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Ghana Airways - by Frank Jessen

2 December 2004

My experience I had with Ghana Airways is the worst I ever had, I booked a direct flight from Hamburg to Accra, when I arrived at Hamburg airport I was informed by a handling agent that there will be no flight this day from Hamburg and I shall come back in two days, I was given the telephone number of Ghana Aiways in Dusseldorf. When I called them the apologized that there will be no flight and I should come to Dusseldorf (nobody was informed about a cancellation, even not my travel agent, who confirmed that in the system the flight was still valid). Ghana Airways denied to pay a flight ticket from Hamburg to Dusseldorf, after an hour they organized a bus and I had to travel in a small shuttle bus 4 hours to Dusseldorf. We then were informed that we will have to go via London in the evening (my estimated arrival time at Accra was 6.00 pm), we finally left Dusseldorf and arrived at 10.30 pm London. At 11.00 the passengers from London entered the plane at 11.30 we asked the crew when we are supposed to leave London, they were not able to give us an answer (the flight was operated by THAI ORIENT). 1.30 am the next morning we were told (still sitting in the plane) that we have to leave the plane as this kind of aircraft is not allowed to leave London after 11.00 pm due to the noise (it was a 747). We left the aircraft and the manager of Dusseldorf apologized for the delay, we were supposed to leave London at 3 pm, but no accomodation was available for us and we had to stay at the airport. We were told that we shall receive vouchers for breakfast and lunch in the morning, at 8.30 am most of us were so hungry that we did buy our breakfast on our own, at 9.30 a representative of GA came and organized breakfast (most of us were not hungry anymore), for lunch time nobody showed up. At 3 pm there was still no flight, not at 4 not at 5, finally we left London at 9.30 and arrived Accra in the early morning, but what a surprise no luagage.Žand nobody was able to inform us when it will arrive. I left Accra as I had to do my buisiness, I came back a week later, again no flight, I was told that I should go to the GA Headquarter in Accra and ask when there will be a flight, again no accomodation or food was paid, I had to stay another night in Accra and went to the Headquarter the next day, the manager in charge was not able to give me any information when the next flight will take place, as they did not have a plane, it could be in 2 or 4 days, but they were not sure. So I did ask for a refund at least for half of the ticket, gently i was aked to go to the ticket departement, ther I was supposed to get half of the fare ( abt. EURO 300,--), they lady confirmed me the refund but did not give me any money, she apologized that they do not have any cash, maybe in two days. Finally I booke a flight with BA and returned the evening. My luagage was still in Dusseldorf Ghana Airways said, luckely I found it on my own in the domestic flight bagage reclaim in Accra.

Ghana Airways - by Michael Acheampong

18 July 2004

My delays were only 2.5hrs in total for in and out this summer from London to Accra. My main concern is cleanliness in cabin. The cabin is not well cleaned and worst is the lavatory. Can't the authorities simply ensure good supervision even if we are are too poor to offer quality services like other airlines?

Ghana Airways - by Alfred Addico

30 June 2004

I don't know where to start from and the kind of words to use in our case. My wife was delayed for over 2hrs at Heathrow on her way to Ghana via Ghana Airways and when she arrived her luggage with other people had been left at Heathrow to be flown to Ghana the following week. The purpose of her trip was momentarily defeated by this airline (which I now call 'hopeless'). The amount of anguish she went through, I can't write here. When her luggage arrive the following week, it had been tampered with and the lock broken. Nobody was prepared to listen to her. She had to stay a week more to enable her accomplish why she came to Ghana hence the need to change her ticket. She was asked to pay £70 extra for no fault of hers whiles her work in London. In short, we have vowed not to fly with the airline even if that is the only route to Ghana. We are Ghanaians and will continue to be Ghanaians for life but not with the Airline. And we will continue to tell friends and loved ones not to fly by the Ghana airways simply because it has no mission and focus, just an existing airline.

Ghana Airways - by John Winterbottom

9 May 2004

I worked in Ghana for 6 very happy years. It's a great place with wonderful people, but the national airline is hopeless. Every flight I took, (and there were many), was delayed - most by hours or even days. One time, we were left waiting in the departure lounge for 6 hours. We could see the 'plane on the runway, but no-one could explain why we could not board. Then, at 4AM, the pilot walked in and explained that he'd felt tired and felt he hadn't had enough sleep, so had slept in a few more hours.

