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GB Airways - by David Kelso

12 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW-RAK. Excellent all-round service to and from Marrakech on A320. The one blight on the trip was passing back through Gatwick en route to Glasgow; two items of hand-baggage permitted ex-RAK, but not on connecting BA service to GLA. There should be consistency.

GB Airways - by John Head

17 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

LGW-ACE Economy. Whole experience was excellent. Check in at Gatwick stress free. Seated together, flights departed on time in clean and modern A321. Hot meal served on both legs and plenty of drink runs. All of this coupled with an reasonable £188 price for 3 of us return. Only downside was check in at Lanzarote which was carried out with the usual lethargy. Real shame EasyJet are taking over.

GB Airways - by Graham Norman

22 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

LGW to Alicante economy. Excellent flights and only cost £56 return at just 48 hours notice. Adequate breakfast going out and sandwich on return. Comfortable seats. The service was good throughout - one of our party was in a wheelchair and was treated exceptionally well. Seems a shame they are going to be Easyjet.

GB Airways - by R Stephens

21 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Considering that this airline has less than three months to go operating as BA, there is probably very little point in commenting on their ever deteriorating standards of service. Was it really only 5 years ago that delicious hot meals and more-or-less unlimited drinks were served in Economy by professional caring crews on the Gib route? New 40 minute baggage check-in limit strictly enforced by BA staff at LGW even when passenger has checked-in online or has used machines at LGW. In response to a direct question informed by BA staff that checking-in using the machine means nothing unless you get your bag to the desk by the 40 minute limit, irrespective of the length of the queue and that it is not the job of the BA staff member who checks your boarding card when you join the baggage queue to suggest that you move to the front were the queue is long and the 40 minute limit is approaching. Onboard service now at bare minimum. Small sandwich with pathetic quantity of filling plus drink. No hot beverages if seat belt sign is on when you are served and the crew don't come back to offer one later! Items (pringles, chocolate, sweets etc) available for sale. Talk about unhealthy eating! Staff appear demoralised. I would sum up interior of aircraft as grotty. I have been flying GB Airways since the days when it was known as GibAir and the GT fights were operated by leased BEA tridents; never have I seen service standards at such a low level.

GB Airways - by S Baxter

17 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW-TFS-LGW. Return flights to Tenerife. Great to be able to check in online and choose your seats. Both flights punctual, cabin crew friendly and efficient. Food good but not huge portions. Only negative point is the seat pitch - even as a smallish person I found it somewhat cramped on the A320/321 aircraft. Nevertheless good service all round - what a shame BA are selling GB Airways out to Easyjet.

GB Airways - by Roger Pieters

7 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW-PFO, PFO-LGW. I must say the standard for an economy short to medium haul flight wasnt bad, just a bit basic in areas. I'm hoping BA keeps this route and this doesn't go to Easyjet, as all in all the service from cabin staff and ground staff was very good and I could see a vastly popular route.

GB Airways - by Rob Burkett

23 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW-CFU-LGW. I travelled to Corfu this year with my wife and friends using GB Airways for the first time in the 15 years of flying to this destination. We were all so impressed with every aspect of the flights - service, punctuality and friendliness, that as soon as we arrived home, we booked to go with them again in 2008. What a great shame to hear now Easyjet are taking over. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

GB Airways - by Bernard Hawkes

1 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Over the past four years we have used four/five times each year GB airways in Club Class. The service was excellent and certainly created the comment "our holiday started with the flight and ended when we arrived back home". The airline offered a quite impeccable service which we relied upon. The aircraft were clean and seating to usual BA standards. The airline had created for itself a nieche marketplace slotting in above the basic standards delivered by the charter's and a full service airline. For them to sell out to Easy et leaves a large gap in this marketplace where there is a demand for more quality flying and many willing to pay the premium for it (albeit in GB airlines economy section their prices equalled if not at times bettered the 'knees against the back of the seats' charter companies'). EasyJet for whom I irregular fly for 50 minutes to Ireland will bring in a 'low cost, poor food, poor seating experience which will appeal greatly to the passengers who just want to buy a cheap seat'. In fact the business model they have generated their growth from. This airline's aircraft are not designed for four hour flights in comfort, their food availability will leave wanting. There will be no in flight entertainment etc - but who cares its cheap! Lanzarote has now lost it's pride in having the BA flag arriving a few times each week at the island (and indeed they were proud of this). For us travellers many whom are, like me, in their more senior age years and ask for some quality in their flying experience, is there any hope left? GB Airways may you rest in the knowledge you have left behind many hundreds of most disappointed ex. passengers.

