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FUTURA INTERNATIONAL review : 8 September 2008 : by J Woodman

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

We have just returned from Tenerife via Humberside with Futura, and I could not find any fault with the flight or crew members. Food not too bad could have been slightly more but it was tasty. Disabled Assistance was brilliantly carried out by the Airport staff both ends.

FUTURA INTERNATIONAL review : 19 August 2008 : by J Hagan

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Prestwick to Palma. Flight on time, aircraft comfortable enough, leather seats and enough leg room. Cabin crew polite, friendly and helpful, spoke very good English. Snack was as expected on a low budget airline, baguette with cheese & ham with coffee/tea. No inflight entertainment but this didn't bother us as the flight wasn't long anyway. Palma to Prestwick everything was the same as flight over except that on return journey we got inflight entertainment.

FUTURA INTERNATIONAL review : 12 August 2008 : by D Weller

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Gatwick to Las Palmas return. Leg room is very tight. The food served was poor and tiny, do not buy it, and take your own. Coffee served in tiny cups. Drinks very expensive. The planes interior had seen better days.

FUTURA INTERNATIONAL review : 15 July 2008 : by J Crute

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Exeter – Las Palmas on a very tired 737-800. We paid for extra legroom seats which I recommend. Only ten pounds at the airport. Crew uninformative and spoke very poor English and shouted down the intercom at the passengers. There were no announcements by the pilot of any kind. No in-flight magazine. After €2.50 for a tiny reduced can of coke they offer a small box with the smallest in- flight meal in it. Extremely poor legroom in normal seats. Try to avoid flying with them

FUTURA INTERNATIONAL review : 3 July 2008 : by C McEwen

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

At first glance the plane was rather small but once on board the leg room was pretty ample. The bolt upright seats were a bit uncomfortable for a 4 hr flight though. One word of warning Do not pay for an in flight meal! This was a joke! 7 for the tiniest, most dreadful portion of I don't know what bread roll that followed 5 mins after your meal was virtually lobbed at you and then the tea/coffee arrived 10 mins after that. People who had paid for the meal opted to purchase a sandwich as the food was so poor - and at a cost of 4.50euros, they were double stung! Two slices of white bread with 1 slice each of ham and cheese. Also watch the prices for your drinks, as they seem to change depending on who serves you. Many people queried the prices with the cabin crew as there was anything up to 3 euros difference on the same drinks orders. The crew take no prisoners as they barge up and down the aisle so keep your head/legs and elbows in if you don't want clobbering-and don't expect an apology anyway if they do get you!!

FUTURA INTERNATIONAL review : 24 June 2008 : by Angela jacques

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

This was the most disorganised flight I have ever been on, me, my son (3) and my friend all nearly got split up on the way, the staff spoke very poor English and quite rude. On our return flight we all got split up again! I'm just glad my son slept through on the flight. It was an absolute joke!

FUTURA INTERNATIONAL review : 21 June 2008 : by E Blakely

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Prestwick to Las Palmas 737-800 Flight very good, enough legroom. Strange to see ash trays still in armrests. Inflight meals basic but edible, bland pasta dish not good on outward flight, very tasty but tiny breakfast on return flight. Cabin crew good and attentive, all male except for one female.

Futura International - by G Bruck

24 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Edinburgh to Menorca. Seats were so close together that couldn't lower table or put feet flat on the floor. Passengers crammed in like sardines.

Futura International - by Mark Wickham

24 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Cork-Lanzarote return. Boeing 737-800 a little tight on legroom. Catering adequate for a charter. Staff pleasant and attentive and handled a little 'domestic' during the flight back to Cork quite efficiently. I would certainly use them again.

Futura International - by Sean Leonard

23 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Dublin- Lanzarote. Leg room was fine - it was a B737. Pleasant and attentive crew, IFE for a charter was good, bar/snack service not overpriced either, would use them again.

Futura International - by Ian Stewart

25 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Our flight to Gran Canaria left on time and arrived 10 minutes late due to head winds. The crew were very friendly and spoke and understood English, and the Captain was very informative. There was inflight entertainment and hot meals for those who had booked them (and for which I heard comments of excellent). On the return journey there was no in- flight entertainment, but at eight o'clock am departure everbody was too tired to bother. Again the crew were great and meals for those who had booked them. We would have no problems using Futura again.

Futura International - by Stuart Clay

3 May 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Manchester to Budapest with Futura - a bit of a surprise as we thought we were flying with JET2. The flight left around 80 mins late due late arrival from Rome which was blamed on a late departure from Rome due poor early morning visibilty at Manchester. Once we were on, we got exactly what we would have expected from a lo-cost airline like JET2. A clean modern aircraft, no meals but snacks reasonably priced, no in- flight entertainment, cabin staff mainly non-british but their language skills were good and generally efficient. The return was again late arriving but made up time and arrived around 30 mins late. We expected to fly lo-cost and no frills and paid a reasonable price and got the service we expected. Apart from the lateness we have no complaints at all.

Futura International - by Alun Lewis

9 March 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Cardiff to Arrecife, had to detour to Seville overloaded couldn't get enough fuel on board delayed 1 hour 30 mins flight crew did not speak English, in flight entertainment non existent, in flight food inedible. Return flight 1st of March technical hitch flying into head wind had to divert to Seville to re fuel delayed 30 mins in flight meal inedible, in flight entertainment non existent, cabin crew spoke good English. Never again.

