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Ghana International Airlines Customer Review : 27 May 2010 by S Nia

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star rating

I have been travelling to Ghana for the past eleven years, first with GA and then with GIA. The first flight was nine hours delay. After eleven years and two airlines nothing have changed. I travelled with GIA at Easter 2010 and when we were about to return I called to check for delays. We were told the flight had left the night previously and were offered a flight the following week. We were told that they had no provisions to cater for our accommodation or hospatality and basically left us stranded. We decided to boycott their offices and were then offered a flight for two days later. We have paid for three tickets for 30th July 2010 and guess what. The airlines have gone bust.

Ghana International Airlines review by Michael Mensah

4 June 2009  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I had a Gatwick/Accra return - the plane was delayed all morning and afternoon. I had to wait 7 or 8 hours and they would not even provide a cup of coffee. It meant I arrived at Accra in the middle of the night. Then a friend came to UK on holiday. When he got to the airport to go back they said the flight was cancelled and he should find other transport to go home. He had to pay another airline to get back and they refused any refund. GIA ill treat visitors and bring discredit to Ghana. Better to use another airline and make them to get their act together or give up.

Ghana International Airlines review by C Blackwood

8 January 2009  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

GIA is unbelievable - the start and finish of my three week holiday in Ghana was a disaster. My wife and I booked a direct flight to Ghana, on our arrival to check in we were told we will be travelling via Stuttgart, Germany - so what was supposed to be a 6 hour flight now became a 10 hour flight. In the current economical climate I am not sure if GIA can afford to treat their paying customers the way they do, I have read some of the comments left by past GIA travellers, and they have vowed never to travel with GIA again, and I think I will be joining them.

Ghana International Airlines review by J Gray

20 December 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

London-Accra return in Business class: no problem either end at check in. Both flights on time, with inbound 20 minutes early. Seating good, with great pitch although insufficient recline and foot support for comfortable sleeping. Meals and service excellent and similar cost to BA economy.

Ghana International Airlines review by Samuel Gee

23 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

London - Accra -: while not the quality of BA, a comparable service to the rest of the airlines I have travelled to Accra and for the cheapest price. Gatwick service excellent, we checked in quickly. The plane was 2/3rds full so plenty of space and service good. I wasn't too bothered about the entertainment as I wanted to try and sleep as it was an overnight flight. Arrival was typical KIA in Accra but nothing to complain about. ACC-LGW was again a fairly swift check-in provided by very friendly and helpful staff, and boarding was difficult with 2 buggies for the young children but no fault of the airline. The plane was about 1/2 full so plenty of space and superb service from the crew. Flight deck crew were Icelandair (plane is leased from them) and cabin crew were Ghanaian. I'd have little hesitation flying them again.

Ghana International Airlines review by Caroline Williams

16 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I received a phone call three days before my departure date telling me that the flight had been cancelled and I had been booked on a flight the following night. A work colleague was also travelling on the same flight, but he had received no notice of this and when he checked he was told there was no problem with the flight. I rang the airline, and they said that the flight had been cancelled. I was appalled to find that the flight did take off as scheduled. I had been lied to. I was only going to be out there a week, and this had been shortened to 5 days. I wasn't given any options. The flight back was delayed also. I can understand if there's a problem. These things happen, but GIA cannot be trusted. I will never travel with them again which is a shame as I would like to support the national airline.

Ghana International Airlines review by L Jones

24 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

I had to wait in an unbelievably long queue at check in at Gatwick - took over an hour to reach the front. When confirming my flight I was also told to check in four hours before departure! The plane was then delayed for 5 hours. When I eventually arrived in Ghana my suitcase wasn't there - it hadn't even been put on the flight, it was still at Gatwick. My suitcase arrived 3 days later. I was only staying in Ghana for a week so I spent half my trip without my things. This was my first time in Ghana & I was travelling on my own. Only downside of my return journey was having to get to the airport 6 hours before departure to check in, otherwise you don't get a seat. My experience sounds very similar to the previous note. I too would recommend spending the extra money and flying with BA - I certainly will in the future. GIA - what a disgrace!

