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GRAND CHINA EXPRESS review :  13 June 2009 : by G Mueller   (China)


Trip Rating :  0/10

Score 0 out of 10



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Cabin Flown:


I'm a frequent flyer within mainland China - and this airline offers by far the worst quality I've ever met. I've been on GS three times within the last two months, and if there's an alternative this number will not increase. Flights delayed by one hour, 6,5 hours and again one hour "due to airline" (announcement at Xi'an Xianyang airport); no information about flight schedule (delay is one thing, but other airlines are at least able to tell you when your flight is expected so you don't have to wait at the gate all the time); a small bottle of water as only on-board snack (they couldn't even afford that bag of peanuts?) while you smell of the warm dinner served at the business class seats in front of you (of course no curtain, they just stop serving from row 4). And I wonder how they got my seat so dirty without any food being served.


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