GB Airways - by L Cadwallader

29 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Manchester to Heraklion. Looking for flights to Crete back in January, I was amazed to find that BA was cheapest, which is why we came to be flying with GB Airways for the first time. Checked in online for the outward journey and had no problems at T3 at Manchester once we'd found the baggage drop area. Flight itself was full and the cabin staff were friendly and attentive. The food choices looked quite reasonable, but as regular users of no-frills airlines we're used to having our own food. Seats were reasonably comfortable (though I'm not a great fan of leather seats at the best of times) and there was enough space for both of us to stretch our legs, as neither of us is very tall. Left on time and arrived 10 minutes or so early. Pilot was very chatty - even throwing in an extra 'broadcast' after we'd landed. Return jouney was marginally less good but that might have been the hour (23.30 departure from Heraklion). Flight again full, crew efficient but less visible - possibly because many passengers went to sleep. Cushions and blankets handed out to quite a few children on board, which seemed a nice touch, as it seemed to help them sleep. Departed 15+ minutes early and arrived almost 30 minutes early, which was a bonus. Would consider repeating the experience, but will the Easyjet takeover mean that this route continues?

GB Airways - by Andrew Denley

28 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

London Gatwick to Madeira. Staff courteous, free drinks and good food. Having to pay for a headphone for the in-flight entertainment was a little surprising. Cabin was clean and the aircraft looked quite new although the blue seats obviously came from an older generation aircraft. Good supply of in-flight goods for sale. Return flight was of equal quality. On-line check-in and pre-booking of seats made things very speedy.

GB Airways - by K Greer

28 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Have flown Gatwick to Dalaman 7 times in last two years with GB. Really good service at good price. Very little problems and reasonably punctual. Food not bad and cabin crew good (with the expectation of one on the last flight). Hope the change to EasyJet does not turn the flights into Thomas Cook equivalents.

GB Airways - by Tom Maule

26 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW to HER and return economy. Half empty outbound flight. Nice clean A321 with attentive service throughout, that is generally better than the current BA service it is supposed to replicate. Reasonable, if small hot breakfast served. Only downside is the seat pitch which is tighter than on BA shorthaul. Full return flight - again a hot meal was served - bigger than breakfast and fairly good quality. Crew less attentive, but they did have a full load. Return seat worse - 22c in front of the rear emergency exit has poor seat pitch and no recline and I would advise avoiding it. Overall, reasonably good for 'full service' short haul nowadays.

GB Airways - by Richard James

23 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW to Malaga, out in Club back in Economy. Terraces lounge at LGW starting to look a bit tatty now and doesn't half fill up when the long haul flights are due. Outbound, the mainly Spanish-speaking crew hid in the galley and (a first for me) needed to press the call button to get a refill. Lounge at Malaga marginally better than LGW - impressive drinks selection but food restricted to nuts and biscuits. A well-chewed Herald-Tribune the only English language read. Flight fine, no problems, and even the luggage turned up promptly. Would fly them again.

GB Airways - by Stephen Howell

11 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

TUN to LGW Economy. Flight was delayed initially 15 minutes then up to 3 hours due to engine problems. Captain made announcement in the departure lounge which was a nice touch. Flight in general was fine although GB Airways must do something about their terrible inflight service. FA's seem to insist on speaking English to non-English speaking passengers which gets everyone frustrated. I was surprised no FA could speak a word of French on a flight from Tunisia also. Refreshment service was prompt. Attitude of FA's on GB Airways seems to range from fair to middling...

GB Airways - by Brian Bromley

9 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

LGW-TFS. As a disabled traveller I have to rely on the cabin staff a lot more than fully fit passengers. Sometimes the service is good, other times it isn“t. This trip was brilliant, the service was first class, nothing too much trouble for the crew, very attentive. I do not normally post comments, but on this occasion I feel that I cannot let this trip go by without commenting.

GB Airways - by Jim Reid

9 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

LHR-AGP and return using Miles for wife and self in Y class. Excellent service on outbound, good hot breakfast and friendly, efficient FA's. Return in evening was marred by having to pay GBP 3.20 for 2 packets of nuts and all we got for eats was a small sandwich. FA's on return did not inspire a lot of confidence.