Ghana International Airlines review by C Matthews

9 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I arrived at Gatwick 4 hours before departure and had to walk for 5 minutes just to reach the end of the check-in queue. GIA had put one person on the desk to check in the entire plane. I got to the check-in desk 4 hours later after airport security had to be called to handle the queue. There were no GIA staff in sight and no announcements explaining anything. It was a joke. When we finally got on the plane we had to sit on the runway for another hour and a half because people "were still coming through the airport." Any half-decent airline would just leave without the latecomers, but the last thing on GIA's mind is the comfort of the passengers. No inflight entertainment whatsoever. Coming home, we had to check in 6 hours before departure just to make sure we got a seat. Even then, the queue was pretty long. Instead of opening a separate desk for business-class passengers, as most airlines do, GIA thought it was ok to let the business-class passengers barge to the front of the queue. Therefore I was standing first in the queue for about 20 minutes because the GIA staff kept letting business-class passengers go first. Eventually I lost my temper and asked her why they were pushing in. She gave me this horrible smile and said: "They've paid more." I asked her if that was a good reason to treat everyone else appallingly, but at this stage she seemed to forget how to speak English - a common trait in GIA staff when you ask questions. This really put a dampener on what was a fantastic trip. People who weren't even booked on our flight got seats simply by having a lot of US dollars on them. Please, please don't put yourself through the ordeal of travelling with this airline. I dread to think what it would have been like if I'd had a young child or an elderly relative with me. British Airways will charge a couple of hundred more but at least you get value for money and you know you'll get on your flight. GIA need shutting down, they're utterly useless.

Ghana International Airlines review by J Tsikata

30 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : not supplied

I have flown a couple of times with Ghana International from London to Accra. There were usual delays from London which no tangible reason given. The inflight service was standard and flight crews smart and polite. The journey seemed longer because of lack of in flight entertainment. Departing from Ghana ,flight was on time. Check in staff too strict on luggage weight. Meals in the middle of night not convenient, disrupt sleep.

Ghana International Airlines review by S Adjabeng

8 March 2007  Customer Trip Rating : not supplied

Ghana International Airline from Gatwick to Accra return. There was a long delay at the airport (Gatwick) which, I believe was not the fault of the airline but that of the airport security and so one will not blame the airline for the delay. I admired the young crew attendants and their desire to offer support in every way. I enjoyed the meals and the drinks. Unfortunately the journey which was less than seven hours appeared to me as if it was 24 hour journey, Why? Because there were no any form of entertainment and it was so boring and tiring. May be something should be done at least to watch movie in the flight, that is not asking for too much. That not withstanding ,I will still use the airline in the future, well, at least, the flight bears Ghana flag.

Ghana International Airlines review by Melissa Hartmann

13 February 2007

Ghana International Airlines from Johannesburg to London via Accra return. The flight from JIA to Accra was on an older plane but the service was good with tasty meals. Transit at Accra very rushed due to a delay on arrival but the ground staff hustled everyone along between planes. Accra to London was on a nicer 767 that was used for both the return flights. Overall the airline was nothing special, but service was friendly and price was unbeatable.

Ghana International Airlines review by Jan Hearn

17 December 2006

My husband had the misfortune of flying this airline recently (business class - that's a joke). The plane was delayed for the entire day because apparently a "bolt" had to be obtained from somewhere. On arriving at Accra it transpired that his luggage had not arrived - he was told it would arrive at the airport the following day - it didn't. He is still waiting for it as I write this. That airline is a complete joke (my husband says it is the first and LAST time he will ever use that airline). Go by British Airways and have a reliable service - you have to pay more but you will keep your sanity.

