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FlyMe - by J Svensson

3 March 2007

Really disappointing. My flight schedule was changed twice, once two weeks before the actual flight and the second time only 10 hours before. Even though the load factor was well below 40% we didn't get any attention from the crew, in fact one male and one female flight attendants only kept talking to each other, when they passed with the cart, about how drunk they had been at someones party.

FlyMe - by Martin Faulkner

19 February 2007

Initial impressions of FlyMe were negative as they changed the time of our outgoing flight (Stansted-Gothenburg) by 10 hours, making it unusable and forcing us to book Ryanair instead (precisely what we'd been trying to avoid!). However, they were good enough to reply to my letter of complaint extremely promptly, rebooking the outbound leg as an open flight to be taken within the next 12 months. We still used them on the return (Gothenburg-Stansted), and I'm glad we did as they were something of a revelation for a no-frills airline. No doubt aided by Landvetter's roomy and laid-back atmosphere, we were fairly whisked through to an ageing but perfectly adequate aircraft, and took off bang on time. The in-flight magazine was surprisingly interesting (albeit mostly in Swedish), the snacks and drinks reasonable in price especially compared with Sweden in general, and the flight attendants friendly and efficient - even the occasional giggling fit whilst on the intercom didn't seem quite as amateurish as when flying Ryanair. Smooth flight, landing in Stansted ahead of schedule and our bags were on the belt incredibly quickly (though I suspect that was more due to an unexpected bout of efficiency on the part of the ground staff than anything within FlyMe's sphere of control). Perhaps it was just luck, but either way, this was the kind of positive experience that makes you want to fly with an airline again.

FlyMe - by Ian Aitchison

8 February 2007

Gothenberg-London Stansted. First flight with a previously unknown airline. Check in at Gothenberg was straight forward as the airport was not to busy. Most domestic flights with SAS were had already checked in. Suprised to get a seat allocation. Not bad at all for a flight that cost less than 20. Loading and depature was smooth and on time. FA good and pleasant. They made you feel like you were on a medium to full service airline, and not the cheap and cheerful low cost services you get from some! 737-300 did not reveal its probable age with leather seats and a clean cabin. Arrival at Stansted was 20 mins ahead of schedule. If the were a few more routes to Scandinavia this would be an airline that would be hard to beat on service and very hard to beat for value for money. I will certainly use them again.



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