GB Airways - by Brian Hill

5 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW-ALC-LGW in Club Europe, both flights on time. Outgoing on nearly full A320 fine; choice of newspaper, pre-lunch drink and lunch main course; staff attentive but no IFE. Return on full A321 poor; all female cabin crew who were totally dis-interested - no newspaper offered, no pre-lunch drink and again no IFE. Much like the old days of BA service. However good value for money and worth considering.

GB Airways - by Matthew Maneely

27 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW to Dalaman in Club Europe. Managed to get 1A & 1C via online booking which meant a little more leg room and first choice on the food. Service on outward leg was excellent with a quick and attentive Purser, plenty of drinks service and being served individually from the galley. Only down point was a large queue for the toilets as lack of provision at the back led to lots of Euro traveller passengers standing in the aisle. Homeward leg service slower and first drink served over 40 mins after take off with food service from the trolley. Overall food and drink quality was excellent with a nice Champagne served.

GB Airways - by Stephen Parslow

18 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

LGW to Faro. Attentive cabin crew. Comfortable and plenty of leg roome. Complimentary drinks and sandwiches, which were very nice. Return as comfortable as the outbound flight, inflight food was exactly the same. Would book with GB Airways again.

GB Airways - by Louis Esteves

18 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW-RHO. Drinks and inflight food free of charge however light snacks such as Pringles are chargable. Spanish announcement made which was bizarre as we going to Greece, Greek recorded announcement would have made sense. Overall a good flight with good crew and excellant service.

GB Airways - by Les Brock

18 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

LGW-LPA-LGW in Club Europe. Outward flight was faultless. Great cabin crew who kept you supplied with drinks and served a tasty choice of Beef Strew or Curry. IFE was Spiderman 3 having seen it before I did not bother to watch but the picture quality was ok. In Club the headsets are free though the sound quality from them is poor. Flight arrived a little late due to head winds but only about 15 minutes so not a problem. Bags arrived very quickly. Sadly the return flight was not up to the same standard. Food service was rather slow but with 4 hours flying time this was not a major problem. The biggest problem was the one Cabin Crew member who spent most of the time yawning, walking around with a blanket over her shoulders drinking water direct from a 2 litre bottle. All this in front of the passengers. To make it even worse each time she was spoken to by the Senior Cabin Crew member she then made rude hand gestures and pulled faces behind the member of staffs back, again all in front of the passengers. We had to endure this for the last 2 hours of the flight and as this girl seemed dis- inclined to do any work the crew from the Club cabin were having to go to the Economy cabin to make up the numbers. I have written to GB Airways but so far they have not bothered to reply to me. Such a shame to experience this with a company that used to have such high standards. So just 2 stars due to the poor return journey.

GB Airways - by Steve Heywood

2 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

London Gatwick to Malta C Class. Flight crew on GB flight operated by Excel were friendly and attentive. The middle seat in Club is kept free, so plenty of space. Champagne with frequent refills. Hot breakfast tasty. IFE was 6 comedy programmes. If it was not for the problems at check in, this would have easily have been a 5 star flight.

GB Airways - by Alan Hall

15 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

LGW-Menorca on BA flight, operated by GB Airways, but actually provided by Excel Airways in BA colours (with Excel aircrew and GB cabin crew). 737-800 rather scruffy and seats not up to standard expected on BA. In flight service as usual by GB and OK.

GB Airways - by David Osborne

2 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

My wife and I have just returned from Madeira with GB Airways. Both impressed with the service on outward and return flight, cabin staff could not do enough for us both. Breakfast on outward, lunch on return with wine was excellent. We will be sure to travel with GB again.

GB Airways - by Paul Rex

29 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Return flights in economy LGW to Rhodes. Outward flight left and arrived on time, return flight took off 10 minutes early (an unexpected bonus in peak holiday season!) and arrived back 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Rapid check-in at both ends, efficient meal and drinks service and a reasonable movie on each leg. Very impressed.