Futura International - by Aaron O'Brien

2 November 2006

Dublin to LPS return. Aircraft was a Boeing 737-800 with Blended Winglets. IFE was drop down scrans with a Movie, Airshow and TV shows. Plus audio channels as well. Snacks available and drinks for puchase, I miss the inflight meals, But this is more to do with the tour operator than Futura. I am fairly short so the leg room wasnt a problem for me. Outbound: Flight late arriving from Furteventura, no reason for slight delay. Cabin crew were all male. Profesional but not very friendly. Seats were leather and resonably comfortable. Part of the arm rest was broken though. Inbound: Weater in LAs Palmas was very bad, lots of rain and fog. Parts of the airport roof were leaking. Flight was delayed, once airborn the Captan informed the delay was because of the weather. Cabin Crew this time were Profesional very friendly/chatty. Chatted with them in English and they were interested to hear i spoke some Spanish. When we landed in Dublin, we were still on the runway when pax got out of there seats and opened over head lockers!!!!! 3 times they had to be asked to sit down. On all flights most Cabin crew spoke good or perfect English. I have used Futura several times and am very happy to fly with them.

Futura International - by Amanda Cowan

8 September 2006

Dublin to Faro. Excellent flight and crew were lovely especially as I was pregnant and travelling with a 1 year old. Plane clean and in good repair. Plenty of info from the flight deck and arrived on time despite 40 minute delay leaving Faro on return. I would definitely recommend Futura for short haul flights especially with young children

Futura International - by J McCaig

6 September 2006

Prestwick International to Tenerife South. Good clean aircraft, very friendly crew, good in-flight entertainment, non-complimentary food (low-cost flight) but that was ok. Good flight overall. Would recommend.

Futura International - by C Whyte

30 July 2006

Recent return flights between Glasgow Intl and Lanzarote. Clean comfortable plane, efficient staff, good in flight entertainment including recent film and very good standard of airline food. Would certainly have no hesitation travelling with this airline again

Futura International - by M Jones

14 July 2006

East Midlands to Tenerife south. Flights both journeys on time. Crew very friendly and helpful. Plane comfortable and clean. We would use this airline again and would recommend it to friends.

Futura International - by Bob Jackson

11 July 2006

A recent flight to Palma from Liverpool. Plane was clean, crew friendly and polite and a smooth flight all on time. Complimentary snack was not exactly first class but it was okay ( ham and cheese rolls and a yoghurt). Tea and coffee, again complimentary. I would have no hesitation in flying with them again.

Futura International - by Dominic Dauchez

10 June 2006

Gran Canaria - Paris. Very disappointing flight - we bought a class "C" ticket for 400 euros and were supposed to get a business service. No access to vip lounge at the airport, horrible food served in aluminium container, the same for all passengers eco or biz' class. No jacket closets, no newspapers (even local), a dirty plane from bottom to top. The whole thing is not acceptable.

Futura International - by Vivien Sumner

26 January 2006

Gatwick to Tenerife return. Comfortable plane - flight 1 hour late going out, but on time returning. Food not included, so purchased a breakfast on the way out - not recommended. On return, we did what others seem to have done, and made our own sandwiches. Leather seats are comfortable and the leg room is not bad. Staff were friendly and the service was quite good.

Futura International - by M Simmonds

5 January 2006

Cardiff to Arrecife. Flight out on time, comfortable leather seats, plenty of leg room. Staff friendly and welcoming. Inflight meal on outbound journey just about edible. Good inflight entertainment. Return journey : staff very unfriendly, slow to provide service (drinks and breakfast) - and when breakfast eventually arrived, it was inedible!

Futura International - by Beth Watkins

2 October 2005

Just returned from Gran Canaria with Futura Airlines. The flight out was good with TV and a nice but small meal. The staff weren't the friendliest but I can cope with that. The flight was on time leaving Cardiff. The return flight was dissapointing. It was on time, the staff were lovely but there was no TV or radio which made the trip very boring. The planes were basic and not very clean but the flight times were better than the more expensive airlines. I would use them again.

Futura International - by Angela Moore

2 October 2005

Recently flew with to Lanzarote. This was our first time and hopefully will be our last! The outward flight was fine the return journey was unpleasant and not helped by the indifference of the cabin staff. Added to this, the quality of the meals served left a lot to be desired. The system of placing customers who had paid for meals in advance at the front of the aircraft fell down completely when my husband and I were seated in the rear of the plane and because the call button was ignored constantly resulted in my husband having to leave the seat to convince the hostess that we had actually purchased the meal. In retrospect as the "breakfast" was so unappetising and inedible [with stale rolls] it would have been better to cater for ourselves. You say you welcome customer feedback and hope that these comments will have some effect on both your staff training and food supplier.

Futura International - by Adam Bonney

14 June 2004

EXT-ACE : B737-800. The flights were on time both ways. The staff as you board were smiling and gave you a professional service on board, as did the aircraft - blue leather seats. Service was very efficient and quick - food was generally good. As with most airlines, there is room for some improvement although it was good. We were constantly being given updates by the crew on our flight, and also on the TVs, the location and flight path was shown, along with airspeed and altitude.



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