengers and then to Luton where again it dropped off and picked up for the onward flight to Larnaca. I was aware when I booked this flight that we were stopping at Luton (others weren't and had booked deliberately as they thought it was a direct flight!) but was told that I would stay on the plane whilst passengers were dropped off and picked up. However, we were herded off the flight and asked to remove all our hand luggage as the plane was to be cleaned at Luton. The chap who escorted us back to the plane said they were a terrible company who constantly changed their routines. The flight in itself was good and there was a good level of hospitality supplied by the air crew. However, a couple of times at the back of the plane it did seem as though they were having a party and entertaining themselves. My return flight from Larnaca was similarly held up. We were supposed to leave at 18.25 and arrive at Glasgow at 21.55. We checked in as normal but the check-in display was Glasgow-Manchester. I asked the couple in front of me what was happening. They said not to worry it was definitely going to Glasgow. The couple informed me that they should have been in Newcastle for 10am that morning but Helios had 260 passengers and only 200 seats and had bumped them onto the Glasgow flight where they faced a further bus journey to Newcastle. We went to the gate as recommended for 17.45, there were no announcements but as 18.25 approached, the new time of departure was displayed as 20.00 with a destination of Manchester. Again, Helios had shoved as many UK passengers together as possible. The flight eventually left at 21.00hrs. We were bundled onto a 180 seater plane with Dubrovnik Airlines livery and were told that the usual 5 hour flight would take nearly 6hrs to get home. Unfortunately, there was a lower standard of hospitality on the return flight and we were charged for drinks that hadn't been charged for on the outward journey (considering we were more inconvenienced!). We eventaully arrived in Glasgow at 1am with some poor people facing a further journey to Manchester or Newcastle. Luckily, my brother-in-law picked us up but he had very poor information about the time the flight would be landing at Glasgow, even the airport couldn't tell when it was due to arrive! At the end of this very long story, I can only say that this airline ruined my holiday slightly but I think although we were inconvenienced, compared to others, we got off lightly.

Helios Airways - by P Wheeler
24 May 2006

Flew Helios from Luton to Larnaca on 14th May. Flight delayed by 2 hours with no explanation why. When we finally boarded a plane with no livery there were people already sitting in our seats. They had boarded at Glasgow! That was obviously the reason for the delay. Service on board was the usual good service offered by Helios and all went well. On the return journey we were told beforehand that we would be flying back to Luton via Glasgow, making our flight 7.5 hours in length. When we actually boarded the Italy Air plane (why do they not use their own planes any more?) we were told we would land at the usual time as if we were not going via Glasgow. This was good for us but the Glasgow passengers asked how they were going to get home. One was told they would have to get on a coach at Luton and endure a 9 hour coach journey up to Glasgow airport. Another was told they would just stay on the plane and be taken up after we had all disembarked. We had an appalling meal which very few people ate, and one soft drink during the 5 hour journey. The crew members were asleep across the seats at the back of the plane and showed very little interest in the passengers. There was no film and no bar service. Everyone we spoke to on the plane had a horror story about their outward flight. One couple told me they went from Luton to Glasgow to Paphos, then had a 2 hour bus journey to Larnaca with no explanation. They finally arrived at their accommodation 16.5 hours after they set out. On arrival at Luton everyone was told to disembark and there was absolutely no information available to the Glasgow passengers. They collected their luggage from the carousel along with everyone else and it wasn't until they came through into the public greeting area that they were asked by a woman with a clipboard whether they were going to Glasgow. Their treatment was appalling. I have travelled with Helios a lot over the last 4 years and have always been happy with the service. We noticed a decline in standards about May last year and things have steadily got worse since then. We own a villa in Cyprus and I used to send all my clients over on Helios flights but not any more. We will not use Helios again after this as they seem to care very little for their passengers or the service they provide.

Helios Airways - by Terri Tampsett
18 May 2006

Have flown with Helios several times now over the past three years and have never had a bad experience with their own planes and staff. However, have had a couple of flights when they used Lotus Air and they left a bit to be desired - no smiles, no real concern for passengers, no in flight entertainment and no alcoholic drinks. Helios staff are more caring and the facilities on board have always been good. I am not a small person and the seats and leg room have always been good on their flights. We have seldom had delays either from Heathrow or Luton and find the prices compared to BA and Cyprus Airways are very competitive. I would recommend them as a cheap and effective way of getting to and from Cyprus on a regular basis.

Helios Airways - by Craig Matthews
26 April 2006

Birmingham to Larnaca. Delayed 4 hours, then diverted to Athens with no explanation, then landed at Paphos with no explanation, then coached up to Larnaca. Reached hotel 12 hours later than expected. Flight back was much better - just over and hour delay. On both flights the same dreadful food was served, the seats were cramped, the aircraft are old.

Helios Airways - by Jim Cullen
26 April 2006

Luton to Larnaca. Plane was devoid of any livery, missing the usual Helios paintwork which didn't inspire confidence. Flight was only slightly delayed. Crew were very friendly and attentive. Food by usual airline standards was fine. Legroom was good and we had leather seats. Headsets were given out for in-flight movie. Overall an extremely pleasant flight. Our return journey was on the same plane but with a different crew, again friendly and attentive, though this time the flight was delayed by 30-40 minutes.

Helios Airways - by Ruth Swain
18 April 2006

Have just returned from our 10th trip from Luton to Larnaca over the last 3 years. As usual, we departed on time, arrived 1 hour early on our outward journey. Return flight also departed and arrived on time, with no problems at all. Breakfast leaves a lot to be desired, but aside from that, the only complaint we could have made was that on one of our trips the sound for the film was not working, and on another there was no film facility at all. Other that that we have always had good service.

Helios Airways - by William Kavanagh
30 March 2006

Paphos from Manchester. The flight out was delayed slightly while the aircraft wings were de-iced. Rest of the journey was a pleasure, leg room excellent, seats comfy, well informed from the cockpit and the food and drinks delicious. The flight home was every bit as good. The crews on both flights were a credit, a really good start and end to our holiday.

Helios Airways - by Ron Moody
28 February 2006

Luton - Paphos return. Helios flight to Paphos very good for an economy flight, plenty of leg room, food as good if not better than normal in flight meals. The only thing that could be improved on would be an additional drink trolley service later on in the flight. The return flight was unavoidably delayed due to heavy fog forming at sun-up, at Paphos. We had to be bussed to Larnaca for our flight home and although overall there was a 5hr. delay, we were well informed throughout , which was a professional attitude. Downsides, on the return flight, the flight attendants were fawning over people in row 1 (I assume their co- employees), and again a lack of a refreshing drink later on in the flight.



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