Ghana Airways - by Melanie Herold

22 January 2004

If I read the comments of other Ghana Airways passenger, there is little more for us to add - but  this experience completely spoiled the beautiful vacation we had in Ghana in December/January 2003/2004. Flying out one day earlier than booked was a problem in the first place as my teacher-friends still had some lessons to give in school; this experience followed by a 3 hours late arrival in Accra (which I see now, is quite good for Ghana Airways!). Trying to confirm the flight back to Germany was an adventure, as we were given an amount of phone numbers (please try and do a phone call in Ghana). Flight was confirmed, so we took off to the airport (due to some travel experience we called the same morning again, and everything was said to be normal). Arriving there, we were informed - without apology of course - that the flight was cancelled due to technical problems. We should come back the other day, same time. This was quite tough for us as departure time was in the middle of the night, and some of us were ill longing to go back home. Only upon request we were offered a EUR 10,00 compensation p.p. or a hotel (which we found our later the passengers had to pay themselves!). Finally - check-in time (which of course lasts longer here than in other parts of the world, no problem here yet). Passengers were requested to present themselves for passport formalities 2.5 hours before boarding time (?). Later we understood why - we only managed it through to the boarding room long after normal boarding time. And there we were kept waiting and waiting and waiting. No information, no working air-condition, no water, crying children in the middle of the night. Hell must be more comfortable. Eventually, one of the officials turned up and told the angry crowd that the towing machine for the luggage had broken down, problem which he hadn't been informed of. But we would be boarding in a while (one hour later, in the end). The nightmare was not over yet - just before take-off already rolling to the runway, the captain announced that there was another technical problem and that we had to go back to the gate. At the gate, another announcement that we could start after all, no more problem!!! You can imagine our worries! Concerning the service on board: awful - at 03.00 a.m. they started serving dinner but therefore we did not get any breakfast in the morning, just a tiny cup of coffee. I recommend to anyone planning to travel to Ghana - pay a little more and take another airline.

Ghana Airways - by A Nettey

8 November 2003

I was interested to read comments provided by other Ghana Airways travellers. I have just experienced delays myself on both the outward and return flight totalling 93 hours. I am in the process of writing to Ghana Airways to ask them to confirm in writing details that I need in order that my travel insurance claim can be processed. I hope that they do respond but if experience is anything to go by, perhaps no one will sign for the letter sent by recorded delivery or send me an acknowledgment. I have a bone to pick with a so called friend of the family who sold us Ghana Airways tickets with words of profound reassurance that all was well with the airline, only to fly out to Ghana himself the following week by British Airways!

Ghana Airways - by Tom Elder

24 October 2003

My Ghana Airways story goes back a couple of years, when I was on board a Sabena flight in Conakry bound for Monrovia. We had engines running and seat belts fastened when there was evidence on the tarmac below of some kind of major commotion. Turned out that, on the other side of our plane, a Ghana Airways DC9 had just landed - WITH THE WHEELS UP! Leaving my seat I was just able to see the last of the passengers fleeing the stricken plane down the emergency slides. Never did find out if the captain couldn't lower the undercarriage or simply forgot - rather suspect the latter since there were no fire engines deployed before they came in. Upshot was I had to spend two more days in Conakry at Sabena's expense while they struggled to move the stricken DC9 off the only runway.

Ghana Airways - by Alex Finlayson

1 October 2003

Ghana airways are doing extremely well. That's if they are actually intending to be the worst airline known to man in the history of aviation. We made the terrible error of flying with them from London to Accra in early August and back again late September. They managed to provide us with an unmitigated nightmare at BOTH ends of the journey. We were delayed at Heathrow for three whole days ,and although put up in a rather dire hotel, we had to endure many many hours queuing in a scorching Heathrow every day with no information on the flight at all and frequent outbursts of crowd anger. However, unbelievably it was the return journey that exceeded all expectations in incompetence and non-existent customer relations. In Accra we waited two days for a cancelled flight and were treated woefully. When a flight was finally arranged for 4am on the second day, (after a team of angry Ghanaians stormed the head office demanding a flight), it turned out that half the passengers could not make the journey as after Ghana airways had routed the flight through Rome and Dusseldorf, the Ghanaian passport holders could not land in Germany without a visa. It would cost Ghana Airways 2000 euros per passenger without visa. Understandably, after waiting for two days this made many Ghanaians erupt in fury, and there were really quite scary scenes as screaming and rioting occurred in the departure lounge. I forgot to mention that the visa problem was only realised half an hour before the expected departure time and everyone was waiting at the gate with boarding passes. Eventually, we flew mid-morning (from a different departure gate) after the British, German and Canadian embassies intervened with the solution that Dusseldorf passengers would alight in Rome and be connected to Dusseldorf separately. God knows what happened to them. After waiting 2 hours on the tarmac in Rome we finally got on our way to London only to be held up at the luggage carousel for 3 and a half hours in Heathrow as the plane had lost power and couldn't be opened to retrieve our luggage. In conclusion, an absolutely disastrous service from start to finish. If you are looking for serious amounts of stress, arguments, dispair, generally very rude staff and zero customer satisfaction, then this is the airline for you!

