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GO  (airline acquired by easyJet)

GO - by K Fridlington

9 April 2003

We have flown several times with Go having tried Ryan Air and Easyjet. Our experience has been that Go provides ( or provided) by far the best service. We feel that allocating seats at check in should be made compulsory for all budget airlines, we witnessed an undignified scrum at Rome where Ryanair passengers were fighting to get onto the airport transport to get to the awaiting plane. When travelling with friends/family/partner to be able to know that you are sitting near to each other reduces pre-boarding stress.


GO - by Jack Kinder

17 March 2003

We have flown with Go to Newcastle and Edinburgh from Stansted and have been extremely pleased with their service. The staff were very helpful and pleasant. Very new, clean and fresh feeling aircraft (Boeing 737-300). We left on time and arrived early going out and landed early on both flights. We recently travelled to Madrid, Barcelona and Venice Marco Polo all with British Airways and it was shocking - the service was almost exactly the same. For such a difference in price I don't know how BA has got any passengers. It is just a huge shame that Go is being swallowed up by Easyjet which is a cheap looking and cheaply run airline in my opinion. I just hope the new service will be as good as the old Go.


GO - by Roger Humby

11 March 2003

Lamenting the passing of Go, I can only thank them for the polite, friendly professional service over the years. Sometimes the most expensive of the no-frills carriers but always worth the ticket price - in my experience. Gone are the allocated seats. Gone are the outstandingly clear in - cabin announcements. (Why can't BA manage that?) But it's only one step down to be part of Easyjet; it could have been a lot worse - poor Buzz.


GO - by G Chew

18 December 2002

I recently returned from a day trip to Newcastle on Go, and found the flight very good value for money. Having booked a month in advance, I paid only 26. Check-in in Stansted was awful, with very long queues (even for hand luggage only), and the staff were unpleasant (and rushed off their feet with hundreds of passengers). There was a long walk to the gate (poorly signposted) and the lounge was decrepid. However, the flight was on time (and on the return), and the seats comfortable. 50p for a 15cl can of coke was a bit much though, though you aren't obliged to buy anything. We landed into Newcastle on time, and from plane to Metro took barely five minutes. The check-in in Newcastle was very quick, and being a small airport, was very empty. A good flight, and very cheap (the train was around 50).


GO - by Steve Fenton

26 August 2002

I flew with my wife and three children Stansted to Venice and back. Pre allocated the seats to us as we are a family and found them overall excellent. The price was amazing and service was excellent when they sang happy birthday to two of my kids over the intercom system. Hope the Easyjet service does not drag them down as they are the best of the low cost carriers.


GO - by A Ball

05 August 2002

I flew Go from East Midlands to Glasgow and back. The check in staff were very friendly and considerate. The aircraft interior was dated but immaculate and spotless. Both flights were roughly on time and although the cabin crew seemed a bit unprofessional they were very cheery and polite. Go is an excellent airline if you want low cost no nonsense flights, much better than Ryanair - at least Go take you to the cities they advertise! Well done GO! 


GO - by Emily Richards

14  July 2002

I flew Go from Palma Mallorca to Stansted. The flight was delayed by over 5 hours and staff were extremely unhelpful. First off they said the delay was only an hour then it went up and up. As we were stuck in the boarding area with very few facilities there was no-one around to ask what was going on, so we just had to wait for the extremely rare and contradictory PA announcements. Once on the plane I can appreciate that the staff may have been tired, but their rudeness to passengers was unacceptable and unbelievable. One person asked for a sandwich and was told 'For God's sake can't you just hold on a minute'! 


GO - by Thomas Moore

03 July 2002

I flew last week from Edinburgh to East Midlands on GO. What was most pleasing to observe was casual, genuine customer service. GO staff are very down-to-earth and clearly understand the philosophy of service. I wouldn't recommend the German sparkling wine available for purchase onboard but I do recommend GO to friends and colleagues. A snazzy airline!