GB Airways - by B Coicadin

23 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LHR-Casablanca-LHR. Overall good flight both sectors and operated by GB Airways. Outbound - checked-in online and secured row 5 seat. T1 bit stretch to limits that day as check-in hall was shambolic. Boarding fine as well as FA during the flight. Full hot meal on this flight and 1 brief stop in Tangier. Inbound - online check-in not available for this flight which was coming from Marakesh so half full already. Same hot meal as outbound (GB Airways should consider sourcing local catering as probably better value than in LHR!) and pleasant 2h30 flight. I like the leather seats on BA shorthaul flights, very pleasant and confortable. Arrived 20mins early at LHR but lost 40min to wait for luggage. BAA still to blame and no sign of improvements on the horizon. Overall good flight and prefer flying GB Airways than BA on shorthaul, much better service (better in flight magazines, newspapers) and friendly crew than BA.

GB Airways - by D Whiting

15 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

LGW-Dalaman return end June. Thank you GB Airways for increasing capacity this year. Word has obviously got around about the far superior service offered by this airline in comparison to the competition. Legroom is 30-31 inches which is a godsend if you are 6 ft 2 inches tall as I am. I have flown this airline on this route many times now and service is consistently good, with food that is actually quite enjoyable, and included in the price! I'm flying out again in mid- July but GB were too expensive so I booked on Thomas Cook, unfortunately before reading the reviews on this site! If the flight is anything like the booking process - would you like food ? That's £12 each way per person. Would you like to take 15kgs luggage - fine. Would you like to take 20kgs ? - extra £5.00 each. Would you like to sit together? That's another fiver each please! I'll probably get on the plane to find it has a coin operated toilet! I wouldn't be surprised if GB increase capacity further next year as every flight seems to be packed, even out of season.

GB Airways - by Peter Birch

30 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Gatwick-Malaga. Club Class. Once again I have found this GB air route operated as BA to be excellent. At the end of the day it is a seat to get from a to b. What matters is that good service is consistent, and I find that this is the case with this full service operator.

GB Airways - by David Quinton

25 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

BA Club Europe Gatwick to Funchal, and GB Airways aircraft was operated by Excel Airways but painted up as BA. No choice of breakfast outbound and shoved the same horrible sloppy English breakfast that everybody else got in economy - inedible for the most part. Shabby cabin, no in- flight entertainment. Seating plan different to that in BA diagram which was clearly meant to be an Airbus A320 whereas this was a Boeing 737-800. Return trip, 23 June, same aircraft, better meals with choice, excellent cabin staff. Still no IFE and the cabin itself tired and worn. Overall, extremely poor value for money.

GB Airways - by J Ellis

19 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

LGW-TFS-LGW. They advertise 31 inch seat pitch - be warned, these Airbus are not 31 inch legroom, 29-30. If you are 6ft 4inches like me, its awful. Take your own earphones (£1 from any supermarket) for the Movie or they charge £3 for a horrid set that were always being replaced cause they didnt work! Drinks fine, food so-so, long delays both ends at getting baggage. Booked via a charter on-line company so good discount, but paper vouchers means you can't check in-online. I guess out of all the routes to TFS, the best of them as the other options direct are all charters or budget airlines. they really do need to improve if its up to BA standards and get the legroom sorted.

GB Airways - by Roger Pieters

14 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Just returned from Paphos ,used GB Airways. Booked through travel agent last minute ticket at just under £300, as a BA flight. Airline in BA colours and crew in BA colours yet mentioned onboard pa as BA operated by GB Airways. Service at LGW from BA first class. On board service was standard buffed up charter, leather seats legroom not bad, economy service one bar service wine with meal and a miniscule chicken meal. No soap in the toilet. I also think on this route BA/ GB air could use a larger aircraft than the cramped Airbus. Flight home delayed about 2 hours - a lot of messing around on a late night flight as we waited over an hour for our meal. Blankets and pillows would have been good for a 4.5 hour flight. Generally not quite what I'd expect from a product sporting the BA name.

GB Airways - by Jeremy Brown

15 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Marrakech to Heathrow with GB airways in Club was excellent. Departing on the morning flight on May 14. However, the security was appalling & should be reviewed, with a view for BA to stop operating this route.

