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Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Christoffer Madsen

12 December 2006

MXP-STR-MXP Paid 65 euro for the return ticket so didn't expect any kind of thrills throughout the flight. They handed out candies at the end of the flight. Nice touch! In general I was pleased with everything, seat pitch fine, aircraft - 737 on both legs - a bit old but ok for the short trip (50 mins). Check-in was a breeze both in Milan and in Stuttgart, friendly crew and luggage delivered very quickly. Will certainly recommend them.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Nigel Seymour

9 September 2006

I travel regularly on HLX from Manchester to Stuttgart. The system of booking is excellent and you can choose your own seat once on board. The Crew are friendly and professional, yet HLX prices become 'fluid' in July- August and fluctuate drastically making the term 'Budget Airline' rather premature. Should HLX adopt the attitude of KLM and provide a small pre wrapped sandwich together with a small bottle of red or wite wine, tea coffee or juice included in the price, then HLX would become an airline to be reckoned with.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Michael Rosenberg

21 June 2006

Dubrovnik to Stuttgart. Easy check in, new equipment. Only comment is that of three discount carriers we flew in Europe, HLX was the only that limited carry-ons to 5 KG's. The others are 8 or don't weigh carry-ons.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Jonathan Moody

18 May 2006

Bilbao to Cologne/Bonn return May 3-5 and have to say that I could not fault the service or the aircraft. One thing I would say, however, is that Fly For the Price of a Taxi slogan is ringing a bit hollow given the price of fuel and its impact on fares. 175 euros return is okay but not fantastic. What is a good deal, however, is their Fly and Train Offer, with return to anywhere in Germany for 38 euros. I went to Frankfurt and with such an extensive and reliable rail network, you can't go wrong flying in and taking the train.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Daniel Möllenbeck

24 April 2006

I travel HLX frequently from SZG-CGN-SZG. Prices are usually fair, service is alright. After approx. 15 flights, I had approx. 3 delays over 30 minutes, one extremely bad flight and one badly damaged piece of luggage where settlement is still pending. Overall, I enjoy service on those flights. The price cannot be bet on that service (sometimes 80€ round trip, opposing to about 600€ for Austrian/Lufthansa or 200€ and 12hr for Deutsche Bahn); service quality is not that much of a difference to traditional airlines for an approx 60-min-flight.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Ian Gallagher

5 March 2006

Cologne - Shannon on a 737 - 600 . Check in at Cologne/ Bonn airport was a breeze. Even though non German flights only had 1 check in desk, I was only queuing 5 minutes. Check in was fast and efficient and there was plenty of time to enjoy some of the shops. Boarding on HLX was again the free for all seat grab. This flight was very heavily booked, so there was a large number of people at the gate. HLX for this flight used an air bridge, so this was handy. Boarding was via the sequence number. Upon boarding there was the HLX magazine, which was a newspaper. Managed to get a window seat, within 15 minutes the flight pushed back on time. Safety instructions were given in both German & English. Upon take off, the TV monitors dropped down giving a map and information about the flight, as well as the HLX destination advertisements. The inflight bar menu was given out. Purchased a muffin and tea for 3 Euros, which is reasonable. Seats were comfortable leather seats, but there was a small seat pitch. Landed ahead of time after a 1 hour 30 min flight, HLX even give you a free sweet on descent!! Something free on a low cost airline. Baggage received within 10 minutes at Shannon. Very comfortable flight.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by I Mulders

13 February 2006

We travel HLX quite frequently, Cologne to Manchester as my boyfriend comes from the UK and we go there to visit family & friends. For the price its an excellent airline - hardly any delays and cabin crew very friendly and helpful. Seats are comfortable and there is enough legroom. Though this is only a 1.5 hour flight there is choice of food, drinks & snacks. BA is a joke compared to HLX with only their dry buns on a business flight of about 300 Euro's (Dusseldorf-Birmingham). So if we fly now to other destinations the first airline company we check on is HLX.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Liam Connell

