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FlyNordic - by U Ekernas

21 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

ARN-UME and ARN-TLN (separate trips). FlyNordic is a nice low cost airline, with very good fares. The legroom is quite generous (I'd guess at around 34 inches of pitch), and the food available for purchase is perfectly acceptable. The staff was friendly with our 13 month old, and the flights were on time. The biggest downside was that the line at check-in was very long for both flights.

FlyNordic - by Pierre-Henri Germain

11 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Copenhagen to Stockholm-Arlanda. I was quite surprised to find self- service check-in machines in Copenhagen; in fact FlyNordic shares them with KLM and Sterling. Otherwise the queue at the check-in desk was terrible, as there was only one counter open. Flight was delayed by one hour and this could have been announced much earlier. No seat assignment, meaning that everyone wanted to board first. But I have to give bonus points to the cabin crew: helpful and smiling throughout the entire flight.

FlyNordic - by Paul Jacobsen

10 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

OSL-ARN. FlyNordic is a nice little low-cost airline. Check-in at OSL was efficient and fast. Cabin crew friendly and polite, but seemed a bit tired. On the negative side, the free seating policy resulted in the usual scramble at boarding. Furthermore the MD80 used by FlyNordic have definitely seen better days: seats were worn and scruffy; needless to say, they were not leather seats, although FlyNordic advertise the contrary.

FlyNordic - by John Kaye

22 January 2007

Stockholm to Bergen return. Everything was excellent - arrival and departure times, presentation and attitude of ground and inflight staff, seat comfort and leg room, cleanliness of aircraft, and ability to hear public address system announcements! We did not need "extras" as it was only a 2 or so hour flight. Definitely would recommend and would fly Flynordic again.

FlyNordic- by Micha Frickenhaus

24 September 2006

An excellent little Northern European budget airline! Flew them from Kiruna KRN to Stockholm ARN and was impressed with both the service and the good price they offered - I didn't book that early but only had to pay the equivalent of twenty-something Euros! Needless to say that the flight was on time, the aircraft clean and the staff friendly. I'm definitely flying FlyNordic again!

FlyNordic- by S Curtis

25 March 2006

I've flown this airline (FlyNordic) at least 10 times between Stockholm and UmeŚ and have nothing but praise for it. The flights have always departed and arrived on time, and the check-in staff and flight attendents have always been friendly courteous, and professional. (Why is it that flight attendents on many discount airlines behave as if they're training to become stand-up comedians?) In addition to the wonderful service this airline provides, I've found the airfares to be consistently lower than either SAS or MalmŲ Aviation. I will definately fly with this airline whenever possible. It's unfortunate it doesn't fly to North America.

FlyNordic- by Janet Vinter

14 February 2006

We recently flew from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Kiruna and back. Both flights were on time, clean planes and with pleasant and efficient staff. The prices were very reasonable (comparable with other budget airlines) but by comparison, the space and comfort were significantly better than anything else we have experienced in a similar price range. The real icing on the cake was that we departed and arrived in very poor weather conditions ranging from temperature as low as -30C, to a total white-out with heavy snow - no problems. The planes wings were de-iced and off we went, so smoothly that on one leg I fell asleep before take- off and awoke after landing without so much as a jolt to disturb me. Never been known before!



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