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Freedom Air - by M Graham

25 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Christchurch to Sydney. The flight was on time and the light meal served was quite tasty. There was even a choice of meal. The flight crew were pleasant and the Captain pointed out the scenery as we flew over New Zealand. It was a very pleasant short flight.

Freedom Air - by M Nightingale

29 March 2007  Customer Trip Rating :

We have been using Freedom Air to fly from Brisbane to Hamilton now for several years. We have never encountered a problem with either cabin crew or check-in staff. They are always very friendly, efficient and courteous. They get better and better...keep up the great work!!

Freedom Air - by Roy Macpherson

8 February 2007

Freedom Air from Hamilton/Brisbane and Brisbane/Hamilton. Check in was quick and efficient at both ends. Very friendly, helpful cabin staff both ways, snack and drinks selection adequate and well priced - and apart from the abysmal DVD title selection found both flights comfortable and enjoyable. Unfortunately the journey thru Hamilton airport was very slow due to arriving in the heels of a Nadi flight but not the fault of Freedom Air. Will be flying the same route in May and expecting the same easygoing, friendly and efficient service!

Freedom Air - by Matthias Schaper

27 November 2006

I found the staff very friendly and helpful, the aircraft (A320) new and clean and very punctual. Their underused connection MEL-DUD (2x per week) is worth supporting, especially as it is only serviced in the Summer season, whereas the region around DUD is highly recommendable throughout the whole year. I guess we have not seen the full potential of this small sidearm of Air NZ yet. Highly recommendable.

Freedom Air - by Lee Davison

12 October 2005

Christchurch - Nadi return. New aircraft - flight attendants very helpful, in flight snacks available OK and hired DVD player and movie $15 - good value. Overall the flight was quick, clean, the seat pitch great in the emergency exit row (I'm 6 foot six). Can't complain, and it beats going via Auckland. Departure time from Christchurch a little early (6 am) but worth it as you could be diving off a reef by 10.30am in Fiji.

Freedom Air - by Marcel Frueh

26 April 2005

Recently flew Hamilton-Nadi/Fiji-Christchurch. The service on the flight to Fiji was nice - the FAs were young and friendly (much better than Air NZ). However, when I came to the airport for the return flight to NZ (CHC), they told us, that the flight has been cancelled due to technical problems. Then we had to wait at the airport for about an hour, until they finally took us to an airport hotel. Our flight was being rebooked on a Air NZ flight to AKL (not CHC!) the next morning - we had to get up at 2:30am again, because our flight was to leave at 5am!!! In AKL, we had to change planes, connecting a domestic flight down to CHC.

Freedom Air - by Phil Schubert

13 December 2004

Flew Syd-Dunedin recently and happily crown Freedom Air the best budget airline I've been on. Perhaps it was that I was going on holidays or the plane was bright inside and yellow and bright out? Either way, it was a great experience. Food and drink a fraction of the cost of what you pay on Virgin or any eEuropean cheapie I've taken. Staff were quite pleasant and efficient. NZ's strict quarantine took a while but such is life. Next time John Howard wins an election I'm going to buy a 1 way ticket to Dunedin....with FreedomAir.

Air - by Fiona Wright

31 October 2004

We flew from Wellington to Brisbane on 11October 2004. The check in was efficient and the staff friendly. The flight left right on time and the flight crew were outstanding, they were wonderful with the children on board and were very patient and understanding. Yesterday we returned, again efficient check in staff, again flight left on time. This time the flight attendants were not quite so friendly but they did have a full plane to take care of and all our needs were met. The seats are very compact and are not made for comfort but it you tell yourself that its only for 3-4 hours it makes it more bearable. I'm only a short person and feel for the tall person as there would be no leg room for them.

Freedom Air - by Amanda Morrison

19 June 2004

Coolangatta - Christchurch - Coolangatta :as per usual flight was delayed and we were never advised, check in staff were rude to say the least, flight itself wasn't to bad for price paid you can't expect much more, return leg was the same the FA were not exactly friendly, wouldn't rate it as an airline but a cheap option.

Freedom Air - by Dave Innes

14 February 2004

Flew Freedom Coolangatta- Dunedin-Coolangatta, which is a route I doubt any other airline have bothered with if Freedom hadn't taken it on. Staff were very good, aircraft was well presented and seat pitch was adequate. Prices were excellent. You have to buy your meals and drinks but the prices were a lot cheaper than typical airport shop prices for similar items, and the quality of what's on offer is good. I have found that service and presentation on Freedom and other regional discount carriers beats the service and quality of mainstream US airlines hands down.

Freedom Air - by Terry Conrod

23 December 2003

SYD-HLZ on December 14th. During the flight FA's were very helpful, but the only bad thing is that you have to pay for any food or drink you. HLZ-SYD on January 4th - I noticed that one of the FA were from ANZ. The flight seemed longer and FA's were pretty rude. In SYD it took ages for disembark because in the arrivals hall there were at least 100 people waiting to go through quarantine.

Freedom Air - by A Busk

10 December 2003

My wife and I flew Melbourne/Dunedin & return Hamilton/Melbourne last Sunday. Having not previously travelled on a "no frills" airline was most impressed with the service and overall experience. On both flights cabin attendants were friendly and most attentive, not long into both flights refreshments were served (tea, coffee & water free) wine beer & spirits etc at $3 -$4.. A second refreshment was offered and then water during the flight. Given that flights were MEL/DUN 2 hrs 45 min & the return HLZ/MEL 3 hours 35 min, very sufficient. Just prior to decent passengers were offered sweets & on arrival a pleasent farewell.

Freedom Air - by L Bayliss

30 July 2003

Recently flew Freedom CHC - BNE - CHC. Very, very impressed with their service. This is the first time my husband and I have flown with Freedom and we visit Australia a lot. I am a larger woman and normally have to request an extension belt for my seat. I asked an attendant at the door of the plane who whisked away and dropped it discretely into my lap on her way past. That was very appreciated when you are a large person. The service was great on the way there and back. The attendants were very interactive and cheerful. On our return home I actually requested the extension belt at the check-in counter and when we got onboard the aircraft the seatbelt was already set up in my allocated seat! I know some other airlines do this, but when I have checked in for Air NZ or QF flights I am always told to wait until I get onboard. Your fate is then in the hands of a busy and or ignorant flight attendant who manages to drop the extension belt 3 times before delivering to you - or its bright yellow and you wouldn't miss it coming down the aisle anyway! All thumbs up for Freedom Air and its awesome crew!

Freedom Air - by Bob Sellars

29 April 2003

My partner and I recently flew Freedom Air Auckland to Gold Coast. Seat Pitch is less than Air NZ or Qantas on the trans-Tasman routes. However for a three hour flight and cheap fare that's okay, even if I am over 6 ft. Cabin staff great both ways and casual dress and manner fitted with the mostly holidaymakers on board. Did not hear any grumbles from other passengers and the general feeling was that Freedom Air was efficient, friendly and usually ran on time. No formal meals are served apart from hot and cold drinks but snacks can be bought on board for a reasonable price. We took sandwiches and an apple with us which was fine for a short flight. Check in was a breeze at Coolangatta (10 minutes from arrival at the terminal thru check in and Customs to the boarding lounge), again the staff were efficient and friendly. Five minutes preparation beforehand with food and reading material certainly makes up for limited onboard meals and no inflight entertainment. If the fare is cheap then I don't mind. Thumbs-up for Freedom Air, we will certainly fly them again.



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