Ghana International Airlines review by Akeloe Niah

2 October 2006

Ghana Airways changed its name to Ghana International Airlines with lots of promises that it had left its old ways behind. It's only a name change. Nothing else has changed. I have had a very nasty experience with them. My experience with their service between London and Accra is horrible. They overbook and while passengers are in a queue to check-in, a check-in staff issues a piece of paper to a number of people in the queue to a cut-off point. All passengers after the cut-off point are told to come back the next day because the plane is full, even though they hold confirmed tickets for the flight. They claim those after the cut-off point arrived late. If one goes back the next day, they are told to pay a penalty charge of $100 to rebook the flight! On one occasion the airport police were called as disappointed passengers vented their anger at the staff. The police were sympathetic to the passengers' complaints after listening to the staff and the passengers (I was seeing a relative off that day). The advice the police offered the disappointed passengers was that that wasn't the first time they had had to be called to the Ghana International Airlines check-in over the same issue. They advised passengers to organise themselves and sue the airline or boycott the airline in protest at the treatment they receive from the airline. Talking to them privately, they advised passengers to travel with British Airways because they would not be disappointed in like manner. While other airlines' check-ins run smoothly, It's quite embarrassing to witness the commotion at the Ghana International Airlines check-in as irate passengers shout and utter insults at staff for telling them the plane is full while they hold Confirmed tickets. Ghana International Airlines is simply an embarrassment to the nation. There is no iota of truth in their claims of excellent services and praises they are heaping on themselves on their website. Don't trust the airline. Go for it as a last resort! It is my national airline and I may be said to be unpatriotic, but the airline needs to improve on its operations.

Ghana International Airlines review by Sandra Appeti

12 August 2006

I travelled for the first time by Ghana International Airline and I have vouched never to travel by this airline ever again. I was scheduled to travel from 29th July until 7th August. I usually allow plenty of time to check in but a combination of heavy traffic and a busy airport meant I was not able to get to check in until 70 minutes before the scheduled departure time. I was told I was late and that the latest check in time was 90 minutes before departure. You would think that something such as this will be stated on the ticket but this was not the case. Meanwhile the check-in desks were still open and passengers were being checked in and continued to check in until 25 minutes prior to the departure time. I watched in horror as they closed the check in desks denied me a place on the flight. It transpired that they were over booked and wanted to clear a backlog of passengers who had been waiting for up to 3 days to travel; some of whom had been sleeping at the airport and all of whom had paid the penalty fare. There were some who had even paid to be upgraded to first class. Despite European legislation stating that where a time is not stated on a ticket, passenger will need to be paid compensation for denied boarding if they arrive 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure, no compensation was ever offered to me. Instead, a further $100 dollars (55) was extorted from me as penalty for being late. I eventually travelled 2 days later reducing the length of an already short holiday and incurring a further 90 in taxi fares.. I thought its predecessor Ghana Airways (GA) was bad but GIA tops GA

Ghana International Airlines- by Graham Martins

6 March 2006

Gatwick to Accra recently due to the very attractive fares being offered (my travel is usually to Nigeria but it was much cheaper to fly to Ghana and take a local flight across instead). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The cabin crew are youngsters with an old school attitude toward passenger service. Checkin was smooth on both ends, flights arrived early, baggage handling quick and the legroom on board was a pleasant change from the usual sardine cans to Africa. The only complaint is the lack of entertainment options on the 7 hour flight. Only the overhead monitors are available and no reading material other than Ghanaian tabloids. Still, they have shown a far better grasp of service than their colleagues in nearby Nigeria.

Ghana International Airlines- by Meraiah Tarenskeen

30 December 2005

Flew GIA on December 25 -Christmas Day - Full flight, Check in queue was long but moved quickly in LGW. Flight left on time and arrived early. Service was excellent however no personal TVs. Seats were roomy and leg room was great. Aircraft was a B757-200 and had a mix of US and Ghana crews. Showed two movies, short videos, sports show and the Simpsons. Snack about 90 minutes before arrival. Overall fantastic value for the money and great service. I would fly them again.

Ghana International Airlines- by Eric Mensah

21 November 2005

Accra to London return. Accra airport checkin was quick in the GIA check in area, but immigration lines were very long and airconditioning was not working. Aircraft was a Boeing 757 and appeared in fresh condition. Seat room in Economy Class 34 inches and comfortable. Onboard food - local food like Jollof with Chicken was offered and passengers given Ghana Cocoa Chocolates. Cabin crew a mix of Ghanaians and Americans. Flight left on time and arrived early. On the return trip, chec kin in London Gatwick was efficient but 40kg baggage allowance was enforced strictly and 40 was charged for 5kg extra. Upgraded to Business Class using special voucher provided for Club 5000 Frequent Flyer Club. Business Class seats spacious and comfortable and I was able to sleep. Food in Business Class was too much - two meals and three movies shown on 6 hour flight. Very impressive flight for the cheap ticket price and big luggage allowance - they will steal away business from charter carriers. This airline is thankfully not like Ghana Airways.



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