GO - by J Hill

28 June 2002

I thought it was time to try a 'low cost airline' Having fancied a trip to Edinburgh for some time, the new flights offered by 'Go,' seemed an absolute bargain. The flights chosen were priced at 13.25 one way, which when compared to the 325 return offered by British European, only twenty miles down the M42, looked quite appealing. The flight out was delayed 45 minutes due to a problem with the Aircraft, fortunately, a spare aircraft was at the airport and we quickly transferred to the substitute aircraft. (Not a chance of this happening at Birmingham, with one of the big carriers!) Our seats on the outbound flight were one row from the rear of the plane and felt rather cramped! The passing round of the bin bag was novel, but the plane was clean and tidy in record time for its return to East Mids. The return flight was also delayed by 1 1/2 hours due to air traffic control problems in the Med earlier in the day. The seats on the return were near the front and seamed to have more leg room! Or perhaps its because we normally use B. A for our flights, or should I say used to use BA for our flights. from booking on the internet, to collecting our baggage at East Mids. upon our return, a totally professional job, well done 'GO'!


GO - by Jenny Evans

15 June 2002

I have just again returned home with Go from East Midlands! I would just like to say how helpful and friendly the crew were on board and helpful they were toward my disabled grandmother. I enjoyed my flight with them and I would recommend to any of my friends to fly Go. I am just disappointed to know that Go is changing to easyJet but I just hope that the service will remain as professional and good.


GO - by C Chi

14 June 2002

I found the cabin crew of GO are more attentive than other low cost airlines (eg Easyjet, Ryanair, buzz) and the planes always look clean and fresh. Its a shame that all these will gone soon after Easyjet's takeover. Just a note to Easyjet - being a low cost airline doesn't mean you have make your plane look cheap too!


GO - by Robin Carter

10 June 2002

I recently flew the short hop from Belfast to Glasgow with GO - left slightly late, arrived early. Noticed the aircraft was rather older than most of easyJet's, but clean and bright. The cabin crew were charming, and although no service is offered on this route (unlike easyjet), they made us feel very welcome. They were also upbeat when I asked them about the future incorporation of GO into easyjet - the crew on this flight will definitely be an asset to the bigger easyJet we shall see soon.


GO - by Stanley Nowak

25 May 2002

Although I have only flown once with Go, they seemed very professional and not what I expected from a budget airline. Excellent mag on destinations etc. I could not agree more with writer re SleazyJet purchase - what a shame that Go will become part of this shoddy down-market operation


GO - by Jeremy Brown

22 May 2002

Palma to Stansted - excellent value for money, on time and great crew ! Had row 1 which had bags of legroom ! Great shame that GO will be acquired and integrated into Easyjet. 


GO - by Jeremy Brown

20 May 2002

Going Going .. Gone ! Surely the Mergers and Monopolies Commission have every right to object to the easyJet takeover of GO. Leaving two low cost operators is insufficient. Our best budget airline will disappear within the awful operation of easyJet.


GO - by Peter Skellan

30 April 2002

I fly regularly with Go out of Bristol. They are a fantastic airline and I have now stopped flying BA (Brymon) completely. Twice now I have been on a Go flight that has landed in thick fog at Bristol when the BA aircraft could not and have diverted to Cardiff! Its the same flight time, friendlier service, same airports but half, quarter or less the price of a BA (Brymon) ticket. Who flies BA out of Bristol now ?


GO - by E Impey

24 March 2002

London Stansted to Newcastle. Easy parking at Stansted that doesn't cost a fortune. Nice airside facilities despite the work going on. My flight cost 53.30 GBP return. The airline is one class but the 737 was clean and tidy. We left on time and landed early. Return was the same. Efficient and simply superb value for money. To put things into perspective the same flight from Southampton with BA was priced at 340GBP! 


GO - by Jenny Evans

08 March 2002

I flew Go to Alicante in December and they were absolutely brilliant the crew were very friendly and helpful towards my disabled grandmother. I was pleased to hear that Go are going to be flying from East Midlands now as well it makes my job a lot happier knowing that they will be flying from my local airport.


GO - by S Fenton

4 December 2001

Got to say that yes on short haul you must be crazy to pay prices that are asked by BA, BMI, KLM etc. These guys knock spots off the travel agent preferred airlines. Got a bit concerned when my flight from Newcastle to Stansted was delayed due to "aircraft re-positioning" ? The pilot parked at the wrong gate. They have provided a vital link for business travellers in Europe from the North East. They are going to expand the slots currently on offer and increase frequency. I wonder how long before Ryanair, Easyjet and Buzz realise there is a big market in the North East of England of wanabee travellers and business travellers.



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