GB Airways - by Mike Bailey

14 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

LGW-ACE-LGW. Flew both ways in Club Europe and a pleasant surprise! I was expecting the usual BA quick service of papers/food etc but as this was a 4hr flight things were done in a more ordered manner, with a good breakfast/hot towels/papers/plenty of drinks refills/nibbles during the flight. Return flight even better with an excellent lunch served by one of the nicest and most pleasant cabin crew I have encountered in a long time - nothing wa too much bother for her. Plenty of drinks refills as well if you wanted them. This is the first time I have flown with GB Airways and it won't be the last. GB Airways works as a BA franchise but offers a superior service in my opinion.

GB Airways - by P Wright

24 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Manchester to Malta with GB as BA Connect with elderly parents. The service from check in through to boarding and the assistance given to my Dad in wheelchair was excellent. Equally good when we disembarked. Cabin staff couldn't have been more helpful and were cheery throughout the flight. Even though we had to pay for food, it was far nicer than the free meals you get with other majors and much better than other meals I have bought before eg Iberia. The reverse trip was a mirror of the outward journey.

GB Airways - by Gerry Houlihan

24 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Recently flew to Dalaman with GB Airways in the cheap seats. I have no complaints and found the service from departure to return to be excellent. The ticket price was slightly more expensive than other charter airlines but it did include a meal and free drinks. On a total like on like price GB provided to be cheaper than others. The check in at Gatwick was quick. A little slow at Dalaman due to staff being trained. Would recommend GB Airways.

GB Airways - by Peter Birch

20 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

AGP-LGW Economy Airbus 321. Found the airline to be excellent with friendly and efficient ground and air crew. Unfortunately i was in seat 22c. This row has been jammed in front of the centre exit door and I advise passengers against using it, the seat backs are fixed in the vertical position making it cramped and uncomfortable. No air vents are provided for the seats. Doubtless this row has been added to increase revenue.

GB Airways - by Rebecca Stephens

12 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

I am a regular traveller on the GB Airways flights to AGP and GIB. When comparing the cost of the BA (GB airways) flights with low cost carriers such as Easyjet, Monarch etc, the BA fares are usually the lowest. While I would not criticise this airline for offering the lowest fares, I do wonder if perhaps this situation is really desirable from the point of view of quality. If I want 'cheap and cheerful', there are plenty of low cost carriers to choose from. As I am travelling on a 'full service' airline, I would prefer to pay that little bit extra and see a return of the 'full service' - newspapers, properly stocked lavatories, hot towels and a something decent to eat instead of a single very small sandwich which, although quite tasty, is not sufficient as an evening meal. The hot breakfasts still served on the morning flights are usually poorly cooked, unappetising and have a strange smell (from the sausages I think) which lingers in the cabin.

GB Airways - by Jacqueline Smith
29 March 2007

LGW to AGP early morning flight which was on time. Cabin crew nice. Seats comfortable. Hot breakfast served which was fine. Flight deck very informative. Return flight was on a MyTravel flight as the GB flight went technical. The MyTravel flight was excellent and we had a movie and hot meal which GB don't provide on later flights. No complaints whatsoever.

GB Airways - by Colm Rogan
20 March 2007

LGW-LPA I booked these flights early in 07, convenient times being a major factor. BA sent an email three weeks before dep to tell me the return flight had been cancelled and we were rebooked onto a much later flight. Not good. We returned a day early thanks to this. Gatwick out bound delayed by two hours..no info, but apology from the captain. Drinks provided, meal was edible and the flight movie casino Royale. Return flight slight delay, food looked awful, tasted awful. Salty and vile. Waited over 1.5hrs from take off for an offer of a drink. Similar for a pillow. Crew detached, and stayed reading their mags in the back. If I have no other choice I will use them again.

GB Airways - by Tony Ace
27 February 2007

We have flown LGW-ALC a couple of times over the last few months in both Club Europe and Euro Traveller with GB Airways. We can find no fault of any significance, the service in Club was especially attentive. In both Club and Economy the early morning flight has a good, hot breakfast with decent sandwiches and snacks served in Traveller on the late morning returning, all with a good drinks service. The crew are friendly and attentive but also very efficient, making your safety their priority. We were able to check-in on-line for all the flights, change our allocated seats and print off the boarding passes, where a printer was available. The only minor gripe, and this is directed against BA was than GB, is the so called "Fast Bag Drop" at Gatwick. Until more counters are opened up they should drop the word Fast, otherwise the only advantage on checking in on-line is being able to guarantee preferred seating, yet the company is really pushing it's customers to use this on-line facility.

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