Ghana Airways - by Sam Osei

28 September 2003

We are a family who flew to Ghana in July by Ghana Airways and had a similar bad experience which we encountered last year. Our flight was supposed to have left on the 15th but the Airline changed it to 16th. Without complain, we arrived at the airport on time and an Official checked our tickets while in the queue and confirmed that we were all ok to fly. About an hour later, I saw a few people arguing at the desk so I walked up to the desk to find out why only to be told by the Manager that the aircraft was full in spite of the fact that we had confirmed our flights. He did not apologize but explained that that the Airline had deliberately overbooked the flight with the hope that some people would not turn up and also some IMPORTANT OFFICIALS had taken up some seats without prior reference to him. We eventually flew on the 18th without any apology let alone compensation as a result I lost a very important contract.. On our return to the UK we had to go to the Airport at 2am to queue outside the Airport buildings for a flight which was due to take off at 10am. While talking to people in the queue I observed some had been there as early as10pm the previous night. Without consideration to those of us who had subjected ourselves and little children to several hours in the queue some of the Ghana Airways Staff boldly brought in their friends or relatives to jump the queue. When we complained one official said we passengers always complain and yet we always can't resist flying Ghan Airways. Airline staff are supposed to help make the flight enjoyable but as far as Ghan Airways is concerned, some of their staff are the main cause of the stress. I will never recommend Ghana Airways to anybody.

Ghana Airways - by Matteo Fagotto

26 August 2003

I flew with Ghana Airways twice this summer and I will never do it again! I booked a flight from Rome to Accra for the end of July. Ghana Airways told me to be at the airport at 8.00 a.m. in order to check-in (the flight was at 10.30 a.m.). I waited at the airport for 7 hours, and only at 3.00 p.m. Ghana Airways told me that the flight had departed the day before!! The day before!!! And no-one told me anything about it! Ghana Airways answered me it was my fault because I didn't confirm the flight 3 days before. They had my telephone number but they didn't inform me at all! But on my return trip I had an even worse experience! I arrived at the airport of Accra at 4.00 a.m. (the flight was at 8.00 a.m.) and over there I discovered that there were no flight to Rome for that day! Obviously I knew it only after passing 1 hour asking for the flight. Meanwhile, the ground staff was trying to calm the customers because one hour before they had cancelled a flight to New York (without any explanation, of course, this is the Ghana Airways philosophy)! They told me to return the day after. The main problem was that I ran out of money and I had not the money to survive one day more in Accra! I had to speak with the embassy (obviously Ghana Airways didn't pay the hotel for me, as a civil airline should do). I returned to the airport the day after, and I was finally able to check-in but only thanks to a friend of mine that has good relationship with the Ghana Airways staff. Otherwise I would have stayed in Accra one week more, without money! It is really sad, but the only way to fly with Ghana Airways is to know someone of the staff! Never fly with Ghana Airways, it is better to spend 100 Euros more and to fly with some serious airline!

Ghana Airways - by Senam Tomegah

12 August 2003

Ghana Airways is for us, in fact it is for Ghanaians and I hope the criticisms and comments made should be taken seriously by the officials. Having said this, Ghana airways is also struggling in the international market with fierce competition from British Airways etc. In relative terms, the airways is not doing bad if we should compare their service to Nigeria Airways and the like. I took South African Airways from Namibia to Ghana making transit in Johannesburg, I was disappointed at the service they rendered. Well, let us all call what is ours to be ours and find ways to improve our very own.

Ghana Airways - by P K Mensah

12 July 2003

My experience with Ghana Airways ground staff in Accra taught me one valuable lesson. They have absolutely no clue. Most of them seem to have been appointed (or rather slotted into post) at the behest of an influential relative. Nearly all were rude, incompetent and above all corrupt. After been made to upgrade to a first class ticket (because 'all economy class seats were fully booked' to London ) I was horrified to be then offered a JUMP SEAT once I boarded the plane. A jump seat! It was only after a determined protest that I was finally allocated my first class seat. While airborne I fell into conversation with some of the fellow passengers. I then learned that quite a few had secured their first class seats by paying various sums of money (in dollars of course) as bribes to the ground staff. My advice? Avoid Ghana Airways like the plague if you can.

Ghana Airways - by V Adika

23 April 2003

I am Ghanaian and not at all surprised by Mr Maurice Rodgerson's comments about Ghana Airways. I used Ghana Airways twice and was not impressed by the service. Individual and governmental attitudes towards international decorum and dignity is definitely lacking in large sections of the populace and institutions as a whole.



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