7 October 2005

Shannon to Cologne and found the service very good. 737-800 aircraft was comfortable with leather seats and even though meals were not included, the flight was short enough, so you would not go hungry after a bit to eat in the airport! The fare was cheap, about €74 return. I would fly HLX again to Cologne - but they need to step-up their baggage reclaim services. Slow at Shannon -nearly 25mins. Otherwise, a very good service.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Don Dahlmann

2 October 2005

Berlin to Venice. I travelled on HLX to Venice last Week. On both flights, the plane was delayed for about one hour, and the delay was mentioned after I checked in. Cabin Crew was nice. On the first flight, I travelled with an very old 737, on my way back it was a newer Fokker 100, which I found little more comfortable than the 737. But for the price (60% of Lufthansa) the flight was ok. I would recommend the Airline in Europe for a safe an good flight, but be prepared for some delays.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Lynda Gill

9 September 2005

We travelled with HLX for a weekend in Cologne and would just like to say what a pleasant journey we had. The cabin crew were friendly, flight was comfortable - you are not allocated seats therefore you just sit where there is availability. No food is served on board but you have the option to buy food and drinks at reasonable prices. Departure and return flights were both on time and rates were reasonable. I would recommend booking with HLX.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Paul Welch

8 August 2005

Flew NCL - CGN this summer, the route will not be offered in the winter schedule it seems. I paid £19 including taxes for a one way ticket and believe it was the best bargain fare I ever booked. It departed 5 mins late, but landed ontime. The crew were pleasant, although slightly surly with some customers. The flight was around 3/4 full on an old Boeing 737.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Mike Seymour

24 February 2005

I fly regularly with HLX between CGN and MCR and while they did have some punctuality issues last year, they have improved a lot. However, the odious procedure of boarding passengers by bus and the general scramble for seats and the bottlenecks when trying to sit down - the ones who board first all want to be at the front - do tend to put me off a bit. A tweak of the boarding process whereby the passengers with later/higher numbered b/cards board first and are made to sit at the back of the plane would speed things up a lot

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Derek Gollan

16 February 2005

HLX TXL/SZG January 13. Impressed by reservation agent when making booking. Informed me she could make booking but if I went online would save eight euros per ticket. Check-in at TXL effortless with friendly counter staff. By bus to remote stand but boarding available both doors. Cabin attendants friendly and offered coffee and snacks for a fee after departure. Secured exit row and excellent legroom. Flight only half full but noted cabin clean and well ventilated. Nonstop flight eliminated plane change with LH at FRA with much higher ticket cost. Airborne 55 minutes. Baggage delivery at SZG fairly rapid. All in all, a pleasant experience and would fly HLX again. Paid Euros 97 each but if I had booked well in advance instead of close to departure might have paid as little as 29 Euros.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by  Joachim Wittmaack

12 February 2005

STR-DUB-STR in early February 2005. I had two excellent, uneventful flights (both well on time). The aircraft were new, clean 737-700 wet-leased from Germania. The Germania crews seemed to be very professional. Although the seat configuration was a little more narrow than on legacy carriers, it felt spacier than on other low cost competitors (namely Ryanair ). Food and drinks were offered at very reasonable prices.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by  Tobias Eckhardt

15 January 2005

HAJ-SZB-HAJ in Jannuary 2005 and liked it! Clean aircraft, motivated crew and they even have on-board tv with airshow moving maps. The food and drinks they sell on board ist fresh an excellent value for money. A cup of coffee on a German intercity train is much more expensive and less drinkable.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by  Klaus-Juergen Budweg

14 January 2005

CGN-TXL. Check-in: very friendly, professional, quick. Boarding: incredibly rude person at the gate, almost shouting at a passenger who "dared" to forget to present her ID-card for (second) cross check with the boarding pass; also had aggressive attitude towards the "obeying" passengers. Unacceptable. Anyone from the company reading these lines ? Just FYI: departure time was 5:25 pm. Cabin Crew: Acceptable. But either weak voices or micro/speaker-malfunction. I didn't understand hardly any word of their announcements. Aircraft: Clean. Acceptable, but, HLX, don't forget, customers have a choice of four airlines between Cologne and Berlin and for me you're certainly not on the top spot.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by  Edwin Gocuan

12 July 2004

Flew HLX for the first time last June 26 from Stuttgart to Dublin. I was glad they have a direct flight to Dublin from Stuttgart so I can avoid paying exorbitant air fares by major carriers like BMI, BA or Lufthansa. It gives us Asians the opportunity to explore Europe where it would be impossible without these low cost airlines. The only downside was only 2 check-in counters were opened, even when boarding time was already nearing, and as a result, a long queue resulted and passengers on queue were restless. Otherwise everything is excellent. Very friendly counter staff. Check in was a breeze. Flight was delayed for about 10 minutes but was still able to arrive on time. Aircraft was an A319, very clean though leather seats were kind of worn and in some parts of the seats were torn. I was surprised that the seats were not cramped as expected for a low cost. Very generous legroom in its class, more than most low cost airlines. Very friendly and attentive FAs. More gift selections for sale on board than Germanwings. Excellent value for less than 20 euros net of tax. With such superior service and value expect HLX to attract more passengers away from more established airlines. I hope they could expand their network to have more bases in Germany and to cover more destinations in Europe such as London, Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland; Rome, Athens and Prague. Their "Find quickly and Book simply" feature on their web site to find the cheapest flights on selected routes is very useful and saves you time and effort. Their price structure is superior to most low cost airlines because it gives you directly what is the exact price net of charges and fees immediately at a glance without additional steps and that is also a very convenient feature. Surely without doubt, flying HLX carries the renown German tradition for superior service and is always a recommendation!

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Esther Lawless

15 June 2004

I flew HLX from Dublin to Hamburg direct for Easter - the first time myself and my boyfriend could fly direct - usually we have to fly via London or Amsterdam. It made such a difference timewise and we arrived feeling fresh and satisfied with the wonderful services by HLX.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Iain Ramsey

31 May 2004

NCL-HAJ-NCL - tried this new service 5th May. Turned out to be first flight with a few VIP's gathered at NCL Airport for some ceremonial send off. Offered a glass of wine at the Gate (a first!). Service good, cabin clean and comfortable but a late departure. Return just as good but and even later departure (Tyre replacement) over 90 minutes late. The overall price/value/service conclusion is that it is better than easyjet and of course vastly superior to Ryanair (even allowing for the delayed departures).

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Jan Fojcik

18 May 2004

I flew HLX from Dusseldorf to Heraklion (Crete). The service was excellent but the food was bad. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Z Eamon

26 April 2004

I have just flown Manchester to Stuttgart with HLX and Luton to Cologne previously. They appear to have brought German standards to the budget market. Highly professional cabin crew that were eager to serve. Refreshing change to the variable Ryanair! No giggling through or rushing of the safety demo, and no hard sell of onward travel tickets to unsuspecting tourists on late flights knowing full well that those services have ended for the night.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Ralf Wichert

9 February 2004

I travelled on HLX several times. It is an excellent carrier that offers just as much service and convenience as any other established airline. Fares are fair, the booking procedure is simple, and staff is friendly, helpful and professional. Certainly a very recommendable airline.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Sebastian Blumenthal

7 January 2004

I flew HLX from Hanover to Milan and from Cologne to Venice and I also have to say I'm really satisfied. Excellent seats with leather and enough space for legs (approx. 85 cm). Although food and drinks are not included in the price I would fly with HLX again, the  relaxing atmosphere, combined with a friendly crew made this flight a good experience. I paid 29€ for a single flight from Cologne to Venice and 29€ on the return trip. The Milan trip cost approx. 70€ all together.

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Heidi Neubert

3 July 2003

I flew recently with HLX from Hannover to Milan. I have to say, that I was more than satisfied. Cabin Crew are more than friendly . Although meals are not included I would always fly from Hannover to Milan with HLX. Crews and planes are much better than traditional Lufthansa!

Hapag-Lloyd Express - by Marcel Frueh

25 April 2003

I travelled on HLX last week from Cologne to Rome and I have to say, that I'm totally satisfied. The cabin crew is really friendly and attentive (much more than those of Lufthansa e.g.). I paid approx. 66 ($70) for a return flight - I think a quite good price, although no meal etc. are included.



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